New Ruler of the Southern Lands

The End

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A black and white energy ball clashed with one another and exploded in the air, Bankotsu clashed swords with one of Naraku's reincarnations, Hakudoshi. Both of them stood that way for a moment before pushing one another back when they saw that neither one will let up. Kagome swiftly switched her attacks to shooting spiritual arrows when she saw that Sen was going to stick around in the air to give her a slight disadvantage. Sen quickly dodged them and threw another black energy ball at her, she swung back like a baseball, Sen barely dodged it and he let out a growl in frustration.

As those two fought, hell canines rose out of the shadows and ran towards the lesser demons that were charging on the ground; just as they were close enough they jumped on top of them and began viciously tearing them apart. The hell canines that had yet to jump on a lesser demon went for the demons that were still around "Birds of Fire!" Kyura cried out as he swung his Crimson Fan at the small group of demons coming towards him. A half a dozen fire birds shot out of his fan and hit the demons instantly igniting them into flames that blew out in a second, leaving no remaining trace of the demons. Kyura landed with a satisfied grin on his face all of the sudden he heard a loud boom, frowning, he turned his head to the left to see Kagome jump out of a huge cloud of smoke with a slight scowl on her face.

Just then, one of Naraku's tentacles shot out of the smoke and chased after her "I don't think so half demon!" swinging his fan above his head "Crimson Demon Fan!" he gave a mighty swing and a large fire tornado shot towards the tentacles. Naraku's saw this but had no time to pull back at his tentacles as they were obliterated by the fire tornado, letting out a growl of anger he glared at the demon that dared get in his way of getting rid of that annoying Priestess. Kyura smirked back at him, Kagome landed at his side "thank you Kyura" she said with a small smile "any time" he smiled back at her giving a small nod "I need you to do something, also tell the others" Kyura nodded.

"You, Gora, Jura, and Ryura represent the five elements fire, water, earth, and wind and lightning. My army has been trained to control their own element, I'm assigning you the be the leaders of those people" Kyura's eyes lit up like he was given the best present of Christmas day "go now and don't do anything until I give you the signal, my army will know what to do when I give it" Kyura nodded then quickly went off to tell Jura, Gora, and Ryura. Kagome watched him disappear in the mass before turning to Naraku to see him now fighting with Inuyasha who was swinging the tetsusaiga with no control at all. 'No comment' she mused before running to the Bankotsu, she saw him fighting with a giant boar demon 'too cliché, seriously, you would think the boar demon popular would be wiped out by now' flicking her wrist a pink whip shot out from the tips of her nails and sliced the boar demon's head off with a loud zap.

Bankotsu lowered his sword then turned to her "hey, I was about to slice and dice that worthless demon to bits" he gave a small pout causing Kagome to roll her eyes "you have to stop listening to my sayings, seriously" Bankotsu grinned "why, I kind of like them, quite catchy" he winked. Kagome sighed and shook her head "never mind, no use trying" her expression became serious "I need and your brothers to be the leaders of the people who are skilled in weaponry and to wait for my signal" she commanded. Bankotsu's eyes lit up just like Kyura's 'what's up with men?' she thought "are you serious?" "Deadly, now go before I assign it to Inuyasha" 'not' "right!" Bankotsu instantly saluted before running off to tell his brothers.

The next person Kagome looked for was Menomaru, she told him to take care of the demons that were skilled in flight and Kaguya was the leader of the people who were able to manipulate. Kagome looked around to see that everyone was at their designated group 'good' all of the sudden a blast of energy hit her in the back, she let out a shocked scream of pain as she flew across the battlefield. She rolled across the ground and stopped on her stomach; she coughed and lifted her head to see Souta standing beside Sen "good boy" Sen patted Souta's head. Souta smirked "thanks" he responded, Kagome growled under her breath then stood up, she took a few deep breaths before straightening her spine.

"This is between me and you Sen, not Souta, so release him" she demanded thought Sen just laughed "oh dear sis, it's between you and him" he smirked with sick pleasure Kagome narrowed her eyes at him. "It would be if he was actually control of his own mind!" she yelled "oh?" Sen said with faux surprised interest "but he is, can't you see or are you blind?" he taunted with a laugh causing anger to boil in Kagome's heart. Souta didn't look fazed at all by the whole conversation, he was still smirking with that satisfied smile, Kagome looked at him and examined his face carefully but she stopped right at his eyes, they were so soulless.

Sen stared at her "fine, if you want him so bad then" Souta suddenly flew forward "you can have him dead" he grinned, Souta fell to the ground with a hole in his back where Sen shot him. Kagome felt her heart stop when she saw her brother lying on the ground wounded memories of him and her together back at the modern era flashed in her head. She remembered his smiling face, his laughter, his jokes, also how he would scream as she chased him for pulling a prank on her.

Her pupils enlarged to the point where it covered her entire eyes, strong winds began blowing around her before it blasted out everywhere. Sen quickly lifted his arms to block the dirt from getting into his eyes; the soldiers stopped fighting to look over at them. Kagome's eyes remained wide and completely pitch black as they stared at her brother's fallen form on the ground, the blood beginning to pool around him. Her hair slowly rose up in the air and flowed around as the wind became stronger 'Souta' she whispered in her mind, shocks of lightning combined with the wind around her 'Souta' her mind called again but Souta's form did not move 'Souta!' everyone were almost blown away when the wind blew back more stronger.

Kagome's hair rose higher, it suddenly lengthened and the waves straightened itself out, her healthy pale cream complexion turned ashen pale color. Her ears grew long and point like as her eyes shaped itself narrow cat eyes, her lips turned black and her fangs lengthened to long sharp fangs, everyone watched in horrified awe as Kagome transformed before their very eyes. A dark purple glow appeared on certain parts of her body which looked to be strange designs, when the glow disappeared their saw the marking more clearly. The markings were a ashy purple color, on the side of her face almost reaching her eyes was a design that looked like flames, on her other cheek was another flame mark but smaller and not as big as the one on her right. She had vine markings that went around her upper arm, lower arm, and her wrist that connected to an upside up moon marking on the back of her hand. The marking also traced above her eyelid giving it a cat like image especially the marking on the front side of her eyes. The black in Kagome's eyes almost instantly retracted back to slit pupils revealing deadly lavender colored irises.

The wind calmed down some though no one noticed much as they stared at the newly transformed Kagome that stood only twenty feet away from Sen who looked almost shocked as everyone else. Kagome's hair no longer whipped around but flowed around her form, Kagome 's eyes never looked away from Souta's unmoving form as they were filled with an emotion that no one could identify but if they could they were have to say it was regret and deep sorrow.

Sen shook his head to bring himself out of the shock of seeing Kagome's transformation, he placed on his cocky smirk "so this is my dead sister's true form, how disgusting, who would ever love a thing like you" he laughed which sounded strange in the very silent clearing. Kagome seemed to have no heard him, Sen's laughter died down after a few moments of noticing that he received no kind of response from her. He saw that her eyes remained of Souta's lying body "he's dead" he said, at this he received a response, Kagome's eyes slowly rose up to him, he smirked once again "and again, its all your fau-" he was unable to finish it sentence as an electrical blast shot him directly in the chest sending violent shocks through his body. He screamed before flying back about five feet, Kagome lowered her long black clawed fingered nail "the only thing that's my fault is not protecting my brother better" her voice held no emotion, it was so cold that it made the wind feel like prickling ice.

Kagome began walking toward him, her steps with slow and graceful as though time was not a matter anymore and for that moment, everyone thought so. Sen sat himself with a low pain groan he opened his eyes to see Kagome coming toward him with those cold emotionless cat eyes "and this is not my true form, this form is what I made to be" Kagome gracefully lifted her right arm and two hell canines appeared at her side. "Life is worse than death brother" for the first time, Sen felt fear strike his heart as he watched Kagome come closer and closer toward him with no remorse in her eyes or even a sign of mercy.

