New Ruler of the Southern Lands

If They Don't Listen Make Them Regret It

When nobody listens, in the end it doesn't even matter because you'll be paying the price

Kagome was peacefully resting in her chambers with only the sounds of the water shifting in the pool that was in the middle of her room, the room was almost dark if not for the glowing crystals in every corner of the room that gave it an enchanting glow. Yes, everything was quiet peace that was until…

"Lady Kagome, I have dire news to tell you immediately!" now, if Kagome were someone else, she would have blasted the person's head clean off their body, but since Kagome was a very respectable woman and listen to any kind of emergency she slowly rose from under sheet with flashing eyes. She pulled the sheets off her legs and crossed them in a lotus position before flicking her wrist to the door, as the doors opened the lights turned on simultaneously. Jaken came squabbling into the room, he accidentally tripped over his own two feet and dropped to the floor with an oomph then squawked when his staff hit the top of his head with a thunk, she couldn't help but giggle at his unintentional foolishness.

"What is the dire news you had to give me Jaken" she said commandingly, but strongly, Jaken quickly shifted his body so that he was in a respectable bowing position "I'm sorry to have awaken you Lady Kagome, but just moments ago I just overhead the dead miko and that demon slayer plotting against you." Kagome's lips pulled down into a frown, she knew that the two traitors could nothing to harm her since she would send them to hell on a silver platter and personally give them to the devil himself. But together, she knew it was bad "continue" she commanded Jaken raised his head to look at her with a serious expression on his green toad imp face. "The dead miko said that she would use to the soul that is yours to enter the well and go to your home to kill your family and bring the demon slayer with her for assistance.

"I am not certain when they're plans are going to commence but something tells me it will be as soon as possible" he bowed once again signaling that he was finished telling his news to her. A small gust of wind blew around Kagome as she glared at nothing in particular, it would look like she was glaring at Jaken, but she really wasn't. 'How dare they' she growled lowly the wind growing stronger 'I have just about had enough of those two, its time I teach them a valuable lesson on who I really am' a grin slid onto her lips "I thank you Jaken, you have been a great help. Please do relax for the rest of the day, it would seem that you need it" she said, her grin turned to a soft smile as she looked at the old imp, he really did look tired 'no doubt from taking care of Rin, I could see how much of a problem she is, poor thing' she thought.

Jaken looked up at her with glittering eyes 'Lord Sesshomaru has never treated me with such kindness and Lady Rin has become more and more trouble as it is' "thank you Lady Kagome, thank you" he bowed repeatedly before getting up and quickly squabbling out of the room. Kagome flicked her wrist and the door closed and the lights turned off but instead of the crystals lighting the room with its enchanted glow the fire lamp in the middle of the room burned to life.

'Those two will learn why I am respected and what I am truly capable of' Kagome's eyes glowed dimly matching the burning fire in the oil lamp 'say your prayers girls because it might be your last' the lamp went out and Kagome's eyes dimmed until it glowed no more.

A white blur zipped through the trees of the forest without making even the slightest of sounds, it weaved around, dodging branches that were in the way. The blur leaped into the air and over the foliage of the forest revealing that the blur was Kagome; she was wearing a robe that was given to her by the Zen Monks in the China Mountains. The top of the robe look almost similar to a cheongsam dress bit instead of the slit being underneath the hip it rose all the way above it, the sleeve were slightly loose and reached only above her wrists. It had three different colored silks; the bottom was blue, the middle part of the sleeve was black and the top part was gold that filled the front of the cheongsam dress top. The edges of it were black, on the bottom front flap there was red there were Chinese treated cucurbit buttons that went from the right side down. Underneath the cheongsam top she wore black light weighted trousers that had blue silk on the bottom with heelless black shoes. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail with two thing sticking out of her hair that would look like hair chop sticks to anyone else but were really small versions of kunai knives.

A whole week has been since she received news of Sango and Kikyo's traitorous ploy to get rid of her second family. Kikyo and Sango had a five hour head start and at the moment she knew they have already reached the well 'very soon' she thought to herself with a grin as she saw the well come into sight up ahead. Taking one big leap over a large pine tree she glided down into the darkness of the well and was engulfed by itself blue magic.

