New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Justice Against Mercy Part II

Blood is just red sweat and tears

A dark shadow cascaded over the land of Japan making everything seem gloomy and foreboding, villagers looked up at the sky to see gray clouds beginning to mesh together and hide the once beautiful clear blue sky. They started gathering in the center of the village, mumbling and whispering to one another trying to figure out what was going on, this went on for the rest of the villages. A scream was heard somewhere in the crowd as almost an army of demons came pouring out of the sky and down upon the village, villagers began to scream and panic, picking up their children they started running as fast as they could to safety.

The demons swooped down and picked up the first person it could get its demonic hands on and sunk their fangs into their neck, the villagers continued to scream in terror as they ran as far as possible. Four children whimpered and backed away as a giant pork demon made its way towards them with red glowing eyes and a malicious smirk playing on its disgusting lips showing its sharp yellow teeth. The youngest child closed her eyes and screamed but it only made the pork demon let out a snorting laugh as it continued to stalk towards them.

"Hasn't your mother ever taught you it's rude to play with your food?" the pork demon stopped at the sound of the unexpected voice and looked up only to have its head sliced right off its shoulders. The body fell back with a hard thud that made the ground shake, Kouga landed on the ground with a sword in his hand, his eyes were glowing a transparent red color as he glared at the body that lay motionless on the ground.

His shifted his gaze up to the children that were huddled close to each other shaking visibly, his eyes stopped glowing as he slowly walked over to them "hey, come with me and I'll get you out of here" he said reassuringly as he reached out his hand to them. The children at first looked at him warily before the older looking child leaned in a bit and grabbed his hand; Kouga smiled gently and pulled the child onto his feet. The other children soon followed after him as he started leading them somewhere safer that was not infested with demons everywhere, Kouga threw two children onto his shoulder while holding the other two, bridal style, in his arms as he ran into the forest.

'Kagome, where are you?' he wondered as he ran through the forest, behind him he had a loud screeching sound, the children whimpered in fear at the high pitch sound that no doubt belonged to a badger demon. His nose caught the scent of other demons 'damn' he growled lowly as he picked up the pace to try and lose them, but luck seemed to be not on his side today as he was blocked by a half an army of demons. He dug his heels in the ground and came to a sharp halt he stood put as he looked around seeing that every escape route was blocked by demons that had drool shamelessly dripping down their mouths. Their red demonic eyes looked at the children and him with hunger; the children covered their eyes and screamed in terror once again.

The demons were about to pounce in for the kill when suddenly a large boomerang shot out of the forest and sliced every demon in half either it be a head or a body, the demons were instantly killed by the mighty black boomerang. The boomerang flew around about two times before flying back into the forest, Kouga stared at the forest for a moment before a figure stepped out "a bit late there Tinotsu" he said with a fanged grin. The panther demon slayer scoffed "whatever, at least you're still alive" he retorted back Kouga chuckled "true" Tinotsu looked at the children that were being carried on his shoulders and arms.

"Taking them to the Southern Kingdom?" he asked curiously, Kouga nodded "yeah, that's the only safe place I could think of at the moment" he answered while looking at the children who were looking at Tinotsu with wide eyes. He chuckled again at this and Tinotsu just raised one brow in curiosity as the children continued to stare at him.

At Inuyasha's forest it was completely quiet, standing in the middle of a clearing was the bone eater's well, all of the sudden a huge beam of light shot out of the well and into the sky. The ground shook of the intensity of the energy; slowly a figure rose up out of the well within the beam then stopped right in the middle. Pair of black eyes shot opened and the beam of light instantly sucked back into the well with one final sparkle of its magic, signaling that the well was sealed off from anyone on both sides.

Feet slowly touched the ground and stood there, Kagome looked around for any signs of danger but to her surprise, there was none. She frowned and raised her head to look up at the dark clouded sky 'it seems he started without me' she lowered her head back down and started her journey to the Southern Kingdom where she knew he would be waiting for her. She lifted two fingers to the sky and a lightning bolt shot down and struck it like it were a metal pole, the lightning wrapped around her arm and her whole body before shooting out everywhere in the forest like a thousand legged spider. In the distance you could hear cries and roars of invading demons, a malicious grin slipped pass Kagome's lips before disappearing out of sight "like Chucky would say, lets play" thunder roared and the sky lit up by the lightning.

"Shit, where the hell are all these demons coming from?!" a swipe of a sword another demon was dispatched from this earth, Kouga landed on the ground with the children securely in safe within a tree above him. He had been fighting demons for almost ten minutes now and it would seem it was letting up either since more and more demons were appearing out of nowhere, Tinotsu and he were back to back facing opposite sides as they held up their weapon in front of them.

