New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Follow the Rules or Say Goodbye & Die

"Very good, you guys are doing splendid," Kagome cheered with a small smile as she watched the teenage demons move around like ants that were trying not to get stepped on. Her day seemed to have gotten brighter by teaching these spineless demons her four codes in a kingdom that gave them advantage to have a new start in life.

She already taught them two of them, what they had to do were;

Respectful: All of the demons were to go around the whole kingdom, with a low sipping cup that had sake in it on their heads, and apologize to all those in the kingdom that they have showed disrespect to. If they had yet to apologize to them or back talked them, the cup would automatically fall off their heads and they would have to do all over again. Except, this time they would have to carry a bucket of water that had a bit of acid in it on their head also around the bucket edge would be edged with cups all around it. If they failed to do the lesson, well, let's just say they will not be able to see for a while, also will need a long, long, long bath, because when the bucket fell, the sake within the sipping cups would turn into skunk vapor.

Accountable: Now this lesson were suppose to have one demon at a time to go in the Temple of the Buddhist of Darkness and sit in the middle of the room. This room was huge, the ceiling was five hundred feet high, the walls would have been four hundred feet away and in the far back wall there was a giant gold Buddha seated in a red and gold pedestal.

There was a cushion seat set right in the middle of the room with eight candles around it, the only light they would have in the pitch black room. This lesson was to answer something truthfully without making up an excuse or to tell a lie. It was a bit more challenging than the other one. It would seem the person who asked the demons question or say an opinion was the Giant Gold Buddha itself. However, it was possessed by an ancient monk who died long, long ago, when Midoriko was just a toddler.

When the Buddha asked a question and the demon made up an excuse for the question or opinion, one candle would go out and no matter how many times you try to tell the truth, the candle will not relight. This would go on until they finally answered everything truthfully without excuses or telling a lie. However, when all the candles go out, the hell shadow demons would come out to play.

If they were to answer everything truthfully without any candles going out, a path of candles would lead you straight out the door, simple, no?

Right now, Kagome was teaching the demons how to prepare. In this lesson they had to walk through the dojo where the soldiers train while they were in the middle of a sparring session between the soldiers. If they made it out without a scratch, they would pass the lesson, but if they did not and get hit by an attack then they would have to do it all over again. They had to be prepared for what's to come, without their prior knowledge.

Kagome stood right in front of the panting demons that were kneeled down on the ground trying to calm their thumping hearts. She smiled brightly at them, "wow, you did wonderful! And none of you got killed!" 'sadly,' "now onto our next lesson."

"Hold up a dang second!" screamed Daddy's Girl, a.k.a the demoness who shall further be known as Daddy's Girl until she learned some proper respect in this kingdom.

Daddy's Girl stood up and stared Kagome dead in the eye, which made Kagome raise one curious brow, "what?" she asked Daddy's Girl.

Daddy's Girl glared at her, "why the fuck do we have to do all this?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "it seems like your sensei missed out one lesson, discipline. Until you learn that little note; you are going to do all this. Even if we have to go through it again, except instead up cups it will be swords, and instead of the dark room, it will be filled with hungry demons that would eat you with just one lie."

At the sound of this all the demons quickly got up and shouted "no!" and that they would continue on with the lesson, but as long as she didn't force them to do those lessons again, especially with swords and mad hungry demons in dark rooms.

Daddy's Girl glared at the other demons, "have you no shame?" she demanded loudly making them flinch. "This is a human, our greatest prey. We do not have to be intimidated by her kind," "nor do I have to be intimidated by your kind, as you so nicely put it" quipped Kagome. Daddy's Girl hissed at her with anger and loathing, though Kagome just brushed it off.

"Since your little leader here wants to be a smartass, I will change the approach in your next lesson…Punctual," the demons turned pale.

They had no clue what that meant, but by the way Kagome made it sound, it sounded painful and hard. Kagome grinned, "don't worry, no one will get hurt. That is, if the saying demons are more balanced than humans are true."

Daddy's Girl scoffed, "of course we are, you humans can't go one step without tripping over your own two feet," she lifted her nose and sniffed. Kagome made a mental image of Daddy's Girl being pulled into the shadows and never being seen again, this made her smile.

"And I don't give a rat's ass, now follow me and we will continue on with this lesson without interruptions," she said narrowing her eyes at Daddy's Girl who just huffed and crossed her arms over her undeveloped chest. Kagome's eyes narrowed as she noticed it was a bit bigger for some reason, then she saw a piece of paper sticking out from her kimono. Grinning, Kagome quickly snatched the paper and pulled it out halfway, enough to reveal it to everyone. Daddy's Girl gasped and turned ten shades of red from total embarrassment as everyone in the dojo started to laugh.

The demons behind her tried not to laugh by covering their mouths. Kagome waved the paper between her fingers, "well, I must say only if you have a chest cold; I highly suggest you not waste any paper to make you look more developed when you are not developed in brains yet."

Kagome let the paper go, allowing it dangle out of Daddy's Girl kimono then spun around on her heels and started to walk out towards the exit. The demons quickly followed behind her, leaving an embarrass demoness behind.

Daddy's Girl stood there for a while thinking of Kagome with hatred, "that little human bitch, how dare she humiliate me. I will make her pay, I will make sure to torture and humiliate her," Daddy's Girl chuckled.

All of the sudden, the room went completely silent. Daddy's Girl blinked then looked around the room to see that everyone was gone, the dojo was completely empty of soldiers that had been training just moments ago.She saw that even the weapons were back on the rack as though it was never touched.

An eerie feeling befell throughout the room, Daddy's Girl shivered with apprehension and something unknown. She looked around the room again when suddenly something grabbed her from the shadows and dragged her in. She didn't even have enough time to scream before being swallowed downed into the shadows.

The dojo was now completely empty and silent of all sound, two figures rose up out of the shadows in the middle of the room.

One figure was a man with long crimson hair that matched the color of blood with black tints in it; he had full black eyes with dark blood crimson slit pupils. Under his eyes were black markings that looks like an ocean wave pointing in one way to the other. His skin complexion was as a pale as snow, he wore something like the other five hell shadow demons who went to go see Lady Kagome yet his had red trims at the end.

The other figure looked the same as the first yet had gold tints in his hair and his slit pupils were the same color, and his clothes had gold trims at the end instead of crimson blood red.

They looked over to where the demoness had been pulled in to and saw blood dripping from the walls. They looked at each other and smirked, the demoness was not dead, though she did have a little punishment for thinking of deceiving Lady Kagome. They closed their eyes and slowly melted within the shadows underneath them and slithered away as nothing as a fleeting shadow.

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