New Ruler of the Southern Lands

What Do You Call Training?

"I had to fight like hell and fighting like hell has made me what I am"

When morning came around the lords and ladies, including their children who Kagome decided to go out and bring to the Southern Lands, were able to wander around the kingdom as long as they didn't do anything bad or evil if they did, well lets just say it wouldn't be pretty. So far the royal guests were amazed at how beautiful the kingdom was, the architecture and such were so beautifully crafted. The ladies especially loved the gardens while the lords were curious as to where the dojo were also they were curious as to where the soldiers were, for half the whole tour they didn't see one single soldier around, not even at the front gate.

"Some kingdom this is" the lady of the east huffed east said, the lady of the north nodded in agreement "Shippo get back here!" a voice called, everyone stopped walking and turned to see a small kitsune boy running towards them on all four with a few more demon children gaining on him from behind. "Hey, it's Shippo" Sango said in realization, the lady of the north, Xellia, narrowed her eyes 'it couldn't be' she looked at the child more closely 'it is' her eyes narrowed even more.

Somewhere in the darkest shadow within the building Kagome's head snap up and her eyes shot open wide.

"Ha-ha, slow down Shippo" the children laughed as they still tried to catch Shippo, he laughed and continued on running, that was, until someone stepped in his way causing him to skid to a stop, he shut his eyes awaiting the impact. His face didn't make any contact with flesh, instead of smelt a feminine scent, he slowly opened his eyes and lift up his gaze to meet cold green eyes that were almost similar to his, but darker. His eyes widened in realization "Aunt Xellia" he whispered with a slight whimper, he remembered his aunt all too well, she always thought of herself better than his mother since she had the looks also the mate with all the riches.

Those similar eyes narrowed into deadly slits "well if isn't my bastard nephew, still living I see" Xellia said coldly, Shippo slowly backed away; the children had long ago stopped running and were standing a few feet behind Shippo. They sensed the danger that was going in between them and immediately jumped in front of Shippo growling at the wench they all knew was the lady of the North. They narrowed their eyes at her "yes he is alive and will remain so, so I would highly recommend watching what you say to the son of this kingdom Lady Xellia" a tiger demoness said coldly. Xellia glared at her "and who is the ruler of this kingdom, I don't see him anywhere" "the ruler is a she and that would be me Lady Xellia and I really don't appreciate that tone you are using with my son" a steel voice said.

Everyone quickly turned around to see Kagome gracefully walking up to them with a sharp look in her eyes, she was wearing a kimono that was similar to Sesshomaru's instead it was black with a gold phoenix design on right shoulder and phoenix feathers on the left. On the bottom there were golden dragon tails encircling the ankle part and the dragon heads wrapped on the bottom of the sleeve.

She wore no armor with the kimono though she did have a black sword with golden ribbon hanging from above the hilt and a golden dragon design on the front of the sheath and a phoenix on the other side tucked within her black sash that had gold edges to them. She stopped a few feet away from the group she had been keeping track of all day to make sure they didn't do anything wrong that she saw would cause trouble later that she wouldn't feel like dealing with.

Xellia glared at her "you?" she barked out a laugh "a human could never rule these lands" "though you are seeing a human who is" Kagome tilted her head to the side a bit, her sharp eyes eased into a bored like gaze. Xellia frowned "then that means you are truly not the ruler, now human, lead us to the true ruler for he may tell us where the dojo is" "…" Kagome raised one amused brow before lowering it once again. She looked at her adopted son then up at her then back down at Shippo "I don't see any relation" she said before turning on her heels and starting to walk down the hall she just came walking down.

"Human peasant did you not hear me I said-!" in a heartbeat, Kagome appeared right in front of her glaring straight into her eye, she was so close to her face that anyone who passed by would have mistaken them for kissing each other, but sadly, they were not. "Do not speak so lowly about me Xellia, daughter of both a common kitsune demon, you were by far a peasant before you met Lord of the North, I'm surprised he would want to even mate such a despicable, dishonorable, dirty, greedy, fox bitch like you" as Kagome said these things she leaned more closely to her causing Xellia to lean back. "If I was in his shoes and had to choose between a normal fox and you at my mate, I would have chosen the normal fox" she hissed, Xellia gasped, Kagome quickly leaned back to her normal straightened height and continued to glare at her, she then turned her eyes to Oscuro "control your bitch's mouth before I do, and believe me, by the next time you see her, she won't be having a mouth" Kagome turned around quickly and walked down the hall. The children nodded before running after Kagome as well as Shippo who didn't want to be around his aunt now, or even ever.

