New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Greetings Little Brother

"Accepting the death is easy."
"I heard that it was hard."
"No, it's not hard only if you finished all you needed to do."

The meshed up color of green and brown rushed by Kagome in a blur as she ran through the forest of Japan trying to get to her destination as fast as she could and as soon as possible. To her right was Kouga and on her left was her faithful general of the Southwest, Chino, all three of them ran a few more steps before taking a deep leap through the tree canopy and into the air.

Their feet barely touched the top of the trees as they ran above the trees, Kagome kept her eyes focused in front of her as she ran, off in the distance, she could see smoke rising in all three quarters of the lands. She frowned a bit "Chino" she called; the old wolf demon ran up next to her "yes?" "I want you to go help the North and make sure no further damage is caused, if anything, I want you to call in the army hidden the Northern Mountains" "right" Chino nodded then took off to the Northern Lands.

"Kouga" she called, Kouga ran up next to her "yes?" he asked never taking his eyes from ahead of him. Kagome stood quiet for a minute contemplating if she should send Kouga to the East or the West. On one hand she didn't want Sesshomaru to find out who she was, and on the other hand she knew that even Kouga couldn't handle to demons in the West, especially trying to persuade his stubborn army to help. Making up her mind, she let out a mental sigh "I want you to go the Eastern Lands and make sure everything is rid of those infesting demons. If anything, you know how to reach me" Kouga looked at her and stared for what seemed like forever until he nodded then leaped backed once and took off to the Eastern Lands.

Kagome watched him disappear off in the distance from the side of her eye, when she saw him completely disappear off in the distance she focuses her attention ahead of her. Taking a deep leap into the air, Kagome flew the West in top speed wanting to get there as soon as possible to get of the menacing demons that's causing so much trouble 'and a major migraine' she thought grimly.

Hundreds more demons charged towards the western castle walls though a blue lightning like streak struck the demons instantly killing them within the powerful blow. Sesshomaru landed on the ground then quickly turned his body to swing his sword, killing about another hundred of lower class demons, he growled with annoyance 'where are all these demons coming from?' he wondered as he ran towards some demons that were nearing the castle walls.

The most, saddest thing to do in life is to just watch.

Swinging Tokijin another powerful attack shot out of the tip of the blade and killed the demons that dared try and pass the western walls. Sesshomaru quickly looked around his surroundings to see his men fighting off lower class demons with a bit difficulty and the humans as well, which irritated him to no end, all of the sudden he heard a yell and quickly turned to where he heard it to see one of his men be attacked by some mysterious black mist that he never seen before. The black mist was almost done swallowing his men up when suddenly "Light Mist!" a power bright light shot out of the sky and hit the black mist directly and surrounded it like another mist.

Sesshomaru heard a terrible screeching scream, though he couldn't see what was making such sound since he had to turn his face away from the bright light from blinding him. When the light mist slowly diminished Sesshomaru turned his attention back around to see his men perfectly fine, but also he saw a familiar female standing before them. The girl wore a strange white outfit; she wore a white corset with white long coat over it, white leather pants and white three inch heel boots, also her hair was tied up in a high ponytail with a, cotton looking ribbon. With a strangely designed silver long bow in her white gloved hand with a silver arrow that had white feathers on the end ready to shoot.

The female quickly turned her body to the left and released the arrow; the arrow flew across the field, Sesshomaru was shocked to see the arrow suddenly split itself into many arrows which struck all the demons that were fighting off his men. The female turned her body to the right and released another arrow; the arrow done the same thing and struck the other demons that was approaching towards the western castle walls.

The most pathetic thing to do is hold a grudge,
And make everyone else suffer.

Lowering the bow the female inspected her work, the clearing was silent, no one made a move and there were no low class demon in sight…only the humans which were charging straight towards her. Outstretching her hand that had the bow in it she pressed a button that was on the side handle, the bow immediately shifted into a silver stainless steel 9mm automatic pistol. Without a second thought, the female pressed the trigger and started shooting; each bullet struck each individual person in the head never once missing from its target.

