New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Requests & Discovered Secrets

"Kagome, Kagome! Wake up!" someone screamed.

Kagome's eyes shot opened to meet lavender eyes, Kagome gasped as though she was holding her breath under water and shot up from her bed. She heaved in as much air as she could then her breathing slowed down a bit.

A hand touched her shoulder gently, "Kagome, are you alright? I heard you screaming and put a barrier around the whole lands and within the kingdom. Even the shadow demons ran through the whole kingdom to see what was wrong," Kagome turned her head to the right to see it was only Shiori. Now regaining her breath, she closed her eyes.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Sorry, today is just…not going well for me," she said.

Shiori gave her a worried look, "I told you, don't overwork yourself, it will cause your body to stress out."

Kagome chuckled, "I see my way of speaking caught onto you," at this Shiori blushed then laughed nervously "he-he, I guess so."

Shiori looked to be around fourteen years old, but even her age should not be underestimated for how much strength she held. Her whitish blue hair now reached her waist and was tied up into a high ponytail like her father would have it. She wore a hakama and a haori and under that was a lavender shirt that had the Southern Lands emblem on it showing to anyone that attacked her, ripping off her haori, that she works and is a part of the Southern Lands.

Shiori looked at Kagome, "you are fine now, right?" she asked slowly, her voice filled with uncertainty.

Kagome waved her hand, "yeah, yeah, I'm fine, so don't fuss over it. Even though I might have been screaming it was just a nightmare is all, every living person has nightmares once in a while, so it no difference to me" she quipped.

Shiori was a bit skeptical about this nightmare but let it slide anyways. "Oh I almost forgot," she perked up, "you are suppose to inform the other cardinal lords that you are the new ruler of the Southern Lands," she informed.

"Couldn't I just rule the Southern Lands in incognito?" Kagome groaned, she didn't want the other lords or ladies to know that a human miko was ruling over the Southern Lands. Now that will be hell for her because they would challenge her for the lands because they would see that she was not fit to rule over it.

'Bunch of snobby lil fuckers,' she thought bitterly. Oh yes, she has met some of the ladies once or twice, and to tell you the truth, she was about ready to throw hell at them. If the villagers hadn't stopped her first.

Giggling at Kagome's bitter expression, Shiori patted her shoulder with the hand that was already there, "don't worry Kagome, we're all here with yah," she reassured her.

"Oh wow, I feel so much better," Kagome rolled her eyes making Shiori laugh. She shook her head, "well I have to go and make sure everything is running smoothly in the kingdom. Oh and there are some shadows that were worried about you, they should be right out the door," she told her.

"Hn," was the only response she got making Shiori laugh again.

Shiori got up from the place she sat on the bed and walked over the Zen Garden and across the waters. "It's amazing how this water feels when you go through" Shiori commented, spinning around in the water a bit then getting out on the other side. She was a bit damped but you could easily see that her clothes were drying up quickly. She walked over to the door and opened it, smirking a little when she saw five shadows zip by her, across the water, to the other side where Kagome was. She didn't say anything, just walked out the door and closed it behind her quietly.

The whole way Kagome watched Shiori leave, already knowing that the five shadow demons from hell were in her room, and laid back in her bed with a tired sigh.

"Are you feeling okay Lady Kagome?"

"Are you injured Lady Kagome?"

"Who attacked you Lady Kagome?"

"Do you feel nauseous or sick of any kind?" five voices asked.

Even though Kagome already knew they were in her room, it still kind of freaked her out when they spoke out of nowhere as though they were all around your room!

She let out one heavy sigh, "I am feeling okay, no I am not injured, just a bit tired. No one injured me, I was just having a normal little nightmare humans usually have from stressing out a lot, and no I do not feel nauseous or sick of any kind. But thank your concern," she answered all the question in one breath calmly. She looked up to look at the shadow hell demon. She had to admit, if all the shadow hell demons were all as cute like the five in front of her then she wouldn't mind going to hell when she died.

The first shadow demon looked to around his mid-thirties, short pitch black hair that icy blue tints here and it was kind of spiky, but not like Mohawk spiky just kind of combed back. His narrow like eyes were pitch black, no surprise, and his pupils were icy blue slits.

The second one looked to be around his early thirties, same colored hair as the first except his tints were pure silver like white and his eyes were pitch black as well with white slit pupils that matched his tint hair pieces.

The third one looked to be in his late twenties with black, tinted crimson hair, black eyes with crimson red slit pupils.

The fourth one looked to be in his mid-twenties with black, tinted reddish orange hair, black eyes with reddish orange slit pupils.

And last but not least the fifth shadow demon, he looked to be around his early twenties with black, tinted light lavender hair, and black, lavender slit pupil eyes.

