New Ruler of the Southern Lands

Night Prayer and Warnings

"Angels North, Angels South, Angels East, and Angels West just do your best and just watch over us as we rest, amen."

The gang was once again up and traveling when the first rays of light shined down on the slumbering lands. Miroku and Shippo were in the front of the group while Kirara took the middle.

Inuyasha growled softly, "tell me again, why we are going South instead of Northwest like Kikyo said, she sensed jewel shards there."

Shippo rolled his eyes, "oh did you hear that when she was seeing white?" he asked sarcastically. Inuyasha glared at him, but Shippo returned it with more force.

Miroku shook his head, "well Inuyasha, we heard a rumor saying there were jewel shards in the Southern Lands. Since we were closer to the South than we were to the Northwest, I thought it would be better to go to the Southern Lands instead," he calmly explained to the half demon.

Seeing as he couldn't' argue with that logic, Inuyasha crossed his arms over his chest and huffed, sticking his nose in the air. Shippo, Miroku, and Kirara shook their heads at the half-demon's childish antics. They continued to walk down the dirt road ignoring Inuyasha huffy attitude when all of the sudden Kirara stopped and looked around, sniffing the air. Everyone stopped to watch her.

Shippo stepped towards the two tailed neko (cat) demon, "what is it Kirara?" he kneeled down beside her then looked around the area. Everything was silent, that was when he noticed there was no sound at all. No rustles from the leaves, no thumping sounds from running animals, not even a whoosh sound from the wind, not that he could even feel even the slightest breeze.

"Hm, well if it isn't my little half-breed of a brother," came a cool and cold baritone voice; everyone froze then slowly turned their head to see a tall dark figure slowly walking out of the forest.

"Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, and…bored," Kagome was ready to cry out of sheer boredom. She swirled her finger around in the water as she watched as everything went on within the kingdom and the lands. The eyes that were within the forest could be seen from within her room.

Kagome released a heavy sighed as let her head drop, 'damn, how long are they going to keep me in here?' she closed her eyes and shook her head. She opened her eyes again then look to the right. She frowned and raised her hand, the image within the waters froze in place. She swiped her hand across the other images and the other image became larger. Looking at the image closely she saw that it was her old group and…Sesshomaru?

"Oh boy, this will not end up well," she mumbled to herself with a frown as she pushed herself up to her feet. "Drastic times means for drastic measures," Kagome clasped her hands together in front of her as though praying. She slowly kneeled down on one knee at the same time her arms slowly crossed each other to opposite shoulders, making an X across her chest.

Bowing her head, Kagome started to chant; the water slowly started to rise out of the pool and glided around her like a snake. As Kagome chanted faster and faster, the water started to swirl around her faster as well.

Kagome's black silk pajamas changed to a black kimono that had a red dragon designed on it with smoky clouds on the edges of the separate piece of the sleeves. A black and gold obi (belt) around it with a red string in the middle of it. It had slits on both sides that reached her hip revealing her long, never ending, slender legs that will get even girls drooling. She wore the most amazing shoes that didn't look at all for fighting. The shoes was of a red dragon with its neck going down the shoes while its wings were closed behind it as the heel holder and its tail went up, above her ankle, also had a topaz stone in the end of the tail. On the wings were dazzling gems and stones, the bottom of the shoe was made up of gold cushioning and the thing that gave the shoe its dazzling perfection was the sparkling gem on the heel of it.

When the whole transformation was done, Kagome was completely surrounded by the water and the water slowly started to pull back into the pool with Kagome missing from the spot she was just in.

Inuyasha growled lowly as he held the Tetsusaiga out, ready to plunge it through the arrogant demon lord. Sesshomaru stood only a few feet away from them, not affected by Inuyasha's pitiful attempted to intimidate him. He looked at all the members of the group as though searching for someone. When he seems to not have found the person he was looking for he looked back at Inuyasha.

"So I see that your other miko has left you. Did she finally realize that you have been using her for your selfish pleasures?" he asked with a slight taunt in his voice.

This only ticked Inuyasha even more, he tightened his grip on the hilt of the sword and was about to charge at him when Kikyo spoke, turning Sesshomaru's attention to her.

"What brings you here Lord Sesshomaru? If I do so remember, you had other responsibilities to deal with," she said coolly. Sesshomaru knew what she was talking about and narrowed his eyes at her slightly.

"Hold your tongue wench or I will make sure to send you to where you truly belong," he told her coldly.

