Chapter 19

Callie wasn't joking when she said she'd be doing all the work while Arizona would be staring at her.

It's been a couple of weeks since their shopping spree, and they finally found the time for the painting, and the staring.

"I can't believe you talked me into turning our daughter's nursery into a batcave," Arizona whined.

"Arizona! It's purple! It's not even purple, it's lilac. It's almost pink!"

"It is not almost pink," Arizona huffed.

"Fifty shades of whatever, Arizona. Classic Easter basket," Callie said and Arizona smirked. She enjoyed how flustered Callie got.

"Are you calling me a basket case?" she asked.

"You know it!" Callie said and Arizona smiled at her lovingly.

Callie turned around and caught the way Arizona was looking at her. "God, you're gorgeous," Callie said and leaned in to kiss the sitting woman.

"Mmmm, thank you," Arizona hummed.

"I mean it. You're sitting here on this chair and I can already see you holding Tam Tam who's getting adorable and chubbier by the day, and just the thought of it makes me...god, you're so beautiful." Callie said and leaned in again, pouring all of her emotions into the kiss.

"I love you," Arizona said when they broke the kiss.

"I love you, too," Callie replied, pecked Arizona's lips once more, and stood up in order to get back to her task.

"Did we wait too long to do this, Callie?" Arizona asked, missing the contact already, but willing to let Callie work. "Considering we're two type As, I'd say I'm surprisingly calm."

"Well, we had about a hundred other things to worry about. I also suspect that you timed this perfectly to a point of your pregnancy in which you knew I wouldn't let you help."

"Hey, don't be like that, here, give me the brush."

Callie stared at her skeptically, but passed her the brush. Arizona stretched her arm and painted the spot next to where she sat.

"Here," she said playfully, "I helped."

"You are a game changer when it comes to the painting of this room," Callie mocked. "What would I ever do without you?"

"You'd die alone and miserable," Arizona deadpanned.

"I want to say something sarcastic, but you are right," Callie said, put her hands on the chair handles, and leaned in to kiss Arizona again. A short, tender kiss.

Arizona was very pleased with all the positive attention. She was thinking how smart it was to start her maternity leave already. She had more time with Sofia, and more time for… this, because she was always home when Callie got back.

Just as she was thinking how happy she was to get to spend more time with Callie, she felt something sticky against her cheek.

"Calliope!" Arizona squealed, realizing that the other woman used her finger to paint her cheek.

"Have some lilac in your life, Arizona!"

"Do you know how bad this is for my skin? Now I have to drag myself to the bathroom before it dries!"

"Too bad this isn't edible. I could have saved you the trip to the bathroom," Callie said and winked.

"Too bad indeed, because this trip to the bathroom will take forever," Arizona said.

"Hurry back, pretty thing, I need someone to watch me while I do this," Callie said while Arizona was attempting to get up. Callie gave her a hand for help. They ended up standing closely in front of one another.

"I'm really sorry I can't help more," Arizona said sincerely.

"It's okay, I never got to do this with Sofia because I had a bad case of the heartus surgerus."

"Yeah, I didn't like it when that happened," Arizona said.

"Neither did I. So, painting is fine. Just another second chance in a long line of newly discovered second chances," Callie said and kissed Arizona.

"I like this, though," Arizona said, referring to their closeness.

"So am I, way better than the heartus surgerus."

"Almost everything is better than the heartus surgerus, Callie. Okay, I'm gonna wash this, and I'm gonna come back," she said and started to leave.

"You really don't have to, Arizona, it's fine. Go get some rest if you are tired," Callie said softly.

"Nuh. I'm enjoying the view way too much," Arizona winked and left the room.

Callie hummed and kept painting. She was about half way done. She knew they'd have to let the wall dry for twenty-four hours before she could apply a second coat and then wait another twenty-four hours before they could put stuff in. She figured she'd build the crib outside the room, and roll it in once she could.

They were still a few weeks away from the birth, but just in case it happened earlier than expected, they both wanted the important things to be ready.

Now that she was moving again and started to sweat, she decided it was the perfect opportunity for a little underwear dance. Her IPod was connected to the console, but she hadn't turned it on because Arizona was keeping her company. Arizona however, was gone, and was going to appreciate what Callie had in mind anyways.

Callie used her elbow to press the IPod buttons, and turned the music on. Then, she took her pants off. They were already ridiculously stained. There was no need to be cautious.

She was hard at work, moving her hips to the music, applying one stroke after the other, when Arizona walked into the room.

She stood in the doorway and smirked. Callie mentioned dancing in her underwear before, but she never got the chance to experience it firsthand. The view was spectacular.

"And what have we here?" Arizona asked and made Callie jump. Then Callie turned around, a huge smile adorning her face.

"Whistle while you work, baby!" she announced excitedly.

"I really love seeing you like this," Arizona noted. "You seem so carefree." Her face fell. This is something Callie used to do before they met, and after they broke up. This wasn't a moment she was allowed to share.

"Hey, none of that," Callie said as she saw Arizona's expression. She understood right away what the other woman was thinking. "This is gonna be both of us in a few months when you are more… mobile."

"Yeah?" Arizona asked hopeful.

"You bet. And Sof too. Maybe we'll even hold Tamster and show her some moves. It's never too early to start."

