New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Traitors Are Simply Haters

Respect the Justice Fight the Injustice or fall without Liberty and Die in Hell

For months Kagome had been training pass their limit, even Shippo, though he understood her reasoning while their special guests just wanted to kill her. Though she didn't care, the more they tried, the more she was going to keep kicking their ass until they learned the reason she was training them so hard.

At the moment she was in her study looking over the spy report and so far she was not pleased in what she was reading. It said that Naraku was gathering mindless demons and absorbing them into himself to make, himself more powerful, also her brother was seen training an army of demons and the results of this was almost something to fear. Kagome laid out the report in front of her on the desk as she let out a sigh and rubbed the bridge of her nose to get rid of the headache she felt coming.

'This is not good in the least' she thought to herself before she heard the light tapping nose she raised her head "come in" she said tonelessly, really not in the mood to see anyone at the moment. The door slid open and Sesshomaru stepping into the room, closing the shoji door behind him, Kagome narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him as he walked over to her she watched his every move and body language to see what he was up to.

Sesshomaru stopped in front of her desk and didn't make another move, both of them just stared at one another for a long silent moment before Kagome gestured him to sit down. Sesshomaru gave a curt nod before gracefully seating himself down in the seat in front of the desk. "Now, what is it you need Sesshomaru since it's unlike you to come here to see me, a mere human miko" she said purposely to see what his reaction would be. Sesshomaru merely blinked "I come here in behalf of the other lords and ladies, they see your training tactics a bit" "absurd?" Kagome closed her eyes with a scoff. She crossed her arms and relaxed her muscles finding Sesshomaru's presence of no threat to her.

"Training is just that, training" she opened her eyes "I am training everyone both physically and mentally, even emotionally. This battle is not going to be simple with only a few insults thrown here and there and swords clashing with one another, no, it's going to be beyond that" her voice deepened, showing how serious this situation was. Sesshomaru's lips pulled down into a frown. "What exactly are you trying to say?" he asked, Kagome stared into his molten gold eyes though she wasn't exactly looking at him, but through him. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh 'this is so tiresome' she mentally sagged "at the moment, all I can say is that we need to prepare for what's to come and believe me, when it comes all of you will be thanking me later that is if you survive."

Sesshomaru opened his mouth to say something but then thought against it as he could see from the expression on her face that she was not going to answer anymore question about the battle that was soon coming. The sound opening brought both Kagome and Sesshomaru's attention to the doorway they saw Rin standing there looking at them suspiciously but she covered it up with a smile "oh there you are Lord Sesshomaru, I was looking all over for you" she chirped. Kagome raised one brow as though questioning the girl's real intention of rudely barging in her study unannounced "you know Rin, if I were any other ruler I would have your head" she said monotone before grabbing the scroll on her desk and rolling it back up.

She raised the scroll and it vanished from her hand in a flash of light, Rin blinked a few times wondering where the scroll had gone to. She narrowed her eyes when she saw Sesshomaru staring at Kagome with interest and curiosity she eyes Kagome, sizing her up. In her mind she knew she stood no chance against Kagome mentally, physically, or even emotionally, Kagome is what a person could say the golden human, she had no flaw.

"The absence in flaw in a person is itself a flaw" Rin jumped, Kagome swept her gaze back at her and narrowed her eyes "I would watch it if I were you, I am not such an easy target Rin" she said with a low growl in her tone, though you couldn't tell only if you had sensitive hearing. Rin glared at her "stay out of my head!" she snapped "there is no point going through that little mind of yours if you leave your windows open for all to see yours thoughts" Kagome scoffed. Rin gave her a confused look, Kagome stood up from behind her desk and walked around it "well I should be retiring for the day. I have already informed everyone that there will be no training for the rest of the day and they should use this opportunity to their satisfaction" she gave a curt bow of her head before leaving the room.

Somewhere in the kingdom, Kikyo and Sango were in the hot springs though not enjoying as they glared at one another as they sat across each other. They both were in a foul mood as every place and muscle in their body ached like hell from Kagome's vicious training, even Kikyo's clay body hurt and she was dead for Kami's sake. Kikyo closed her eyes 'damn my reincarnation, I will get her back for this, she is undeserving in living in such luxuries' she though venomously, she only saw parts of the kingdom in which she was allowed to look around and the more she looked around the more she despised Kagome for all she was worth.

Suddenly an idea struck her making her eyes open once again to see Sango sitting across from her with her eyes closed but her shoulders tense telling her that she was prepared for any onslaughts that might come her way. 'Hmm, maybe I can get her to assist me in this ploy' she grinned "Demon Slayer" she called, Sango opened her eyes with a growl "bitch" she called back, Kikyo ignored that comment for now "what do you say we make Kagome's life a living hell" she said with a sly grin. Sango's hateful glare turned to a curious and suspicious one "you know we can't do anything, as hard as it is for me to admit this, Kagome could kill us with only a flick of her wrist." "Fool, you think I don't know that" "I don't know since you want to make the probably most powerful person in Japan life a living hell." "We're not going to harm her physically; we're going to harm her emotionally" "huh?" Kikyo rolled her eyes and sighed "I have part of her soul and she has a family on the other side of the well, with her soul, I can go down the well taking you along with me and we can kill her family, so that she has nothing to go back to when this is all over. No doubt my pitiful reincarnation will wish to return back her time after all this is over" she said with a faux coo, Sango grinned and her brown eyes glowed maliciously "for a bitch, you got the most evilest plans" both the two women started laughing, oblivious to the pairs of ears that were listening in to the their whole conversation. 'I must inform Lady Kagome at once' the person backed away from the door and quickly rushed down the hall to immediately inform Kagome of the traitorous plot Kikyo and Sango were ensuing.

Ring, Ring, Ring!!

A hand reached over and picked up the black phone off the receiver and pressed it against an ear "hello" a replies a deep masculine voice that was a bit soft as though filled with wisdom of wars and battles.

"Hello Mikeal Private First Class or is it Lieutenant now?" a feminine voice filtered out of the phone, the chair shifted a bit as the person in it straightened their spine 'it can't be…' "its been a while since we last spoke to one another hasn't it, how many years was it, ten—no, hmm, I guess I should just say a long time. "General Major?" the masculine voice said with disbelief "oh so you do remember me, I feel honored" "how can you—I mean, you were reported to be" "dead? Oh contraire my old friend, I am quite alive and doing well. Though I didn't call you to tell you that or have a friendly chat, I actually call for an important favor" "what is it?" the man asked quickly, excited and happy to know that his friend was still after all these years thinking she wasn't.

"I want you to call up some old troops, call the person in charge of the To-Oh University Entrance Exam Ceremony and tell him to be on guard, I want troops secretly hiding around the perimeter facing that building. And if it's not too much trouble, have a few troops undercover as graduates. Next I want you and a couple of the troops too bodyguard or keep an eye on a certain student since he will be a target" "and who may I ask is that?" There was a pause on the other end before the person responded "Souta Higurashi."

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