New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Welcome to the southerns kingdom asshole

I'm the last Soldier standing on these lands of blood and death, and shall remain standing until I fall.

Everyone stared at Kagome with wide eyes that were filled with shock and complete disbelief, Kagome ignored their unbelievable look and just stared at the man above her that stared back at her with satisfaction showing clearly on his handsome yet deadly face. Her expression was unreadable as she stared on at her so called little brother her eyes narrowed only slightly as she saw Sen's lips lift a bit higher "what's the matter big sister, are you not happy to see your little brother" his teased.

"My little brother is gone" Kagome said plainly causing Sen's smile to waver a bit into a frown as he stared into Kagome's eyes, he saw nothing, it was as though looking through a mirror, nothing to show, only your own reflection. His lips lifted into a sneer "how could you look that way when all this is your fault" Kagome's head tilted a bit slowly the side "my fault" she repeated softly.

"Yes your fault, if you never came here, everything would be fine and dandy, if you hadn't came to this time, probably that demon slayer and monk would have lived happily ever after, if you never met Inuyasha, things would have been different" he paused trying to see Kagome's reaction, though he saw none. "If you were never born, no one would have had to die" he whispered harshly, at this Kagome raised her eyes back to Sen's, those eyes were still blank.

Not being able to stand back and watch this man who claimed to Kagome's little brother, Kouga stepped up beside her with a low short growl and narrowed eyes that screamed death. "If Kagome wasn't here, I would still be roaming these lands pointlessly destroying human villages and killing humans for meals, if Kagome hadn't ever come to these lands, I would have never experienced a life of adventure." Wanting to put his two cents in Chino stepped up on the side of Kagome and looked up at Sen with a straight face.

"If Kagome was never here I would have never opened my eyes to see how pointless it was to just hunt and kill, if Kagome had never come to these lands, I wouldn't be standing here today." Sen glared at the two wolf demons that were standing up for Kagome when he was trying to bring her down "if Kagome was never born then there would never be light to this darkness in this game of predator and prey" both Kouga and Chino said in unison.

A flare of black energy burst out and surrounding Sen's floating form, everyone jumped in shock then slowly back away, though Kagome stood her ground not even phased by Sen's show of power. She slowly tilted her head upside right "you say it's my fault that all these damages that were caused by you are from me being here and ever existing" "yes, you are bad luck walking on two human legs" Sen hissed with hatred, Kagome eyes dropped a bit making her look tired yet somehow bored at the same time.

"…You're more pathetic then I gave you credit for" Kagome said tonelessly before turning her back to him, walking away with her head facing straight and her eyes closed, blocking everything out. Sen glared at her back 'pathetic' he sneered mentally before raising his hand "I will show you pathetic Kagome" a black energy conjured up onto the palm of his hand. When the energy ball was as big as a basketball he threw it over towards a shroud of bushes.

A scream came from behind the bushes, Kagome's whole body completely froze know all too well who the person was behind those bushes. She spun around "no!" she bellowed her eyes gave a flashing glow, everyone watched in astonishment as the energy ball froze five inches away from the bushes. Staring at the ball for a few seconds, Kagome slowly turned her gaze to Sen only to see him throw another energy ball towards her this time. Narrowing her eyes she looked back at the energy ball that was still frozen in mid air and cocked her head to the side, the ball zoomed up into the air and collided with the other energy ball causing an explosion.

Everyone quickly turned away not wanting to be blinding by the dust like smoke, closing her eyes Kagome lifted her hand lifting only her pointer and middle finger to her lips. She quietly chanted something under her breath, the smoke slowly started to swirl around in the air like a twister until it started moving faster and faster like a tornado. "Banish!" Kagome's eyes shot wide open and the tornado of smoke shot out towards Sen, Sen never had a chance to move before the tornado sucked him up then disappeared, his final words that any heard before he disappeared were "you will pay Kagome!"

Everyone watched as the tornado dissipated to nothing with wonderment in their eyes, Kagome did not watch as she her head to bowed down and her eyes were shut gently 'I am already paying the price brother, always have, always will.'

