Chapter 10

"Okay, you two decided to do this early, so please don't freak out if we can't tell just yet," Addison said.

"I didn't decide anything, I just tagged along," Callie said and laced her fingers with Arizona's.

"And I think," Arizona said, "that we already established I'm not the kind of person who likes to wait."

She was lying down, Callie was by her side.

"Fortune favors those who can wait, and all that," Addison said.

"Not entirely sure that's how the saying goes," Arizona countered, and Callie just looked at the exchange, extremely amused.

"Whatever. So, what kind of an outcome are we hoping for today?"

"It doesn't matter," Callie said, "I just want to know what to buy."

"Alright, then let's gel you up, Arizona, but again, no guarantees."

"Oh, come on Addison!" Arizona whined, "you keep saying how good you are so put this disgusting thing on me and tell me if I'm having a boy or a girl!"

"Jesus!" Addison said.

"Hormones," Arizona excused.

"Riiiight, I get the feeling that maybe you're always like that," Addison said and got up to get the gel, before the impatient Arizona could grab her and do god knows what to her.

Arizona was glaring at Addison's back, which made Callie giggle. Arizona heard her, turned to look at her, and smiled at her own silliness.

"Hey, are you okay?" she asked Callie softly, "you've been really quiet since we got here, and if we're honest, most of the morning, too."

"I'm fine," Callie reassured, "it's just… I'm nervous…and excited. This is a big deal, you know?"

"Yeah," Arizona said and smiled softly, "I know," she squeezed Callie's hand which was still laced with hers.

"Alright ladies, let's do this," Addison said and approached Arizona who lifted the scrub shirt she was wearing and slightly lowered her pants and underwear. A few moments later, Arizona's abdomen was covered in gel. She didn't like the sensation at all, but she was way too excited about what was coming.

"Let's see," Addison said as she was looking at the monitor. She was quiet for a few moments, every now and then checking things on a list or filling numbers.

"Well?" Arizona asked in anticipation.

"Getting there, trooper," Addison said. "Well, first I'm sure you'd like to hear that everything is great. Spine, face, heartbeat, weight, all seem great, now for the real money maker."

She looked at the monitor again, moving the probe on Arizona's abdomen once more.

Both Callie and Arizona were holding their breaths.

"And," Addison smiled widely, creating an even bigger build up, "who run the world?"

"Girls!" Callie and Arizona yelled simultaneously.

"Yay! Yes! Score!" Arizona added victoriously as Addison and Callie laughed.

"I thought it didn't really matter which gender it was gonna be," Addison said with a raised eyebrow.

"It didn't really matter which gender it was gonna be as long as it was gonna be a girl!" Arizona announced cheerfully. "Tammy Tam, Tammy Tam, does whatever Tammy Tam does!"

"What is she doing?" Addison asked Callie quietly.

"Can she swing, from a web? No she can't, she's a fetus!" Arizona sang at the top of her lungs, adding a little dance.

"She's changing the words to the Spider-man theme. It's a thing she does," Callie explained.

"Oh boy," Addison said.

"Look out… She is a Tammy Tam!" Arizona concluded.

"So I'm guessing Tammy is the name you guys picked?" Addison asked.

"Tamara," Callie explained, "Tamara Marcella."

"It's beautiful," Addison offered and Callie smiled.

"It's because she will be beautiful," Arizona announced, "just like the men she's named after."

Addison looked at her in confusion.

"Tim," Arizona explained, "my brother who died in Iraq."

"Oh," Addison wasn't sure what to say.

"And… Mark," Callie said and put her hand around Arizona's shoulder. "Sofia approved."

"So she'll be beautiful, and brave, and smart, and strong. She'll be perfect," Arizona said quietly.

"Yes," Callie agreed, "she will be." She squeezed Arizona's shoulder and all of a sudden Arizona's eye grew in shock.

"Should we be worried she hasn't kicked yet?" She asked. It finally hit her. She was having a girl, another daughter. It was an incredible feeling, but now that she felt like she knew her baby a bit better, it made everything more real, which meant scary.

