New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Lessons from the She Devil

Kagome sighed as she signed the last letter to the three cardinal lords and ladies explaining who she was and all that stuff, but minus the part that she was a human miko. Now, she didn't want to see any of them any time soon. She laid her head down on her black polished desk, "god I hate my life," she grumbled then turned her head to the side to look at the moonlight that shined within the room. Her study was huge, big enough to fit Sesshomaru in his true form in here and enough room to move around in.

The walls were made of polished thin sized wood, her floor were covered with a mahogany rug, on the side of the walls were tall sized miniature trees that came straight from Hong Kong, China. In the corners were Cherry Blossom trees that were planted there, over in on the left side were shelves over shelves of books and old scrolls she found while digging around in the old Southern Kingdom and another parts of the countries.

One shelf was for the children that were within the kingdom and if they wanted a book to read, all they had to do was take the book or scroll, drop a small portion of their blood on a piece of scroll paper then leave with it. Sometimes if they wanted poetry books, she would go to another country to get one then read it to them since it was written in another language. Over on her right was a secret doorway that leads through a hidden hallway that went through the whole kingdom behind the walls, kind of like an inner kingdom inside the kingdom.

Though that was only used for emergencies for immediate evacuation if the kingdom was ever in a serious attack by an enemy or another kingdom whichever comes first. Kagome banged her head a couple times on her desk "god-" bang "-just-" bang "-shoot-" bam "-me."

"You know, if you keep doing that you're going to just knock yourself out," came a snippy voice.

Resting her head there for a while, Kagome slowly lifted her head up to see a small group of teenaged demons, about around thirteen or fourteen years old. Standing there were equal shares of female and male demons in the group and they all looked like those blonde American bitches she usually seen in American movies. This made her eye twitch a bit, 'I swear, if I get my hands on those five hell shadow demons I am going to send them to a new sector of hell that not even Satan knew about,' she inwardly snarled.

Letting out a small silent sigh, she stood up from behind her desk, "since your original Senseis are not here to teach you anything, I took the liberty in doing so."

One demoness clucked her tongue in that irritating manner, "why? I see no reason why we should be learning all this useless stuff. Since we won't need it in the near future," she said snobbishly, Kagome closed her eyes and her brow twitched again.

"Because in this kingdom, you will not be some uneducated prostitute who sells their body or thieves that still what they could have in they actually took the time to learn. If you were within another kingdom, you would never have an opportunity like this." She told them this in strained kind of voice, as though she wanted to yell the hell out of them, but she didn't want to scare the little monsters.

The demoness rolled her eyes, "whatever," she said.

Kagome's brow twitched again and she let out another long breath, "now would you tell me where your Senseis left off on in your lesson?"

"Uh, no" said the same demoness in a snooty tone.

"Okay," Kagome stressed the word, her patience thinning quickly, "would you tell me-" "listen here human," the same demoness cut her off. "Just because you're like the second boss around here does not mean you're any older than us."

"I'm actually sixteen years old, two years older than you," Kagome informed her in a flat tone.

The demoness scoffed, "who cares, you're still a child in the eyes of demons."

Kagome about had it with this little bitch, "and to my eyes, you're still a whiney little daddy's girl" she said calmly, which kind of scared the other demons who stood behind the demoness.

The demoness had dark brown hair that was styled in two pigtails, which Kagome wanted to grab and throw her around the room until gravity made her longer than a tree. She had cinnamon colored eyes that would seduce any male demons into doing her dirty bidding. 'Female Naraku much,' she had a kind of late developed body, no curves, small breasts that looked like she didn't even have any. Kind of tall, thin lips, and her cheekbones were a bit high, but unnoticeable only if you looked closer.

The demoness glared at her, "what did you call me?" she growled lowly.

"I do not repeat myself to spoiled brats," Kagome told her with a serious expression which angered the demoness more.

"How dare you?" the demoness yelled out in anger, no one has ever called her a daddy's girl or a spoiled brat before and she would be damned if she would allow this, this, this…ruler wannabe to call her such now.

"You have no right to call me that! One day I will be the ruler of these lands and when that happens, I will make sure to teach you your place" she snarled at her.

Kagome slammed her hands down on the desk; hard enough to make the whole room feel like it shook, and almost break the nicely designed desk.

"Girl, you better shut your mouth now or I swear to god! I will slit your throat, pull out your tongue, and gag you with it! You will show some proper respect around this Kingdom, especially to me!" Kagome's voice boomed throughout the kingdom that it made the dishes in the kitchen shake.

Now the demoness and other the demons looked to be afraid of her. 'Good,' Kagome collected herself and sat back down in her seat, all the while staring at the trembling demons that now hid behind the trembling demoness as though she would protect them. 'Like they say, if you wake up a god while it's sleeping, you had better be dying,' "well now, now that I have your undivided attention," her eyes looked at them pointedly. "We will be able to continue on with today's lesson," the demons were still trembling.

"I think I wet my pants," one of the demons said out of the blue, she closed her eyes and chuckled.

"Since I have no clue what you were being taught, I will teach a couple of my lessons, which I like to call RAPP; Respectful, Accountable, Prepared, and Punctual. I had to learn these things when I was about ten years old. If you do not pass these four lessons, I will make sure you play a little game with some of my hell shadow demons, who would love to play with undisciplined demons" she said this with a grin. One demons in the back fainted from pure terror and the other demons shook even more while seeing this happen.

Kagome chuckled, "well, let the lesson commence shall we," she grinned almost devilishly.

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