Now You Know

Chapter 6

Henry walked nervously in to the dinning at Storybrooke assisted living. He tried to ignore all the people smiling and nodding at him. He was no longer interested in being a prince. He longed for the days of being the mayor’s son. He hates all the attention he gets as a prince and he misses his mom.

When Miranda saw him she hurried right to his side. “Prince Henry,” she said happily. “How may I help you?”

Henry looked at the older woman somberly, as if trying to read her face. “You were friends with my mom, right?”

“Well,” she replied slowly. “I haven't had much interaction with Princess Emma but I do admire her.”

“No,” Henry said sharply, “my real mom.” Henry furrowed his brow when he realized what he just said. “From the old world, you know my mom.”

Miranda smiled gently, “I was Queen Regina’s dresser. I was always loyal to her if that is what you are asking.”

Henry nodded and pulled an envelope from his rear pocket. “Do you think if we put this in the freezer she will see it when she brings your food?” He cocked his head and continued. “Is tonight her delivery night?”

“It is, but I don't know if she actually comes here or if she just magics the food to the freezer.”

“But we can try right? He looked at her imploringly.”

“Of course we can.” She lead Henry to the kitchen and showed him the best place to leave it.

Regina reached in to the freezer to move the paper in the way of her delivery. Her hand pulled back as if bitten when she saw it was addressed to Mom in Henry’s handwriting. She placed it on the counter as she loaded the freezer and then stared at it as if afraid to touch it. Her hand shook as she picked it up and transported herself home. “Look at this.” Regina thought to herself. “The little prince has something to say to the evil queen.” Regina’s heart clenched as she tried to convince herself that it didn't matter what it said. He really couldn't hurt her anymore then he already had. She opened the envelope and paused not sure she really wanted to take the note out. With a big sigh she opened it and began to read. After just the first sentence her tears were falling on the paper. When she was done she took the soggy note and hung it on her refrigerator. As Regina was cooking she would stop and read it again, just to be sure it still said the same thing. And without fail she chuckled each time she got to the ps. Her mood felt lighter with every reading.

Dear Mom,

Please stop being mad at me. I’m really sorry for the mean things I said. When I think about you being gone it really makes me sad and I don't know what to do. I wish I could take my heart and put it in a drawer like you did. Maybe I would feel better. I miss you every day.
Please come home.


PS I think it is nice that you are making food for the orphans and old people. They are really lucky. Emma’s cooking sucks.

When Emma came down to breakfast Henry was practically glowing. He was eating from a plate of homemade breakfast bars that had appeared on the kitchen counter over night. “What are these?” She asked. Henry gave her a smile brighter then she had seen in months and handed her a note.

“This was here when I got up.” He took another bite of his breakfast while Emma read.

Dear Henry

People say and do many things when they are angry or confused. I am not upset with you. I need to be by myself for a while so I can figure out how to belong in post curse Storybrooke.

You should keep your heart right in your chest where it belongs. I will put mine back as well.


Check the freezer

Regina was making her regular Wednesday night delivery at the orphanage. As she unpacked her box she heard a noise behind her. She turned around and was face to face with David. “Your Majesty,” she said with mild sarcasm.

“It’s funny, but from you I think I prefer shepherd.”

“Well, then Shepherd, what brings you here tonight?”

David smiled and reached for a cookie. Without even thinking Regina slapped his hand away. He laughed and grabbed one with his other hand and stepped back. “Maybe I wanted a cookie.”

She watched him guardedly while he enjoyed the treat. “Really, why are you here?”

“Henry is doing much better now that he hears from you.”

Regina rolled her eyes. “Most boys do better when they are well fed. I knew your daughter needed cooking lessons.”

“Quite honestly Your Highness so does yours!”

“Ha, ha”

“Don’t laugh, Thursday night is lasagna night I look forward to it all week!” Regina smirked. David turned to leave. “I’m off. I just wanted to say hi and thanks for teaching Henry how to share.” He gave her a rather disarming smile. “You are a great cook.” David patted his stomach and was gone.

“You again” Regina said as she unloaded her box of goodies. “Should I be worried that you’re a stalker?”

“Nope just wanted a cookie.” David pulled a folder off the counter. I wondered if you would look at this when you have the time.” Regina peeked in the envelope.

“Uhg- you want me to look at the town budget? You can’t be serious!”

“Come on, we have no idea how to run a modern town and you know it. The people want Snow to continue as queen. We think there needs to be a different plan. But in the meantime, please?” David looked at her with puppy eyes that reminded Regina of his daughter and her son.

“Does your wife know you’re seeing another woman?” Regina asked dryly as she unloaded her sweets.

