New Ruler of the Southern Lands

To Fight or To Not Fight?

The hardest battle to fight is having the will to fight at all

The sound of a loud roar echoed all through the forest, Kagome watched as the large boar demon fell back and hit the ground with a loud thud that caused the ground to shake slightly. She ran pass the demon's body with Kouga and Tinotsu following behind her with the children on their back and arms. The trees and landscape passed by them as a blur, Kagome narrowed her eyes when she saw a group of demon up ahead, blocking the road, pulling out her sword from her sheath with grace she swung it left to right as she ran through the group of demon, slitting a vital vein in their body.

"I'm seriously starting to wonder where all these demons are coming from" Kouga growled in annoyance "they came from Hell's ass" Tinotsu and Kouga laughed as Kagome's response. Kagome shot an energy ball straight outwards just in time when a large earth worm demon came out from under the ground. She leaped over the hole that the worm demon had left behind 'almost there' she thought to herself as she smelt the faint scent of salt water.

Five minutes later they stopped at the edge of the body of water, Kagome's eyes slightly narrowed when she saw the kingdom's doors barely hanging on their hinges and both the dragon and phoenix statues were gone. Kouga and Tinotsu looked around "I don't think we should continue on" Tinotsu said he looked at Kagome only to see her walking towards the kingdom with a serious expression on her face. Her shoulders were squared and her head slightly lifted higher, they watched as she disappeared within the kingdom not knowing if they should follow or stay where they were.

The kingdom was dark and very quiet, too quiet, Kagome continued on walking through the kingdom not needing any provision of light to know where she was going. As she got closer and closer to her intended destination she caught the smell of blood, her heart beat painfully in her chest though her expression remained impassive, double door came into sight.

The double doors flew open and Kagome stepped into the room though she wished she could have stepped right back out but she couldn't as her body froze and her eyes widened slightly at the sight before her. Bodies of her soldiers were splayed everywhere around the room, their blood covered the beautiful polished marble floors, the scent of death hung in the air so thickly that it caused a bile to rise in her throat. Forcing the bile back down she looked around the room a bit more even though her mind was screaming for her to look away, the sight of her soldiers was like seeing her family dead before her, memories of training these soldiers with a slight smile flashed in her mind.

"Welcome sister"

Kagome shifted her gaze up the long case of stairs that lead up to her throne to see…her eyes widened "no" she whispered, taking an involuntary step back as she stared up with shock and pain, standing on top of the stairs was her young brother, Souta. She shook her head not wanting to believe what she was seeing, wanting so badly for her eyes to be deceiving her

Souta smirked slightly at Kagome's shocked expression "surprised to see me sis?" Kagome blinked, after a second pass everything started to sink in her expression drained of any emotions and was left with a serious impassive look. "What happened here?" she asked, even her voice no longer held any emotion only a low cold timbre, Souta tilted his head a bit to the side "can't you see you around you" he pulled up a sword that was covered in blood and let it lean against his shoulder with the tip of the blade facing the upper back wall. "I killed these soldiers because they were in my way" Kagome stood silent and stared at him, Souta saw that she wasn't going to say anything and began to step down the stairwell.

"You see sister; I have decided that I'm sick and tired of you having the spotlight. You always get to do these cool things like going back and forth through time and going on these awesome adventures to save the world. Having all these cool powers from some dead ancestor while ordinary me is stuck at home working my ass off to be noticed but no" Souta rolled his eyes, now reaching the middle of the staircase "mom only thinks of you, worries about you, talks about you. She never notices me, it always Kagome this and Kagome that and oh I hope Kagome is alright" he sneered finally reaching the last step, he continued on walking, stepping on or over the dead bodies of the soldiers. Kagome watched as his feet stepped over her men before raising it to look into Souta's face and listened to what he had to say.