"I wouldn't worry, no. Give her six more weeks before you start to freak out. But she seems perfectly fine," Addison reassured and Callie circled the bed to put her hand on Arizona's baby bump.

"You hear that, Tamster? You're gonna be perfectly fine. Emphasis on the perfect," she said gently and it made Arizona tear with joy.

Callie looked at her. Arizona's body was clearly a mess of hormones. One moment she was having a dance party of one, and a second later, she was crying.

"Hey, hey," she said softly to the crying woman and put a hand on her cheek, "you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm just… so… happy," Arizona said and started bawling. Callie took her in for a hug, letting Arizona rest her head on her chest.

"Yeah, we can tell," Addison said.

"Shut up, Addie," Callie said. "It's gonna be okay," she said to Arizona and caressed her hair. "And tonight, we're gonna take Sofia out and tell her that she's gonna be a sister, and get a sister."

"Yay," Arizona said between the sobs and sniffles.

"Yay, indeed," Callie agreed and tightened her hold on the other woman.

"Hey, hey! Sorry I was late!" Callie said, pecked Maureen's lips quickly, put her hands on her knees, and tried to catch her breath.

"Woah, do you need a moment, tiger?" Maureen asked teasingly.

They made plans for lunch. That was before she knew Arizona would have a little melt down. She was about to cancel, but Arizona stubbornly insisted that her hormones could not be the driving force in Callie's life.

"Go, have a fun lunch, Sof and I will see you later."

Callie wanted to drive her home, at least, but there was no arguing with a stubborn, and more importantly, pregnant, Arizona Robbins.

It didn't stop Callie from being late to her lunch date, considering she and Arizona were fighting about it until the very last moment. Eventually, Arizona ordered Addison to push the other woman out of the room. For some reason, Addison obliged, though she did mumble something along the lines of "I'm not a body guard" under her breath.

"I'm fine, I'm okay," Callie said. "Sorry."

"No, it's fine. I didn't wait for more than ten minutes. Are you okay?" Maureen asked in concern.

Callie finally stood up again, and smiled widely.

"I'm perfect," Callie said, "I'm gonna have another girl," she added and nearly squealed.

Maureen smiled at her, genuinely happy for her.

"Callie, that's great!" she said and took Callie into a hug. "That's what you guys wanted, right?"

"Yeah, but only unofficially. Officially, it didn't really matter."

"Right," Maureen said and smiled lightly.

"You ready to eat?" Callie asked, "I'm starving."

"Yeah," Maureen said, took Callie's hand in hers, and they started walking.

"Hey, how about you come over tonight?" Maureen asked. "We can celebrate," she said and winked. It made Callie stop walking.

"Oh, hmm… I'd love to, Maureen. But it's an important family night. We were gonna tell Sofia."

"Oh, I see," Maureen said in disappointment. Callie's use of the word family stung a bit.

"Plus, I really don't feel comfortable leaving Arizona alone at night," Callie added, hoping that the other woman would understand.

"Yeah, but Callie, you deserve to have a little break. To have some fun," Maureen said. "What would Arizona do if the roles were reserved and she had a chance to have a fun night out?"

"Ha!" Callie said, "Arizona would never let me out of her sight if I was pregnant. Are you kidding me? She's too much of a control freak for that. Plus, she cares like crazy."

"Yeah, I guess you are right," Maureen said and offered Callie a half hearted smile. Callie felt bad. Maureen was never her top priority. On the one hand, she couldn't be, on the other, this was no way to build a serious relationship with someone. Was that even what she wanted with Maureen? They've been going out for three months now and Callie still didn't know how to answer that question.

"I'll tell you what," Callie offered softly, "let's just enjoy our lunch for now, okay? I'll try to figure something out in terms of an overnight stay in the near future. How does that sound?"

"Good. It sounds good," Maureen said and gave Callie a soft kiss.

The three of them were sitting around a table at Sofia's favorite restaurant. Which really, meant she was having Mac n' cheese. Callie and Arizona weren't sure if they were over spoiling her, but they wanted to make sure things will go smoothly. Sofia might have known hypothetically what was coming, but this was different. This was real.