Knock, knock, knock

The door slid open to reveal a middle aged woman that was Kun-Loon, she smiled when she met the two young faces two females "oh hello, what may I do for you?" she asked politely though her smiled faltered a bit when she noticed a scary resemblance in one of the girls that was similar to Kagome's. The girl that looked almost like Kagome's twin smiled pleasantly "hello" she bowed politely "we were just wondering if Kagome's brother was here?" she said "he told us that he liked to see us today to help him with something" the other girl said with that same polite smile.

Kun-Loon looked at the two girls curiously "um no, he's not here, at the moment he should be at the graduation ceremony" "oh you don't mind taking us there would you" "we would be much grateful since that would be a very long walk." For some reason Kun-Loon's gut was telling her to send these two girls away and just close the door but her damn politeness won the battle, she put on a smile "sure, just give me a second to grab my purse and keys." She turned away from the door and walked inside to get her purse and keys, never noticing the malevolent smirks that crept onto the two girl's face.

The three girls arrived at the place where the ceremony was being taken; Kun-Loon parked around the corner and killed the engine before stepping out of the car with the two girls she had yet to get a name from. As they walked towards the building, they were completely oblivious to a pair of eyes that were watching them from the shadows, a hand reached up to adjust a earpiece "target has been sighted and is heading towards the building, I repeat, target has been sighted and is heading towards the building, over" "copy that, do not take action until ordered, over" "roger that." The connection was cut off for the time being, those pairs of eyes looked at the clear blue sky watching as sakura petals glided around from the gentle breeze blowing by 'it should be a crime for someone to ruin such a day.'

"And now for the freshmen address," a voice echoed throughout the huge room as a man stood behind an alter with his eyes down looking at a piece of paper that had names written on it "Freshmen Representative Light Yagami" "yes" a young male stood up from his seat in the front row and started walking towards the small staircase that lead up onto the stage. The young male had short auburn colored hair that was neatly combed to perfection without a hair our of place and brown eyes that looked almost red when the light shined on it, eh wore a blue suit that was ironed with a blue yellowed striped tie. "Freshmen representative Hideki Ryuga" "oh, right here" all the students started to whisper at the name of the famous pop idol, but then when they saw the person's face the whispers quieted down slowly. The guy had messy black hair and pasty pale skin with owlish black eyes that seem to bore into your very soul like some sort of zombie, he wore a baggy white long sleeved shirt with worn out blue jeans and white raggedy shoes that look like they could come apart any second.

"And Freshmen Representative Souta Higurashi" "present" a young man stood up from his seat all the girls gasped in adoration at the sight of him, he had shoulder length black hair that was tied in a loose low ponytail. His chocolate brown eyes held a certain fire in them; he wore a dark navy blue suit that looked almost black and a matching tie. He walked up to the stage and stood beside the man called "Hideki Ryuga" he ignored the two as he looked out at the people below the stage, all the people there knew him to be a pro soccer player 'and I could thank Kagome for that' he thought sadly, wishing his older sister was there to see him now. 'I hope she's okay, wherever she is right now' he thought closing his eyes to say a little prayer for her to be safe.

He kept his eyes closed as he listened to the boy genius, Light Yagami, give out the speech, it kind of bored him since it sounded so…boring 'okay, I got no other words that would fit better' Souta thought. Oh how he could hear his sister laughing at him right now for having a brain fart to think of just a word to place for the damn boring speech that was given 'and I have to say the third time, my god, they always said third times the charm, tsh, third times the charm to put everyone to sleep.'

Outside Kun-Loon heard the speech already being given; she reached her hand down to the handle and quietly as possibly pulled the door open. She was completely oblivious to the girl wearing the white and green kimono pull out a sword and raised it above her head, the girl who looked like Kagome's twin grinned maliciously. Those watching eyes widened in shock "target about to put down, I repeat, target about to be put down, over" "…hold your ground, over" replied a cold feminine voice through the earpiece. 'What?' "who…?" "Don't ask question, over" responded the voice of his leader, the man's brows scrunched together in confusion 'what in the hell is going on?' he wondered mentally as he watched anxiously as his target was about to be struck down.