Kikyo glared at him with hatred burning her in dead brown eyes, she lowered her bow from her back and readied an arrow, aiming it at Sesshomaru's heart.

"I belong where I say I truly belong," she said just as coldly.

Sesshomaru put his hand on Tokijin, getting ready for any kind of attacks. The group stood there in a battle like stance for what seemed like forever.

At a river that lead down to a waterfall, the waters slowly started to rise up as it went higher and higher. It swirled around into a cocoon and as the waters was completely in a cocoon shape it instantly froze into solid ice. The whole area was silent, the animals that were around, looked at the cocoon curiously, wondering what it was. They took a step closer to it then quickly halted when the heard a loud crack sound.

Their ears instantly perked up, they saw the solid ice cocoon starting to crack. The cracks spread out all through the back and the front then...


Ice shards flew everywhere. The animals was about to run for cover when they saw large transparent pink angel wings open up and flapped a couple times. They blinked a couple times and backed away when they saw the wings turned pitch black, that was when they high tailed it out of there.

The wings flapped a few more times before disappearing in thin air. Kagome slowly lifted her head, allowing her hair to spread away from her face. Her eyes flashed to silver to frosty ice blue. The winds swept across the area, blowing bamboos back and to make a soft flute sounds.

Closing her eyes and breathing in the waters and natures around her, Kagome sighed at the peace and serenity she felt. She slowly opened her eyes then smiled, 'beautiful,' she thought to herself.

"You know Lady Kagome, if Kouga knew that you left your room, he's going to be quite displeased with you," came a masculine voice.

Not surprise by this person unexpected presence, Kagome turned her head to see a parallel person of Sango. This one was a male; his raining cloud eyes were hard and narrowed. His hair was short and light brown instead of dark brown, he wore a black and grey armor just like a demon slayer's wore. He had a giant demon bone on his back which was ebony black instead of a creamy ivory and had strong metallic blades that came out when thrown. He was a Black Panther demon, except he kept his demonic appearance well hidden to make him appear to be human.

Kagome gave a low hum with amusement sparkling in her eyes, "I know, but I have more important things to take care of then worrying about how Kouga will feel when he finds out of my disappearance."

The Black Panther demon chuckled, "you seem to never change and also seem to have a few clever tricks of your sleeve" he grinned, showing his pearl white fangs that shined to the sharp point.

Ignoring the demon's remark, Kagome turned and started power walking into the forest. The panther demon stood there a bit shocked then quickly ran up beside Kagome, "hey, calm down. It was only a joke," Kagome looked at him from the side of her then looked straight ahead again.

"I know, but I need to be somewhere before half my lands starts looking like Sarah Desert," she told him, the urgency in her tone now more prominent.

At the sound of this, the demon's expression became serious, "is it an enemy?" he asked seriously as he placed a hand on the strap around the end of his demon bone weapon.

"No, some old comrades" Kagome shook her head in a negative.

The panther demon stared at the young ruler before looking straight ahead. Yes, he knew who she meant, everyone in the kingdom knows about the group Kagome use to travel with before she even came to stumble upon the ruins of the Southern Kingdom.

'Maybe now I could teach that little puppy and his bitch not to mess with someone like Lady Kagome,' he inwardly smirking. The panther demon started to formulate a plan within his mind to make Inuyasha and his little "bed mates" pay for what they have done.

"Bastard!" screamed Inuyasha, he swung Tetsusaiga at Sesshomaru but the demon lord dodged with ease and grace and swung Tokijin at him, successfully hitting him in the stomach. Inuyasha screamed out in pain while flying back and hitting a tree, almost breaking it.

"Inuyasha!" Sango called out in worry, now she knowing how Kagome felt when he always got injured, hopeless.

She turned to look at Sesshomaru to see him barely dodge one of Kikyo's arrows; she watched as Kikyo quickly notched another arrow in her bow and took aim once again in one graceful movement. Not wanting Kikyo to get all the glory, she tightened her grip on the strap on her hiraikotsu and ran towards Sesshomaru, who was still dodging Kikyo's arrows. She stopped about a few feet away from Sesshomaru, sliding a bit on the grassy ground, and threw her giant demon bone boomerang yelling, "Hiraikotsu!"

The giant demon bone boomerang flew straight towards Sesshomaru's unsuspecting back when he heard the whizzing sounds. He turned his head to see the giant bone about ready to hit him. His eyes widened in surprise for not sensing the attack sooner and quickly realized his second mistake in being distracted. He saw Kikyo's arrow coming straight towards him from his peripheral vision, there was no time to escape.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" a girl screamed in terror.