The other lords and ladies, including Inuyasha and the others just stood there in complete shock at just what happened they couldn't believe Kagome, the sweet and forgiving teen, would even say or threaten someone like that. "If anyone wishes to see the dojo please follow me" a masculine voice, everyone lifted their gazes to an unknown demon with a lavender tint in his hair that stood before them, he wore odd clothing that they had never seen before. They didn't say anything as they followed the strange demon down the hall; they saw Kagome disappear around the corner on the opposite end with the children following close behind her.

About ten minutes later after going through the maze like halls that seem almost endless, the noble demons stopped in front of huge golden door with a phoenix on one side and a dragon on the other in between them was an upside down crescent moon, the Southern Land Insignia. The shadow demon flicked his wrist and the golden door slowly slid open as the door opened wider and wider everyone could hear clashing sounds of steel meeting steel. When the door was wide enough to slip through, the shadow demon stepped into the room with the others following behind him.

The room was huge, no, it was enormous! It was almost unbelievable, the noble demons looked around with agape mouths, the décor of the room was almost a ballroom style, but there was no curtail dangling anywhere, no chandelier to give the room a romantic affect. As they looked up they saw two demons suddenly appear and clash their swords with one another, their faces close enough to be almost touching. The two demons were both tiger demon, they wore black clothing with black sashes, and their hair was tied back in a high ponytail with their long bangs framing their face. The two tiger demon pushed one another away when they saw that trying to push one away they wouldn't be unarmed, they landed on the ground ten feet away from each other, they stood there staring each other down, trying to find an opening in their defensive stance.

"All soldiers stand front and center!" a voice bellowed commandingly, all the soldiers froze then quickly lined up in a rows facing front with blank expressions on the face, the lords and ladies looked to the side and almost jumped out of their fur when they saw Kagome standing right their beside them. "All weapons to the side" the soldier instantaneously spun their weapons and slammed them on the ground beside them, not once removing their eyes from the wall ahead of them "the rulers of the three coordinates are in our presence" all heads turned to the rulers, the ladies and the lords became very uncomfortable with their staring. All of the soldiers gave them a quick bow of their heads in respect before turning it back to face the front; Kagome gave a curt nod in approval "please show our honored guest respect as they will be staying here for a while until I am assured that our enemy is not roaming their lands. If they show you differently then you know what to do" the soldier gave a curt nod "good, you may proceed in your training" the soldier gave a low bow before facing one another and continuing on with their training.

Kagome turned to the shadow demons and gave them a wordless nod, they did the same. Kagome turned to the door and walked away out of the dojo leaving the others there standing in front of the entrance.

Night came sooner than expected; the lords and ladies were lead to their rooms which was in four different corners of the palace. "Tell me again, why our rooms are specifically in these locations?" Sesshomaru asked the shadow demon that was his personal tour guide, for the whole day the demon has been silent, not saying a word only when something had to be explained. "You rule the Western Quadrant of Japan so it is understandable that you will be staying in the western wing of the palace" Sesshomaru didn't say anything to that, he observed more of his surroundings, there was water coming down as a waterfall from the wall all the sides of the wall had water rushing down like a river. He wondered where the rooms were since he had yet to see a door, he immediately stopped when he notice that the shadow demon had stopped a second ago and he almost crashed into him.

The shadow demon turned to face the wall or the waterfall or whatever the hell it was; he watched as he stepped forward close the ledge of the miniature river then lifted his arm into the water. His eyes widened when he saw him push the water aside like a curtain revealing a door behind it. The door opened by itself revealing a dark room with a huge window up ahead that looked out at the western lands. Sesshomaru walked towards the room in a small sort of trance, he stepped over the river making sure to not step in it and make a fool of himself, the demon watched him as he passed him.

Just as Sesshomaru's foot entered the room, candles in each corner lit up brightening up the room Sesshomaru let out a small gasp at the beautiful room that he had to guess would be his for the rest of his stay. "Lady Kagome has requested that all the lords and ladies report to the dojo tomorrow at the first scent of dawn with the rest of the soldiers, either me or one of the soldiers will be here at the time to escort you to the dojo, goodnight" the demon said, without waiting for Sesshomaru's reply he released his hold on the water curtain and walked away down the hall they came up from. Sesshomaru looked at the door and stared at the falling water before turning back to look at his room 'the scent of dawn, does she not mean the first crack of dawn?' Sesshomaru shrugged and walked over to the huge comfortable looking futon.

Oh how Sesshomaru was terribly wrong in his assumption that Kagome was mistaken of the time she set, a soldier stepped into his room and woke him in the most unnecessary way and instructed him on what he was to do before appearing in the dojo to meet Lady Kagome and the other soldiers. Sesshomaru almost killed the soldier on where he stood by he didn't get the chance as the soldier just left just as he finished giving him instructions.