Everything seem to go in slow motion as Kun-Loon pushed the door wider and wider, inside Souta finally got the paper and for some reason felt like he should look up, he raised his gaze up to look up the aisle to the doorway to see his mother standing there. He was about to smile but froze when he saw a sword raised behind her in a threatening manner, his eyes widened and his breath got caught in his throat.

The sword slowly started to fall down towards Kun-Loon about to strike her down somehow he found his voice, he didn't know how but he didn't think further on it as he let out the breath he was holding and formed it into words "MOM!" Everyone raised their gazed to the entryway and gasped when they saw a sword behind Kun-Loon, Kun-Loon's body froze at the sight of her son's fearful gaze that looked pass her shoulder all of the suddenly, something clicked in her mind 'that woman, she's' "Kikyo" she whispered.

Just as the sword was about to cut her body in two a white glowing whip shot out from the shadows behind Souta and the other two boys, it passed Souta's face and flew towards the entryway. It smacked the sword with a loud snap sound; the sword flew of her hand, the whip curved to hit the owner of the weapon in the face. The woman let out a pained screamed as the white glowing whip came into contact with her cheek causing her to stumble backwards holding her face, the whip pulled back into the room, passed Souta's face, and back into the shadows.

Kun-Loon dropped to the ground as she gasped for breath after holding it in for so long in fear, she looked behind her at the two girls that stood there, the one she figured out to be Kikyo looked angered while the other one she didn't know held her face, whimpering slightly as blood ran through the crack of her hand and slid down her neck. "Mom!" Kun-Loon looked up to see Souta jump from the stage and run towards her "perfect, now both of you can die" Kikyo pulled out an arrow from her quiver and shot it at Souta and pulled out another one and was about to stab Kun-Loon with it.

That same white whip shot out from the shadows and slice right through the air that was going towards Souta, splitting it in two and whipped Kikyo right in the chest sending her flying back to the ground. Souta kneeled down front of Kun-Loon and wrapped his arm around her "mom, are you okay?" he asked softly, the whip passed over his head and disappeared right back into the shadows "I must admit, you're incompetence is astounding" a cold feminine voice echoed through the huge room. Everyone turned their heads to look back up on stage, Ryuga and Light turned and their eyes widened when a girl stepped out from the shadows, she lifted her head to reveal blood chilling red tinted silver eyes.

Kikyo slowly lifted herself up and glared at the girl that stopped at the edge of the stage "you, how did you know we were here?" she hissed darkly. The girl slowly tilted her head to the side "have you not heard the saying of walls have ears?" she responded curiously this only made Kikyo glare even harder as though wanting her head to just explode. The girl stared into her eyes fearlessly before tilting her head back upright and her curious expression turned serious and impassive "you're traitorous actions of trying to kill my second family has cross the line Kikyo and Sango" "second family?" Sango asked as she stepped right next to Kikyo who got right back onto her feet.

The girl looked at her "I have shown you mercy while you give me disrespect in return and I am quite tired of you two thinking that I am someone easy to be messed around with" she said, completely ignoring Sango's question. "You are nothing but my weak incarnation who does not deserve to live" the girl slowly switched her gaze to Kikyo and blinked lazily, everyone in the room shuddered at her cold eyes that seem to know and see everything. "You talk about deserved life when you yourself belong to the world of the dead but stealing souls of dead women to sustain that fake body of yours that is made only of clay, bones, and soil from this earth. Do not speak of something that you yourself are deserving of incarnation" "I deserve life more than you, I had my life stolen from a monster and you are trying to steal my love" "how can you say you love them when you don't love them of who they are, how they were born. You don't even know the meaning of love so don't speak of it like you do" the girl's voice seemed to make the room go cold to a negative degree.

"You belong in hell in my place where I should be living life in your place, you were not supposed to life, you were not supposed to be reincarnated and live a happy life, you…" Kikyo was cut off in mid-rant when the girl suddenly started to laugh. Her laugh made everyone's blood run cold and their bones shake in slight fear, the girl's voice was hollow, lace with no type of emotion at all, it was so…empty.