Kouga and Chino turned their gazes to Kagome to see her just standing there with her head facing the ground. Her hair covered her face like a curtain, blocking their view to see her expression, looking at each other; they looked back at Kagome with slightly worried expressions. Kouga took a step towards her "Kagome" he said softly, a bit unsure how to approach her.

He received no answer and this worried him a bit more, he didn't know if what happened affected her or what that man –her brother, told her was getting to her. He hoped that it wasn't, even though Kagome looked tough and acted tough, and sometimes is tough, she was still fragile like hand made glass that could be easily shattered.

Now standing right behind her, he placed a hand on Kagome's shoulder, he noticed that it was tense but limp, as though relaxed 'what is going through her mind?' he wondered as he tightened his grip a bit "hey, you okay?" he asked. Kagome's shoulders rose then lowered as a sign escaped Kagome's mouth "if Sen is allies with Naraku, then we have a huge problem on our hands" she said softly.

She turned her head to look at Kouga to see his blue eyes that swam with the emotions of concern and curiosity. She let out another sigh and turned her head back around to face the ground before her, she watched as a black ant scuttled by towards the safety of its small home.

"That man, Sen…he said he was your brother and you" "even evil speaks the truth, and what he said was not a lie, Sen is truly my little brother" Kagome closed her eyes again, not wanting to watch the black ant anymore.

Everyone remained silent, Kagome turned and looked at them, her expression hard and blank, she faced the other Lords and Ladies "all of you shall be coming with me since you are now targets for Naraku" "hold on a second, who are you to give us orders?" asked Lord Daimyo. Kagome turned her gaze to him "pretty soon, I will be your executioner if you keep interrupting me. I am trying to save your asses from being killed by a lower case mongrel, who would probably take over your lands and cause great havoc among the peace of Japan.

"If you want to die an early death, then by all means, return back to your lands and die with it. But as of right now, I could care less, now if you don't mind I have…" "Yes, we actually do mind, we don't know who you are and you are probably helping this man named Sen" said the Lady of the Eastern lands, her yellowish brown eyes glared at her. "Kagome!" a voice shouted, Kagome let out a tired sigh, already feeling a headache coming on, turning her head she watched as Inuyasha burst into the clearing with Kikyo on his back and Sango in his arms. He gently set Sango down on the ground and then Kikyo, he was panting from the extra weight he had to carry while running through half Japan.

He looked up to meet Kagome's stare, he scowled a bit "what the hell is going on, wench!" he yelled. One brow rose "what do you mean?" "Don't play dumb, we just went to Kaede's Village to see it completely destroyed" he growled. Kagome frowned "and what makes you think I know anything about that?" "One, because everything that happens always connects to you or is your fault" "shut it mutt-face" growled Kouga.

Inuyasha turned his gaze to Kouga and growled, Kouga, finding that growling was like child's play, just glared at him "stay out of this you flea bitten wolf, no one's talking to you" "yeah, this is between us and Kagome" Kikyo chided, she looked at Kagome to see her looking somewhere off towards the South. Her lips pulled down into a frown then she walked over to her until she was in front of her, she raised her hand slapped her hard across the face, but it only cause her hand to sting painfully. She yelped in pain then held her hand to her chest; Kagome's did not move an inch and her expression didn't change in the slightest.

Slowly, Kagome turned her head to her, Kikyo glared at her "you caused the death of my sister" she hissed. Kagome slowly blinked, not speaking for a while before responding "I have caused nothing of the sort, I do not have her blood stained on my hands, plus you wouldn't mind if her blood was on your hands since you would have done it anyways" she said leaning closer to her face. Kikyo stood quiet and everyone realized that she would have killed her own sister, Kouga let out a growl snuff of disgust "she is no better than Naraku" he said, Kagome turned and started walking into the forest "that's because she's been with him" was the only thing they heard before she disappeared within the shadows of the forest.

