My Princess [One shot BTS Jungkook]


Forgive me She is the princess and he is the son of a servant... They are friends of childhood but The King doesn't accept their proximity and will do everything to separate them. But feelings will be born... A translation of my fanfiction "Ma princesse" which is on Wattpad. Follow me on Wattpad : @FFbyM18blinky WARNING Copyright ( c ) 2019 All rights reserved

Romance / Drama
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Part 1

Y/N = your name

Enjoy !

Close from the palace, two children were playing into the meadow. A boy and a girl. One of them was older than the other. However, the most important thing wasn’t the age of difference but the princess playing with a servant’s son…

The king, who was watching over them from one of the windows of the castle, remained thoughtful, asking himself about separating them or letting them happy together…

Y/N : Jungkook! Jungkook! You know what? I wish we will always be together!

Jungkook blushing : M...Me too


The young boy went to the Throne Room, called by the King. He was pretty worried and who wouldn’t be when the King himself ask after self…

Guard : Your Highness, the young Jungkook has arrived.

King : Well, let him coming in

Jungkook came in with apprehension and his heart was beating so fast. Did he do something wrong? The King was full of kindness with him because he was so young.

King : Straighten you up, my boy. I have something important to tell you

Jungkook straightened him up slowly and faced to the King.

King : Jungkook, you’re going to be twelve years old soon. It’s too young but it’s the time where the future soldiers of the palace begin their formation.

Future soldiers? He never thought about being a soldier like his father…

King : You know, I’m looking for someone special, someone I can trust. Not a simple guard but someone who will be formed to stand by the Princess’s sides, to watch over her and protect her whatever could happen

Jungkook frowned...The Princess? Who is she? And what is the link between him and her? He was taken from his thoughts when he saw The King getting up from his throne and going through the window.

King : Come

Jungkook joined the King and stood by him, very close. He was entirely nervous. Jungkook followed the King’s sight. He was staring out the window overlooking the meadow. And right there was the Princess Y/N, playing with the guards and laughing happily. She seemed so innocent, so naive, so frail. She was pretty. Jungkook recognized her as his friend.

Jungkook : Hey! It’s Y/N

King : No, it isn’t...This is the Princess and this is the way you must call her right now

Jungkook widened his eyes, a little shook. The King turned the head through him and smiled.

King : She’s my unique child and consequently, she’s the Princess, my unique heir…

Jungkook thought his heart was dying. He never knew even a second his friend was actually the Princess… So, now it was certain! The King was going to punish him for being close to her?

King : Will you accept to always stay by her sides? To vow your own life to protect her, at the risk of your own life, no matter what happens?

The King waited for too much from Jungkook, but at this age, was he ready enough to answer at this important question? Jungkook stayed quiet while a moment, his sight was fixed through the window. He was staring out Y/N, his friend, his only friend. Did it mean he couldn’t see her again if he refused? She was so kind, so pretty, such a little angel, a little sun ray… His sun ray. His sight hardened and the King could see a sparkle into his eyes, some determination.

Jungkook : I accept

The King, smiling: That’s what I expected to hear. From now, you will be formed by the bests, you always must to call her Princess and talk formally to her. Never forget that you and her aren’t from the same world…

Jungkook swallowed his saliva. From now, he was devoted to the Princess. She wasn’t his friend any more but his master. This thought was a little bit hard but if it was for her, it didn’t matter. From this day, everything changed. Jungkook followed an intensive training every days. His mind was put to the test. Sometimes, in the evening, he broke down into tears so bad he was hurt, so bad his coaches were strict with him. They were pitiless with him…

He rarely met Y/N because he should train tirelessly and didn’t have any break. He was always with someone to teach him.

Y/N was walking around the castle, in company of her governess, when she saw Jungkook riding a horse. He wasn’t alone, his teacher and other students were by his sides.

Y/N, sulking: Tell me why can’t I play with Jungkook any more? Why can’t see him?

Governess : Come on Princess, it is not worthy of you. You should understand that Jungkook trains tirelessly. You will just disrupt him in his progression. That’s for him to be better, you understand?

Y/N, resigned: I know it but...I miss him

At the same moment, Jungkook turned the head and saw Y/N. His heart warmed up immediately, just seeing her gave him energy. She smiled to him and made a sign from the hand.

POV Jungkook : Y/N, I miss you…

The governess took Y/N away as soon as she saw their interaction. It was cruel, why did they have to separate them?

The only thing which made him standing, his only source of motivation, was Y/N’s smile, her warm image. He should live up to her. Soon, he didn’t cry any longer, his sight hardened, he was complaining no longer. Years after years, he became a strong man, powerful, swift, agile; the perfect guard. He trained with other future guards and was always on top among them. All the young maids talked about him and his feats. They all were charmed and claimed his beauty.