The teenage girl that traveled with him since he saved her when she got attacked by a pack of wolves quickly ran out of the bushes she was hiding in and ran in front of him. Sesshomaru looked at his ward with shock and worry flashing briefly in his eyes, he was about ready to push the little girl out of the way when another arrow hit the ground in front of them and put up a pink wall that blocked the arrow. Another giant demon bone boomerang shot out of the forest and hit Sango's boomerang, making it fall to the ground only a few inches away from them.

The black boomerang flew in the air then returned to where it came from back in the forest a few yards away and disappeared inside. No one heard if the boomerang had been caught and silence filled the clearing. Everyone stood there with shocked expressions, wondering what just happened.

The glowing arrow that made the pink wall barrier slowly sucked back up into the arrow then pulsated.

Kikyo's arrow and Sango's boomerang pulsated suddenly then slowly lifted into the air. The teenage girl watched in amazement as the weapons floated up in front of her as though there were two people standing right there protecting them. 'Guardian Angels,' she thought to herself with a smile on her face.

The teenage girl had black hair that reached her lower back that had a small ponytail on top of the right side of her head and brown eyes that shined with innocence and joy. She was about a 5'5", she wore a white kimono that had sakura petals on the shoulder and edges of the sleeves with a turquoise mist behind it, the kimono showed her half developed body. She wore no footwear at all, she was just plain barefooted.

After coming out of shock, Inuyasha narrowed his eyes in anger, "what the hell is going on Sesshomaru? Stop being coward and fight me!" he shouted.

Sesshomaru looked at Inuyasha with a bored blank expression, "this Sesshomaru has nothing to do with this half-breed," he told him.

"It;s actually I, who is doing all this…Inuyasha," came a cold monotone voice that sounded familiar.

Everyone turned their heads to see a black panther demon wearing a demon slayer outfit, the black boomerang that had deflected Sango's boomerang just moments ago. Standing right next to the demon was a cloaked figure that held a long black glowing bow that seemed connected to the black gloves that was edged with white. In their other hand they held a silver metallic arrow.

Inuyasha glared at the two people, "who the hell are you, and why are you protecting this bastard? are one of his-"

"We do not work for Lord Sesshomaru nor are we protecting him," came the same feminine voice that they could only guess was the cloaked person.

"We are specifically trying to prevent future damages to the Southern Lands, as you so intelligently knew that, right?" the panther demon asked.

Everyone stood quiet, they actually thought that they were half-way to the borders of the Southern Lands but not really within it.

Taking their silence as a no, the panther demon rolled his eyes and mumbled something about complete idiots and their lack of navigation, the cloaked figure chuckled at the demon's remark.

Sesshomaru stepped up, "how is it that the Southern Lands reach this far into the lands, as I do remember that Southern Lands only rule half the lands that reaches the-"

"Public village, yes, that is true. But the Southern Lands has expanded since the time when the new ruler arisen," interrupted the panther demon.

"New ruler?" asked Kikyo with a confused look on her face.

"Wait," Sango frowned and her brows furrowed in confusion before she shook her head then looked at the demon. "The Southern Lands has not had a ruler since the time before Midoriko was even born, or even the great dog demon general."

"Your point?" the demon raised one brow.

Sango narrowed her eyes, "my point is, is that there was no other heir to the throne to the Southern Lands so no one could possibly take over…"

"Ah yes, true. However, as you know the Demon Political Law states that if any lands has not been ruled over, and there was no other heir produced to take the throne of those lands. The souls of the past Southern Rulers will remain in the living plane until they have chosen a right ruler of their choice to rule the throne of those said lands. Am I not correct?" questioned the panther demon, challenging Sango's knowledge on demonic laws.

"…Yes you are," Sango stumbled a bit and scrambled to defend her case, "but…how would anyone be chosen when no hardly knows where the Kingdom of the South really is. That kingdom was more hidden than…Naraku himself is," Sango said, trying to explain everything the best she could. She actually didn't know the Demon Political Law, she always thought everything was chosen by the demon court. The Demon Court was a group of elder demons that chooses whether a demon will remain ruling their lands also see if their heir is worthy to take over them when the current ruler passes it on or dies in battle.

"It is true that the Demon Court is supposed to choose the next ruler, but even they cannot change the original laws that were written in the blood of the first four rulers and elders of the court," the panther demon informed her calmly.