"But now I'll have the chance to be in the spotlight and get rid of you" Souta's sword ignited into black flames and swung his sword, a wave of fire struck Kagome in the stomach and she flew out of the room. Her back flat smacked the wall at the end of the wall, she let out a small low sound in the back of her throat before she fell to the floor, pieces of the wall crumbled and fell on her head as she sat there clenching her teeth to keep herself from letting out a sound. She raised her gaze up to see Souta step out from the throne room with the sword being held at his side, he stopped for a moment and stared right back her, as though relishing the moment. He took one step then another and another, with each step it became quicker and quicker until he was running towards her with the sword held out to the side once again surrounded by black flames, Kagome closed her eyes and bowed her head.

Outside, Kouga and Tinotsu were standing with the children looking around the kingdom for any sign of Kagome "it's been very quiet" said Tinotsu as he continued to look around, Kouga nodded making a low grunt sound in agreement. "I wonder if she's okay" "I know Kagome better than anyone else and she can take care of herself even if she acts like she can't" Kouga said with a small grin on his face as he remembered when they first met and how she slapped him for proclaiming that she was going to be his woman. He couldn't help but scratch his cheek with his finger as he remembered the hot stinging sensation from that slap 'man her slap could make your face go sideways' he thought wincing a bit.

The children jumped when they heard a loud explosion somewhere within the kingdom, Kouga and Tinotsu tensed they looked at each other before grabbing the children and running towards the kingdom door, sounds of explosions continued on within the kingdom.

A pair of double doors went crashing down as Kagome was thrown against it by the force of the attack that Souta had sent her, she rolled a bit and stopped laying on her from side in the middle of the room. The room was one of the entertainment rooms where the children would come and learn music and arts, Souta stepped into the room just as Kagome let out a small groan and slowly began lifting herself up from the ground.

Kagome coughed up some blood "oh, you're bleeding" Souta cooed with fake concern, Kagome took deep breaths through her mouth try to ease the pain that was wracking her body from all the attacks she tried to endure. She didn't want to hurt Souta, she wouldn't hurt her brother even if he was trying to kill her, she knew deep down that this wasn't her little step brother that she took care of when she adopted into the Higurashi family and he was born into the world. She clenched her teeth as she pushed herself up on unbalanced feet; she looked at Souta with blood sliding down the side of her mouth. Souta grinned "ah, you're up, thank goodness, it wouldn't be fun if I had to kick you everywhere while you were still down" he chuckled and started walking towards her.

Step by step, heart to heart
Left right left, we all fall down

Souta raised his foot and kicked Kagome in the stomach, Kagome doubled forward as the air was knocked out of her lungs.

Step by step, heart to heart
Left right left
we all fall down like toy soldiers
Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win
but the battle wages on for toy soldiers

Souta punched her in the face and Kagome went crashed back down to the floor. She curled up a bit as she coughed and tried to get some air back into her lungs and replace it with the air that was forced out.

I'm suppose to be the soldier
who never blows his composure
Even though I held the weight
of the whole world on my shoulders

"You know, I would have never believed that you would become a ruler of a whole part of a Japan" Souta looked around at the room, now taking notice of its beautiful stone interior "and I would have never guessed you can sustain such a responsibility when you can't even keep up with your own grades at school." Kagome kept quiet and kept breathing, her eyes were partly open and she stared at Souta's booted feet and the tip of his sword, watching drips of blood fell onto the waxed wooden floors, she could smell their blood, her soldiers blood, the people she was suppose to protect failed to do so.

I am never suppose to show it
my crew ain't supposed to know it
Even if it means goin'
Toe to toe with Benzino
It don't matter

"You're always full of surprises" Souta walked around Kagome still looking around the room, "do you wanna know what I found out in school sister?" Kagome closed her eyes and just listened to his footsteps and his voice. "I found you" he paused "while on a trip to the museum" Kagome's eyes shot open at this 'how, I've been so careful to not change anything' "now they were having a feudal era exhibit and I was shocked beyond words when I found a painting of you. You were standing near a tree with children surrounding you and some people behind you and I saw part of this kingdom. Let me tell you, my classmates were talking about you for weeks!" Souta angrily kicked Kagome in the stomach when he was in front of her again, Kagome's body instinctively curled up to protect itself from anymore onslaughts.