The one thing they all had in common were their features and appearances. Their clothes styles, they all wore black long coats that had buckles around their shoulders across their chest to their stomach and on the neck that kind of look like a loose turtle neck. Long black gloves that stops at the back of the palms and also has buckles around it, black half baggy pants with high black boots that also had buckles on them. She swore that they were obsessed with buckles, but she guess it was better than chains.

They all nodded, approving her answer, "is there something we could do to stop these…nightmares" the one with a lavender tint asked, saying nightmare as though it was foreign to him.

Kagome giggled then shook her head, "sorry, but no. This is a natural occurrence to the human body and imagination, meaning this is something I can only stop. However, there was something called the dream catchers that the Indians, or Native Americans, invented to ward off evil spirits that will haunt a person's dreams" she said thoughtfully while tapping her slender finger upon her plumped lips.

The five shadow hell demons watched her carefully then looked at each other and nodded. They put their legs together making their boots make a dull thud sound and put two fingers near their lips as they began to chant something in a strange language that Kagome couldn't even understand. She watched them carefully as they chanted their little incantation when she finally saw some kind of black glow appeared in the middle of their small semi- circle. She sat there board stiff, not wanting to surprise them then get injured.

When they chanted the last part of the incantation, the black glow disappeared as a burst of black dust and a black dream catcher floated in its place. Kagome gasped at the beautifully crafted dream catcher, she saw there were icy blue, lavender, white, crimson, and reddish orange beads within the strings of the catcher also two black crystallized arrowheads attached to the both side of the dream catcher.

Kagome squealed with glee and quickly crawled to the end of the bed to pull all five shadow demons in one huge hug, which surprised the five shadow demons.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so glad you made this for-oh, if only I could something for you five," Kagome said while pulling back a bit.

The five demons looked at her with their same expressionless faces, "well there is one thing you could do," they said simultaneously.

Kagome raised one brow, "what?" she asked giving them a glare that sent them a silent message that if it was sex they better be looking in the corner of Southwest and Lake Silver.

The five men chuckled and shook their head, "no, not that. We have more respect for you than to think of you willing to give us that."

At this, Kagome cocked her head to the side with her brow still raised, "then what is it you want?"

Back with the shard hunters, Shippo and Miroku were looking around the village they were currently staying in trying to find any rumors on the jewel or Naraku. Even though Kikyo could sense them, she was being…preoccupied by Inuyasha back at the INN.

Shippo snarled a bit in disgust making Miroku look at him, "what is it Shippo?"

Shippo looked up at him, "he's such a dog, first he cheats on Kagome with both Kikyo and Sango, now he cheats on Sango with Kikyo. Even though she fully knows what he's doing but keeps going back to him to satisfy her," he spat out the last part.

Miroku sighed, "I know Shippo, but there is nothing we can do about it."

"How about we do that thing that Kagome told us about, how people in her time deal with dogs after they had too much fun," Shippo said this with a devilish grin.

Miroku just chuckled and shook his head, "as enjoyable as that sounds, we can't do that because Inuyasha is a half dog demon, meaning if we did that then he would be too weak to battle Naraku."

Shippo sighed dejectedly, making Miroku laugh then pat his head. "Don't worry, maybe when this whole ordeal passes over we might be able to teach him a lesson that he would never forget, even when he is reborn," at this Shippo's mood brightened up.

They both were about to turn around and head back to the INN when they heard something interesting, "did you hear? There is someone who now rules the Southern Lands."

"No, you've got to be kidding?"

"No, its true. They say it's a female and very powerful one at that, though that is was I just heard."

"Oh wow, how long has it been since there was someone ruling those lands?"

"About forty centuries, if I am not mistaken."

"Wow, and someone has finally built up the courage to take over it?"

"It would seem so."

"Wow…So are you sure it's a female?"


"What breed are they?"

"Human if I am not mistaken, a human female miko. They say she possesses three shards of the Shikon Jewel."

"Oh wow, amazing!"

"But keep this low; I also heard that this girl likes to keep her reign over the Southern Lands unknowing as possible."

"Right," that was the last thing they heard before the two women disappeared down the road.

Shippo and Miroku stood there kind of shock and half excited, they looked at each other, "do you think-?" "Yes I do," Miroku nodded seriously.

"Should we tell Inuyasha?" Miroku raised one brow as he gave Shippo a dubious look, "and tell him what? Oh Inuyasha we think Kagome is the new ruler of the Southern Lands also she has three shard of the Shikon no Tama so we better go over there before Naraku gets them."

"Okay, okay, you didn't have to be so literal, jeeze," Shippo grumbled while glaring at the smirking monk.

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