Hiding his fear behind another cocky smirk, he stood up "so you're finally going to finish off what you did years ago huh?" in his mind he screamed out for her to not kill him but he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. Black flames shot down out of Kagome's hand then disappeared revealing a sword with the same vine designs as her markings, something in the back of Sen's head told him he should fear that sword, a sword that caused his death somewhere long, long ago. He narrowed his eyes before angelic wings sprouted out from his back Kagome stopped just as his wings gave a mighty flap sending him straight up into the sky. Kagome followed him with her eyes "ha! Try to kill me dear loving sister!" he taunted with a hysterical laugh, Kagome stared at him for a moment before lowering her head. She closed her eyes just as her shoulder blades shifted under her skin making loud cracking sounds that made everyone's stomach queasy, Kagome opened her eyes slightly to see her Souta's body lying only a foot away from her 'Souta.'

Blood splattered everywhere, a drop landed on Souta's cheek but his face remained unflinching and his eyes stayed closed. Inuyasha and the others' mouth gaped at the sight of large angel/demon wings sprouting out from Kagome's back, Kagome's head was craned back with her arms slightly spread away from her. She slowly lowered her head then her eyes shot open as they narrowed at Sen; her wings flapped once to easily whip the blood clean off onto the ground. Sen stared at her with slightly wide eyes; Kagome crouched down a bit before leaping up simultaneously as her wings flapped downward.

Shooting up into the air, she stopped only a few feet away from Sen, her wings giving a quick flap to keep her on even altitude. The two stared at one another without saying a word Sen scowled then pulled one hand out to his side, lightning shot out of his hand then disappeared revealing his own sword.

With a loud battle cry he flew towards her with his sword poised to stab her straight in the heart, Kagome at the last minute lifted her sword and deflected his attack. Sen flew back then shot forward again, everyone watched as they fought in the sky sometimes disappearing and appearing in different areas like one second they would be in the middle then another second they would be over at the side.

"Is this the true power of the Southern Ruler?" the king from England asked in awe, the king was a lion demon, his hair was short and untamed falling in front of his face his eyes were a sharp green and blue color. Around his waist he had his long tailed around him like a belt "not even close" Kouga answered, the king looked at him "is she truly powerful?" Kouga didn't look at him as his eyes remained on Kagome's fighting form, her expression showing no sort of emotions and her eyes slightly narrowed as she watched Sen's swinging attacks "yes, yes she is."

Kagome's hair flowed around her vision as she flew back from one of Sen's strong swings; she immediately came to a halt and flew up as an energy shot pass under her. She stood where she was and looked at Sen; he was about twenty feet away from her panting heavily he glared directly at her "stop dodging me you coward, are you afraid to be beaten by me, to fail and realize who the better fighter is?" he asked insanely. Kagome slowly blinked before she shifted her sword slightly then zoomed towards him.

Sen and Kagome continued fighting with one another, blow after blow seemed to make the ground shake from its strong intensity, lightning flashes as the metal clashed with one another, Kagome's sword hummed loudly causing Sen to scream out as though in pain and quickly pull back. He glared at her then charged his sword with his dark energy Kagome saw this and charged her sword with her purification energy. After a few moments they flew toward each other, as they sword clashed once more a bright lightning bolt struck down between them sending a huge wave of shock through their body but none of them seem fazed by it as they tried to overpower the other.

The ground suddenly began to quake before it cracked and split apart slightly; steam raised up so unexpectedly that the army had to leap back before their skin were blown off their very body. They watched in awe as the battlefield became some sort of distorted field, in the ocean near the battlefield, Gora groaned loudly as the water shifted back and forth to violently that caused him to sway. Dark clouds began swirling together as though a hurricane was about to occur, Kagome finally was able to push her brother and swung her sword downward as to let the tip of the sword point at him. A red thunder bolt shot out from the tip and sprang towards him; Sen flew up barely missing the attack, he growled then let out a roar as he released a black wave of energy as he swung his sword. Kagome quickly lifted her sword in front of her and pressed one hand on the middle of the sword with the dull back edge pressed against her palm, she was pushed slightly back as the wave hit her sword but it was immediately split into as Kagome charged her sword with her purification energy.

Sesshomaru watched Kagome as she swung her sword to the side then charged at Sen once again, the sound of their swords were louder than the roaring thunder that exploded above them like cannons, Bokusenou words suddenly filtered through him mind;

these two siblings sprouted out wings, the eldest had wings of the angel/demon of hell and the younger brother had wings of the heaven angels…some say it was because the sister walked upon a path of misery, heartbreak, loss, and war while the brother walked a path of confusion, innocence, and naiveness.

They say the war went on for may days, both siblings fought with tremendous strength that it caused the ground to split and the fires to rise, the waters rise into tidal waves, the winds to blow so hard that it would have caused any living creature to blow into space. Also it caused the skies to become pitch black and lightning to strike down.

The army that the younger brother brought with him were killed immediately in the crossfire of these two battling siblings…

Both siblings wings soared out as they flew in the pitch black sky, their weapons clashing together as they fought causing bolts of lightning to strike down from the sky.

"Dude what the hell is going on?" Inuyasha yelled over the roaring winds and booming thunder "It would seem the fight between two siblings is about to be brought to a final end" Sesshomaru answered "what?" Inuyasha shouted as he didn't hear what he said. His doggy ears pressed against his skull as the loud thunder rang throughout his head causing pain to press again his skull which didn't feel all the pleasant. Sesshomaru turned to the others "we must move away from this area!" he told his army, his remaining army anyways, his men nodded in understanding before quickly retreating away from the middle of the battlefield.

"Hey what are you doing?" Inuyasha screamed at him, Sesshomaru turned around and glared at him "if we remain here in the center of the battlefield we will be easily be killed off by the force of those two's powers." Inuyasha stared at him with disbelief; Sesshomaru didn't explain it any further as he followed after his army, as he passed him, Inuyasha blinked a few times before looking up at Kagome and Sen. He let out a high pitch yelp as a lightning bolt struck near his foot, like a scared down, he scampered off to safety.

Oscuro and Daimyo followed Sesshomaru's lead and also pulled back their men to safety, Shippo and Miroku watched from the edge of the forest as Kagome and Sen were left alone in the battlefield to fight. They had never seen Kagome's powers to this extent and it was scary sight to see how powerful she really was "incredible" Miroku said in awe Kirara let out low purr in agreement, Shippo looked at him then back at Kagome 'come on mama, I know you can defeat him' he silently cheered Kagome on.

Kagome shifted her sword left to right diagonally with each swipe that Sen made to try and conflict serious damage on her person to give him the advantage to win. She clenched her teeth together as Sen's sword sliced her side, she instantly flipped back and allowed her wings to flap forward to release a blizzard ice wind causing Sen to fly back away from her to get away. Kagome kept her hands on her sword ignoring the pain at her side Sen's wings calmly flapped as he lowered down slightly to level with her, he had that insane smirk on his face as though he already won this fight, she narrowed her eyes.

"Time to end this" Sen chuckled before raising his hand above his head and snapping his finger the creatures from before that fell out of the sky vortex rose up behind him with maniacal chuckles and laughter. Kagome only blinked, not effected one bit by the creatures behavior "shinigamies, I want you to the rid the life of this world!" Sen ordered the creatures known as shinigamies, all of them let out a happy cheer as they quickly flew off in different directions to take away the life of villagers all around Japan. Kagome never took her eyes off her brother as the creatures passed her, Sen stared at her with that same insane smirk, Kagome closed her eyes and an image of a young innocent smiling Sen flashed in her mind 'this is not my little brother.' She opened her eyes slightly to look down at Souta that was still lying in the spot he fell down upon; she noted how pale his skin has gotten.

You ready?!

'I'm sorry brother.'

Let's go!

Kagome's eyes shot open, her pupils enlarged taking up her whole eyes electrifying energy swirled around her causing her hair to whip around her once more her, her sleeves ripped off as well as her trousers though the strips messily tied themselves around her upper thigh. The sandals on her feet burned to ashes as the sparks of lightning touched it, steam rose out of the wound on her side before disappearing leaving only the blood behind to prove that there was even a wound there.