After a couple of seconds the girl lowered her head and looked at Kikyo who now looked her at her with uncertainty and slight fear "hell," she chuckled "oh I've been in hell and let me tell you, they won't be wanting me back any time soon" the girl said the last part in a dark seductive whisper. "You wish my make my life a living hell but that's impossible feat to beat when I already lived in it, you think my life is perfect, you think that I had a wonderful life with a family that loves me to death. That I live in a warm cozy home with no worries in the world" the amused expression on her face darkened "well I could really say that they did love me to death, till their death finally arrived, you want to see how happy and cozy life was?" Kikyo and Sango didn't respond as they were filled with soul shaking fright as they gazed upon a girl they never saw before, it wasn't the happy go cheerful young naïve girl that always that she was. No, this girl was dark and filled with a sort of malice that could make Naraku look like an innocent angel.

The girl raised one hand in the air "please do take the time to find any way to make my life any more of a living hell" she snapped her fingers and the sound seem to echo throughout the room for eternity. At first nothing happened but then the whole room changed to scene that no one would ever that possibly to see.

What was a roof before, was now a dark red tinted sky, you couldn't tell if it was night or day, buildings were on fire and there was blood covering every inch of the ground, there wasn't a spot anywhere that you couldn't see blood on. The sound of screaming and gunshots could be heard in the distance with a mixture of a loud whistle and an ear deafening explosion that shook the ground making it feel that it would split in two any second. There was no sign of what use to be a huge room anywhere even seats that the students were once sitting in was gone though everyone remained where they were, too scared to even move too confused to even think if this was actually real or not.

Kikyo and Sango looked around wondering what was going on; they turned their heads to the girl to see her staring at them with a blank expression on her face. Souta looked around, his heart beating fast in his chest like drums "what the hell is going on, where are we?" he wondered aloud "so this was what she went through" he looked down at his mother to see her staring at the stomach churning scene that surrounded them. "I never knew what she went through but this—this is explains so much" she whispered, he was about ask her what she meant when he heard a loud yell, he lifted his head to see what made his eyes widened "Kagome."

"Unhand me, let go of me this instant!" indeed it was Kagome, though an older version, this Kagome looked to be about twenty years old—if not older—her hair reached almost passed her rear and her eyes were like onyx diamonds that to sparkle with a certain fire. She wore black camouflage army suit with black boots, her jacket was sliding off her shoulders as she tried to struggle out of four men grasp that carried her from one limb each. They chuckled in sadistic amusement as they watched her struggle and squirm her way out of their grasp "come on, we just want to discuss about some new strategy tactics General Major Kagome" the man that held her right arm said and the other men laughed.

"You will unhand me now lieutenant or by god I will take a gun and shoot a bullet up your ass and straight out of that hollow shell you call a head!" the men laughed off her threat as though it were nothing to be really scared of. They disappeared into one of the military tents, you could hear something tearing and the men still laughing but everyone jumped when they heard an ear-piercing scream echo all throughout the area with mixture of low groaning and moaning. Everyone visibly started shaking, Souta unconsciously tightened his grip around Kun-Loon as she stared at the tent with wide eyes she closed her eyes tightly so badly wanting to cover her ears. This went on for like hours but in reality it was only a few minutes before the scene skipped to inside of the hut.

Some of the students covered their face or covered their mouths, and some people even screamed when they saw the sight of Kagome sitting brokenly on the ground, her shirt was torn and her pants was lousily put back on her with her zipper unzipped and her belt unbuckled. They saw one of the men finish zipping up his pants and buckling his belt with a satisfied grin on his face "thanks for helping us with our plans General Major" the four men laughed. Kagome didn't move, her head hung limply making her long hair curtain her face from their sight "oh and this was sent for you" the man took a piece of folded paper and threw it at her. It hit the top of her head and fell onto her lap, the folded paper somehow unfolded itself, Kagome still didn't move as she kept her head down, you would have thought she was dead if not the slight movement of her chest going up and down.

The man snickered "let's get out of here" the men grabbed their gun and put their arm through the strap so that it slung over their shoulders. They turned, never noticing that Kagome slowly started moving, after first she lifted her hand to grab the letter then after a second she slowly lifted herself up. The way she moved was as though she was never hurt at all, her movement were slow but strong when she finally up on her two feet her hand holding the letter in it clenched into a fist making a loud crunch sound mixed with the cracking of her knuckles.