"Thank you," Arizona said softly and then winced.

"You okay?" Callie asked in concern and took a step towards Arizona.

"Fine, Brixton Hicks," Arizona explained and sat down. She took a deep breath.

"Better?" Callie asked. Sitting usually helped somewhat.

"Getting there, give me a moment," Arizona said and kept breathing deeply.

"I'll tell you what, I'll warm you a bath," Callie offered. Baths helped too. "I don't like you inhaling those chemicals for long periods of time anyways."

"And will you be joining me in said bath?" Arizona asked, liking the idea.

"I'm not done yet, Arizona."

"Callie, I will be naked in the bath, alone. Now, are you going to join me?" Arizona demanded and Callie gulped.

"Sof?" she asked.

"Is napping," Arizona stated.

"Bless this child and her sleeping habits."

"Bless the woman she inherited them from. So, you in?" Arizona asked in a husked voice.

"You know it. God, you're such a bad influence."

Their bath was great, but Callie knew that come tomorrow, Arizona would freak out all over again about their unfinished nursery and the impending doom, i.e. – the birth. So after the bath, she left Arizona in their room for a mandatory pregnant lady nap, and went back to finish painting.

It was harder than she expected and she cursed Mark and his premature death as she walked out of the bathroom after her second wash of the day.

Her back was killing her and all she wanted to do was sleep. It wasn't late, but Arizona was still napping, Sofia was doing homework, and Callie figured she could join the woman in the bed.

"Just for a little while," she said while she wrapped her hands around Arizona, and within seconds, she was dead to the world.

She woke up two hours later in an empty bed and was shocked that she slept for so long. She groaned at the thought of the additional round of painting that was waiting for her on the following day, and thanked her lucky star for the fact that Arizona didn't wake her.

Callie listened carefully and could hear cheerful voices from the living room. Clearly, her daughter and her girlfriend were entertaining one another.

Callie thought she'd indulge in the long forgotten art of book reading. Eons ago, before the check ups, the lawyers, the shopping sprees, the painting, and oh so much sex, there were books.

She realized she missed them, so she stretched her hand to the nightstand, noticed a thin layer of dust on the cover, and decided to read until she'd get busted.

No more than fifteen minutes later, she did.

"Hey, you're awake!" Arizona said and lay in bed right next to her.

"Yeah, thanks for letting me sleep," Callie said, head still in the book.

"You're welcome, I knew you needed it," Arizona said sweetly which got zero reaction from Callie.

"So, Sof and I were doing math homework. Calliope, I had to make up a whole song to explain to her how to know when a number is under one thousand. It was pretty hilarious if I may say so myself."


"And then," Arizona continued, "we had dinner, which you missed, but I saved you some, though technically, it's what you cooked. So I guess I'm saying I saved you some reheated leftovers of your own dish."

"Right," Callie said and Arizona started to get irritated.

"And then I came back here to have a sex marathon with you, especially now when Amazon sent me a new toy, but I guess you'll be skipping that just like you skipped dinner?"

"Hmmm…" Callie said, engrossed in her book.

"Jesus Christ, Callie, at least don't read the book held up. It's gonna fall on you and smash your nose, and you won't get the best orthopedic care because you're it!"


"Calliope! Stop reading and pay attention to me right now!" Arizona demanded.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" Callie asked apologetically, finally looking at Arizona.

"I'm saying that you're reading the book held up, and one of these days, you're gonna drop those heavy books you insist on reading, and damage your beautiful perfect face. Maybe I should get you a tablet."

"No, Arizona. I like books. I like their smell, I like how they feel in my hands, and I like to get lost in them completely."

"I feel the exact same way…just replace the word books with boobs," Arizona said honestly and Callie snorted.

She put down the book on the nightstand and turned to look at Arizona.

"You're impossible, you know that?"

"I do," Arizona said proudly.

"I'm sorry about the book. I'm all ears, what were you saying?"

"Well, I started by telling you that I made a math song to help Sofia with her homework."

"That's sweet," Callie said and yawned. "How does it go?"

"You really wanna hear it?"

"Of course," Callie said softly and put her hand on Arizona's hip.

"Okay here goes. Don't laugh."

Callie wasn't going to laugh, she couldn't concentrate long enough to laugh.

"Playing with 1000, is easy and it's fun, all you have to do, is follow rule number one!" Arizona sang cheerfully while Callie closed her eyes. Arizona didn't bother her, she figured she still listened, so she continued.

"To know which number's bigger, the digits you must count, and then you go from there, and the answer you have found!"

"Nice," Callie mumbled.

"I'm not done yet," Arizona said.

"Okay, continue," Callie said sleepily.

"You are really tired, aren't you?" Arizona said and brushed a lock of hair from Callie's face.

"Hmm… lilac…" Callie said, half asleep at this point.

"Yeah, no, you sleep now, my love," Arizona said and kissed Callie's forehead.

"Mmthanks," Callie said in a hardly audible voice. Arizona looked at her in wonder and finally got up.

There were still dishes in the sink, they still had to tuck Sofia in, and organize the living room, and yes, Arizona was nine month pregnant, but for a one night only, she could handle things without the person who always did all of the above on her behalf. For one night only, she got to take care of Callie, because come tomorrow, the other woman will not let her move a muscle.

Except for all the sex.

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