Sen watched Kagome's sudden show of power with horror, spark of lightning whipped everywhere around her body even following the flow of her hair. Kagome's slightly curled her body as she transformed her to her true form; her claws elongated to a dangerous sharp length, her markings darkened to a black color and her skin a brightened to a moonlight pale color. She growled showing her fangs grow longer so that it was poking out from her lips, she suddenly arched letting out a loud scream like roar, the energy around her seem to explode as it caused the whole ground to look like a crater. The ground finally split up wider and flames flew into the air, everyone gasped Naraku's eyes were wide 'I have never felt so much power, not even the jewel could offer this much power' he thought as he felt true fear course through his body as he witnessed Kagome's true power.

For those of you that want to know what we're all about

It's like this
Y'all come on!

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

Kagome lowered her head, her fully black eyes falling on Sen's slightly trembling form, the flames around her reflected off her black silky hair making it look like a combination of crimson and black. Her wings slowly rose up as though about to give a flap but it didn't move as it reached its highest peak; black eyes stared into dark onyx ones for a long minute then in a snapping flap Kagome shot towards him like a speeding bullet. Sen made a move to lift his sword but Kagome was in front of him before he could lift it an inch, she shot her hand out and released a huge wave of electricity, Sen let out a cry of pain as his body arched as the shock coursed through his body. With one blast, he was sent flying; Sen's eyes remained closed as the shock was still coursing through his body making his muscles do a small painful spasm.

As he was able to open his eyes slightly he saw Kagome appear in front of his face with her sword arched high above her head ready to strike down and slice him in half, his eyes shot open and he quickly flipped. His feet touched the ground and he jumped back as fast he could, Kagome's sword embedded itself in the ground where he was suppose to be Sen landed five feet away but then spun to the side as Kagome shot toward him. Sen tried to avoid getting caught in the rising flames as he dodged Kagome's fast attacks that were a mix of swipes and kicks and occasional punches, he winced every time his sword would sometimes come into contact with hers, pain shot up his arm from the violent vibration, the hum of Kagome's sword was a lot louder and vibrate.

Mike, he doesn't need his name up in lights

He just wants to be heard whether it's the beat of the mic

He feels so unlike everybody else, alone

In spit of the fact that some people still think that they know him

But fuck 'em, he knows the code

It's not about the salary it's all about reality and makin' some noise

Makin' the story sure his clique stays up

That means when he puts it down Tak's pickin' it up, let's go

Sen made a bold swipe for her arm but Kagome leaped back and swiped her sword releasing a white wave of energy, Sen lifted his sword to deflect it but as the wave touch his sword it was thrown out of his hand. He hissed as his hand was singed by the white energy, he looked at Kagome to see her watching him with her head slightly tilted, he saw his own reflection in those black eyes and it frightened him. "So you're now going to kill me, you're brother" he said wanting some distraction as he tried to think of some sort of counter attack, Kagome spun her sword and crouched with the sword held above her with one hand while the other hand was out in front of her with two fingers sticking up "you are not brother." She shot forward, she did a underhand swing released a powerful gust of wind, Sen raised his arms in front of his face to block the dust getting into his eyes but was blown back by the force of the wind.

He turned his head to see that he was coming near a huge fire wall; his wings rose up and swung down lifting him up in the sky just inches away from touching the fire wall. As he was above the flames he looked down to see Kagome, his eyes searching through the spaces between the crater of flames and fire wall, suddenly a double fist smacked him on top of the head sending him sailing downward once more.

Who the hell is he anyways? He never really talks much

Never concerned with status but still leavin' them star struck

Humbled through opportunities given despite the fact

That many misjudge him because he makes a livin' from writin' raps

Sen crashed to the ground leaving a body sized crater, he didn't move as his brain tried to process what just happened but when it did he let out a groan and carefully lifted himself up. With shaky legs he stood up and looked up at the sky to see Kagome looking down at him with an impassive expression. He narrowed his eyes and growled in anger 'I can't let her beat me I'm suppose to be the one defeating her!' with newfound strength his wings sprouted open and lifted him back up in the air towards her.

Put it together himself, now the picture connects

Never askin' for someone's help to get some respect

He's only focused on what he wrote, his will is beyond reach

And now when it all unfolds, the skill of an artist

"AHH!" Sen let out a battle cry as he swung his sword but Kagome easily blocked it with her sword their faces came close to one another and Sen sneered in her face but Kagome just let out huff through her nose and pulled back. Sen didn't waste time to charge at her again Kagome quickly lifted one finger and shot a lightning bolt at him, twisting his body, Sen dodged it, he lifted his sword and jabbed it forward catching Kagome in the shoulder. Kagome's upper lip rose a bit showing her long fang, she grabbed the sword embedded in her shoulder and sent a shockwave of lightning through it, Sen screamed and pulled it sword away. Both of them flew back putting a thirty feet distance between them, Kagome put a hand over her wounded shoulder as she glared at him, Sen's mouth was slightly open as he breathed heavily his shoulders rose and fell with each breath he took in and let out.

Just then Sen pulled out a black metal automatic pistol, Kagome's eyes widened slightly before Sen began shooting at her. She quickly moved out of the way and dove down, Sen continued shooting though he missed each time as Kagome glided left to right, what shot out of the gun weren't normal bullets as black energy surrounded the metal shots.

This is twenty percent skill, eighty percent fear

Be a hundred percent clear 'cause Ryu is ill

Who would've thought he'd be the one to set the west in flames?

And I heard him wreckin' with the crystal method, name of the game

Came back dropped Megadef, took 'em to church

I'm like 'bleach, man, why you have the stupidest verse?'

This dude is the truth, now everybody givin' him guest spots

His stock's through the rood I heard he fuckin' S-Dot

Kagome landed on the ground and ran through the space between the firewalls and crater with fire shooting out of it; Sen was unable to keep track of her and lowered his gun with a huff of annoyance. His eyes carefully looked around trying to search for Kagome's familiar black haired head, over at the edge of the battlefield; everyone could see Sen floating above the flames, his eyes slowly looking around as though searching for something. Shippo's hand fisted Kirara's fur as he worried if Kagome's was okay, he almost jumped when he felt a hand touch his shoulder, he looked up to see Miroku smiling reassuringly down at him "don't worry, Kagome's strong enough to take care of herself" he said as though he read his mind. Shippo gave a slow nod before looking back at Sen who was still looking around 'please be okay mama' he prayed.

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill

Fifteen percent concentrated power of will

Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain

And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

"Come out come out wherever you are dear sister," Sen called his eyes still searching for Kagome's form he scowl in irritation when he still saw no sign of her, "you can't hide down there forever so come out and fight me now!" he yelled just then eh saw a black blur. Without a second thought, he began shooting in the direction where he saw the blur, Kagome ran through the narrow path between the fire craters and fire walls holding her wounded shoulder. She heard the thud sounds behind her of the energy bullets that Sen was shooting at her, she growled in frustration before making a sharp turn 'I think it's time' coming to a stop in front a huge wall of fire she closed her eyes and lifted her hand. Her hand did not burn as it touched the surface of the wall of fire a large orange fire kanji appeared on the wall.

They call him Ryu the sick and he's spittin fire an Mike

Got him out of the dryer he's hot found him in Fort Minor with Tak

A fuckin' annalist porcupine he's a prick, he's a cock

The type women want to be with and rappers hope he gets shot

"What the…?" Kyura blinked as he saw the large fire kanji appear on a wall of a fire on the south end of the battlefield "that's the signal" one of the men said behind him, Kyura looked at him then back at the symbol. His face settled onto a serious expression before he spun on his heel to look at them "alright, Lady Kagome put me in charge and told me you know what to do, so get to it!" he commanded. The army that could control the element of fire straightened their posture and nodded "right!" they quickly ran toward the south end of the battlefield making sure to stay on the edge away from the battle. Kyura followed after them curious as to what Kagome had planned 'what ever it is, she sure prepared for it' he thought watching the army that looked like they knew what was going on.