The female's arm slowly moved sideways as she shot at every human target that she saw, on the side Sesshomaru saw a human slowly slinking its way towards the female who seemed to have yet noticed. When the human was only five steps away it leaped towards the female, ready for the kill, Sesshomaru was about strike out with his poison whip but instantly froze then he heard another loud bam sound. The human that was about to sneak attack the female, flew back and hit the ground, dead, with a small size hole in its head.

If you don't want to watch then stop watching,
If you can't than that's too bad,
You see it unfair,
Well there's only one thing to say for that.

The female stood there in the same spot she always stood with one arm outstretched pointing to the now dead human army before her and her other arm was over the outstretched one aiming another gun that was a black 9mm automatic pistol to the side. Her eyes never looked away from what was in front of her; she still stared straight ahead unblinkingly. A small gust of wind blew by causing the female's hair to blow back behind her shoulders and her long white coat to flutter a bit.

This is life, everything is unfair,
So shut up,
Suck it up,
And get over it.

Everyone couldn't believe what they have just witnessed, they didn't even know what they have just witnessed nor could they possibly even think it really even happened. Sesshomaru stared at the female that stood only a few yards away from him, the female slowly relaxed when she seem to find no other threats around, uncrossing her arms she twirled the guns on her fingers that put them away in the holster that were clipped the back of her pants. When her weapons were away she turned to Sesshomaru and his men, she nodded her head up a bit "yo" she said in an even monotone voice.

All the men stared at her for a very long time, Sesshomaru finally came out of stupor and put his emotionless mask back on "wench" "…" the female blinked a couple times then looked around her then back at him. "Who are you talking to?" she asked innocently, knowing full well who he was talking to, Sesshomaru frowned, "woman" he said the female looked around again then back at him. "Seriously, are seeing someone that we can't because I don't see a person named Wench or Woman around here" she smiled when she heard Sesshomaru let out a warning growl.

"Calm down Lord Sesshomaru, my name is Kagome and I would appreciate it if you call me such, since I'm wasting my time showing you respect by using your name which is four syllables long and mine is three. Though you're finding it seemingly difficult to say, hm, I wonder why" Kagome pretended to look thoughtful then shrugged her shoulders. "I will call you whatever I want to call you wench" Sesshomaru hissed venomously, Kagome narrowed her eyes at him "alright wretch, have it your way. Now I didn't come here to argue," "oh? Then why did you come here?" Sesshomaru raised a delicate eyebrow 'delicate my ass' Kagome thought bitterly just imagining herself waxing them right off his face in his sleep.

A mischievous grin started to spread on Kagome's face, but she quickly pushed those thoughts aside and got serious "I came here since your ward, Rin, I think it was. Came upon my lands pleading for my assistance to help stop these menaces" she waved to the ashes of the demons and humans bodies on the group before her "from attacking the lands."

"Rin? Where is she?" Sesshomaru growled, ready to attack Kagome for answers, she rolled her eyes mentally shaking her head at Sesshomaru's predictable reaction. "At the moment, she's in the Southwestern Village completely safe" she drawled with complete boredom finding this whole thing completely boring.

"Kagome/Lady Kagome!" two voices called simultaneously, turning her head to the side opposite from Sesshomaru and his men, she saw Kouga and Chino running into the clearing with the other two lords and their ladies following close behind them with their men, well, with what's left of them.

She smiled "Kouga, Chino, I'm guessing everything went well" she said a bit cheerfully, Kouga and Chino stopped right in front of her with a smirk and a half grin on their faces "some of the men were a bit resistant but I got them to see it my way." "I had no difficulties" Kagome nodded "good" she nodded in approval, Lord Daimyo stepped up with a growl catching everyone's attention "would you mind explaining to us, what is going on!" he yelled.

Kagome frowned and was about to speak when another voice spoke "yes big sister do explain to them what is going on" Kagome and the others quickly looked up to see a man wearing all black floating up in the sky with a smirk on his face. Kagome narrowed her eyes dangerously at him "who are you?" asked Lord Daimyo, still displeased that his lands was almost ransacked by low classed demons and pathetic humans.

Everyone weren't expected for what came out of Kagome's mouth "that would be Sen, my little brother" everyone turned their gazes to her, their eyes wide with shock, up in the sky, Sen grinned.

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