New Ruler of the Southern Lands

If Its a War You Want Then A War You Get

You can say the end all you want but you will soon find out there isn't one, just a To Be Continued…

Souta head fell upon the soft fluffy pillow and his body sunk down as he was placed on the queen sized bed, Kagome stood up and stared at her brother as he peacefully slept. Stepping two steps back she snapped her fingers and chains shot out of nowhere and linked itself around Souta's wrist and ankles securing him in place just in case he woke up and tried to escape. Walking back over to the bed she bent down and kissed the top of his head gently before pulled back and walking over to the door without giving a backwards glance to the sleeping boy.

The door closed with a brief snap, Kagome leaned against the door just staring at the floor with a blank expression on her face, a memory flashed in her mind she was standing in the hallway of her school with her black leaned against the wall as her mind was flooded with thoughts of Inuyasha and Kikyo. Closing her eyes, she pushed herself off the wall then turned and began walking down the dark hall that was filled with deathly silence.

The sound of a metal door sliding opened echoed throughout the dark damp cavern tunnel that was the dungeons far beneath the kingdom. Kagome walked unafraid through the dark tunnel passing many empty cells though she came to a stop at one certain cell, huddled in a dark corner was the young teen female, Daddy's Girl. She looked worse for wear as she was wearing the same clothes from when she was first sent down here, she wasn't injured or bruised though you could see she was slightly frightened when she saw Kagome standing there.

'Has she finally come to finish me off?' she inwardly whimpered at the thought, she closed her eyes tightly and tears streamed down her face 'I don't wan to die' she tried to hold back a sob but it was too strong to do so. Her sensitive ears caught the sound of the cell being unlocked then swung up, she hesitantly rose her eyes to the cell door to see that Kagome was still standing there not looking at her "leave, your punishment is over." Kagome started walking again leaving the young Daddy's Girl sitting there completely confused and blinking repeatedly in shock.

The tunnel was reaching an end as Kagome saw a familiar shoji door standing at the end as though patiently waiting for her to enter though before she was even five feet near it she stopped once again between two cells that were currently occupied by two hateful females. "Sango, Kikyo" she stated coldly catching both the females attention, the two females were in similar conditions, chained to the wall do there was no point of escaping. Their eyes met with Kagome's stiff form facing directly ahead and facing neither of them, they narrowed their eyes at her "so, you've finally decided to finish us off" Kikyo glowered bitterly.

Kagome kept her silence waiting for any other bitter remarks but when none came she made her move, Kikyo and Sango gasped as their chains were suddenly broken and they both fell to their knees on the cold stone floor. Their cell doors swung open with a slam that echoed loudly causing a ring in their ears, they looked at Kagome with shock but she still did not turn her gaze to neither one of them "retrieve your weapons and leave" was all Kagome said as she began walking toward the shoji doors. Kikyo and Sango sat there on the ground listening as the doors slid open then snap shut, leaving them alone in the dungeon tunnels completely baffled of what just happened.

As Kagome entered the room her eyes met with almost all her servants and her remaining kingdom soldiers that had not been killed by her brother, they were all currently in her room. Yeah, no one would ever guess that her room was in the underground prison hold, but hey it was kind of a smart idea since one, she could keep an eye on all the prisoners without them knowing, and two…just in case any assassins come she could feed them to the prisoners [insert huge grin].

Everyone looked at her with no sign of fear in their eyes instead they looked about ready for battle, all the female servant weren't wearing their normal servant wear. Instead the maids were wearing something else. The maids were split into two groups; the first group was wearing a black cheongsam dress with slits that went above the hip underneath they wore black trousers with heelless black shoes and under the long sleeves they wore black fingerless gloves that went all the way up to the elbow. The first group had a silver sash tied around their waist with a fan shoved on the side of it and two matching broad swords strapped on their backs with a gold and silver ribbon hanging off the end. On the back of their dress they had a silver dragon embroider on it with golden eyes. The second group was wearing the same thing as the other group instead of having a silver sash, a fan and two broad swords they had golden sashes with two sai, a bo (its like a long stick pole) on their back and a gold staff with six silver rings on both sides on the tip of it was an upside down crescent moon. On the back of their dress was a gold phoenix.

'And who said servants can't fend for themselves' Kagome mentally grinned "I'm not even going to announce what we are about to do since you have a pretty good idea what's going to happen in a few moments." Everyone smirked slightly signaling that they all did, Kagome gave a curt nod "lets go, the rest of the gang is waiting outside for us" she turned on her heel and opened the door.