Kagome lowered her hand but then quickly jumped to the side when she heard that loud bam noise of Sen's gun, a hole appeared on the spot she was just standing in. Doing a quick roll she began running into the narrow paths once again making sure to be hidden from Sen's line of sight. Sen was getting frustrated as Kagome kept dodging his attacks and now disappeared out of sight once more, he didn't even take notice to the kanji on the wall of fire as he looked around the fiery maze 'she can't hide down there forever' he thought confidently. Kagome panted slightly as the hot atmosphere began to decrease the oxygen rate to the point of non-existent 'I have to hurry' pushing more power into her legs she sped down the narrow path to the west end. She came to a skidding stop in front of another tall wall of fire as she touched it, the flames suddenly turned blue, a white water kanji appeared on the surface.

Gora lifted his head out of the water to see the blue wall with the water kanji on it, guessing that was the signal he was waiting for he raised his head higher and let out a loud groan roar. The army standing near the ocean understood what that meant and ran to the west end of the battlefield toward the blue fire wall. "What's going on?" asked the Emperor of Beijing, the emperor was a rare phoenix demon, his hair matched that of fire as well as his eyes, his skin was slightly pale with a bit of creamy tan thrown in it. He wore heavy armor that was hand crafted by his ancestors long ago, underneath he wore his royal red black war robes "that's what I would like to know" Inuyasha frowned as he watched the two colored flames.

Eight year in the makin' patiently waiting to blow

Now the record with Shinoda's takin' over the globe

He's got a partner in crime, his shit is equally dope

You won't believe the kind of shit that comes out of this kid's throat

Just then they saw the fire wall on the east turn yellow with a white air kanji on it, the group watched Jura and a half of Kagome's army run toward it without much of a word "what is this girl planning?" Kikyo asked. "Something that would go down in history" Kouga answered, the four children that he saved from being killed stood beside him watching the whole thing with unusual serious expression. They looked at each other their eyes flashing briefly before they gave a curt nod; they ran in different directions, two running to the right one running to the left and one running straight ahead. "Hey!" Kouga called about to chase after then when suddenly the fire wall before them turned green, a brown earth kanji appeared on it, the group took a step back when they felt heat intensity increase.

Ryura was already standing before the fire wall though he was oblivious to the newcomer in his group, Kouga for the moment had forgotten about the four children as he stared wide eyed at the colored wall.

Tak, he's not your everyday on the block

He knows how to work with what he's got

Makin' his way to the top

People think it's a common owner's name

People keep askin' him was it given at birth

Or does it stand for an acronym?

The four groups of Kagome's army stood fearlessly in front of the flame fire wall of their element, they didn't do anything but stare at it with a hard expression on their face Ryura was curious as to why they weren't doing anything. "Aren't you guys going to do anything, you were given the signal" he said with a frown "she's not done" one of the army members answered calmly "huh?" Ryura looked at her, he eyed her carefully 'why would Kagome have women in her army, is she really that idiotic?' "I heard that" the woman said causing Ryura to jump. Just then a wisps of flames shot into the air creating what look to be bat but it was ran through with another flame that was in shape of another bird.

"I guess that's our signal" Menomaru answered he turned to the group that he was the leader to "it would seem our objective is to stop those creatures from killing the villagers" the group nodded "lets go" he commanded, simultaneously, the crouched down and leaped into the air. Menomaru sprouted out his huge moth like wings some of the people in his group either sprouted out dragonfly wings, butterfly wings, bat wings, or even no wings at all. They followed him as he sailed across the sky toward the closest village.

"I have never seen such strategic battle like this" Inuyasha quickly looked at his shoulder to see Myoga "Myoga, where the hell have you been?" he yelled at the old flea demon "Myoga?" Sango blinked and looked at his shoulder to see that indeed Myoga was standing right there on Inuyasha's shoulder watching the battlefield with wide eyed awe. "This is amazing" "Myoga, have you ever seen this before?" Sango asked curiously Myoga looked at her "no," Sango's expression turned disappointed, "but my great-great grandfather has, he was the retainer and guardian of the family of dark and light" "Yin-Yang" Sesshomaru said. "Yes" he looked at him but surprisingly did not cower in fear, his expression went serious "my great-great grandfather said that the children held unbelievable powers, the young heir or the son, controls the powers of darkness and a bit of light while the eldest heir, the daughter, controls the powers of Hell and Heaven. One day while he was watching the children train in their meditation, the son would unconsciously summon a dark energy ball in his right hand while different color flames were rise out of the ground around the daughter.

"When he reported this to their parents they said they held the balance of the world, the mother was actually the Goddess of Heaven's Light while the father was the Demon of Hell's Darkness. As punishment for their forbidden mating, they were forced to live upon the earth, though I never believe my great-great grandfather's story to be true but now I see they are" "wait are you telling me that Kagome and Sen are the reincarnation of those two children?" Kikyo asked with disbelief. "Kagome is the one doing this?" Myoga looked at her curiously "yes," Sesshomaru answered, "though it would make sense that she is" he looked back at the fire battlefield.

"You said the son controls the powers of light and dark, how is it that Sen is only using dark?" asked Ayame who came down from the Northern Mountains to help her mate, Kouga—yes, they finally got mated, finally! Myoga rubbed his chin as he thought about it "the Demon of Darkness said that they were the balance of the world. Somehow, the son had lost that balance and tipped to the dark side and could only use dark powers and no longer use his light one." "That makes sense, I think" "it does" Miroku looked up at Sen who was looking around, turning in different direction, his eyes darting quickly left to right "if one loses their path they can sometimes never go back and be lost" "sounds like Kikyo" Kikyo smacked Sango in the back of the head "now is not the damn time" she hissed.

"Myoga, can you tell us anything that's going on here, anything that your grandfather might have mentioned that's similar to this?" Ayame asked, Myoga closed his eyes and let out a low him "hurry up you damn flea, we don't have all day!" Inuyasha shouted impatiently. Myoga glared at him "I think" he paused as though thinking through about what he's about to say "I think she's going to seal both hers and her brother's soul to Oblivion" "WHAT?!"

No, he's livin' proof got him rockin' the booth

He'll get you buzzin' quicker than a shot of vodka with juice

Him and his crew are known around as one of the best

Dedicated to what they doin' give a hundred percent

Sen growling was the only thing heard in the air besides the cracking roars of the fire down below him 'where is she, where is she?' he kept asking himself in his mind as he looked around for Kagome he still found no raven black head, not even a strand of hair in sight. 'She couldn't have passed out down there' frowning, he decided to go down there to look for her to make sure she didn't pass out somewhere 'though if she did, it would give me the perfect advantage to finish her off' he chuckled as he descended down from the sky. As his wings flapped the flames were blown back, he hissed when a small spark touched his wings 'I have to be more careful' he folded his wings behind his back and began trekking through the narrow paths looking around for Kagome.

After five minutes of searching Sen once again begun to feel frustrated "where is she?" he shouted loudly hoping that Kagome would just appear in front of him so he could run her through with his sword. Sen did not like feeling like a mice running though a maze searching for cheese, he was not a damn fucking rat 'and I don't like cheese either' he inwardly sneered as he passed a crater that was blowing out fire he failed to notice a dark figure appear in the center of the burning flames. He stopped between 'T' path; he looked to the right then the left weighing out the options of where he should go. He was didn't notice Kagome stepping out of the blazing flames that he just passed or her approaching presence.

It's like a design is written in his head every time

Before he even touches a key or speaks in a rhyme

And those mother fuckers he runs with, those kids he signs

Ridiculous, without even trying, how do they do it?