In her side, Y/N usually heard about him but it’s been about two years she didn’t meet him or see him. She even thought he avoided her… And it was true, Jungkook has taken the decision himself to not see her, not seek her anymore. He even avoided to pronounce her name into conversations, he thought as long as he wasn’t on top, he didn’t deserve it…

Teacher : Okay guys, come around

All the students came silently, curious about what he was going to say.

Teacher : During these last years, you worked hardly and each of you has upgraded. You all got an excellent level and I’m proud of you. And I’m also proud to announce you that your formation as a guard is now over.

Everybody looked at the other, with a mix of joy and melancholia. There were all accustomed to this life, to this routine and to this unrestrained rhythm. It was a new life which begun. All their feats were going to be reward, it was the reason why they were always training. Jungkook stayed quiet.

During the years, he has built a shell which one gave the impression to the others that he was completely indifferent to everything, a real little soulless soldier. Outside, he had a hard and cold image, so scary but he was admired by everyone. Their training ended, they were only twenty years old and the Princess, was just eighteen years old.

*** Throne Room***

Y/N : You called me, father?

King : Indeed, you have now reached the majority. You have grown up, you have studied. Until now, you were framed by many people. It is the time for you to take your own responsibilities.

Finally!!! Inside, Y/N exulted, during all these years, she felt oppressed. She didn’t have any moment to breath, there was always someone to watch over her, to teach the good manners...She was finally breaking free!

King : You will only have one guard with you who will always be there for you

Y/N couldn’t hide her deception...What else?!

King : You know him well

At the same time, the doors opened, Y/N didn’t even dare turning back herself. She was already fed up. Did someone was going to stay with her every time? Seriously?! However, she was curious to know who is going to be.

Jungkook moved through the King, the head up with a straight posture and his robust body. The Kind was amazed. There was no doubt; he wasn’t this little boy he used to know. He has changed. He came to stand by Y/N’s side without even a look and salute the King.

Y/N shook:’s you?

Jungkook didn’t answer. He kept looking at the King, like he was obsessed by his duty.

King : You recognized him. This is Jungkook. From now, he will be there for you, to escort you

Y/N didn’t know how to react. She was glad but she knew he wasn’t the Jungkook she used to know anymore…

King : You both can dispose

Y/N remained speechless. She and Jungkook went back after saluting the King. Once they were out from the Throne Room, Y/N turned towards him.

Y/N : Jungkook, is it you?

Jungkook turned his eyes towards her. He finally could see her face. Her sight shined so much he admired her. She also had changed, she had become even more beautiful, she had become a woman.

Jungkook,with a neutral voice: Yes, it is

Y/N confused: Why...are you so...distant? I mean, it’s normal because it’s been a long time we haven’t

talk together,’s such…you

Y/N was losing herself into her sentences, she missed him so bad bud she had the impression he didn’t miss her the same. She didn’t even know what to think. Jungkook knew it but the King’s speech kept turning into his head “You’re not from the same world”. He shouldn’t flinch and his feelings shouldn’t be exposed.

Jungkook : I’m your servant (inclining), my life is yours and I promise to do everything to protect you

What Y/N feared, happened; he had completely changed. Where was Jungkook? Where was his soul? The person she used to know?

Y/N raising her voice: Stop it Jungkook and get up! Before being the Princess, I’m your friend. That’s all it counts the most to me and I will never accept that you behave this way with me!

His friend?

Jungkook had a little smile but quickly become cold and without any expression. It’s been a time that he had understood that she was more than a friend for him. She’d helped him to face everything, her souvenir was stronger than everything. She had his protection, his life and also his heart…

It is to say that all his being belonged to her, she was the only one for him. But truth and reality were so bad that they never could be together like they used to be before or more. This distance, Jungkook had reduced it to his was in becoming his guard and this way, he always could stay by her sides. That sufficed to him, he should suffice.

He got up wordless. Y/N stared at him; how did he have changed this way?! His physical transformation was already remarkable but his mind was more…

It was too much, Y/N felt the anger growing up inside because her forever-friend wasn’t himself anymore. She tightened her fist. She needed to breath. She went impulsively outside and of course, Jungkook followed her immediately, to never ever be far from her anymore…

Y/N went into the meadow they used to play together. Actually, she often went alone even after they’ve been separated to remember the good old days.

She sat down on the ground, head between the knees. It couldn’t be real? The only real friend she had, they’d transformed him. Why did she have to born as a Princess? She already hated all her obligations and what?...Even her friends?

Jungkook stayed in retirement, about few meters behind her. He couldn’t do anything else special for her. She had waited for, she had hoped to see him again, she waited this day because they’d told her that it was for her future. If only she had known about it, she wouldn’t have listened to them…

POV Y/N : Jungkook...forgive’s my all my fault…

END Part 1

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