"Windscar!" three golden streaks shot across the field the golden streaks crashed into an invisible wall that shimmer a transparent purple light before disappearing when the attack stopped, Inuyasha growled in frustration when the barrier blocked his attack. Naraku smirked "it would seem you have gotten more pathetic since that last time we've met" he taunted making Inuyasha just wanted to rip his head off in which he would do if he ever got his hands on him.

"Shut you damn bastard" he raised his tetsusaiga in the air, the tetsusaiga glowed a blood red color before he swiped his downward letting out another blast of his famous attack, windscar. Naraku saw this and quickly lifted in the air barely dodging the attack, Inuyasha's attack ran pass underneath him and destroying about half his castle. Naraku chuckled and was about to mock Inuyasha again about his bad aim when Sesshomaru suddenly appeared out of nowhere and swung his sword releasing his powerful dragon strike attack, the attack caused the barrier to fly back and Naraku went flying with it.

Naraku let out a low growl as he glared at Sesshomaru who landed about twenty feet away with his sword in his hand, Inuyasha ran up to him and stopped a bit away from him "hey he's mine, stay out of this Sesshomaru!" he shouted at the demon lord. All of the sudden a black energy hit the ground in front of him causing him to fly back a few feet from the power of the impact, Inuyasha growled and looked up to see a familiar face "oh great, the other pain in the ass" he grumbled under his breath.

"Now that's not nice Inu-poo" Sen cooed sickeningly sweet "do I look like poo to you?" Inuyasha yelled at him angrily as he picked himself up off the ground "guess not, you don't look like much of a poodle" Sen tilted his head. Inuyasha glared at him, he remembered when Kagome showed him what a poodle looked like, and believe him. He didn't tolerate being called a freaking fluff ball! He raised his sword "windscar!" he shouted for all of earth could hear. The tetsusaiga slashed the air, releasing its powerful attack upon Naraku's new ally that was Sen; Sen watched at the windscar soared towards him, his lips pulled up into a cocky smirk. Snapping his fingers a hoard of demons swooped down in front of him and blocked off his attack.

Inuyasha stared on in shock as he watched the demons disintegrate to nothing but ash and Sen stood floating in the air with that cocky smirk still on his face. "I think play time is over, don't you?" Sen taunted then once again snapped his fingers; everyone heard multiple marching footsteps and shifted their attack behind Naraku to see an army of demons approaching from behind. They were all armed with armor and weapons, their eyes narrowed in complete focus on their main objective, which no doubt was to kill them. Inuyasha involuntarily gulped 'we're screwed' was the only thought that went through his mind as watched the army come to a halt behind the now smirking Naraku.

In front of the kingdom of the south, Kagome stood, she had her hands clasped together with two fingers pointed outward to the sky and her eyes closed shut in complete concentration, under her breath she was chanting something.


Overhead in the sky the moon began to darken; Kagome's eyes opened just a crack so that she may stare down at the ground beneath her.

"Beyond the grave and in the depths of hellI call upon the evils that we all know wellRotten to the coreBut well skilled in the art of warRise up from the deadOn these lands that are now filled with dread"

The ground began the shake violently and lightning clashed loudly from the clouds that were now beginning to cover the sky though mysteriously the moon still shown brightly.


"I call upon them all!"

Kagome's eyes shot open, glowing bright diamond blue. The ground split open and two streaks of lightning clashed within the sky lighting up the lands of Japan.

Within villages, the villagers looked up at the darken sky in confusion as they wondered what was going on, all of them whispered and murmured to one another trying to figure out what could possibly be doing all this. "Pretty moon" a child said looking at the now glowing red moon, the child squeaked as long streak of lightning that oddly resembled a dragon shot across the sky before disappearing out of sight.

"WINDSCAR!" three yellow streaks shot across the ground and killed about fifty demons that stood in its path though they were quickly replaced by hundreds more. Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sesshomaru regained some help from the rulers of the East and North and their army, all of them was battling Naraku's army the best they could but they could tell that they were slowly losing as soldiers among soldiers were being killed.

"Ku, ku, ku" Naraku chuckled, as he watched his army of trained demons fight with Inuyasha and the rulers of the lands' army "fools, do you honestly think you can defeat me?" he taunted "grr, shut" Inuyasha swung another wave of the windscar at a group of demons that were too close to comfort "up" he turned to glare at Naraku "when I'm through with you, you're hide is next." "Ooo, I'm so scared" Naraku laughed making Inuyasha angrier, he growled then charged towards him hacking away at any demon that got in his way.