A bolt of lightning struck Sen's back suddenly that he didn't have enough time to even scream as he was thrown through a fire wall that successfully burned his wings severely, he rolled across a small clearing unknown that he was now lying upon a huge ancient sealing circle with complicated designs on it. On the North, East, South, and West ends of the circle there were the element's kanji, Sen coughed then groaned as he tried to lift himself up he turned his head to see a long slim leg step through the flames before he saw Kagome step into the small clearing as well completely unharmed the fire's flames.

He glared at her for all he was worth, ignoring the pain he stood himself up and charged at her he swung his leg around doing a double round house kick but Kagome ducked on the first one and did a back-flip on the second one. He continued charging at her swinging kicks and throwing punches as fast as he could but Kagome would continue to dodge them all, it was almost like a dance, Sen sneered at her and did a round house downward kick, Kagome did a cartwheel then a side spin without using her hands. They danced—fought—around the small clearing, Kagome never throwing one punch or a kick, she just watched Sen tire himself out as he tried to land a hit on her which he was failing miserably.

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill

Fifteen percent concentrated power of will

Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain

And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

Sen threw an angry punch but Kagome leaned her body to the side causing Sen's fist to go through the flames, he let out a loud scream and quickly pulled back his burned hand, Kagome twisted her body and kicked her foot out successfully landing the hit in his gut. Sen bended forward before he flew back and rolled backwards on the ground, his back arched slightly but then fell back down as he let out a cough.

He lay at the center of the circle with his body spread out like an eagle; he turned his head and opened his eyes his breath got caught in his throat when he saw Souta's pale form lying not so far away. He then took notice that his blood was no longer pooled underneath him, his brows scrunched together as he finally took notice of the dark design drawn on the ground beneath him a sharp twist was felt in his heart as his mind registered what the design was. He turned his head again to see Kagome slowly walked towards him, his eyes got wider and wider as she got closer.

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill

Fifteen percent concentrated power of will

Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain

And a hundred percent reason to remember the name


"Now!" someone shouted, simultaneously everyone slammed their hands down on the ground before their element side the fire wall dived down and blazed around them in a circle—glowing the element's specific color—on the ground with the kanji on the center. The kanji symbols around the sealing circle glowing brightly before light streamed up into the sky, Sen's back arched as a light purple light shot through his body into the sky following after the other four beams of light. Kagome was no better as her teeth were clenched together and her eyes were squeezed tightly "sister, make it stop, stop please!" Sen cried as he couldn't take the immense pain that coursed through his body, muscles in his arms and legs tightened and his head felt like sharp needles were poking his brain.

Fort Minor

"SISTER!" Kagome's head shot back and eyes shot wide open turning completely light purple as she let out a loud piercing scream.

M. Shinoda

Styles of Beyond, Ryu, Takbir

Machine Shop!

The flames began warping around the battlefield as the wind blew around violently; everyone who stood at the edge covered their faces to keep themselves from getting burned by the small flames that reached too far out. They heard both Kagome's and Sen's screams and lowered their arms to see Kagome beside Sen kneeled on the center of a huge circle that was glowing a light purple, neck was arched back and her eyes glowing the same color as the circle around her. "Mama!" Shippo called but his call went through deaf ears as Kagome continued to scream alongside Sen who was arched off the ground. Kagome began glowing a bright white color while Sen glowed a dark black color and as it grew it flew up into the sky along side the beams of light and combined together as it reached the peak, blinding everyone by the incredible light it released.

The light didn't only shine upon the battle area; it went across all of Japan clashing with one another as though still fighting against one another. Menomaru and part of Kagome's army were fighting against the shinigamies and losing terribly as someone the shinigamies were able to kill without even touching them. He was about to shout an order of retreat when suddenly a bright white light flashes over them completely blinding them, he shut his eyes and turned his head.

Back at the battlefield the circle around Kagome and Sen morphed into the symbol of Yin-Yang glowing white and black. The two lights clashed between them, Kagome somehow was able to close her eyes and cut off her own scream, she struggled to lower her head as she looked down at Sen who was still screaming. 'Sen' she lifted her hand off the ground and leaned over to wrap her arms around his body, she pulled him close to her body and tucked his head under his chin as she tried to withstand the immense pain of her soul try to release itself from her body. She closed her eyes and laid her head on top of Sen's "I'm sorry brother for causing you so much, I'm sorry for failing to protect you, if I could change everything I would sacrifice my own life so that you could live a happy life" she pulled him closer causing his ear to be closer to her lips "I love you little brother."

The bright light shaped into a white tiger and dragon for a brief moment before they lunged at each other and swirled together creating a combined Yin-Yang symbol above all Japan Sen snuggled closer to Kagome and gave a smile despite the pain he was in "I love you too sis." The symbol dispersed and was sucked back to the battlefield, with one final flash of light everything disappeared.

When everyone was certain they weren't going to be blinded again, they lowered their arms—or lifted their heads—to look over at the center of the battlefield. They saw Kagome sitting there with Souta's limp body in her arms 'where's Sen?' they all wondered looking around for the insane boy but saw no sign of him. Shippo bounded over to Kagome panicking on if she was still alive or not "mama!" he called as he stopped beside her, he couldn't see her face as her hair covered it like a curtain. "Mama?" his voice wavered slightly "mama?" he reached out and gently shook her, Kagome's body rocked a bit but she didn't move an inch, tears started to build up in his emerald green eyes. "Shippo" "mama!" Shippo gasped as he heard Kagome's softly spoken voice "Shippo, I want you to tell Kouga to take Souta to Kaede's village and wait for be by the Bone Eater's Well" "b-but what about you?" he asked. Kagome's hair split a bit as she moved her head slightly, he gasped when he saw her left eye completely black with slit white pupils and her right eye completely white with black slit pupils "I have some unfinished business." Kagome turned her head again and gently laid Souta down on the ground before slipping her arms from around his body and standing up.

Her wings sprouted out proudly before they flapped down sending Kagome straight up in the sky, Shippo watched as she came to halt about five hundred feet up before she zoomed towards the Southeast. He stared at the sky noticing how much the stars seem closer then usual it was as though you could just reach up and pluck one right out the sky, he looked down at Souta to see that he wasn't moving an inch, he quickly scampered over toward Kouga to tell him what Kagome said.

Kagome sailed across the sky so fast that anyone down below would have thought she was a shooting star, she shifted slightly to the side before shifting back forward, a transparent figure of Sen appeared beside her as she flew. Sen was almost a splitting image of Kagome before he disappeared as Kagome reached her destination; she stopped right above a village and looked around. Down below she saw some of her warriors lying dead upon the ground with not one wound on them, her lips pulled down into a frown. She heard cackling and narrowed her eyes as she raised her gaze to the shinigamies that were looking straight at her with amusement in their either hollow or red eyes "it would seem that boy failed" one shinigami said with a chuckle in his voice "indeed, lets finish her off then as repayment" another said. "I call dibs" a shinigami announced, the shinigami was tall—obviously—wearing all black with a belt hanging loosely on his bony small hips, he lifted one long arm and pulled a black book from his belt.

He chuckled as he flipped the book open to an empty page, he pulled out a pen out of nowhere then looking up at her while still cackling but his cackling was cut short and his eyes widened in fear, the pen fell out of his hand as he held it too loose from shock. The other shinigamies looking at him with curiosity "hey Ryuk, are you okay?" "Yeah, what's the matter?" Ryuk's hand shook as he continued to stare at Kagome's impassive expression face "h-her name and lifespan…I can't see it" the other shinigamies gasped in shock then looked at Kagome, they gasped again when they saw that it was true, they couldn't see her name or lifespan.

Kagome stared at them before lifting her hands, in one hand a bow appeared in a flash of black light and an arrow appeared in a flash of white light as she notched it onto the bow, she took aim at the shinigamies before releasing it. At first nothing happened but as the arrow got closer a pink vortex surrounded the arrow and the shinigamies that were close to it as it passed were instantly incinerated to nothing but sparkling dust that were neither ash nor bone. The remaining shinigamies screamed in terror at witnessing their fellow allies be easily beaten by a single arrow, they looked at Kagome to see her about to fire another arrow, they quickly turned and high tailed it out of there but Kagome shot the arrow anyways. A few more shinigamies were killed but the others didn't stop to watch as they quickly fled to the sky where they knew the only place they could be safe away from the obviously angered miko's sacred arrows. By the time they reached the sky only five remained, Kagome lowered her bow as she watched the shinigamies disappear into the sky.