Kouga and Chino watched as she disappeared then looked at each other and shook their heads they then let out sigh and other looked at the other lords and ladies wondering what they just got themselves into. "Come on, we got better things to do than wait out here" Kouga said, Chino and him turned and started walking towards the direction Kagome disappeared into, the lords and ladies hesitated for a moment before deciding to follow.

They caught up with Kagome but stood ten feet behind, wanting Kagome to have her space, up ahead the lords and ladies saw the dim lights of a village as they got closer they heard silent laughter. They stepped into the village and saw demons, humans, and half demons all alike, standing at the front door of their homes watching their children play; Kagome unleashed her scent signaling them that she has returned.

They turned their heads to see them walking up into the village, the males smiled and gave a head bow which Kagome returned as she continued walking with a blank and straight face, the females smiled as they called their children to come into the house. The children whined "but we don't want to" a male cat half demon said while looking at their mother, who was a cat demon and their father who was a human. His black cat tail swayed lazily behind him as he pouted, Kagome stopped and looked at the child "what is it that keeps you wanting to stay out here little one" she said, her voice was soft, almost like a whisper.

The half cat demon looked up at her and blinked "we wanted to make sure you came back" he said, the other children gathered behind him and nodded in agreement "yeah, that's why we waited out here for you." A small smile blossomed on Kagome's face but it soon disappeared as the lady of the east opened her big mouth "filthy vermin like you belong out here in the cold; you shouldn't have a place called home. This village has bugs crawling all around" she looked around the village with her nose scrunching in disgust, all the villagers glared at her including the children.

"The only vermin I see around here is you, a woman who is blinded by material objects yet will never be satisfied and will want more and more" the cat demon hissed venomously at the woman, the woman glared back at the child. "How dare you a low creature such as yourself speak to someone higher than you" "you are not his superior nor is he any different from any demon or human who roam these lands, so I highly recommend you shut your trap or by god's name" Kagome narrowed her eyes and lifted her hand which ignited with her holy powers. The lady of the east paled and gulped, stepping back towards her mate who wrapped his arms around her waist while glaring at Kagome.

She steadied her glare at him until she saw that they wouldn't harm anyone of her people she swore in blood to protect. Willing her powers to settle down she turned to the children and smiled "okay, everyone, I'm fine, now of to your homes with you" she said softly, all the children examined Kagome closely, looking for any wounds that she might be hiding. When they saw no wound they perked up and waved goodbye saying goodnight before running to their homes, Kagome watched with a smile on her face as they ran into their homes.

The parents laughed lightly before waving goodbye to Kagome, she did the same and waited until everyone was in their homes. When she was sure they were in their homes she started walking down the path again, the smile completely gone from her face and replaced with a slight frown, she heard the others following behind her in a safe and gracious distance.

Their way through the dark forest was quiet the only sound that was heard were their footsteps and the rustle of the leaves above them from the light night breeze, Shippo was still unconscious from shock, but peacefully asleep. His head laid on her bosom as his tail swayed slowly back in forth behind him, Kagome would have smiled and giggled a bit at the cute picture, but knowing the serious situation that was at foot she couldn't find it in her to giggle or smile for at least a minute. She kept her eyes straight ahead while keeping her senses on high alert to make sure there were no intruding demons around that would probably attack a village.

"Inuyasha my feet hurt, could you carry me?" whined Kikyo, Kagome turned her head to the side "woman, if your dead, you feet can't possibly hurt" she said flatly, Kikyo turned a glare at her and huffed "well unlike you my dear reincarnation" she spat "I'm more delicate." "Delicate my future Japanese ass, the day you become delicate is the day Inuyasha becomes a man" Kouga snorted and turned his head while Chino coughed trying to cover up his amused chuckle. Inuyasha growled out at her "wench!" "Man whore" Kagome retorted back Inuyasha's glare intensified "bitch" "I know you are but what am I?" Inuyasha growled "a bitch!" "I know you are man, stop announcing it, we heard you once."