But before he could reach him a scared arrow shot right pass him towards Naraku, Naraku quickly raised up his barrier and the arrow was deflected. Everyone turned to see Kikyo standing not that far away with her bow raised and aimed to him, standing next to her was Sango dressed in her demon exterminator outfit with her hiraikots strapped on her back. "Ahh, the dead priestess Kikyo and the demon exterminator Sango, so glad that you could join us" Sen grinned, Sango stepped up and glared at him with a slight growl under her breath "quiet you, you caused us enough trouble, and now you will pay, hiraikots!" she quickly threw her weapon off from her back and at Sen.

Kagura appeared in front of him and swiped her fan swiftly across the air "dance of blades!" half crescent blades of air shot out and hit the hiraikots causing it to go off course and crash to the ground. "Impudent wench" Kikyo released another sacred arrow, aiming at Kagura though Kagura just flicked her fan again and the arrow lost its course just like Sango's hiraikots. The two growled in irritation "ha-ha, fools! Do you actually think you can defeat the wind?" Kagura laughed at them but her laughter was cut short when a wind blade cut the side of her face leaving a fine thin line of blood sliding down her face.

"Eh-huh" Kagura gasped as she felt the blood sliding down the side of her face her eyes stared up ahead. There floating in the air was a familiar mirror she then heard a female voice speak

How many times will I listen to him say
I Love You
Until I find out its not absolutely true
Do you hate me enough to lie?
Is making me cry
A way to tell me
You love me unconditionally?

A regal maiden appear behind the mirror, she was wearing an armored red dressed that showed a lot of skin, a pink transparent robe flowed in the air as the wind blew around her. Everyone seem to stop what they were doing as they all looked upon the maiden that floated in the air, her expression showed nothing, her eyes hard with determination and fierce with hidden anger. Her narrowed green swept across the large open field, gazing upon everything that held a pair of eyes and a deadly weapon in their hands.

"Oh, not you again!" exclaimed Inuyasha, those narrowed green eyes gazed upon him "so we meet again half demon" she said, her tone low and droned as though already bored. Just then a familiar raven head with a large sword slung on his shoulder stepped up beside her then a man that looked almost like a girl stepped up beside him.

The raven head had long hair that was braided in a loose ponytail, he wore a white haori and hakamas with a familiar blue design on them he wore black armor over it with one shoulder guard on it. On the middle of his forehead was a light blue star, his sharp blue eyes looked directly at Inuyasha "yo" said the raven head with a cocky smirk "hi Inu-Poo, I hoped you missed me!" the male beside the raven head waved flirtatiously. The chic man had short black hair that was tied up in a small ponytail and had light greenish blue marks under both his eyes; you could see the scale armor he was wearing as the side of the dark blue kimono he was wearing was slipped off his right shoulder.

"Oh hell no!" exclaimed Inuyasha, drawing out the hell a bit as he said it, the man pouted "oh, don't be like that now" his pout soon turned to a grin as more familiar faces walked up beside and behind him. Everyone watched fascinated horror as old enemies appeared on top of the cliff, after a few minutes the cliff was surrounded.

The people who now stood on the cliff were Kaguya, Bankotsu, Jakotsu, Renkotsu, Suikotsu, Ginkotsu, Mukotsu, Kyokotsu, Hiten, Maten, Menomaru who is now fused with his father's power, Ruri, Hari, Ryukotsei, Ryura, Jura, Gora, Kyura, and Sounga.

Kagome slipped into the front and looked down at them to see their horror filled faces; even Naraku looked about ready to shit his pants. "You called for a battle Naraku and had no idea what you were actually getting yourself into" she watched Naraku swallow thickly and continued to gawk up at everyone standing behind her. She stared at him and at his arm "if it's a battle you all want" she shifted her gaze to her brother "then it's a war you'll get" standing behind the small army of enemies was a whole new army of other demons, humans, and half demons from other countries all around the world. The army line went on for miles as it continued on down beyond the horizon with a mixture of different color armors and weapons.

Sen glared at her and she glared right back. Sen snapped his fingers, the cloud swirled open like a vortex and strange creatures came swooping down, they all lined up behind Sen all of them glaring at the opposing army. Sen and Kagome continued to glare at one another "lets finish this!" they said simultaneously.

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