Sesshomaru changed his clothes into the training clothes that the soldier brought in for him to wear while his other clothes went to get cleaned; he noticed that all the servants here were well dressed also they chatted with one another while working. He felt almost out of place in this new kind of atmosphere, it was so foreign to him since all his servants were too scared to even speak much less with another person in his palace, all they did was work and follow his orders. Hell, even the soldiers here spoke to the servants in friendly terms then went on their way to what they are supposed to do.

"This place is so strange" whispered the Lady of the East as she looked at a couple of maids that passed by giggling and chatting with one another in a language that they didn't even understand, as a matter of fact they didn't even look Japanese. "I agree, who are these people, I have never seen these before in my life" "that is because they are from another country, they are from Beijing, China so I would recommend you leave them alone unless you wish to find yourself with missing appendages" everyone turned to look at the end of the table to see Shippo sitting there next to Miroku. Sango blinked "Beijing, China" "its another country across the ocean in the west" Miroku answered as he calmly ate his rice ball "how come we have never heard of such a place" "I would answer you, but I don't think I want to be chased around" Shippo grumbled. Miroku smiled knowing full well what Shippo would say 'he sure acts like Kagome everyday' he thought to himself with a small chuckle.

"So why are they here, new pet for the guards" Inuyasha said rudely, it suddenly became very quiet Inuyasha's ears twitched as it searched for any kind of sound. He lifted his head to see the two girls glaring at him as well as the passing soldiers; he shifted in his seat uncomfortable with their heated glares. Shippo rolled his eyes before speaking something in Chinese for them to understand, the two women seemed satisfied as they gave him a curt nod and went on with their business, Inuyasha looked at him "what did you just say to them?" he asked narrowing his eyes at him. Shippo sipped his tea "I told them that you were an idiot" "what?!" Inuyasha growled angrily, his eyes twitched uncontrollably with irritation.

Miroku placed down his cup "those women would have castrated you if Shippo hadn't said that, those women are quite skilled in the arts of torture as well as every female in this kingdom" "I bet that's the reason why you haven't started hitting on them yet huh monk" Sango scoffed. Miroku gave her bored look "no, its because I already learned how troublesome young girls could be" he slowly blinked, Sango gave him a gasp of disbelief "are you calling me" "Sango, we all know, so I would recommend you not proving it" everyone turned to see Kouga standing there with his arms crossed.

Sango glared at him before lowering her gaze downward on the smooth polished table, Kouga was not wearing his general outfit instead he was wearing a black Chinese training robe with a black headband around his head. "Hey wolf, don't you know its bad to wear black in hot weather" Inuyasha said with a smirk as though he knew something that Kouga didn't, Kouga looked at him "it is required of all warriors to wear black during training. All of you have the privilege to wear what you are wearing now since all of you will be new to what we do" "what's so different in this training" Lord Daimyo asked with suspicion showing in his eyes. Kouga looked at him with straight expression on his face "you will soon find out, now, if you are all done with your meals please follow me to the where we will training" "aren't we going to the dojo?" questioned Lady Xellia "location has been changed due to the number of people that will be training and sadly, the dojo is not very big to fit so much people" Kouga answered calmly, he turned around and started walking out of the dining room.

Everyone followed Kouga out of the dining and down the empty halls towards an unknown destination where they will be training. After what seemed like forever they reached a huge door that they didn't quiet remember, it looked almost like the dojo door but instead there was a tiger and a dragon instead of phoenix and dragon. As they came closer the door slid open by itself and the sound of fighting was heard, they stepped into the room…


The lords and ladies stopped and watched with wide as Kagome swung a long metal staff downward smacking the ground with it making a loud sharp smack sound that made them wince at the thought being smacked like that. She then ducked the upper part of her body a bit as she lifted the staff and spun it around while swinging it above her when it was beside her she did a back flip then thrust it to the left then to the right then putting one foot behind her she thrust it behind her. While she did this a whole army of people behind her were copying her every move down the last spin.

It was amazing sight to ever be seen; Shippo and Miroku looked at each other and gave a small knowing grin they looked at Kouga to see him doing the same thing. They turned to look at Kagome to see her moving forward while spinning and twirling the staff around her neck the same as she moved. She did a jump side spin with the staff still twirling around her neck. The staff slammed onto the floor as Kagome pushed herself up into a one handed handstand on the other end, everyone stood this way for a whole minute before they started tipping forward. As they fell forward they bent their bodies flexibly for their feet could touch the ground, they bent one knee to touch the ground as they slammed the staff with both hands on the ground making a resounding smack sound that caused everyone's ears to ring.

They rolled forward then sat up with one knee on the floor once again and spun the staff above them with their heads bowed downward so they wouldn't whack themselves accidentally, after ten spins they lifted their heads then stood up with ease and did a few back flips then landing with their staffs held in place behind their shoulder blade.