Lowering her gaze to look down below she looked at all the dead bodies of her warriors and villagers, craning her neck back she sped up into the sky not stopping as she pass the night clouds, she just kept going and going ignoring how the temperature was dropping to a freezing degree. But just as she was near the border of space she stopped and looked back down, she saw the other villages being attacked by those creatures. Her eyes changed color, the black and white seeped into opposites eyes and swirled around to create the Yin-Yang, black a and white flames began licking Kagome's form as she watched the creatures kill off the villagers and her warriors. The flames grew as Kagome began curled her body and crossing her arms , gathering as much energy as she can, for down below she would look like a flickering star but everyone back at the battlefield knew who it was but didn't know what she was doing.

"HAAA!!" lightning cracked around Kagome as the dark flames grew darker and the light flames became brighter, the flames combined with one another and suddenly turned bright pink with white and black edges. She uncurled her body and bolted downward back to earth with her body leaving a streak behind her, the shinigamies laughed as they watched the humans run around like ants and the demons try to kill them but instantly fail as they were struck by an unknown heart attack and fell to the ground with a low plop. "Hehe, we haven't this much fun in ages!" a shinigami laughed but suddenly he noticed a twinkling light shooting downward "huh, what's that?" he asked squinting his eyes to see if he could identify what it was, he watched the light make a sudden 90° turn and come toward them. He squinted his eyes more and leaned forward still trying to figure out what it was "is that a g…" all of the sudden he was run through by a sword, he let out a choked gasp before he screamed as he was engulfed in pink flames.

The other shinigamies noticed their fellow ally's scream and turned to see a girl surrounded in bright pink flames with black and white licking at the edges, the girl's eyes narrowed on them as she flew towards them. The shinigamies recognized her and fear struck through their decomposing bodies, they made a move to try and escape but it was no use, Kagome was too fast as she struck down every shinigami one by one. She flew sailed across all of Japan to every village and struck down all the shinigamies that were trying to escape as they sensed the danger they were in, as she finished off the last of the shinigamies she rose back up into the air and searched for any shinigamies that she might have missed.

Her eyes looked over the dead bodies and destroyed huts; behind the stall where horses were kept a single female shinigami was hiding. She breathed as quietly as she could for Kagome wouldn't find her 'what is this girl?' she asked herself, she risked the chance to peek over the side to see if Kagome's was there. Kagome was standing above the village looking around, flames still licking her form 'she's not normal' she stared at Kagome wide eyed as she couldn't see her name or lifespan above her head. All of the sudden Kagome head shot in her direction the shinigami gasped and quickly flew out of the way as the shed was destroyed from Kagome's sword, she landed a few feet away but then moved out of the way as Kagome appeared there too. As he sword touched the ground it created a ten foot crater 'she's too powerful, but I can't die' she pulled out her scythe that she kept with her and held it in front of her as Kagome charged to attack her again.

She was thrown back by the force of Kagome's blow but she held strong as she tried to block all of Kagome's attacks, when Kagome pulled back the shinigami took this chance to swing her scythe as she charged at her again. Kagome's wings sprouted open causing her to come to a sharp halt just as the blade came a centimeter near her throat; they fell close as Kagome spun out of the way and swung her sword once more releasing a wave of hot flames that was charged with purification energy. The shinigami gasped and lifted herself up off the ground just before the wave touched her, Kagome jumped up after her and struck the scythe causing it to fly out of her hand but Kagome caught it and spun it. The edge of the scythe sliced a fine line over the shinigami's right eye, the shinigami screamed and fell back holding her eye in pain, Kagome remained where she was watching the shinigami writher in pain.

The shinigami whimpered and opened her good eye to see Kagome suddenly standing before her holding her scythe in one hand her sword in the other, the shinigami couldn't help but stare in awe and fear. She watched as the flames blazed as though demanded respect and showing power, Kagome slowly blinked "what is your name shinigami?" the shinigami jumped slightly at the sound of the Kagome's cold voice. "R-Rem" she stuttered quickly "well Rem, you have shown your fierceness to fight and will allow you to escape with a promise that you will never return" "y-yes, of course!" Rem responded with eagerness. Kagome gave a curt nod "go" Rem stood up and flew up into the air all the while, Kagome was watching her making sure she didn't go back on the deal, Rem looked down at her as she flew up higher 'this girl shows mercy even to those who show none' she craned her neck back 'she's an honorable warrior' she disappeared up in the vortex that would take her back to her world, the Shinigami Realm.

Kagome stared up at the sky for two minutes before looking around her at the dead bodies, closing her eyes she let out a long breath, the flames around rose up before dropping down into the ground. It spread out all across the ground disappearing within the forest, all of Japan the lands glowed brightly the mountains lit up like crystals at the glow went over it.

Villagers rose up with a low groan, some rubbed their heads to rid of the slightly headache that they felt, Kaede stood up and looked at herself with shock 'I'm alive…but how?' she wondered before looking up, she gasped when she saw Mount. Fuji glowing brightly and releasing a pink beam a light that shot up into the sky. 'W-what's going on?" she asked aloud, the villagers stared at the mountains near them in awe as they watched them shoot up beams of bright pink light. Kagome fell to her knees completely exhausted from the overuse of her powers, she pants trying to get some oxygen in her lungs.

She stared at the ground her vision blurring then focusing 'I can't pass out now, there's still one more thing to do' even though she urged her body to stand up she couldn't, she fell forward completely exhausted. Her eyes began to get heavy but she fought to keep them open 'have to keep…going' "having a little trouble milady?" a masculine voice asked with slight amusement, Kagome raised her eyes to look up to see a smiling Tinotsu, he grinned when he saw her eyes looking up at him. "I brought some help" just then Jinenji and other healers that came with their other countries stepped up behind him with the guards that died in the throne room surrounding them.

Jinenji kneeled down beside her "it would seem you pushed yourself too hard" he gave her a warm smile before standing up "alright, lets begin" the other healers nodded before they lifted their hands so that it was hovering over Kagome's body. They chanted something under their breath and different colored light came from their hands and poured down into Kagome's body, Kagome closed her eyes and allowed the energy to flow through her body.

Back at the battlefield the others were fighting against Naraku who decided that now that Kagome's was gone it was good time to get rid of everyone "Windscar!" "Wave of destruction!" both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru threw their mightiest attacks at the same time. They figured they could put aside their differences until all of this was over, their attack didn't hit Naraku directly but it did get rid of half his pesky tentacles. Naraku let out an angry growl before shooting out miasma gas at them; Sesshomaru and Inuyasha lifted their sleeves in front of their sensitive noses and jumped back out of the way. Sango ran toward Naraku with her hiraikots raised high "Hiraikots!" she shouted behind her gas mask, she leaped up and threw her giant demon bone boomerang, Naraku turned and whacked the pesky toy off course so that it landed ten feet away behind him.

Sango landed on her feet and scowled, suddenly she heard the clinking sound of chains, she looked to the side to see Kohaku's sickle coming towards her, she jumped back just as the sickle curved. It was pulled back by the chain and Kohaku caught it, he spun it around, ready to throw it again "Kohaku!" Sango called with tears beginning to build up in her eyes as she watched her little brother ready to kill her. His eyes were still dull and soulless as she stared at her with no expression on his face, he took a step then charged at her still swinging the sickle around at his side "Kohaku don't do this!" she cried but her cry went unheard as he threw the sickle at her again.

