New Ruler of the Southern Lands

The Flame to the Dark World

Diary Entry,

January 27, 1988

Its still winter and now snowing like the gods were shooting flakes of clouds at us. Hm, wonder why. I just received a letter from a messenger that my family has been killed. Sadly, they did not die in their beds. Instead, as I was informed, they were shot by assassins that worked for our army.

I'm starting to believe that this war, this army is not fighting to protect the people. Instead, it would seem, that they are all fighting to just win; some for glory, some for the fun of shedding blood, and other some for plain old fear of dying. Or is it fighting for their country? Blah, no one does that anymore. I'm still a bit shocked and traumatized that my family was murdered. It seemed like a month ago that I was talking to mom and dad that I was going to join the army and stop all this hubbub. To protect our family.

It would seem I didn't do a good job if some of my comrades assassinated them. I will make them pay dearly for what they have done, they didn't even show mercy to my youngest brother.

Heh, that squirt must have tried and protect mom and dad, though I bet my dad went down first. Like they say, the man protects its lock like a shield lock. –Sniffle- I miss them, I miss them so much. I regret leaving them to fight in this cold blooded war. I've seen so many things that I thought only existed in movies, but it would seem it's real and it's happening right in front of me.

I was sixteen when I joined this war, I was seventeen when my family was killed. Now at the age of eighteen I'm about to show all these not so honorable army what war is really like, especially when you have a numb cold-hearted female.

Like they say, "War is Colder than a Battle of Will."

The next day went eventful as Kagome prayed it to be. She was quite happy since she got the chance to make those five hell shadow demons pay for all the trouble they put her through. Now she knew why they are called hell shadow demons, bunch of asses. Kagome sighed then lifted her head again and looked straight up ahead. Right now she was patrolling the whole Southern Lands, instead of just the borders like many other demons do.

Kagome goes around like a spiral until she is sure that everything is in order, though she had to go into villages to see to some things. Since yesterday, before she went to bed, she looked upon five complaints from some villages that were having some problems with something.

Kagome sighed once again then craned her neck to look up at the sky, 'in the human life there are always sacrifices that must be made, either in battle, or to continue a life peacefully. In a demon life there is full of chaos, there is only one code they live by and that's kill or be killed. A demon is full of chasing or running, trying to get away from the people or demons that are hunting them. Strong demons even die from the law of the Human Sacrificial Life. Like the great dog demon general, Inutaisho, Lord Kinom, the last lord of the Southern Lands who fought to protect the kingdom to save his people, and Lady Seshina, the first mate of Lord Inutaish. She sacrificed her life to save her first son from being killed by Lord Inutaisho when he went into rage, the cause of it, is still unknown.'

The sounds of busy villagers brought Kagome back to earth, she stopped and looked back down to see the village that she called the Village Trade. This is where all the trades from different counties are traded to. They would get silks from Egypt, historical books from Rome, poetry from China, and some haikus, and strong metals for swords from England. They would also receive some things from other countries who have heard of the high respects they receive and wanted to show their respects as well.

So Kagome helps them as they helped her, back to back it would seem. Sometimes she would go over to the country and have a meeting with the leaders; pharaohs, emperors, and kings or queens. It was kind of cool to travel around the countries in the past.

"Lady Kagome, Lady Kagome!" someone called.

Kagome looked a little to the left to see the little village monsters, she smiled and waved to them, "hey, there's my little men and women."

The demon children giggled as they stopped right in front of her. All the demons admired Kagome for her kindness and caring nature for everything and in everyone, the kids looked up at her as a role model, even the boys, which was a bit weird. Insert little Jankotsu. Kagome inwardly shuddered, 'oh, now that would be scary,' she thought before her attention was brought back to the children, "Lady Kagome guess what?" a little demoness spoke excitedly.

Kagome chuckled, "what?"

"One of my fangs came out and daddy said he's going to do something with it, though I kind of forgot," she said the last part with a bit of embarrassment though no one laughed. They just smiled and said don't worry or something among those lines.

"Really now? I think I should go talk to your father and see what he's making for you, though I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise," Kagome said with a tone of uncertainty.

The children giggled, "that sounds great Lady Kagome! Oh yeah, we just received some things from…I think it was called, af-afi," the second child, a boy, struggled to pronounce the name.

"Africa?" Kagome asked curiously, secretly helping the child say the word.