Sesshomaru and the others blinked still awestruck of what they just seen "I would highly suggest you blink unless you wish to become blind" Kagome said raising one brow in amusement, everyone blinked a few times. "Wonderful, now that we are all here I can now tell you the reason, Naraku has made a new ally and no doubt he will train Naraku's army in the arts of strategy and fighting, this will not cope well if we fight his army unprepared and divided. So I have decided to escalate our training, you rulers of the North, West, and East will be joining us, but it is optional though be warned once you made your decision you will be sent back to your lands to strategize your own war plan. I will not allow any information to leak out also if you go against us…well, I can't say for certain that you will make out of the war alive and intact" everyone shudder a bit at Kagome's malevolent grin that spoke very loudly of death.

"To give you a heads up for those who are going to be training with us, you will not be taken lightly, you are expected to be alert and ready if you are not then I hope you are good at quick recovery because you will be training until the moon has reached its highest peak for at least six days. Then we will be meditating for two nights, I do not tolerate dumb behavior such as competitiveness" Kagome paused and narrowed her eyes at Inuyasha and his two bitches. "To prove who is the strongest since strength is all the same but strategy is not…sadly" her gaze turned to look between Kikyo and Sango.

Kouga, Miroku, and Shippo silently snickered, biting their inner cheek to keep it from coming out "to make the rules simple, don't fight with one another until you are told to do so and that is only when sparring, no trying to kill one another because I will make sure I kill you first if you disrupt any training sessions. And lastly, follow orders" Kagome growled that last part telling anyone silently that if they don't the consequences won't be pleasant, all the soldiers gulped as they eyes continued to look straight ahead.

"Tsh, I don't need to follow orders by any dumb weak wench" "and yet you still do" Shippo droned while looking at Kikyo and Sango, Inuyasha glared at him then raised his hand about to claw him when he was suddenly being choked by an invisible force. He looked over at Kagome who was still standing there like she always had with a serious expression on her face though her eyes were slightly glowing "then you have two choices Inuyasha, dishonorable half-demon that resides in the forest where has been pinned to the God Tree by his ex-love Kikyo" Inuyasha winced at this. "You can either leave my lands and never step foot in it or you may stay and follow the rules, your choice, choose wisely" whatever that was choking Inuyasha let go making Inuyasha fall on the hard ground.

Inuyasha winced a bit at the pain now throbbing at his ass, he looked at Kagome to see her staring at him with that expressionless look, he stared into her eyes now realizing they weren't the same as what he remembered them to be. No they were a different color that noticed was changing to a blue tinted silver color instead of a black tinted silver 'she doesn't look like Kikyo anymore' "the time is ticking and the war is coming, make your choice Inuyasha!" the sound of Kagome's booming voice made Inuyasha almost shit himself out of his pants.

He narrowed his focus on Kagome "fine, whatever" he scoffed "at least this way I can kick your ass" "keep dreaming pup" Kagome rolled her eyes before turning to the others "is there anyone else that has a choice of leaving?" no one answered "good, now lets get started" she snapped her fingers and the lords and ladies felt as though someone threw them in a lack with rocks attached to them. "What the hell!" yelled Inuyasha as he struggled to get on his feet "what is this?!" growled Sesshomaru as he glared at Kagome, she gave him a bored look "I infused your strength capacity with your clothes the more stronger you become the more heavier your clothes get that is until you can fight your own strength" "that doesn't even make sense!" Sango shouted as she was on all four on the ground trying to push herself up, but it becoming very difficult.

"Heh, trying doing this while wearing all black in the blazing son" Kouga grinned, "you're lucky that we're somewhere cool or this would be more hell for your guys" "shut it, grr, fleabag" Inuyasha growled. "Why aren't you doing this, uhg, to the other soldiers?" asked Lady Xellia, Kagome raised one brow "I give no special treatment to anyone so they are enduring the same as you except they fought their own strength and I don't see myself any different I am also enduring my won strength pressed against me."

To prove her point, Kagome took off her headband as well as her wrist bands and dropped them on the ground, instead of gliding down like normal material would, it crashed right through the floor making a huge hole. Everyone's eyes bulged out of their heads when they saw this "see, every kind of material that is on my person hold the same amount of weight, so imagine if I took off all my clothes and dropped it at the same time, you could only imagine where they would end up" Kagome chuckled as she bent down and grabbed her headband and two wristbands from the whole she made. When she pulled them out the hole instantly patched itself right back up "well, lets get training shall we" she said with a pleasant smile on her face, the soldiers nodded and got into a fighting stance.

The lords and ladies as well as Inuyasha and his two bitches tried with great difficulty to keep up with Kagome's training but it was very difficult when you can barely even keep yourself from falling onto the floor.

'This is pure hell!' they all thought.

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