One of the demons chuckled "trapped like rats" he said, the other demons laughed along as they stared at both Kouga and Tinotsu, the two of them glared at the demons "you guys are trespassing" Tinotsu spoke in a authorize tone. The demons laughed harder "oh yeah, soon these lands will belong to us" "is that what Naraku promised you?" asked Kouga, the demon grinned "of course, also part of the shikon jewels" he chuckled. Kouga and Tinotsu looked at one another from the side of their eyes then back at the demon all of the sudden a black whip shot out of the forest and whipped the two demons standing next to the one that spoke before. When the whip came into contact with the two demons, they instants were engulfed in black flames then just as it starts it was over and ashes were all that remained.

"You are trespassing on my lands" a cold voice echoed seemingly everywhere, all the demons looked around quickly their eyes filled with anger but also fear at just watching their two comrades get killed. The ring leader demon growled "who are you and why do you say your lands, these lands will belong to me as promised!" he roared, seconds passed and he received no other response that was until they heard footsteps slowly approaching.

"You may never receive the land of the south without receiving its mark" an upside down moon glowed through the shadows of the forest with two ragged streak marks on both side of a face they could not see in the darkness that the trees cascade over the land. "Without this mark the souls of the southern royals that still linger within the south will instantly kill you for even stepping on their lands with the intention of trying to take it over. Though that is not going to matter when I get rid of all of you trespassing demons who are destroying my lands" feminine small feet that had two silver bracelets around the right foot and two gold ones on the left stepped out from the shadows followed by two pairs of dark paws.

The demon's eyes widened as it saw the young maiden who stood there gowned in all black looking with two big black dogs standing next to her, though they weren't ordinary dogs as their fur seemed to be of pure flames as it blew about. Their eyes were pitch black but with red slits in the middle, they bared their sharp teeth at them as they gazed upon the demons that were surrounding the area.

"I'm going to give you this last warning to get off my lands" the two canines standing on both sides of the maiden gowned in black growled in warning and crouches a bit on their front paws, ready to attack them. The demons all looked at the demons with a slight nervousness, not knowing what those canines were capable of since they have never seen such…creatures before in their life nor have they heard about them. The leader of the surrounding demons narrowed his eyes at the maiden "do you actually believe that a mere human can frighten me from my future reign over these lands" the maiden tilted her head a bit to the side.

"I don't" the leader smirked, "but they can" the leader's smirk instantly fell as the two canines lunged at him, not even letting out sound as their sharp claws embed themselves within his chest, he howled in pain and tried to rip the canine off him. Though, the other canine jumped in and bit his shoulder releasing some type of acid within the punctured wounds its fangs caused, when the acid was injected within the demon the canines jumped off him and casually walked back to the maiden.

The others demon watched in horror as their leader rolled his head up and opened his mouth to scream but before he could let out a sound his whole instantly melted as though it were liquid and splashed all over the ground. The demons backed away making a sound of horror as they watched the liquid blood eat through the ground making a large size hole with steam going up in the air, the maiden's eyes turned to them "leave" the demon didn't even give a slight move of hesitation as they quickly ran in the forest to quickly leave the southern lands.

The maiden watched the demons disappeared within her forest, Kouga and Tinotsu did as well but then turned their gazes to the maiden "why didn't you kill them all Kagome?" the maiden sighed and stepped fully out of the shadows, her appearance quickly changed back to that of Kagome. "Because" she flipped her hair over her shoulder and smiled "there is no justice if there is no mercy" both Kouga and Tinotsu moved their eyes to look at each other then moved them back to look at Kagome "you're one weird woman Lady Kagome, you know that" Tinotsu said. Kagome shrugged "perhaps" her expression went serious "we must return to the southern kingdom immediately" her voice was low. Kouga and Tinotsu nodded their heads "hey" a small voice said, three pairs of eyes looked up to see the children holding onto the tree branch for dear life "can you get us down please" the other children nodded in agreement saying a soft yeah. Kagome lowered her head to look at Kouga and Tinotsu; they did the same to see her raise one brow.

"Oh shut it Kagome" Kouga said before leaping into the tree to get the children down, Kagome lowly chuckled and shook her head.

At the southern lands Sen was sitting on the throne in the throne room with one leg crossed over the other he had his arms resting on the arms rest, his right palm facing upright as it held a white orb in it. Chained beside him still unconscious was Souta, on the floor of the throne room were dead of body of soldiers that were trying to protect the kingdom's throne room, demons swirled around the room as though awaiting something, Sen chuckled darkly as he stared at the door "now it's time to play."

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