New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Unsuspecting News and Night of Rock

In the Western Lands, Sesshomaru was in his office looking over some paperwork that he neglected to do while on his travels around Japan. He dipped the ink brush within the ink bottle, wiped it on the edge to rid some of the excess then wrote his name gracefully on the bottom of a scroll. While doing this, he tried very hard as to not get any ink on the sleeve of his white kimono all the while mentally cursing Inuyasha for cutting off his left arm.

The sun's light shined down into the room onto Sesshomaru's majestic form, his long silky silver hair looked a bit blonde from the way the sun was hitting it. His narrow shaped golden eyes were completely focused upon the work that was on his low desk. Above his eyes was a permanent kind of red eye shadow, on both sides of his face were two red streak marks and on to of his head was a left royal blue crescent moon. His white kimono had red hexagon patterns on his shoulder and edges of his sleeve and within the hexagon were cherry blossoms.

He didn't wear his black shoulder spiked armor that he normally wore, but his fluffy boa was still around his right shoulder. As he signed the last scroll carefully, he sat back onto his legs and looked at his work then quietly sighed to himself with relief of finally being done with the troublesome paperwork.

There was a light knock on the door. He looked up and said "enter" and watched the shoji door open. It was his messenger. He fell to one knee with his head bow down though slightly tilted to expose his neck, showing his respects and submission to prove that he meant no harm.

"I am sorry to disturb you my lord, but it would seem you have just received a letter from the Southern Ruler," he informed.

At the sound of a letter from the Southern Land, Sesshomaru's brows knitted together in shock and confusion.

"I will accept it," he said,, the messenger nodded once then stood up onto his feet and walked over to the low desk to place scroll on in front of Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru grabbed it then dismissed the messenger. The messenger nodded once then left, his head still bowed and walking backwards towards the door.

When the messenger was gone, Sesshomaru looked down upon the black scroll that had a silver rope like string around it that kept it shut from prying eyes. He gently caressed the silver rope like string with his thumb, feeling how smooth it almost silky it felt, then undid it. The scroll unrolled itself in front of him making Sesshomaru blinked a couple times with surprise then focused on what the scroll said.

Dear Lord Sesshomaru,

If you are reading this now then you must already know that I am the new ruler of the Southern Lands, no? If not then I am telling you now, I am the new Ruler of the Southern Lands.

My name will remain unknown until further notice also my gender, nationality and or race. If you try smelling out my scent, you will find out there is none, so I would highly suggest you don't even bother wasting your breath.

Sesshomaru stopped trying to search for a scent on the scroll and narrowed his eyes onto the text within the scroll that was written in a way that even he could not tell if it was a male who wrote this or a female.

This must be a sudden unsuspecting surprise to you to receive a letter from the Southern Lands as no one has ruled over these lands since before your father, the Great Dog Demon Inutaisho, was even born. Currently, I'm on a tight schedule at the moment and I do not wish to waste anymore daylight on this letter. I will give you a brief little message eh? I will not be upholding any balls, meetings, or anything such. I will remain reining over these lands unknown until I see it fit to allow you or any other of the other cardinal lords and ladies to travel over here.

May the waters surround and uphold you,

Ruler of the Southern Lands.

The scroll rolled back up and the string wrapped itself once again around it then gently laid itself back onto his desk. Sesshomaru looked at the scroll that was laid innocently on his desk, 'the new ruler of the southern lands? How does this personm that no one has ruled those lands in centuries, become it's ruler? I must look into this,' he thought to himself before standing up. He suddenly remembered, 'the southern palace was the most hidden place where no one in the world could find it, how could this person have found it?'

"I'm that star up in the sky, I'm that mountain peak up high, hey, I made it, oh~, I'm the world's greatest. And I'm that little bit of hope, when my back's against the ropes, I can feel it, oh~, I'm the world's greatest."

Kagome sang to herself as she did a 550 piece puzzle on her bed, she was laying on her stomach looking through the spread out puzzle pieces.

"That sounds like a nice song Kagome," came Kouga's voice.

Kagome looked up to see Kouga standing right at the doorway, she smiled and waved, "hey" she greeted happily.

Kouga smiled and gave her a brief wave, "yo," he pushed himself off the door and walked over to her. Kagome looked away from him and back at the puzzle while humming her favorite song her father sang to her while there was a thunderstorm.

She felt the bed shift from the extra weight on the side though paid it no mind since she knew it was Kouga. She continued to look for the puzzle piece that she needed, "it's this one," Kouga said then pointed to the puzzle piece she was looking for. Kagome pouted then giggled, "thanks Kouga," she picked up the puzzle piece and set it down on the place where it was suppose to be. She squealed with joy when the piece fit perfectly and turned to Kouga and hugged him. "Thanks Kouga, I was looking for that piece like forever," she said in an exasperated voice making Kouga chuckle.

"What are these anyways?" Kouga asked then picked up one of the puzzle pieces and fitted into another right spot.

Kagome pouted once more as Kouga seemed to have an eye to finding the right puzzle piece, "its called a puzzle. It helps me entertain myself without going mad because they put me in room lock down," she huffed, crossing her arms. This time Kouga outright laughed, he shook his head and patted Kagome's shoulder.

"Don't worry, you should know by now that everyone in this kingdom cares for you greatly," he told her.

"Oh yeah, I could feel the love," Kagome rolled her eyes and looked at her half finished puzzle. She glared at Kouga, "hey! I was doing that!" she yelled at him.

Kouga lifted his arms in surrender, "sorry, but it was kind of interesting."

