New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Haunting Yourself & Freeing Thy Self

In the midst of Kagome's dreams, she was sitting at the edge of the cliff looking out upon the green land that was the feudal era, an era in which mankind has not yet destroyed. A gentle and soothing breeze ran against Kagome's skin, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the autumn air but her sanctuary was soon broken by a cold and dead-like feminine voice.

"These lands you see now will soon cease to even exist, even in your dreams."

Kagome turned her head to see her older self standing right there beside her, staring out across the green luscious lands that looked so alive. The lands that looked so foreign to her when it was not blanketed over by hot burning flames of war and death. Kagome narrowed her eyes, "why are you here in my dreams?" she asked with slight anger.

Her elder self looked at her from the side of her eyes, "have you forgotten that I am you and I will always appear in any dream that you come up with," she inquired.

"Why?" asked Kagome, almost desperately.

Her older self left her gaze to linger a bit longer before looking out at the lands once more, "why, what?" she asked in that same neutral calm tone.

"Do not play dumb with me, why do you still haunt me?" she yelled this time.

Her older form did not answer, just stood there with her back straight, arms to her side, and her chin held a bit high. Kagome pressed her lips together to refrain herself from gritting her teeth.

She was about to yell at her again when her older self finally spoke, "it is not I that haunts you, but yourself that haunts you."

Kagome gave her a quizzical look, "what? That doesn't even make sense," she shook her head, "how could I haunt myself when I am right here?" this time her oldest self looked at her.

"You can't keep your true self locked up forever. So until you let yourself out, it will haunt you until you go mad, until you have no other choice to let yourself out or you will harm more people precious to you than you think. And not just your friends, but your second family as well. What was that family's name again…oh yes, the Higurashi Family."

Kagome stood up abruptly and glared up at her older self in the eye "you leave them alone, you hear me!!" she bellowed.

Her older self raised one brow, "how can you tell me to leave them alone when I am nothing but your past self who wanders the darkest corners of your mind? I will only be witnessing their deaths as you-" Kagome's eyes went wide and her breath hitched "-kill them…I have no control in your actions Kagome, only give you future notices as to stop what's to come," she said this in the most calmest voice that it made Kagome shudder.

Looking at her with questioning eyes she asked, "what is to come?"

Her oldest self slowly turned her head away from her and waved her arm across the air and suddenly the whole peaceful natures turned to flaming nightmare.

Kagome's eyes widened with shock and horror, "no" she whispered.

Beyond the forest, near the well, was herself wearing a black and white kimono that was covered in blood. The blood of innocence, the blood of her friends and second family, the blood of her mistake.

Kagome shook her head and screamed, "NNNOOOO!!" her voice carried all throughout the lands of burning fire. The vision of herself looked up at her with blank eyes that seemed to reflect everything that she looked. Her lips slowly lifted up into a satisfied and sadistic grin, that it would have put Naraku into a baby carriage curled up into a ball sucking his thumb for dear life.

"Free at last, oh free at last."

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