While this whole conversation was going on, Shippo and Miroku were eyeing the cloaked figure that stood quiet. They saw their head move to the side as though looking in the forest. Rin, the teenage girl and also Sesshomaru's ward, also looked at the mysterious woman wondering what she looked like underneath that cloak. Even though she didn't care, 'she might be too ashamed of how she looked and just hid herself underneath that gaudy looking cloak.'

She jumped when the panther demon turned his head and glared at her with lightning bolts shooting in his eyes, she gulped nervously.

"I would highly recommend you didn't judge my friend of being a hideous looking being," he said with a small hiss.

Rin was shocked, "but I didn't-"

"He's telepathic, meaning he could read other people's minds," came the mysterious girl's voice, her head still turned to the forest.

Everyone looked at her, "why are you hiding underneath that cloak?" asked Sango curiously, the mysterious girl turned her head to face her.

"Whoever said I was hiding?" she remarked calmly.

"Take off the cloak then, and let us see your face," demanded Kikyo, she didn't like this woman. She held a lot of power, enough to conjure a bow and arrow.

The girl looked her way, "I do not need to prove that I am hiding or not to any of you, my reasons for being in this cloak is my own. Try and tell me that I am a coward and we'll see who'll be running up those hills with arrows shot in the ass," she threatened. To prove her threat, she lifted her bow and pulled back the arrow to aim it at her, but then the arrow divided and she was holding three arrows, all pointing at Kikyo, Inuyasha, and Sango.

All three of them tensed up seeing this, the hairs on the back of their necks rose from the power that started to gather up within the arrows. Silence grew in between them making the whole situation uncomfortable, the panther demon looked at the girl then at the gang then back at the girl.

After a couple more seconds, the girl spun the bow in one hand and the arrows in the other, separating them. She pulled her arms back, making the weapons disappear within her cloak. She spun on her heels letting her back face them, the whole gang seemed to have been relieved because their shoulders went slack a bit.

The girl turned her head, "Tinotsu," she called.

The panther demon perked his head up when he heard his name being called.

"Yes?" he answered.

"Come on, there is nothing else to be said here," the panther demon, now known as Tinotsu, nodded his head and lowered his arm from the strap on the boomerang and walked over to her. As he reached her side, the girl turned her head the other way, "you may stay in the Southern Lands as long as you do not destroy anything. However, if you do, consider yourselves as prey."

The girl's cloak lifted up revealing her kimono. The cloak stretched out toward Tinotsu to wrap around him then pulled him in as they sped into the air, shooting straight down into the deepest part of the Southern Lands.

Everyone stood there not really knowing what to do, they didn't want to listen to the girl, but they also did not want to test fate. They had no clue what the new ruler was capable of, also they had no clue as to what the hell just happened.

Sesshomaru took his hands off Tokijin and turned on his heels to face the opposite direction, "come Rin," he called.

Rin jumped slightly as she was startled by the sudden command then turned to Sesshomaru, "yes Lord Sesshomaru." She quickly followed behind him as they headed back into the forest.

"Hey get back here you bastard, we're not done yet!" Inuyasha screamed out in anger as he saw his half brother retreating instead of continuing their fight.

Suddenly he was hit in the back of the head, "ow!" he yelped then he turned to meet narrowed violet colored eyes.

He blinked a few time then growled in anger, "what the hell Miroku?" he yelled earning another whack on the head "ow!" he screamed.

"Are you deaf Inuyasha? That woman said if we were to cause any problems on these lands we will be hunted down and killed. I don't know about you but I do not wish to die just yet," he said heatedly. Inuyasha glared at him while rubbing the oh-so noticeable bump on his head.

"Its getting dark, I think we should go find a village before the moon rises up" Sango stepped in to diffuse any possible fighting between the two that were glaring daggers at one another. She glanced at Miroku who said nothing as he turned to walk over to Shippo and pick up the sleep the sleeping kitsune (fox). Kirara leaped up and landed on his shoulder, releasing a small "mew," before curling herself around his neck.

She felt a pang of hurt and jealousy in her chest and she narrowed her eyes at them before turning look at Inuyasha. He looked at her then at Kikyo with an almost conflicted expression before he scoffed and shoved his hands in his sleeves, "yeah, I think I smell some villagers up not too far from here."

The shard hunters started to take off to the closest village, oblivious of the pair of lavender and gold eyes that were watching them in the shadows. When they saw them disappear in the distance, it turned and fled, going to the village in the Southeast to where a certain wolf general was.

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