Kagome growled, "if I finish this, what else am I suppose to do, strip dance?" she questioned earning her a roguish smirk from the wolf demon.

"I wouldn't mind seeing that" he said then bolted out the bed and jumped over the pool for the door.

Kagome grabbed one of her pillows and chucked it at him before Kouga escaped out the door.

She smirked when she heard a thud and a low "ow." She laughed and then looked down at her…now finished puzzle!? She growled in anger and frustration, 'that little bastard, wait until I get my hands on him!' she sighed and fell back on her bed. She stared at the ceiling for a couple minutes before her eyes slowly started to close.

In the forest, Shippo and Miroku were talking to each other while Sango, Inuyasha, and Kikyo were at camp having a glaring contest to see whose head would explode first.

"They're really pathetic," Shippo sighed as he shook his head then looked up at the sky to see the sun slowly descending down behind the mountains.

Miroku nodded in agreement, "I must agree, if Kikyo knew Inuyasha would cheat on Kagome for her, she should have guessed that he would cheat on her with someone else," Shippo nodded and Kirara mewed on Miroku's lap.

A pregnant silence grew between them, they all just stared at the beautiful sunset thinking their own thoughts and surprisingly Miroku wasn't thinking about girls and firm butts. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard humming, he turned his head to look at Shippo to see his head tilted back and moving a little to the left and right with a small smile on his lips.

"What are you humming there Shippo?" he asked curiously.

Shippo stopped humming and looked at him then looked down at the ground with a small blush, "oh, Kagome taught it to me. She said that her father use to play in a band when he was younger and he taught her some of his songs, in hopes she would continue his legacy," he explained.

"Ah, mind singing it?" Miroku asked with genuine interest, Shippo looked at him with shock then smiled and nodded, "sure" he agreed and took a deep breath to calm himself before starting to sing.

Ano hi boku no kokoro wa oto mo naku kuzure satta
Kowarete saken demo keshi sare nai kioku to
Kurayami ga hitomi no naka he to nagare komu
Mou iro sae mie nai ashita he to shizumu

Miroku closed his eyes and smiled , he bopped his head a bit to the silent beat the song Shippo was singing.

Wakari aeru hi wo tomedo naku sagashita
Ushinau tame dake ni ima wo ikiteku
Mou dame da to hitori kodoku wo daite mo
If you turn on the lights...
Hikari he terashiteku

Back at the Southern Kingdom, Kagome shot up from her bed and looked around the room wildly. "I could have sworn that I heard Shippo," trying to search for Shippo, she stopped moving her head and closed her eyes, listening to Shippo's voice. She smiled and got out of the bed to walked over to one of her secret cabinets.

She pushed the wall and it spun around revealing a black electric guitar with red marks here and there that made it look like tints instead of marks. She grabbed the guitar pick that was in between the strings then pulled out a wireless amp that she had invented and plugged it to the guitar. Closing her eyes, she concentrated to figure out where Shippo was in the song he was singing then started to play the tune to the song.

"Negai tsudukeru omoi itsuka iroduku yo" to
Oshiete kureta kokoro ni ikitsudukeru hito
Nanimo kamo hitsuzen no naka de umareru
Colors Mou ichido kono te de asu wo egakeru kara

Itsu no ma ni ka boku wa nakusu koto ni mo nare
Te ni ireta mono sae yubi wo surinuketeku
Namida ga kareru mae ni kiki takatta kotoba wa
Ima wa dareka wo sukuu tame ni It's all your fate.
You gonna do that.

At a camp, Sesshomaru and his companions were all resting when Sesshomaru suddenly heard music coming in two directions. In one direction there was someone singing and in the second direction, someone was playing some instrument that he never heard before. He tilted his head slightly so his ear was facing the sky and listened carefully to the strange music.

"Hikari ga tsuyoku nareba yami mo fukaku naru" to
Kiduita toshite mo osoreru koto wa nai yo
Nanimo kamo kokoro no hate ni umareru
Colors Mou hitomi wo hiraite mitsumerareru kara

Kanashimi no Breath Sore wa sagashiteta iro wo nijimaseru yo Oto mo tatezu ni

He subconsciously started to bob his head to the beat of the music. The two headed dragon started to hear the music as well and lifted its head from its place to look around. When it looked at its master, they saw him bobbing his head slightly.

Back with Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara they were all shocked to hear the sound of Kagome's guitar. When they realized that she could hear Shippo singing, they smiled. Miroku started to sing the last verse with him as much as he could, well minus Kirara, who just moved her head left to right with her two tails wagging in the opposite direction.

"Negai tsudukeru omoi itsuka iroduku yo" to
Oshiete kureta kokoro ni ikitsudukeru hito
Nanimo kamo hitsuzen no naka de umareru
Colors Mou ichido terasu yo hikari no yubisaki de

Just drawing...Colors in light and darkness
And take it...Colors in light and darkness
Ima wa todoka nai yasashii iro mo
Subete wa mata kono te de egaki naoseru kara

As the singing ended, Sesshomaru could only hear the fading sound from the mysterious instrument. He then realized it was coming from the South, 'that's strange,' he thought as he leaned back and looked up at the now night sky.

"Lord Sesshomaru, why were you nodding your head?" a teenaged girl asked and Sesshomaru's brow twitched.

Kagome lowered her guitar as she let the last few strings slowly fade way. She closed her eyes and lifted her head to the ceiling and smiled, 'that's my boy.'

Everyone in the kingdom heard the whole thing and started to clap, making Kagome laugh when she heard their cheers, which echoed through the night skies.

Colors of the Heart by UVERworld
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