The sickle was thrown off course as a sacred arrow caught the chain and pinned it to a tree, Kohaku stopped and turned his head, Sango did the same and saw Kikyo glaring at Kohaku pointed an arrow at Kohaku. She walked over to Sango keeping her eyes on the young boy "Sango, you must understand that this boy is not your brother anymore but a puppet of Naraku" she said "no! He's still my brother!" Kikyo closed her eyes and took a deep breath 'stubborn girl.' She opened her eyes again to see Kohaku still standing there staring blankly at them "there is a way to release your brother from Naraku's control without having to kill him" Sango gasped hope shining in her eyes teary eyes "how?" "You'll have to take out the jewel embedded in his back" Kikyo looked at her from the side of her eye, Sango gasped "but that would kill him, the jewel is the only thing keeping him alive!" she yelled at her angrily.

"Naraku used that as an excuse to keep you from taking the jewel" Kikyo and Sango looked to the side to see the young girl that Kouga had with him standing there, she was looking at Kohaku with a slight frown, She turned her gaze to them "your brother was never dead but he was weak, by now his wounds are healed and he will remain alive when you take the jewel out, all the jewel is, is a source to keep Kohaku's mind under his control" Sango and Kikyo stared at her before they looked at each other and nodded. "Thank…" Sango blinked when she saw the little girl gone 'strange' putting on a serious expression she turned back to her brother "alright Kohaku" she pulled out her sword "time to get you back" Kohaku went into a fight position "haa!" Sango charged at him with her sword raised to her side.

"Dragon Hammer!" swinging is sword, Bankotsu released an attack similar to Inuyasha's Windscar but instead of gold it was pink, Kagura leaped off the ground barely missing his attack "you're more pesky when we revived you the first time!" she yelled. "Feh, but you didn't revive me this time, Kagome did and she did a better job doing it instead of Naraku who used those worthless jewel shards!" he gave another swing of his sword. Kagura grunted and dodged again, suddenly a snake like sword sliced her on the leg and pulled away. Kagura screamed and fell to the ground "it would seem you're more pathetic the last time we were alive" Kagura raised her gaze and glared at the man chick that was Jakotsu "bastard" she hissed while holding her wounded leg "bitch" he shot back.

"Dance of blades!" she swung her fan releasing her wind blades, Bankotsu raised his sword in front of him blocking the attack from hitting either him or Jakotsu, when he lifted his sword back up, Kagura was gone "man, she's still runs like a bitch too" Jakotsu pouted. "Don't worry, she'll go down eventually" Bankotsu patted his head reassuring him that Kagura would go down either way.

"Die!" Naraku shot half a dozen tentacles at, Inuyasha ran to the side with the tentacles striking the ground behind him, he jumped to the side just as a tentacle was about to shish kebab him; he did a one hand flip and slid the ground a few feet away. He saw Sesshomaru run pass him with his sword raised to his side "Decomposition!" he swung his sword but his attack was absorb into the Shikon No Tama as Naraku lifted it in his hand. Sesshomaru scowled at the annoying pebble in his hand 'that jewel is more trouble then its worth!' he thought bitterly, just then a sacred arrow shot out of the forest and hit Naraku on the back. Naraku screamed as his left side exploded to nothing, the jewel rolled across the ground but no one noticed a little boy run toward it and scoop it up off the ground then run behind a tree for safety.

Naraku spun around to see Kagome standing there back in her normal human sixteen year old form "well, I've seen you've decided to join on little miko" he taunted, Kagome narrowed her eyes "I came not for you Naraku you were just in my way" she said. "Oh and may I ask what you are after?" "That damn mirror" she cocked her head over in Kanna's direction "oh now why would you want that?" he grinned fully knowing why she wanted it "guys, if you may" was all she said, Naraku spun his head around to see the Windscar, Destructive Wave, Hatred Ball, and a Sacred arrow coming towards him. He had no time to jump out of the way as the attack hit him dead on, he screamed loudly as his skin began to rip off his bones and the sacred arrow dig in his chest where his new heart was.

He turned his head at Kagome and glared at her, he shot a tentacle at her, Kagome gasped as it went through her chest 'shit' she thought before throw a purification ball at Naraku, completely destroying his body and soul. As everything cleared away they saw no reminisce of Naraku anywhere "WOO HELL YEAH, WE DID IT!" Inuyasha cheered and soon everyone else did, Sango hugged her little brother who she was able to save, Kikyo ran over to Inuyasha and jumped on him, Inuyasha lost his balance and fell over with Kikyo landing on top of him. Sesshomaru arched one brow as Kikyo smother him in kisses, he rolled his eyes 'disgusting' suddenly everyone heard a thud and it felt like everything was put on mute.

If you're hurryin

You strugglin'

Feel like you can't make it

This song's for you

Everyone turned to see Kagome flat on the ground with blood pooling around her "mama!" Shippo cried everyone quickly ran over to her Sesshomaru kneeled down beside her as did Inuyasha "Kagome?" he called but he didn't receive a response. Sesshomaru noticed the hole in her back "Naraku" "what?" Inuyasha looked at the hole on her back and gasped "that bastard" he hissed, Kagome let out a low groan "Kagome!" Sesshomaru carefully rolled Kagome over to see that the hole went through her chest as well.

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make it

Don't worry about a thing that's happened in your life

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make

Don't worry about a thing it's gonna be alright

Kagome coughed off some blood and groaned again "mama" Shippo's eyes glazed over and tears streamed down his face, Kagome opened her eyes slightly and looked at him "stop crying" she said weakly, she lifted her hand and wiped away the tears from his cheeks. "Kagome don't talk, we're going to bring you somewhere to get you healed up" Inuyasha trying to hold back his own tears, Kagome eyes raised up to look at him. "I'm not done yet" he blinked "what do you mean, you defeated that insane brother of yours and killed Naraku and…the Jewel!" he looked around wildly to look for the familiar pink jewel "where the jewel?" he shouted frantically.

"Right here" everyone turned their head to see the four children walking toward them, the young girl held the completed jewel in her hand "handed over you little pipsqueaks!" Inuyasha glared at them "you calling pipsqueak puppy!" a boy with silver eyes and steel silver hair asked. Inuyasha opened his mouth to retaliate but Kagome cut him "I see you finally sorted out your difference Midoriko and Magatsuhi" everyone gasped and the children smiled "you're sharper than I gave you credit for" in a flash of light the four children turned to two people, Midoriko and Magatsuhi.

You may feel like you're just starting over

Mistakes from your past that just want to hold ya

Down to the ground it's all on your shoulder

You'll never make it now that's what they told ya

Everyone stared at them wide eyed "but—when—huh?" Midoriko chuckled and smiled at them "yes, we've finally come to peace with one another after witnessing the fight between Kagome and her brother, Sen" "that was bad ass, did you see how they were throwing attack after attack at one another that shit was awesome" Midoriko rolled her eyes and smacked Magatsuhi in the back of the head. "Ow, hey, what was that for?" he pouted rubbing his poor abused head "for being an idiot" she glared at him "they remind me of how Kagome and Inuyasha use to be" Miroku whispered "yeah" Shippo nodded.

"Hn" Kagome closed her eyes but suddenly let out another violent cough, blood spurting out of her mouth Inuyasha looked at her with concern and glared up at them "so are you going to help her or something?" he growled. Midoriko gave a solemn look as she inspected Kagome's wounds and sensed for her energy "her energy is completely drained and the wound hit her heart, her powers are the only thing keeping her alive this long" "thank you Captain Obvious" Kagome grumbled "but she can't die!" Shippo shouted "and I won't" Kagome hissed as she lifted herself up, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha watched her with wide eyes as she miraculously got back onto her feet. "I still have things to do and time to fix" she looked over to where Kagura and Kanna were silently standing watching them.

