Light Casts a Shadow

Fateful Reunion

In the year X791, Sting Eucliffe was known as the infamous White Dragon at the age of 19. He had no recollection of the person he loved, nor the unfulfilled promise he made in the past. He also had no more dreams or goals, whatsoever, as he already lived the perfect life most people dreamed of. The night he decided to run away from the party would be the night he would never forget—the night he met 'Blondie'.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Sting scowled as he sprinted down the dark street, away from the distant feminine voices calling out his name. As he momentarily stopped to catch his breath, he heard numerous gasps from the people surrounding him. "Shit." He cursed. He pulled the hood of his cloak over his face while dodging people down the stone stairs. As he pressed himself against the side of a building to hide in the shadows, he watched his army of obssessed fans screaming his name run right past him. The blonde man let out a huff of exasperation as he ran his hand through his hair. "Where the hell is Rogue?" He hissed.

As Sting slowly recovered his stamina, he severely began to regret becoming a host.

Being the undefeated champion of the Grand Magic Games turned Sting into a famous celebrity. He was even formally invited to attend a grand reception in representation of Sabertooth. However, declining the royal invitation was a huge turn-off; especially when you're regarded as one of the strongest mages in Fiore.

Unfortunately, one of the main entertainers happened to be sick, so the servants kneeled on the ground begging for his help. Of course—his pride wouldn't allow it—but he was somehow turned into a host at the very last minute. Not liking his situation, he felt discriminating stares piercing him from the other hosts. Contrary to what he was speculating, they were looking at him as if he was on the cover of Sorcerer Magazine. His facial look was considered handsome to men and women alike. He was taller than the average person and his build from training showed through even with the suit covering most of his skin.

Standing in the middle of the banquet hall, women began to gather around him but kept a safe distance away as they continued to stare at him. They began to whisper between each other and started rating him and daring each other to try to approach him. A few ladies decided to attack when they finally mustered enough courage.

"... Good evening!"

"Get lost." He said darkly.

"Kyaaa~ He's so cruel!"

"So hot!"

"Be still my beating heart...!"

The predatory eyes of the lecherous women around him were starting to annoy him. To him, they were all the same: aiming for his good looks and wealth. Being in a relationship was just a chance to score some fame. 'She's the White Dragon's girl!' Those were the only reasons why they were after him. Some women even tried getting into his pants once. He was sick of it. It usually took one glare from Rogue to send all the females huddling into a corner.

"So... How would you like to become my host, White-Dragon-kun?"

"No." Sting instantly refused.

"Screw her, be mine instead!"

"Hands off, he's mine!"

"I won't let you have him!"

God. Why did I agree to do this?

As the women were fighting over which one he would take, he slowly moved backwards as they began to sound a lot like seagulls screaming, 'MINE!' at each other. When he felt the predatory glares fade away, he put on his cloak and left the building.

"Hey! He's running away!" One of the girls screamed.

"AFTER HIM!" They screeched.

And now he was hiding for dear life. Sure, he could easily fend them off with magic, but he would never hear the end of it from his guild. Either way, he was still going to get punished for leaving the reception. "Shit, Minerva is going to kill me."

Sting cursed while waiting for Rogue to pick him up. Right as he was about to leave the alleyway, he heard the sound of a door opening behind him. A person exited from the back of the building, stumbling into the passage where he was hiding. Sting froze when he realized that it was a girl. She had blonde hair split into two pigtails, thick books carried in both hands, and deep brown orbs staring right back at him. Just when he opened his mouth to say something, nearby voices alerted him.

"Didn't he come this way?"

"He has to be nearby. Keep searching!"

Sting quickly slid behind the startled girl, causing her to drop the heavy books, and cupped his hand over her mouth. Her eyes widened and she tried to rip his hand off her face.

"Hey—! Let go of me—!"

"Shut up for a second!" He growled back.

