Chapter 17

Callie wanted to go home. Callie always wanted to go home these days. Not only did she have a child and a pregnant woman at home, that woman was her girlfriend. That woman was her girlfriend who was having sex with her, and Callie couldn't get enough of that woman who was her girlfriend and was having sex with her. It wasn't just the sex. It was everything. She felt like they were making up for lost time and just existing together, in the same space, sharing thoughts, and meals, and talking to Sofia, was like waking up from a long unsatisfying slumber.

But the outcome of her will to go home was that she was paying zero attention to her current meal buddy, and said meal buddy connected the dots after seeing the expression on Callie's face.

"So are you two a thing?" Meredith asked and ate another fry. Just because Callie wasn't touching her junk food goodness, didn't mean she had to miss out on the fun.

"If by a thing you mean together, then yes, we are," Callie said matter-of-factly and finally took a fry into her own mouth.

"Are we happy about this?" Meredith asked cautiously. They haven't talked about it yet, but a few weeks before, Callie and Arizona started walking into the hospital hand in hand again.

"We're overjoyed," Callie admitted, a huge smile adorning her face.

"What about the other shoe? There's always another shoe, remember? Your words, not mine," Meredith noted. She didn't want to burst the bubble, she was just worried.

"I'm not waiting for it to drop. Nope," Callie announced. "Instead, I'm choosing to take it out from its resting place under the bed every now and then, and polish it. You create a good, solid relationship with your shoe, you don't have to wait for it to drop."

"I miss Cristina, she would give us a snippy remark right about now," Meredith said and sighed.

"I miss her too. Hey! Let's try to FaceTime her. You two are probably hooked to each other through time and space, but I haven't spoken to her in a while."

"Good idea!" Meredith said and took out her IPad in order to dial.

"I miss Mark as well. Though, I have to admit, it's nice to go through this only with Arizona," Callie said while they waited for Cristina to answer.

"What about Maureen?" Meredith asked suddenly, trying to understand Callie's exact state of mind. She hung up after there was no answer, and put her IPad down.

"Ach, that girl is probably gonna hate me forever," Callie said and slumped in her chair. "She probably thinks I played her."

"Did you?" Meredith asked cautiously.

"God no! I guess I was playing myself. That came out wrong," Callie said and Meredith snorted. "I honestly didn't know. I mean, I didn't think Arizona was an option so I didn't let myself think about it, or think about her as a potential object of affection, you know? But then she kissed me and I just knew it was there all along."

Callie stared at Meredith for a second to gauge her reaction, but the other woman said nothing, just seemed more at ease.

"You look relived. Why do you look relived?"Callie asked. Seeing her friend calm just made her nervous, like there was a reason to worry before and she had missed it.

"Because I was worried about this little development, but then I asked you questions and you said all the right things," Meredith admitted and ate another fry.

"So, what, this was a test?" Callie asked, irritated.

"It wasn't a test, Callie. I am all for you two getting back together. You were crazy about one another."

"We were."

"Until you drove each other crazy," Meredith added.


"Callie, I trust you. I was just worried. But I know all of this wasn't some excuse to get back into Arizona's life. We talked about it enough for me to know that this wasn't what it was about. And if you can be a family again in that sort of way, then I'm happy for you. I just hope you guys make sure this round will be better," Meredith said softly, "and I'm not saying it to be condescending, I'm only saying this because I really want this to work out for you," she concluded genuinely.

"I know," Callie said and smiled.

"You two seem so happy lately, I want it to last."

"Me too," Callie admitted. "Hence the periodical cleaning of the shoe."

Meredith smiled at that, then, suddenly, her IPad started to ring from its place on the table.

"Hey, Cristina," Meredith said after picking up and pushed another fry into her mouth. "I'm here with Callie," she added and readjusted the IPad while Callie scooted closer so they were both on camera.

"Whaddup bitches?" Cristina inquired cheerfully.

"Are you kissing your clinic with that mouth?" Callie asked.

"So you and roller girl are back together, ah?" Cristina said, ignoring Callie's comment/question and going straight for the kill.

"What?" Callie asked in surprise. "How did you even know?" she glared at Mer.

"Don't look at me," Meredith said in surrender.

"Yo, me and Arizona, we tight," Cristina deadpanned.

"Since when?"

"Since we talk about nightmares from the plane crash and how good we are at what we do. All fun stuff," Cristina shrugged.

"Yes I'm sure you're enjoying all the pregnancy talk," Callie chuckled.

"Oh she doesn't talk to me about babies, duh, she talks to me about sex."

"Cristina!" Callie said in shock, and then added "what did she have to say about the sex?" Meredith snorted at that.

"Ha, like I'm gonna tell you. It's gonna do nothing but make that ego of yours even bigger, and we don't want that," Cristina teased.

"Look who's talking," Callie said, unimpressed.

"She has a point there, Cristina," Meredith added.

"I know," Cristina replied, unapologetically.

"Well, we did say we need to talk to Cristina to get some sort of a sarcastic reply," Callie reminded.