"You're always the star of attention!" Souta screamed her grabbed her hair and pulled it up, Kagome had no choice but to lift her body to ease the pain caused by him pulling her hair, she had one eye open as to look at his furious expression that was red with anger. "What makes you so damn special?!" he demanded but Kagome couldn't give him an answer as she didn't even know herself. She caught a slight movement from the side of her eyes, she didn't look to see what it was instead she just kept looking at Souta's face but focused looking from the side of her eye. She saw that it was Kouga and Tinotsu with the children in their arms.

I'd never drag them in battle
that I can handle unless
I absolutely have to
I'm supposed to set an example

"I ask you a question damn it!" Souta slapped her across the face he let out of her hair at the same time making her fly to the side and fall to the floor again; Kagome caught herself before her head collided with the floor. She caught the slight sound of a gasp and a whimper.

I need to be the leader
my crew looks for me to guide 'em
If some shit ever pop off,
I'm supposed to be beside 'em

Sadly, Souta heard the sound too and turned his head to see Kouga and Tinotsu with the children standing there, he grinned "ah, I see we have visitors" Kouga and Tinotsu glared at him.

That Ja shit I tried to squash itIt was too late to stop itThere's a certain line you just don't crossAnd he crossed it

Souta raised his sword to his shoulder and began walking towards them; Kouga and Tinotsu carefully put the children and stood in front of them in a fighting stance, prepared to fight with Souta. Souta grinned and raised his sword, ready to release his attack to wipe Kouga and Tinotsu out with the rest of the children, the children hugged one another tightly as they stood behind the two demons. "LADY KAGOME!" the little girl screamed Kagome's name, something in Kagome's mind snapped.

I heard him say Hailie's name on a songAnd I just lost it

Souta let out a scream as something hot hit his back. He bent down on one knee with his sword thrust into the floor; steam came out from the wound on his back. The back of his shirt was singed into a round circle showing the angry red burn mark on his back, Souta let out a low growl and turned his head around to see Kagome standing right there with one hand lifted up and outstretched toward him with her palm raised flat so that her fingers were pointing to the ceiling. Kagome's chest rose up and down as she took deep breaths, her eyes were narrowed as she looked straight at him.

He narrowed his eyes back at her and let out another growl in anger, he stood up with a slight struggle and turned to her with a pissed expression on his face. Kagome took a few more deep breaths before straightening her spine and her expression cleared, she almost looked as though nothing happened.

"I can't believe you did that" he said lowly still glaring at her, she gave no response; he tightened his grip around his sword before running towards her letting out a cry of battle with his sword raised up to the side.

It was crazy, this shit went beyond
Some Jay-Z and nas shit

"HAAAH!" he swung his sword at her when he was no short of arm's length near her, Kagome just stood there watching him and at the last second before the sword was only a hair length away, she caught the sword. The children gasped and blinked a few times as they saw what just happened, blood slid down her wrist and the length of her arm. Souta blinked once, twice, then three times before realizing that his sword was stuck, he glared at her and tried to pull it out of her grip. More blood dripped from the tight fist of her hand but the sword didn't even budge out from her grip, all of the sudden Kagome quickly released her grip from the blade and swiped her hand in front of him. Blood splashed in his eyes "ah!" he screamed and stumbled backwards stopping about five feet away and tried furiously to wipe the blood out of his eyes.

And even though the was won
I feel like we lost it
I spent too much energy on it
Honestly I'm exhausted

After a while, Souta finally got some of the blood out of his eyes and opened them to see Kagome standing there with her body half turned and her gaze steadily set on him, he raised his sword and swiped it, letting out a wave of black flames. Instead of allowing it to hit her, Kagome flicked her wrist and the wave split in two and passed her and hit the wall behind her, she slowly blinked as though saying 'is that all you got?'

Souta gritted his teeth together as he swiped his sword two more times letting out two waves of flames that went horizontal and vertical.

And I'm so caught in it
I almost feel like I'm the one who caused it
This ain't what I'm in hip-hop for
It's not why I got in it

Kagome watched the flames come towards her before taking a step forward, the flames clashed against a wall of wind and flames was forced to split apart and just hit the back wall, Kagome continued walking towards her brother with an unreadable expression on her face. Souta charged at her and swung his blade, trying to inflict any sort of injury on her person but Kagome would twist her body left to right or duck down, dodging his every swing. She didn't raise one finger and just let Souta continue to swipe his blade at air as he attempted to hit her, he even went as far as to kick her but she dodged that as well.