After a few moments, the girl stopped resisting and stared at him with bewildered eyes. When the voices died away and there was finally nothing but the sounds of their breathing, Sting removed his hand from her mouth and swiftly forced her back against the wall. "Listen." He towered over her, "I'll give you anything you want. Money. Fame. Anything that it'll take for you to shut up!"


"You want something off of me? My piercing? I'll give it to you, so just stay quiet and keep your mouth shut!"

"No, I—"

"Tch. What do you want? A kiss? I can give you a—"

*SMACK* Sting was stupefied when she slapped him across the face. It took him several of seconds to realize what happened by the time he rubbed his jaw. He was quite surprised from her reaction and how she completely caught him off guard. The girl was glaring at him angrily as she cautiously picked up her fallen books.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Huh?" Sting was at a loss for words after hearing her speak for the first time, as those were the first words he actually heard from her. She has a nice voice, he unconsciously thought.

Feeling him being tense, the girl let out a tired sigh. No matter how you look at it, suddenly grabbing someone like her at a dark alleyway in the middle of the night was incredibly suspicious. But since she sensed no harmful intentions, she let it go. Looking him up and down, she had to admit that he was quite the looker. "Who are you?"

". . . You don't know who I am?"

"No, duh." She rolled her eyes as if it was the most obvious thing. "Well, am I supposed to? I thought you were going to rape me back there! On top of that - we just met - so how in the world am I supposed to know who you are?"

"Err... Uh, no." He was taken aback. He wasn't expecting that at all. "It's just that most people would be surprised to see me. I thought you were going to scream or something and give me away."

"Ah, so you are hiding from someone. Well you do seem like a shady guy."

He scowled at her, "What's that supposed to mean—"

"—But you don't seem like a bad person." She smiled.

Sting stared at her with a dumbfounded expression. Who was she? She had a familiar scent and was insanely pretty for a bookworm. At first he thought she was going to pretend to act all feminine and get on good terms with him, then later reveal her true colors and turn out to be some sort of stuck up bitch.

Like every other female.

But she was warm. She was unaffected by him. She didn't treat him like everyone else. She was straightforward and sincere. She was different. He wanted to know more about her.

"Hey," He asked, "What's your name—"


A raindrop fell from the sky and landed on her face.


Several more drips followed after another as dark clouds clouded the night sky. The rain picked up speed and started pouring heavily. Soon, they were both getting drenched by the rain.

"Ah! My books!" She began to panic. "They're going to get ruined!" She desperately hugged the leather-bound books to her stomach in an attempt to keep them as dry as possible. The cold wet rain pricked along her back, until she felt something warm and soft being placed around her shoulders.

"Here, take it." Sting said as he handed over his cloak, "It's not like I want you to get all wet or anything. I'll just give you this before I go."

He no longer needed the cloak to hide his identity thanks to the heavy rain, so he decided to give it to her in the meantime. Watching her protect her books like that was pitiful sight, so he quickly draped it around her shoulders before she could react.

"Take it as thanks for not saying anything back there." He smirked at her puzzled reaction before leaving the passageway. "See ya later, Blondie!"

Sting took a second to glimpse back at her, not knowing what this strange feeling inside of him was. The fact that someone didn't know who he was baffled him. Why did she feel so different from the girls madly obsessed with him? Something about her made him feel warm inside, but he still didn't trust anyone.

He left the passage, getting soaked by the rain. On his way back to the guild, his thoughts were occupied by that mysterious girl. He hit himself for not being able to catch her name. He didn't know why, but he felt strangely attached to her. He had this strange feeing that he actually knew her from somewhere before. Who was that girl? He wondered to himself.

"See ya later, Blondie!"

Lucy was left standing alone, sheltered from the rain, watching his retreating back get smaller in the distance. She would have shivered in the cold, but the cloak's velvet interior kept her warm. Blondie... The familar nickname almost made her drop her newly bought books. A pensive sadness welled up from inside of her as an image of a certain boy came to mind.

"Where are you now?" She asked the rain.

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