David waved to a folder on the counter next to him. “I doubt she thinks I do this paperwork on my own.” Regina rolled her eyes and cocked an eyebrow. “It’s school funding. We found that when the kids don't have 28 years to practice a skill we need extra staffing to bring some of them along.”

Regina gave a put upon sigh, clearly over acted. “Fine, here is last week’s homework. She handed him a folder and a small envelope. Take this to Henry.” David nodded and took both.

“He has been much happier now that you have regular contact.” When Regina didn’t respond he continued. “I think seeing you would be even better.” Still no response, Regina just returned to her unpacking. She glared at David when he grabbed a cupcake. “It’s been almost a year since the curse broke. Don't you think it has been long enough?”

Regina shook her head. “It won’t be safe Shepard. Even with magic someone might be foolish enough to attack me. What if Henry is with me? He could be hurt.”

“It’s not like that anymore. The only people that might attack you are the ones that have herd about the sweets and want some.”

“This is not a joke. People like Jefferson and Whale don't forget as easily as the others.” She looked shocked when David let out a loud gafaw.

“I promise you those two are the least likely to bother you.”

“You think this is funny?” There was a hint of anger in her voice that wasn’t usually there. The king and the dowager queen had formed an odd friendship during their visits. Even so Regina was’t happy with her ideas being laughed at.

“Really they are not going to be a problem.” He launched in to a tale of exactly why.

It had been a friday night after an extremely trying day for Sharif Swan. She and her father met at the rabbits hole for a drink. As was their habit they went in through the back door and sat at an out of the way table. They didn’t like to cause a stir. Emma had already knocked back a few when the conversation at the next table caught her attention.

“I don’t care what anyone says.” Jefferson said to his table mate in a carrying voice. “I don't pardon her. I’m from Wonderland not The Enchanted Forrest so Snow White can’t decide who I punish.” David and Emma listened closely to the conversation. “I know she is hiding in her family crypt. I haven't figured out how to get in yet, but I will.”

Emma stood up quickly, her chair making a loud noise as it fell over. She walked over and put her hand on Jefferson’s shoulder. “Evening gentlemen.” They both nodded in greeting. “Now I didn't intend to overhear your conversation, but you were pretty loud.” She squeezed Jefferson’s shoulder which could almost be seen as a friendly gesture. “I just want to be clear. You do not consider yourself a subject of Queen Snow?”

“I'm not from The Enchanted Forest. I'm from Wonderland.” He replied cautiously.

“And you think that the blanket pardon should not apply to everyone?”

Jefferson’s words were slightly slurred from drinking. “Regina deserves to die. She can’t dress her up, calling her dowager queen and expect the rest of us to just sit by. Justice must be done and if I am the one to do it, so be it!”

Emma’s smile could have rivaled the sun on a summers day. “I am so glad to hear you say that.” Jefferson smiled back clearly believing they were in accord. It faded fast when she grabbed him by the back of his shirt and slammed his head in to the table as she bent him over it. The noise reverberated around the bar and all of the patrons went silent and watched the action. She held his hands behind his back and pulled out her handcuffs. “Mr Jefferson,” she said in a ringing voice. “You are under arrest for accessory to murder, accessory to theft, and conspiring to commit fraud.”

“What are you talking about! I haven't killed anyone!”

“What about those hearts? You remember the ones you tricked young Regina into stealing from her mother’s stash? Those hearts each belonged to a living person. The owners of those hearts died when Whale did his experiments on them.” When he tried to lift his head, Emma took great pleasure in smashing it back down on the table.

“I do honestly feel bad that Grace will have to see what an asshole her father is during the trial. Henry lived through it so I am sure she will too. Of course she’ll learn about how you caused a lot of the pain that helped Henry’s mom be who she became. ”

David stepped over and stood beside Emma. “Ok Emma enough, let’s take him to the station.”

“You can't do this.” Jefferson shouted.

“Oh buddy I can and I will.” Emma responded as she knocked his head on the table again for emphasis. “I’m the Sheriff and since, by your admission, you aren't included in the general pardon I can arrest you. As a member of the royal family,” Emma smiled at David, “I can do this too.” She bonked his head again.

David took Emma’s hand away from Jefferson and allowed the man to stand. “Emma being a princess doesn't mean you can beat people up.”

“Damn, it almost made it worth the dress,” she said dejectedly. Then she smiled again. “But a king can, you can can’t you?”

David rolled his eyes and replied, “Well technically yes, but I won’t.”

“Really?” Emma pouted.

“Really,” he responded firmly.

Emma stared at Jefferson for a moment longer then pulled out her cell. “Who are you calling?” David asked.



“I want her to come down and give him just a couple more.”