"Yeah, that's the one!" the boy said excitedly.

"Really!" Kagome gasped in mock surprise.

"YEAH!" the children shouted in unison.

"What did they send?" Kagome asked curiously with a gentle smile on her face as the children began to tell her what they got from Africa.

"Some really amazing door mats."

"Its made up of some weird kind of stuff though."

"Africa is known for their crafty arts to make things, such as door mats are made up of parts of something, my mind is getting rusty," at this, everyone started to laugh.

An older demon, who looked to be in his mid-thirties, walked up to the laughing and giggling group with a warm smile on his face.

This demon looked to be a wolf demon, he had grey hair that reached passes his shoulders, silver tinted blue eyes that held wisdom and knowledge. He was about a 6'3", and has a slim built body. He wore something like Kouga except his fur was white with gray here and there, and wore silver chest armor instead of black that had a blue line go across it.

"Welcome back Lady Kagome, I see that you are well," he said politely, his voice was soft and smooth that it almost sounded like bamboo flutes. The children stopped chatting and looked up, Kagome did the same and gave a warm smile at the demon, "Chino, its wonderful to be back once again, and yes I am fine. I see that the news of me passing out at the gardens has spread like wild fire."

"Why of course, all of us respect you highly and think of you as one of our pack. You are the sun in these dark times," a sudden sense of déjà vu washed all over Kagome body making her eyes widened a bit and freeze there.

"Please Kagome, don't go," a little boy said almost pleadingly.

A sixteen year old Kagome sighed then sat down on the bed next to little boy and wrapped her arms around his small body.

"I have to Sen, if I don't go and stop this thing; you, mom, and pop are going to get killed, and I don't want that to happen, and I bet you don't want that to happen either."

"No, but what if you get shot and, and," "shh," Kagome shushed then laid her head on top of the boy's.

"Nothing is going to happen to me, I swear it. Why do you think I asked dad if I could take martial art lessons when I was younger hm?" she gave him a mischievous smile.

"But still," the boy began with doubt and hesitance clearly laden in his voice and Kagome stopped him before he could say another word.

"No buts buddy," she gave him playful stern glare, "now don't worry. When this is over, I swear to god himself that I will return, okay?" Kagome gave him a reassuring smile as she gazed him warmly.

The boy sighed then snuggled up against Kagome's body, "alright, but please come back, you're like the flame to this family, and without you, nothing will be the same." Kagome held her little brother tighter, "I promise, I'll be back," she whispered softly as her brother slowly fell to sleep.

"Lady Kagome, Lady Kagome, Kagome!" Kagome jumped then blinked a couple times, focusing her vision to what was in front of her.

She met frosted blue eyes, "Chino?" she said a bit unsure.

Chino pulled back a bit and sighed with relief, "thank goodness," he said lightly.

"What-what happened?" Kagome stuttered a bit as she tried to remember what she was doing before and looking around to see the children missing.

"Where's the children?" she asked in confusion, knowing full well that she was just talking to them about stuff that was imported form Africa before greeting Chino.

Chino looked back up to her, "you were out of it for a while, thethe children were trying to get you to come back but it would seem nothing worked. I told them to go back to the village and play and I will watch you, that was when I saw you starting to bleed that I tried to wake you," he explained.

"Bleeding?" looked down she saw that her shoulder had a red spot on it, her brows furrowed in confusion, 'what in the world?'

"I think you should return back to kingdom, you don't seem well," Chino suggested and Kagome's head whipped around to look at him with a frown on her face.

"But I still have to," Kagome was stopped as Chino shook her head with a stern and resolute expression on his face which meant that he wasn't going to back down.

"Don't worry, I will send some of my wolves out to check around the lands and if anything comes up they will report it to your men," he told her.

Kagome looked a Chino with a thoughtful look, "well okay," she said slowly in an unsure voice.

Getting up on his feet, Chino grabbed Kagome's hand and helped her up off the ground, "thank you," she gave him a small smile that he returned just the same.

"You're welcome, now head straight to the kingdom and get some rest, and don't worry about a thing, I have everything settled," he assured her.

Kagome nodded her head, "okay, but if I hear one thing wrong I'm coming back," she warned.

Chino shook his head, 'still stubborn as ever,' he thought.

Kagome waved goodbye to him then leaped high into the air until she was a thousand feet high and flew in the direction where the kingdom was.

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