"Kanna" she called, Kanna wordlessly walked over to her and stopped as she was standing in front of her "can I have your mirror please?" Kanna nodded and lifted her mirror to her. Kagome grabbed it and gave a grateful smile before looking up with a serious expression as she began walking toward the forest. "Kagome where're you going, you're injured!" Inuyasha got up and walked towards her "come on, we'll take you to see a healer" Kagome turned and gave him a cold look "Souta's and Kun-Loon's life is on the line, I don't have time to see a healer and anyways, I'm suppose to be dead" Inuyasha blinked in surprised. "Inuyasha when you met me, you saw me a naïve fifteen year old girl who knew nothing of demons, right?" "Uh, yeah" he answered hesitantly "well, I was actually 21 years old and knew much about demons" "WHAT?!" Inuyasha's eyes widened.

You start to figure out who really cares for ya

When no ones around no one is there for ya

When I was down and out and life getting colder

When I found that's when God showed up

You're trying to make it right they make it hard for ya

"I was born in 1971; Kun-Loon, Souta, and Mr. Higurashi were never my real parents but my aunt, grandfather, and cousin" Inuyasha stared at her with wide eyes "I joined an army at the age of sixteen and was suppose to die at the age of eighteen but I was brought in and experimented on. The outcome of the experiment is what you just saw" everyone gasped "they did all that?" "Combined with my ancestry line and normal miko powers, yes" "you're people are sick" Magatsuhi said but was whacked in the back of the head by Midoriko "don't be a hypocrite, you use to shred people to piece for fun" "hey at least they died, she's still alive after all that" Magatsuhi defended himself "true" Midoriko frowned.

But God will take a life even if it's broken up

Give you strength to fight whatever's coming toward ya

And don't forget that I'm always praying for ya and…

"So, I should have died long ago and I can care less if I live or die anymore" she craned her neck and looked up at the starry sky, everyone silently watching her with sadness in their eyes as they saw how tortured Kagome was. "Kagome" Midoriko said, Kagome lowered her gaze and looked at her "hmm?" she arched one brow, Midoriko shifted uncomfortably and opened her palm to show the complete Shikon no tama, the jewel levitated above her palm then glowed a bright pink.

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make it

Don't worry about a thing that's happened in your life

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make

Don't worry about a thing it's gonna be alright

It's not fair all the things that just had to happen

Some days you wake up and feel like you've been abandoned

Life didn't shape up in the way that you planned it

The life you live is not the one you imagined

At the Higurashi Temple in a shrine house, the Bone Eater's Well glowed a bright blue before it disappeared a second later.

Outside the Tokyo Hospital, Light and Ryuga was having a serious discussion when suddenly the street lights began to flicker, the looked around wondering what was going on, they didn't see a storm clouds anywhere nor did they were that there was going to be a storm. The continued looking around when a girl unexpectedly dropped right in front of the hospital entrance, the two notice the blood all over the girl's shirt also how her strange clothes were torn beyond repair. They gasped when they saw Souta's head craned back, his skin was pale and his eyes closed shut 'what happened?' Souta's head was lifted up to rest upon the girl's shoulder as she entered the hospital.

The two quickly entered the hospital again wanting to know what the hell happened since the last time they saw Souta he was kidnapped by two freaky psychos with strange powers. The girl didn't seem to notice them following behind her as she walked through the halls, seemingly to know where she was going. She didn't take the elevator and went straight through the staircase stairs, the two didn't know exactly what floor she was going so they had no choice but to go up the stairs too, the girl's pace seemed slow but it was pretty hard keeping up with her as she walked up the stairs.

Finally reaching the third floor, Ryuga and Light thought their legs would fall off any moment as they gasped for air, they looked at the girl to see that she didn't seem tired at all…and she was carrying a d fully grown person in her arms that was probably half her weight!

I know they laugh and pick on you

I know you've had a lot of junk that you gone through

But I know who would never ever wrong you

Never quit on you and help you get through

They walked down the suspiciously quiet halls of the third floor and the two wondered where the nurses and doctors were, they stopped when they saw the girl stop in front of a door, they watched her as the door opened by itself. Light gasped "how did she—hey!" he whispered when he saw Ryuga walking to the door, he quickly followed after him; both of them poked their head through the door to see the girl lie Souta down beside a middle-aged woman. The girl stood up straight revealing a man wearing all black with lavender tints in his hair "that's the people that appeared at the graduation ceremony" Light realized Ryuga narrowed his eyes a bit in suspicion.

When you fell he was the one who caught you

With every single tear man see he saw you

He was right there every time he called you

And I'll be praying for you, gonna get on through

The girl turned her head to where the moon was shining through the window and they saw the blood stains on the side of her mouth 'what the hell happened?' Light wondered he watched the girl as she stared out the window before turning her head back around. She reached in her shirt and pulled out a round mirror, she aimed it at the two before turning it, the mirror glowed a bright white before two orbs shot out of its surface and absorbed into the middle aged woman and Souta's chest. Both of them breathed deeply before settling back into an even tempo, the mirror's glow stopped and the surface cracked then shatter to pieces but the shards turned to dust before it touched the floor.

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make it

Don't worry about a thing that's happened in your life

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make

Don't worry about a thing it's gonna be alright

"Uhg" the girl began to fall but the man quickly caught her "milady are you okay?" the girl shook her head before nodding "yeah, just a small lapse is all" the man stood her up straight and kept a hand on her back just in case she fell back again. The girl stared at the two sleeping forms on the bed before smiling "I think its time we returned back and set everything straight, hmm?" the man nodded.

You try to pray but feel too ashamed too

'Cause those around you they just wanna blame you

But don't listen now just to what they say dude

God loves you he never hates you

Kagome stared at Souta and Kun-Loon before she walked over to Kun-Loon and bent down to place a gentle kiss upon her brow "thank you for taking care of me" she whispered before standing up again. She walked over to Souta and did the same thing "take care of yourself little warrior" she smiled with a small laugh before standing up straight; she stepped back and stood beside the Hell Demon. As the moon's light shined down at her it revealed a faint pink glow in her chest, Kagome raised her hand and placed it over her chest, she closed her eyes…

You can count of the fact that he's faithful

Always exactly on time always came through

When you're blind you feel you list your way too

He'll guide you and help you to find your way through





Light and Ryuga watched in awe as three orbs appeared in front of her in the kanji of Courage, Friendship, Wisdom, and Love, the orbs' brightened the dark room slightly but suddenly they shot up into the through, phasing through the hard concrete.

He knows you; he's the one that made you

In anything you go through, now he can save you

And help you and plus give you strength too

You're gonna make it gonna make it man, you're gonna be okay dude

"Our times up, goodbye Souta, Kun-Loon" Kagome gave a sad smile as tears streamed down her face, she closed her eyes and a pink glow surrounded her and the man. It swirled around them gently until it engulfed them and disappeared leaving behind a gentle breeze that that settled down to nothing.

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make it

Don't worry about a thing that's happened in your life

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make

Don't worry about a thing it's gonna be alright

Light and Ryuga stood there stone shock staring at the now empty room with astonishment in what they just saw. Kagome and the man appeared back at the shrine within the well house, Kagome stared down at the dark well remembering how her adventure began 'and this is how it will end' she thought to herself. She felt a hand touch her shoulder and looked up to see the Hell Demon smiling reassuringly at her, she gave a small smile back and looked back at the Bone Eater's Well, taking a deep breath she hefted herself over the lip and fell in with the Hell Demon following not far away.

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make it

Don't worry about a thing that's happened in your life

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make

Don't worry about a thing it's gonna be alright

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make it

Don't worry about a thing that's happened in your life

You're gonna make

Yes you're gonna make

Don't worry about a thing it's gonna be alright

As the glow of the well disappeared the orbs of the Shikon No Tama that was floating over the ends of the four quadrants, they glowed bright when it could not sense the well's magic anymore and released a bright light the covered all of Japan, undoing what has been done to something new, creating a new change in everyone's lives.

(It's gonna be alright)

Hey yeah yeah-yeah

(Don't you worry you're gonna make it)

Yeah-yeah yeah

(That's what everyone says)


(Not lonely)

Alright, it's gonna be alright

(Okay, 'kay, 'kay)

Remember the Name by Fort Minor
You're Gonna Make it by KJ-52 ft. Blanca Reyes.

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