"You're pathetic, continuing on with this game" Kikyo said Kagome rolled her eyes "actually, you're pathetic and the beginning on our second meeting when you held me captive on a tree, I wish for a heart, the heart of the man that would never forget me" she said, her voice turned monotone, almost sounding like Kikyo's. Kikyo's eyes widened, remembering those words "do you remember now, both you and Inuyasha are pathetic, Kikyo how can you say that I never stop thinking about you, not even for an instant! It's your soul I care about not your appearance."

Kagome craned her neck so that she was looking up at the starry sky "those words of your pathetic confession still resound in my mind as though you were speaking out loud, Kikyo…you are the perfect example of pathetic. You pulled your own trickery to drag Inuyasha to hell by making him unconscious and Inuyasha was pathetic enough to fall for it, I'm starting to wonder why I even wasted my breath back then" Kagome slowly lowered her head back down.

A tense silence rose up between the two as Kikyo glared at the back of Kagome's head and Inuyasha stared at Kagome with slightly wide eyes, he couldn't believe Kagome remembered that, even through all these years, he could barely remember what happened. "Love, trickery, manipulation, and lies are all what makes a person pathetic" "did you not once love Inuyasha, doesn't that make you pathetic as well?" Sango asked glaring at Kagome.

Kagome tilted her head to the side a bit "I suppose it does, though that love wasn't my love for him, it was actually the remaining affections that Kikyo still had for him residing in her soul that is within me. I was just the body who outwardly showed it, but now that I seen what I needed to see, those affections are long gone, and for that I am grateful. It would be stupid to continue on showing affections for someone who doesn't appreciate something good in life" "what are you trying to say? Are you saying that you were good enough-?" "You treated me as an object, a tool to find something for your own selfish gain; you never did one selfless thing without having a gain behind it."

Kagome's eyes narrowed a bit as she continued to navigate through the dark forest "you saved my life all the time for I may continue to live and search for the sacred jewel shards, you took care of me only because you wanted me to get better quickly and continue our search. Everything you do always has a gain behind it, your comforting words were nothing but whispers of lies, it doesn't hurt me say that you are almost like Naraku, manipulative and disgusting."

The tension instantly broke like shattering glass Sango grabbed her hiraikots and took aim, she was about ready to swing it, but she instantly froze then jumped back as she landed about two feet away from where she as standing before, she saw a large mark on the ground. For a second she heard swish of the air, kind of like the sound her hiraikots made when she threw it, everyone stopped and looked around, their hands on their weapons, ready to fight. Kouga and Chino both smirked a bit, knowing full well who it was, Kagome closed her eyes and slowed her pace "Tinotsu, come out" she said with a small sigh. The panther demon never made a sound as he landed right behind Kagome facing the others with his hand on his giant bone boomerang, ready to throw it at any time; his narrowed eyes remained on Sango.

"Wench, I would reconsider not doing that again" he said with a small growl, he raised his boomerang higher in a threatening way as to emphasize his threat, he felt a hand touch his shoulder and looked back to see Kagome's tired look. "Tinotsu, enough, I'm a bit tired and my son needs a proper bed to sleep in, since you're around I would think we're close to home" "wait, they're following you" "they will accompanying us back home, their lands were attacked by one of Naraku's new allies so it would be unsafe for them to return back to it. I put up a barrier around their lands only the ones who doesn't have malevolent intention are allowed to enter and people who do will be kicked out of their lands until they return which should be in three days since I can't keep up the barriers from afar up that long."

Tinotsu stared at her for a while before nodding in understanding, he relaxed his tensed muscles and lowered his weapons but sent a glare at Sango before completely relaxing "do you want me to take Shippo and bring him to the-?" "Yes, thank you Tinotsu" Tinotsu nodded as he gently grabbed the sleeping Shippo from her arms. Without a sound, he disappeared within the forest back to the palace, which, surprisingly, no found out about yet.