“No, Emma she won’t do that.”

Emma laughed out loud while everyone in the bar looked back and forth between them as if it were a tennis match.

“Get real, she killed Rumplestilskin when he messed with Regina. Do you really think she is above a little head bonking?”

David took the phone from his daughters hand and then smashed Jefferson’s head in to the table two more times. “Why the hell did you do that?” Jefferson asked with blood from his newly broken nose running down his face.

“You have obviously never seen Queen Snow in a bar fight.” David replied. “Firstly it is not a behavior befitting a queen and secondly she is damn good at it.” There was an audible chuckle from the crowd. Many of them remembered a young Snow White on the run, she had skills. “You should thank me Mr. Jefferson because third and most importantly, you are nothing compared to the dark one and I don't see him around anymore do you?”

Jefferson looked around at the smirking crowd and realized not one person was looking at him with sympathy and several were looking with disdain. “Mr. Jefferson, in spite of my daughter’s glee at your possible trial I don't want to deal with the paperwork. I am going to ask you this once. Make sure you are planning to stand by your answer. Do you accept and will you honor the proclamation of clemency proclaimed by Queen Snow White of the Kingdom of the Enchanted Forest?”

Jefferson nodded sullenly. “Do you agree to honor the laws and rules set forth by Queen Snow while living in her realm?” He nodded again. Do you understand that if you break this oath it will be considered treason and you will be charged and punished accordingly?” Jefferson wiped the blood from his face as he nodded his ascent. “I would like to hear it please.”

“I offer my allegiance to Queen Snow.” he said sullenly. David nodded.

“Take the cuffs off Emma. We need to get going.”

As she was standing behind Jefferson Emma whispered in his ear. “I have her memories, I know exactly what you did and how it made her feel. I would love to punish you. Step out of line and Grace becomes a ward of the crown. I won’t bother with court. It’s a big fucking ocean and your body would never be found.”

After she removed the cuffs Emma pushed Jefferson forward and looked at Whale. “Do you have any problems that I should know about Doctor?”

“No ma’am,” he said curtly.

“Good because you see when I got her memories I got to feel them as well as see them. And when I look at you two I hurt real bad. I don't like hurting.” She stared at them for as long as it took for them to be the ones to break eye contact and then left the bar.

David looked at Regina waiting for a response. “My memories,” she said in a low voice. “I hate that she has my memories.”

“Oh my God,” David threw his hands up. “She kicks Jefferson’s ass for you and this is what you get out of it?”

“How did she get my memories, Sheapard?” Regina asked.

“Well, that’s something you should talk to her about.”

“I am talking to you about it. How?” David shook his head no. Regina moved quickly and grabbed back the three year estimate on property tax revenue she had worked up. David found the information about school funding back in his hand.

“Oh come on, you think I’ll sell out my daughter over school funding and tax codes?”

“Ummm,” she responded as she removed the half eaten cupcake from his hand. “Dish, how did she do it? Who taught her? Was it Rumplestilskin?”

David locked eyes with her for a moment. “This is really bothering you. I can see that.”

“Wouldn't you be bothered if someone who has never held you in anything but disdain knew all your secretes, your mistakes, your pain?”

“Regina did you miss the part where she beat up a guy for you?”

“Oh yes, now I can add pity to the mix. The poor old evil queen needs my protection.” Regina flipped her hair out of her face. “Tell Henry I am sorry about the pasta shortage. I am sure I will be able to get the noodles for lasagna in a few weeks.” She gathered her things and prepared to leave.

“No, no, that is out of bounds. You can’t bargain with lasagna night. That’s just wrong!”

“Oh get over it Shepherd, I know Snow will make you a nice tuna noodle casserole. You won’t starve.”

“She tried to wake you up,” David said. He spoke very quickly as if that would change the fact that he was betraying his daughter for a lasagna.

“What do you mean?”

“She came to see you right after you left the court house. She wanted to talk to you but you were already asleep. When she tried to wake you she passed out and then woke up with many of your memories.”

“How did she think she was going to wake me up?” David shrugged. “Did she try some magic that backfired on her?”

David looked at his feet and mumbled, “I believe she tried the traditional remedy.”

Regina’s eyes went wide. “The traditional method, you mean she kissed me?” David closed his eyes and nodded. “My god she is the daughter of the most famous true love couple in the galaxy and she though she could just kiss me and it would wake me up? Didn't you tell her how it works?”

“She knows,” he whispered.

“Then why would she-” Regina’s mouth snapped shut. She quickly took the school budget from David’s hand and gave hime the tax report. As Regina disappeared in her customary whirl of purple smoke David heard her say, “I’ll send garlic bread too.”

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