"Oh, I'm touched!" Cristina said. "Fine. She said that the sex is mind blowing, better than it ever was before. Good on you, Torres!" Cristina said excitedly. "If I was there I'd probably pat you on the back."

"Hmm… thanks?" Callie asked unsure, but her pride of her skills sipped through and was evident in her eyes.

"Now just don't make her think about what changed sexually between the last time you were together and now," Cristina said off-handedly.

"Cristina!" Callie groaned and Meredith face palmed.

"Mer, you're not saying much today. You just make noises and gestures. What's up with you?" Cristina asked.

"Nothing. To be honest, I just wanted Callie to go through the Cristina treatment. You have a way of getting the truth out of people. You know, by being completely inappropriate." Meredith admitted.

"I was telling the truth!" Callie whined. "If you must know, the sex is better because this whole thing is better. And because we're making up for lost time, and because… you know, I love her like crazy. It has nothing to do with… schooling from other people."

"It's true, Cristina. Callie was seeing this girl for like four months and they hadn't slept together once."

"Meredith!" Callie groaned.

"No, Torres, I'm actually impressed. The amount of self restraint you're practicing is something to be noted!" Cristina explained.

"Right, except then she gets together with Arizona and I feel like that's all they're doing," Meredith added, as if Callie wasn't even there.

"Actually…" Callie said quietly, wondering if to be her usual over sharing self or not. "We've been sort of together for hmmm… two months before we… you know."

The two women stared at her in shock. One through the screen and the other right next to her. Callie minded her privacy, she minded Arizona's privacy even more, but she wanted them to understand. She needed them to understand, how serious she was about Arizona, about her family. Arizona wasn't just another person, and sleeping with Arizona wasn't like sleeping with anyone else. Being with Arizona wasn't like being with anyone else and while she thought Arizona finally believed her when she said these words, and while other people's approval shouldn't have mattered, she wanted them to understand. If Arizona was to walk among these people, and hear them talk, like they always did, Callie wanted the talk to be good. She wanted everyone Arizona might encounter to realize how Callie saw her, as the love of her life.

"Why the wait?" Meredith finally asked.

"You know why," Callie said and looked at her hands in her lap.

"Because when you finally did it everything was back where it was supposed to be?" Cristina asked softly.

"Not everything," Callie admitted, "not just yet. But, we're working on it. And it's going to be fine."

"Are you sure?" Cristina asked, not in a mean way, in a kind way.

"Oh, I'm sure," Callie said and a wide grin appeared on her face. "It's gonna be great."

"Okay," Cristina concluded with a smile of her own.

"Anyways," Callie said and cleared her throat, "I was hogging Cristina this whole time. Do you guys need some time alone?" she asked innocently.

"All this sex talk made you wanna go home. Didn't it?" Meredith asked and Cristina snorted.

"I always wanna go home," Callie admitted.

"Just go, you sappy little thing," Cristina said, her voice cracking, which made Callie smirk.

She knew they believed her now, she also knew they were happy that she and Arizona were back together. She stood up, put some bills on the table, and took her bag.

"Thanks for lunch, Mer," she said. "Cristina, you got something in your eye," she smirked, and then she left.

The following morning, Callie walked into Arizona's bedroom, 'our bedroom,' she thought with a smile.

She was finally moving some stuff in while Arizona, lying down on the bed, still naked under the covers from the previous night, was staring at her. All of a sudden Arizona saw a sparkle around Callie's neck and sat up straight sharply.

"What?" Callie asked in confusion and dropped the box she was holding. "Is everything okay?" she said as she quickly bent next to Arizona, one hand on Arizona's cheek and her eyes looking for any sign of discomfort.

Arizona said nothing, but stretched her hand forward towards Callie's neck, and grabbed the pedant that was hidden in Callie's shirt, with her palm.

"I was so sure you got rid of it," Arizona said quietly, on the verge of tears.

"Come on, Arizona, I was never gonna get rid of it," Callie said seriously. "Plus, it's vintage now, which means it's worth more."

"Are we vintage now, too?" Arizona asked and smiled softly.

"Yes, we are. Which means we're worth so much more now," Callie said genuinely and leaned in to kiss Arizona, flopping next to her and pulling her into her arms. 'Unpacking can wait,' she thought.

"What made you put it back on?" Arizona asked suddenly. Her head was resting on Callie's chest.

"You know, just putting everything back where it belongs," Callie said softly, referring to the necklace, to her stuff in the room, to her entire freaking life.

"Can you pass me mine?" Arizona asked quietly. She really didn't want to move, but at the same time she really, really wanted her necklace.

"Where is it?" Callie asked softly and gently untangled herself from Arizona's hold.

"Where it always was," Arizona said gently, referring to her drawer.

Callie immediately reached for the drawer in the night stand opposite to where she was, and found the familiar box.

She took the necklace out and held it in her hand in front of Arizona's face. They both stared at it for a moment.

"Should I, or do you want…?" Callie asked unsure.

"You do it," Arizona said and brought herself up just slightly, so Callie could put the necklace back on. Callie did just that.

"There," Callie said quietly, "pretty sure now it's where it always was."

Arizona nodded in agreement, and leaned in to kiss her love once more.

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