That was never my object
for someone to get killed
Why would I wanna destroy something
I help build

"Stop moving!" Souta shouted as he swiped his sword at her again but Kagome did a small leap back missing the blade by an inch, he growled in frustration and chased after her as she continue to take small leaps backwards.

Now it's just out of respectfor not runnin' my mouth
And talkin' about something
that I knew nothing about
Plus Dre told me to stay out
this just wasn't my beef
So I did, I just fell back
Watched and gritted my teeth

While he's all over TV
Yeah, I'm talkin' a man who literally saved my life
Like fuck it
I understand this is business
And this shit just isn't none of my business
But still knowin' this shit
could pop off at any minute 'cause

Kagome stopped leaping backward and ducked her upper body and spun on her heel to be standing a bit sideward away from Souta as he thrust his sword out letting out a black ball of energy that caused a hole in the wall. Kagome did a few back-flips to put a great distance between them, when she was at least at a safe distance away from him, she stopped and stood there watching him. Souta's shoulders were rising and falling as he breathed hard through his nose with suppressed anger, he turned a scathing glare at her as he just stood where he was holding his blade outwards where she was suppose to be. They stared into one another's eyes, one being cold and unreadable and the other fiery and expression filled.

Step by step, heart to heart
Left right leftwe all fall down like toy soldiers
Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win
but the battle wages onfor the toy soldiers

"I bet you want to kill me right now for killing your precious soldiers back in the throne room" images of her soldier's dead bodies flashed in her mind but her expression didn't change to show that she was affected by it. She just blinked, Souta slowly made his way around her like a tiger about to pounce on it's pray "you want to avenge their death" Kagome's eyes followed him, her head not even moving.

There used to be a time
When you could just say a rhyme
And wouldn't have to worry about
One of your people dyin'
But now it's elevator 'cause
Once you put someone's kids in it
The shit gets escalated
It ain't just words no more is it?

Souta suddenly thrust his hand forward letting out a dark energy ball, Kagome quickly dodged, dive rolling to the right. She rolled into a crouched position and looked over at Souta to see him let out an attack toward Kouga and Tinotsu, her eyes widened slightly and her heart stopped painfully as she watched the attack head straight towards them.

It's a different ball game
Callin' names and you ain't just rappin'
we actually tried to stop
the 50 and Ja beef from happenin'

Kouga and Tinotsu eyes were wide as they stared straight in front of them, the children were frozen but you head a small whimpered gasp as they stared straight ahead as well, standing in front of them was Kagome with her back facing Souta and her arms spread out. They could see the smoke coming from her back from the attack that was suppose to be directed at them, Souta stared wide eyed at her as well, not expecting her to reach them in time. Kagome's hair curtained her face as her head was bowed down, they could see her shoulder slowly rising then falling, showing that she was not dead yet.

Me and Dre had sat with him
Kicked it and chat with him
and asked him not to start it
he wasn't gonna go after him

Until Ja started yappin in magazines
Howe we stabbed him
Fuck it 50 smash 'em, mash 'em
and let him have it
Meanwhile my attention is pullin'
In another direction
Some receptionist at the source
who answers phone at his desk

"Leave" Kouga and Tinotsu blinked when they head Kagome's soft monotone voice, Kouga took a step up close to her "we can't Ka—." Kagome's head shot up and she gave Kouga a fierce glare "do not argue with me, take the children and leave, far away from here, now!" her voice deepened and it had a slight growl laced in her voice.

Tinotsu and Kouga stared at her for a long moment, watching as her eyes flashed between red tinted silver to black tinted silver. Kouga hesitantly took a step back before nodding; Tinotsu and him gave her a respectable before grabbing the children and running off down the hall to get out of the kingdom, somewhere far away. Kagome watched them disappear in the darkness of the halls, when they were no longer in sight she bowed her head and let her arms fall limp to her sides, she remained standing there staring down at the floor "tsh, you were always pathetic, you know I'll just go after them when I get through with you right?" she heard Souta say behind her. She continued to stare at the floor 'to fight or to not fight…'

Has an erection for me
and think that I'll be his resurrection

She turned round and lifted her head to look into her brother's eyes, there were darker brown than the vibrant chocolates ones she was so use to seeing in her brother's eyes, she watched him lift his sword, she blinked slowly 'that is the question' Souta charged at her.