Arizona was drooling when the food arrived. She was getting giddy, looking at the three different main courses and two appetizers she ordered.

Sofia was looking at the food being put down on their table. 'One plate for me, one plate for mommy, and… five plates for mama,' she thought, confused.

Callie saw her daughter lost in concentration and got worried.

"What is it, honey?" Callie asked and made Arizona look up from her food. "Are you okay? Your stomach hurts?" Callie said and put her hand on Sofia's forehead to check for fever.

"No, mommy, I'm fine, but…" Sofia said and turned to look at Arizona who, while looking at them, also took a bite from her steak. "Hmm… Mama? You sure you want to eat all of that? I think it hurts you. You are bigger now. I think it's because you always eat a lot."

Arizona looked at Sofia, dumbfounded, trying to figure out if she should be offended that her daughter just called her fat. But she couldn't stop herself from swallowing the bite she already had in her mouth.

"Oh boy," Callie said.

"Hmm…" Arizona started to say.

"I've got this," Callie said, and laid a gentle hand on Arizona's. "Sofia, honey, remember when we talked to you and explained why I was moving back in?"

"Yeah, to give me a brother or a sister," Sofia stated matter-of-factly.

"Right," Callie confirmed, amused by the simplification her daughter's young brain provided. "We needed to live at the same house to have the baby, so if you or mama needed any help, I could help. Okay?"

"Okay," Sofia said and tried to follow.

"Now, honey, when people are having a baby, they are growing it in their tummy," Callie said, hoping beyond hope she's saying the right things.

"They are?" Sofia asked in confusion.

"Yes, they are. They, hmm… connected to us, the grownups, so they can eat when we eat, and drink when we drink, do you understand?" Callie asked and chanced a look at Arizona, who smirked at her, enjoying Callie's struggle.

"I think so. I was connected to mama, too?"

"No, sweetie, you were connected to me. But it doesn't matter, because we made you together. Just like we made this baby together, only this time, it was mama's turn to be connected to the baby," Callie said, hoping Sofia was figuring some of it out.

"So… mama is bigger because she has my brother or sister in her tummy connected to her?" Sofia asked.

"Yes, baby girl. That's exactly it. You are very smart."

"And when is the baby coming?"

"Well…" Callie started, "the baby is coming in a few more months. First, mama needs to get a bit bigger. She needs to keep feeding the baby. But when the baby isn't hungry anymore, she will come out," Callie explained.

"She?" Sofia asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yeah, Sof," Arizona finally joined in. "We went to the baby doctor today, you remember Addison? She said we are gonna have a girl. You are gonna have a sister."

"Oh!" Sofia said and looked very excited.

"And it's gonna be your job to help us and to always protect your little sister because you are a big girl now. Do you think you can do that?" Callie asked softly.

"I will be the best sister ever!"

"We are very happy to hear that, Sof," Callie said, "I'm sure you will be!"

"You are already the best, Sof. You ready to eat now?" Arizona asked gently, but she had an ulterior motive, and Callie knew it, and glared at her.

"I need to go to the bathroom first," Sofia said in response and Callie started to get up.

"No, mommy, you stay. I'm a big sister now. I can go alone," Sofia stated.

"Are… are you sure?" Callie asked, not wanting to let her daughter roam alone in the restaurant.

"Yes," Sofia said, determined.

"Well, okay, come back quickly," Callie said and Sofia left. Callie would've been more concerned if it wasn't a restaurant they've been to a thousand times before, but she still glued her face to Sofia's retreating figure, watching her as she entered the bathroom.

"This went well," Arizona said, taking another bite of her food, and watching the bathroom door, too. Callie, in the mean while, used an extra plate to cover Sofia's food, so it won't get cold.

"It's gonna get harder when we need to have the other half of this conversation. At least two more years, right?" She asked.

"Right, at least," Arizona agreed. "In the mean time let me wallow in self pity over the fact that our daughter just called me fat."

"No, Arizona. I believe she was trying to say you were round around the edges."

"Shut up, Calliope. I'm gonna order another appetizer."

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