The group continued to walk deep into the southern lands in silence, that was until Rin decidedly opened her mouth "Kagome was it?" she asked curiously Kagome didn't turn her head but gave a small hum in acknowledgment. "Aren't you suppose to be older, no offense, but six years has passed and you don't look a day older than the last time I saw you when I was only six" everyone looked at Rin then Kagome who still didn't turn to look at her. Kouga and Chino looked at each other to see that they both had similar worried looks; they turned to Kagome and watched carefully as she continued to walk.

"The reason for that does not concern you" Kagome finally replied in an emotionless tone which Kouga and Chino knew when she didn't want someone to pry anymore, but Rin unknown to these ways continued to pry. "But, you're suppose to be like what, twenty-one summers old" "that's enough Rin, I would appreciate if you didn't pry into someone personal life" Kagome said, her voice more clipped and hard. Kagome's eyes were flashing between black tint silver and red tint silver, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm down her emotions; Rin finally realized how tense Kagome became and decided to shut her mouth.

She made a sound in confusion when she saw an ocean up ahead as they finally reached the end of the dark forest, the small waning crescent moon up ahead wasn't much help for light use, but it was enough to see a bit. Kagome stopped at the edge of the ocean and turned her head left to right "why did you lead us to a dead end human, have you creatures comes so uncoordinated-!" "Shut your trap you over grown teddy bear" Kagome said sharply, Lord Daimyo's mouth dropped open a bit from being called a teddy bear.

Kagome closed her eyes willed her illusion spell to drop, everyone gasped when a beautiful enormous palace appeared out in the middle of the ocean the crescent moon on the left gave it an enchanting look. Kagome opened her eyes and let out a deep breath 'I'm really getting too old for this' she thought to herself as she walked on the water with every step she was about to take a equal black marble square platform would rise up the water just in time as Kagome walked on it. Kouga and Chino followed close behind her, the lords and ladies including Inuyasha and his gang looked at each other then followed Kagome, though in a single file line behind her, unsure if they'll fall into the ocean.

When they reached the door everyone were amazed and surprised on how enormous it was up close, they started wondering how Kagome was going to open it, looking tiny compared to the do. Kagome closed and focused her energy around her instead of in her the air shifted and continued to do so for a while, Kagome's head slowly bowed down until her chin almost touched her collarbone, everyone jumped a bit when the two statues, that were like guardians beside the door, eyes opened. They took a step back when a black flame and black lightning bolt shot out of the statues, into the air, it stopped when it reached the highest point for it brief moment the lightning bolt and flame took the shape of the dragon and phoenix before it shot down towards Kagome who still had her head down and didn't seem to notice anything that was going on.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled about to run and move her out of the way, but Kouga grabbed him around the neck and held him securely in place, Inuyasha tried to struggle out of his grasp, but no avail, it would seem that Kouga gotten a lot more stronger from the last time they fought. Everyone watched and in horror and fascination, also sadistic satisfaction, as the lightning got closer to Kagome, but they were even more shocked the lightning and flame curved and swirled around her instead of striking her dead, as they thought it would. Kagome's hair rose and flowed in different directions. After a few seconds the lightning and flame quickly sucked back into the two statues and their eyes closed, Kagome's hair flowed back down onto her back and a bit on her face, everything looked as though nothing happened.

Kagome slowly opened her eyes to reveal that her left was black tinted silver and the other was black tinted red with a mix of orange and yellow, she lifted her hands and a black and red fire ball appeared in her hands before she quickly slammed them against the enormous door. The energy seeped into the door and followed a trail of a hidden design; the black fire energy only went on the left while the red one only went on the right.

When both of them met in the middle it flashed brightly, almost blinding everyone, they turned away though, finding it a bit impossible to keep watching, when the glow dimmed they turned back around to the door still closed. They blinked a few times "well that was a waste of" Kikyo was cut off when the ground suddenly began to shake; everyone steadied themselves as they watched the door slide open. As the door was wide enough to step through, Kagome walk through the doors inside "welcome to the southern kingdom, assholes" Kouga said throwing Inuyasha off him, almost making him fall in the water which was about too deep to even see the bottom, no matter how clear the water seemed.

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