New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Justice Against Mercy Part I

Know who's stronger, know who's better, but don't
know who's the winner

Kagome growled lowly "Sen" she hissed, Sen chuckled "aww, I'm touched, you remembered me" "don't play games with me little brother, as you can see" she lifted up her bloody hand and flexed her fingers "I'm not in the mood" she said lowly. Standing not a few feet away from her was Sen and Naraku, Naraku was withholding both Souta and Kun-Loon within his freaky tentacle. Sen chuckled again "I can see" he looked at Sango who was lying face down on the ground with blood pooling around her while Kikyo was trying unsuccessfully to keep the souls within her clay body. He shifted his gaze back to her to see her expression turn completely blank "ah, I see that you're still not happy to see me" "the day I am finally happy to see you is when you are finally put to rest" "ah, so you admit that you want to kill me again" "I can't kill you again if I haven't killed you the first time." "Liar! Those assassins killed us because of you!" Sen yelled, his cool façade completely gone and replace with rage as he glared at her. "That does not automatically mean that I killed you, yes" she closed her eyes "I do admit that your death would partially be my fault" "see!" Kagome snapped her eyes opened and narrowed into a glare "but I won't continue to be accused of something I had no power of controlling. I did not give orders to kill you, mother, or father, that was beyond my control" "you're a liar, those men were part of" "those men were not my men; they were part of the enemy army."

"Ku, ku, ku, this all too amusing" Naraku yelped as a bullet passed his face almost hitting his ear, he looked at Kagome to see her holding a white stainless steal gun with the word Justice etched onto it in perfect cursive. "Naraku, you have about five seconds to release my family before I show you how true maliciousness truly works" Kagome's eyes remained on Sen as she kept the gun aimed at him. Naraku stared at her, he was shocked to the core when he saw the happy carefree attitude that he usually saw her with when she was with Inuyasha completely gone 'who is she?' his red eyes narrowed "so this is your new family" Sen said. "One" Kagome started to count "you know you will fail to protect them like you did us," "two" "they will end up the same way we did" "three" "you will kill them" "four" Naraku was getting very nervous right as well as everyone else. "You will ruin their life, you are nothing but destruction" "…" Kagome bowed her head and bangs shadowed her eyes.

Sen smirked, thinking he won but he was soon proven wrong when Kagome raised a black gun with the word Mercy etched onto it, Kagome lifted her head showing her glowing red eyes "five" she press back both triggers. Naraku didn't even have a chance to dodge as the bullet sailed towards him and hit him in the shoulder; he let out a pained scream as pink electricity course through his body. Sen let out a growled grunt as he dodged the bullet with only a slight wound on his cheek, he winced as the same effect happened to him, Kagome ran towards Naraku and pulled the gun away from her a bit. The gun that was in her hand glowed and elongated down, when the light disappeared, it revealed a long sword with ancient writing on it that no doubt was the word Justice; she raised the sword high above her head and swiped it downward.

The tentacle holding Kun-Loon was hacked off, Naraku growled and jumped back with Souta still within his grasp, Kagome landed on the ground and was about to attack again but Naraku released his miasma gas. Kagome knew she could withstand the miasma but everyone else was a completely different story, slamming her hands together she spread them out and a barrier surrounded the room and the miasma was pushed right out. She narrowed her eyes upwards in which she saw her brother and Naraku getting away. Sen waved tauntingly at her as he held Kun-Loon's soul in his other hand "if you want your brother back then you know where to meet us" Kagome's eyes once again glowing red "Sen, Naraku" she growled darkly, her upper lip lifted up to reveal her teeth the elongated into fangs. Her shoulder hunched over a bit as her fingers tightened a flexed, her nailed sharpened into long claws, when they were out of sight she kept turned her attention to Sango and Kikyo "you brought them here!" she roared.

Sango and Kikyo trembled in fear at her feral expression, Kagome bared her fangs and marched over to Kikyo and lifted her up off the ground "why the hell did you bring them here?!" Kikyo whimpered. Kagome growled before letting her go "shadows!" she called, the five shadow demons rose up from the ground and they bowed before her "what is it you need Kagome" "I want you to take these two and lock them up" "right" the five said simultaneously before getting up and going over towards Sango and Kikyo. Kagome grabbed onto one of them with lavender tints "I want you to remain here and keep guard of my mother" she ordered, it still sounded like she was growling but it was softer, the shadow demon looked at her before nodding, jogging over to Kun-Loon's unmoving form, he kneeled down and picked up bridal style. Two shadow demons grabbed Sango's shoulder and roughly sat up so that she was sitting on her legs; the other two did the same thing for Kikyo they looked at Kagome for any further orders. Kagome looked at them "over and out" was all she said, she shadow demons nodded and sank into the ground with Sango and Kikyo in their grasp.

When they were gone Kagome turned to the exit "Sergeant Mikeal" her voice rang throughout the silent room, Sergeant Mikeal quickly stood up from where he was sitting "yes!" he answered loudly as though he were back in the military. Kagome raised her head a bit but didn't turn around "I want you to take my mother to the hospital for immediate care and no matter what, do not let them pull the string" "right" he nodded.

Kagome started walking towards the exit but before she got a foot out the door Mikeal spoke "uh, what are you going to do?" he asked, Kagome didn't answer for a while but then she turned around and looked at him. Her appearance turned back to a sixteen year old, she gave a small smile "fight for justice!" she winked and gave a thumbs up "see ya in the afterlife" she waved with a giggle before turning back around and walking outside. A strong gust of wind blew outside before settling back down; everyone sat there in silence not really knowing what else to do that was until someone spoke "this was the most awesomest graduation ever!" the soon went up into a uproar cheer. Mikeal watched everyone as they quickly chatted with one another about what just happened, he wondered if they really realize that serious situation that just went on a few moments ago. His eyes soon landed on a pair of lavender ones that were carefully watching him, he looked at the person that Kagome told to stay behind then at Kun-Loon that lay motionless in his arms.

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