The men noticed this sound and turned around curiously to see Kagome standing there with her head still bowed down and her hair curtaining her face, they saw the extent of the damage they caused her. Her arms and wrists were covered in bruises and cuts; blood was dripping down her neck and between the valleys of breast and disappeared underneath the torn wife beater shirt that had dark blotches that was no doubt blood. "Oh so I see you're up for some more eh?" the lieutenant said with a smirk, Kagome didn't make another move and just stood there, he walked over to her with his gun still slung over his shoulder. He stopped about an inch away from her and reached out a hand to grab her but Kagome grabbed his wrist at a lightning speed that it looked almost like a blur.

The man gasped when Kagome tightened her grip tightly and his wrist bone cracked loudly "hey! Urg" he tried to pulled his hand back but Kagome had it in a tight grip which tightened even more "leggo!" he shouted. As he continued to tug at his wrist, Kagome slowly raised her head revealing her onyx black eyes that had a red rim around it, there were tear stains running down her face but it looked almost dry. She had a gash on her right cheek which was the cause of the blood running down her neck, the man gasped in shock "you should have heeded my warming lieutenant" she said, her voice void of any emotions making it sound dead and monotone. Before the man could say anything, Kagome tugged on his wrist and twisted his arm; she grabbed the back of his neck and bent him down before swinging his gun off his shoulder and sticking it in his ass and pressing the trigger.

The other men watching in horror as the bullet shot out of the lieutenant's head and straight down at the blood, the Kagome didn't release the trigger until there were no more bullets left to shoot out it. When the bullets were all used up, Kagome let go of the man's wrist and let his body fall to the ground with a loud thud, she watched as blood slowly pooled around his head before turning to look at the remaining three men. "Betraying your superiors is very bad karma" she said, the men backed away slowly, their body shaking violently as they stared into Kagome's half lidded eyes that made her look uncaring and impassive at the same time. "Hmm, what was that quote again from Steven Deitz?" Kagome tilted her head thoughtfully; unnoticeable to the others that Kagome was reaching for a scalpel that was on top of the desk and the wall. "Oh yes, now I remember" her eyes narrowed at the three men "one should rather die than be betrayed; there is no deceit in death, it delivers precisely what it has promised. Betrayal, though…betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope" the sound of sliding steel could be heard through the tent and before the men could scream, Kagome cut open their throats in one swift sweep of her arm.

She watched the men fall to the floor holding their throats to stop the bleeding before gazing up, she walked pass them leaving them there to die in suffering. She stepped out of the tent to see a group of men waiting not too far away, all of them stepped back in fear as they gazed up on her, her appearance was menacing. Kagome's eyes slowly scan area that were surrounded with her so called troops 'heh' she closed her eyes and stretched her neck slowly to left, the men jumped as they heard the loud cracking and popping sounds. Kagome lifted her head upright once more then did the same thing to the other side, again, making that awful sound. Rolling her head around she opened her eyes and gazed at the men that stared at her wide eyed, though one man was very stupid as he stepped up to her "hey General, do you mind help me with something" he grinned. Kagome tilted her head slightly to the side; before slowly stepping up to the man and stared straight into his eyes, she said nothing as she stared into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

Then everything disappeared quickly but not quick enough to drown out the scream that was soon heard, another scene appeared with Kagome just standing there staring up at the smoke covered sky, bodies after bodies were littered all over the ground. Some limbs were thrown here and there organs were splattered in random directions, it was a gruesome sight, though Kagome didn't seemed fazed at all by the dead bodies surrounding her as her dull half lidded eyes stared up at the sky. The smoke parted slightly enough to reveal the moon overhead, the moonlight shined down on her form revealing the blood sticking to her skin, also the gun that was held in her hand, the scalpel no longer in her hand.

Then suddenly scenes after scenes started flashing over current one showing Kagome in a capsule with wires and needles sticking to her naked body as she floated in the middle of the strange colored water. Her eyes were closed, bubbles came out of her mouth and rose up to the surface, scientists, doctors, passed or stopped in front of the capsule, writing something on the clipboard before walking away. A man wearing a professional outfit appeared standing in front of the capsule, his mouth moving but no words were heard, suddenly red lights started flashing and Kagome's eyes shot open completely glowing an eerie red. Everyone was running everywhere trying to see what was going on, the guy slowly stepped away from the capsule as the glass surface suddenly cracked then shattered, the water came pouring out all over the floor.