Tries to blow the dust off the mic
and make a new record
But not he's fucked the game up
'cause one of the ways I came up
was through the publication
the same one that made me famous

Kouga and Tinotsu reached outside the kingdom and was about to run in the forest but stopped at the edge when they head an explosion loud enough to make even the waters ripple, they turned around to see something go through the roof, it was Souta. They saw Kagome appear above him and kicked him back down, both of them fell into the body of water, disappearing from sight.

Now the owner of it
has a grudge against me for nothin'
well fuck it, that mother fucker can get it too
fuck him thenbut I'm so busy being pissed off
I don't stop to think
That we just inherited 50's beef
With murder inc.

Souta was the first to come up from the water gasping for air, he coughed up a bit of water before opening his eyes and looking around for any sign of Kagome but he only saw miles of water 'where is she?' he wondered narrowing his eyes. All of the sudden a fist shot out from under the water and caught him in the jaw; he flew out of the water and flew in the air.

And he's inherited mine
which is fineain't like either of us mind

He let out a harsh sound as his back landed hard onto the solid ground, knocking the air right out of his lung; he coughed violently as his body instinctively tried to recover from the harsh impact and get some air back into it.

Kouga and Tinotsu saw Kagome pull herself out of the water onto a platform a few feet away from Souta, her clothes clung onto her body like second skin but she didn't seemed fazed or uncomfortable as she kept a calm focused gaze on Souta's form. She slowly began walking towards him, taking her time just watching him as he shifted around, Tinotsu narrowed his eyes when he saw Souta doing something, his eyes widened when he realized what it was. He quickly threw the children to Kouga and ran across the platform "Tinotsu!" Kouga called to him but it was too late.

Souta suddenly stood up and shot his hand forward.

We still have soldiers
That's on the front line
That's willing to die for us
As soon as we give the orders
Never to extort, strictly to show they support us

One foot remained frozen only a millimeter touching the ground, Kagome's eyes widened when she saw the hand sticking out from a wall that was protecting her, that was actually a person and that person was Tinotsu. Tinotsu clenched his teeth to keep himself from coughing but the urge was too strong and his mouth opened and he coughed out some blood that dripped down from his mouth. He held his giant boomerang in front of him but it did no good as a hand melted the bone and went through his chest and out his back.

We'll maybe shout 'em out in a rapor up in a chorus
To show them we love 'em back
And let 'em known how important it is
To have runyon avenue soldiers up in our corners
Their loyalty to us is worth
More than any award is

"Tinotsu" Kagome said her voice low as she was still in shock, Tinotsu turned his head to look at her, he gave her a slight smile with blood still running down the side of his lips "I kept my word" he strained to say, "I'll protect you like you protected me" with each word he spoke his eyes seemed to become duller and duller, losing its light of life.

But I ain't try na have
None of my people hurt or murdered
It ain't worth it

Tinotsu let out a cry of pain as the hand roughly pulled out of his chest and out the hole in his large bone boomerang; Kagome quickly ran over ot him and caught him before he fell in the water, she shifted him in her arms and slapped the side of his face repeatedly. "Tinotsu, Tinotsu!" she shouted she watched Tinotsu's eyes struggled to stay open, she knew that even he won't survive with the hole in his chest, she could see straight through the other side like looking though a telescope with no glass on the other side. "I promised, I promised" Tinotsu kept whispering as he tried to keep his eyes open, his body was going through shock and was slowly going away which his body would shut down and he would eventually 'no, no damn it, no!' Kagome growled and placed her hand over the hole. Her hand glowed a blue just when it was about to heal the wound, Tinotsu grabbed her wrist; Kagome lifted her gaze up to meet with his face. Tinotsu gave her a weak smile "I promised" he raised his hands up to her face and wiped away the tear that ran down her cheek, Kagome blinked a few times not realizing that she was actually crying.