Kagome stepped out of the capsule and slowly walked towards the man that stood before the capsule a few moments ago, the man crawled backwards the scene changed once again to show Kagome walking down a snowy path with a building burning down behind her. The Kagome that was standing in the middle of a bloody field slowly lowered her head and turned around to look directly at Sango and Kikyo.

Kikyo and Sango were now scared out of their wits, they turned their heads to the stage, expecting Kagome to standing there watching them, but their eyes widened when they saw that she wasn't there. They quickly turned their heads back around to see the Kagome from all the gruesome scenes to be standing there but instead of standing in a bloody scene she was standing in front of three graves.

Loonia Lee Senshi


Netsuke Raku Senshi


Sen Genji Senshi


"My life was a living hell even before I was born" Kikyo and Sango jumped as they heard the cold voice speak, Kagome slowly turned her head and looked straight at them her eyes were dull and lifeless though expression was impassive showing no tiredness or even defeat. The scene completely disappeared and the room returned back to normal but the thing that didn't go away was the older version Kagome, she remained where she was. Kikyo swallowed down the lump in her throat before settling her expression into a glare "ha! Those illusions are nothing but lies!" before anyone knew it, she spun around and fired an arrow at Kun-Loon, she gasped as the arrow hit her chest, her eyes widened as the pain hit her.

Souta gasped "Mom!" he screamed, Kagome growled, Kikyo smirked in satisfaction. Her soul stealers glided down towards Kun-Loon just in time for a white orb to come out of Kun-Loon's body. "No!" Souta tried to stop the creature from taking the orb but his hand phased right through the creature as it glided towards Kikyo and released the soul and flew upwards as the soul was absorbed into Kikyo's body. Kikyo closed her eyes as she felt the soul enter her body before opening it up to see Kagome glaring at her, black slowly seeped through the white part of her eyes, Sango let out a grunt before pulling out a dagger "say goodbye little boy" she said tonelessly as she threw the dagger at him.

Souta's eyes widened in fear then quickly closed them as he prepared for the pain, but…nothing happened, he opened his eyes to see Kagome standing beside him with one arm stretched downward in front of his face. Between her fingers was the dagger glistening maliciously, Souta's gulped, Kagome's eyes were now completely black "I've had enough of you" her voice was low and dark. The dagger melted in her hand and dripped down onto the ground, Sango took a step back and was about to grab her Hiraikotsu from her back, but she froze when Kagome disappeared from her sight. Behind her she felt a small, almost unnoticeable, breeze making her muscles tense "what I am, is not a lie but what you think I am is" just then, Sango felt immense pain in her abdomen. She looked down to see a hand sticking out from out of her stomach covered with her own blood, she watched as the blood dripped off that hand before she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to let out a silent scream as she hand pulled roughly out of her stomach.

Kagome watched Sango fall to the floor with her arms wrapped around her stomach to try pathetically to stop the bleeding, without even looking she swung her arm and a red whip shot out from her pointer and middle finger and snapped loudly as it struck Kikyo's flying arrow. The arrow immediately disintegrated into nothing leaving nothing behind to prove that the arrow was ever shot. Kikyo narrowed her eyes in determination before pulling out another arrow from her quiver but then Kagome appeared in front of her, her face only an arrow piece away. Kikyo's arm froze in place as she stared into those eyes that was completely black though her irises were a lavender color "you have two things that belong to me Kikyo" Kagome hissed. Before Kikyo could do anything, Kagome placed her hand on her chest and shot an energy blast out of her hand causing a hole in her chest. Everyone was expecting blood to splatter everywhere, but they were surprised to see that the inside of her body was hollow with glowing small orbs floating around.

The orbs shot out from the newly created hole and into the air, disappearing through the roof, two orbs shot into the air but changed direction and flew towards Kagome. One orb absorbed into her body but the other one stopped in front of her as though uncertain, Kagome frowned wondering why that soul wasn't going back into her mother's body. She looked over to where her mother would be in her brother's arms, her heart stopped.

"Hello again, sister."

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