Giving her one more smile, the glow in Tinotsu's eyes had finally gone down and his hand slipped down from her face and fell down beside him. Kagome stared at his half lidded eyes; her hand had long ago stopped glowing, she lifted her hand up and gently shut his eyes all the way making him look like he was just peacefully sleeping. She wrapped her other arm under his knees and turned her body so that she was facing the edge of the platform, she stared at Tinotsu's face before raising his head and kissing him on the forehead "I'm sorry" she whispered.

Then to just say that I love y'all
Too much to see the verdict
I'll walk away from it all
Before it I let it go any further

The water shifted as Kagome lower Tinotsu's body onto the water's surface and pulled her arms back from underneath and watched as his body slowly sank down, the water going through the hole in his chest. She continued to watch him sink deeper and deeper down until she couldn't see him no more but even then she didn't look away.

Behind her Souta stood up and picked up his sword, his hand soiled with blood, Tinotsu's blood, he watched as his sister remained kneeled at the edge of the platform only a foot away from him "well that's one down" he smirked. He would regret those words, Kagome didn't make any response to his comment but as a moment passed she stood up slowly, her head bowed as her gaze remained on the water. She pulled her gaze away from the water as she turned around keeping her head bowed she looked at the giant boomerang that laid before her with a hole through the middle, images of Tinotsu standing there protecting her with a hole in his chest flashed in her mind.

Her eyes glazed over as the images kept flashing in her mind, she saw her own hand reach down and grab the strap wrapped around the top edge of the boomerang and lifted it up off the ground, as she looked through the hole it shrank into nothing as her power surrounded it. She looked at Souta with an expression that made him take one step back in slight fear; Kagome swung the boomerang over her head and let it fall onto her back.

"I asked myself before to fight or to not fight and I've decided" she paused, Souta stared at her with slight fear in his eyes, she noticed that a light flashed behind his eyes before instantly going away.

But don't get it twisted
It's not a plea that I'm coppin'
I'm just willin' to be the bigger man
If y'all can quit poppin'

An image of a young boy wearing a yellow and black demon exterminating outfit flashed in her head, she narrowed her eyes "to fight" Souta took another step back as Kagome lifted the boomerang and swung it above her head a few times and released it with a short cry.

Off at your jaws
Well then I can 'cause frankly
I'm sick of talkin'

Kouga and the children watched as Kagome fought with Souta not holding anything back as she threw a punch which hit Souta directly in the gut, Souta doubled forward and some spit came out of his mouth as his mouth opened wide. Kagome quickly pulled her fist away from his stomach and brought it around so her elbow hit the middle of his spine causing him to fall forward and crash back into the water. Kagome went after him not wasting any time for him recover from her assault, Kouga kept watching the fight oblivious to the children's serious calculating expressions as they watched Souta fly out of the water into the air and Kagome coming out right after and kicked him on the side and sent him flying back in front of the kingdom.

I'm not gonna let someone else coffin
Rest on my conscious 'cause

Souta landed in between the two stone where the dragon and the phoenix were suppose to be, he groaned as his whole body ached with pain from Kagome's powerful attacks, under his lids he saw a shadow swallow him. He slowly opened his eyes to see the blurry vision of his sister's tall figure standing over him, his vision cleared and he could see her more clearly, he saw nothing in her eyes as she held his sword against his neck. The cold feeling of the metal touching his sensitive skin caused a chill to run up and down his spine, he narrowed his eyes defiantly "so, this is it huh?" Kagome gave no answer "you're going to kill me, well do it!" he screamed now glaring at her. Kagome's expression did not change even a tad bit, silence filled between the two as they stared at one another "I told you I was asking myself to fight or to not fight and chose to fight, but I didn't choose to kill" Souta opened his mouth to say something but before he could let out a word something hard hit the side of his head and everything went dark

Step by step, heart to heart
Left right left
We all fall down like toy soldiers
Bit by bit, torn apart
We never win
But the battle wages on
For toy soldiers.

Like Toy Soldiers by Eminem

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