Chapter 22

"Arizona, come on. You know you want to."

"That's not true!" Arizona argued.

"Don't, because then you're just lying and we can't have that," Callie stated, arms crossed.

"Fine!" Arizona gave in. "I want to!"

"I told you so."

"I'm sorry!"

"Why are you apologizing? I'm the one who suggested it in the first place."

They loved being together all the time, they did. What they didn't love is that their togetherness consisted of their home and their home alone. It was cabin fever at its best and it was starting to wear them down.

"Because it's like I'm saying 'babe, I'd rather be outside with my friends than here with you.'" Arizona explained.

"Well, when you put it like that…"

"How would you put it?"

"'Babe, I love you, but I'm going stir crazy within these four walls. Thank you so much for loving me enough to let me alter this unfortunate situation of the past month.'"

"Yeah, I like your explanation better," Arizona agreed.

"I love you, but let's face it, I'm here at home with you but I can't breastfeed, most of the weight of this situation falls on you," Callie said softly.

"Yeah but I enjoy it, my time with Tamara…"

"I know, and then you want Sofia to feel loved too, and then there's me, and I kinda think you fell asleep on me during sex yesterday."

"I did not!" Arizona argued.

"Again with the lying."

"Okay, I did," Arizona admitted and Callie glared at her. "But only for like a second and I woke up straight away!" she sighed. "This is not good, is it?"

"Nope," Callie said and wrapped her arms around Arizona's waist. "But not because I'm upset," Callie was quick to add.

"You should be! We've been waiting for yesterday since the birth!"

"Arizona, you are exhausted, and worst than that, you are bored out of your freaking mind. You need to hang out with humans who aren't tiny or are your girlfriend."

"Alright, genius. And what exactly is your crazy plan?"

"No crazy plan, Arizona, you just go have dinner with April, and maybe Alex, if you don't mind the smell," Callie joked and Arizona slapped her arm.

"Yeah, awesome, wonderful. Thanks for the thought. And when the baby wakes up and wants to eat?" Arizona said, eyebrow as high as the sky.

"So I went to the store earlier," Callie said, "and bought some… formula," she finished quietly.

"No. Nope. No way. Not gonna happen."


"It's way too soon, Callie."

"Arizona, the kid is 4 weeks old, and it's only this one time. It won't kill her."

"What if it makes her stupid?"

"Do I really need to answer this, oh, mighty goddess of pediatrics and neo?"

"I just don't want to be the mom who neglects her child just because she wants to hang out with her friends!"

"Arizona, you're not. You've been here for four weeks straight. It's one night. Feed her before you go, then I'll feed her when you're out. It'll be okay. We were gonna have to start making changes soon, anyways."



"Yeah, okay," Arizona said, then realized how harsh her tone sounded and added "thank you, Calliope, you are right. I'm going bat shit."

"Understandable, I'm glad I can help."

"When will we do something? I wanna have a romantic dinner, I wanna go salsa dancing. I could even do bowling at this point."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I think that's gonna take a while," Callie said and kissed Arizona's temple.

"I know," Arizona said disappointedly.

"I'll tell you what," Callie started, "tomorrow, after family dinner, when the girls are sleeping, we'll have some homemade dessert. Okay? We can light some scented candles, it'll be fun."

"Ohhhh, I'd like that. Maybe I can give you that massage I owe you from so many months ago."

"Don't promise anything you're not sure you'll be up for, literally," Callie teased.


"I can't wait for dessert and massages, Arizona," Callie said and pecked Arizona's lips.

"Good. I guess I should go make some phone calls then," Arizona said and stood up.

"And I'll make you a little groceries list to pick on the way home, so I can make something tomorrow."

"No problem," Arizona said and leaned in to peck Callie's lips again.

"What about you?" Arizona asked, "Don't you want some time off?"

"Well, I missed cheeseburger day with Mer last week, so I can do twice this week if you wanna cover."

"You got yourself a deal."

"But Arizona, I'm perfectly happy just staying here with you and the girls, okay?"

"I believe you, but I'm never gonna wait until you're not perfectly happy. I'm just gonna ask you every now and then if there's something you want or need."

"Thank you," Callie said softly.

"My pleasure."

Arizona entered the restaurant.

"Crap!" Alex said when he noticed her and handed a $20 bill to the grinning April.

"What was that all about?" Arizona asked as she sat down.

"I totally though you'd bail," Alex explained, stuffing his mouth with the dumplings he ordered.

"He said there's no way you'd actually go through with leaving your girls at home," April said. "I had more faith in you."

"And clearly you also bothered to wait for me with the food," she said and glared at Alex.

"Dude, I was starving, I came straight from work."

"Jo didn't mind you leaving her alone with John John tonight?" Arizona asked the father of the 2 year old.

"Actually, she got a girls night out of it, because John John is over at Mer's having a slumber party with Bailey."

"Sometimes I feel like our kids are always at Mer's."

"That's because they are," he confirmed, stuffing another dumpling into his mouth.

"Benji isn't," Arizona argued, referring to April's son.

"Nope! He's spending the night with his father, who might've been happier to send him over to Meredith as well," April said. Her baby boy recently got into the stage of biting.

They finally looked at the menu and ordered, or in Alex's case, ordered again.

Years ago some could argue that they were an unlikely group. Arizona always got along well with each one of them separately, but they never hung out as a trio. Then Alex became a father, and wanted to talk about his boy constantly, and things shifted.

The moment the waitress was gone with their orders, Alex decided to start with his investigation.

"So, what's the story? Are you and Torres gonna get hitched?" two pairs of eyes were staring at Arizona, waiting for an answer. It was clear to her that this was orchestrated before she even got there. Maybe days before she got there.

"Wha… what? What are you talking about, Alex? We've only been together for like five months," Arizona defended, pretending like she hadn't thought about that very same thing just a couple of weeks before.

"Yeah, but really, it's been years, Arizona," April noted.

"I… yeah, I know," Arizona admitted.

"So you do want it to happen! I knew it!" April squealed and hugged Arizona.

"Guys, we just had a baby. This is not a good time to make life altering decisions. " Arizona said quietly. She had no idea how she was basically tricked into admitting she wanted to be Callie's wife again so soon after they got back together.

"Life altering my ass," Alex sneered. "You already own a house, and live in it together, and raise two kids together. You are practically married. I, personally, can't see what would be life changing about tying the knot. But admit it, you want to and you know it. You wanna put a ring around her finger so chicks won't hit on her in bars," Alex concluded and devoured the very last dumpling.

"Correction," Arizona said, "I don't want chicks, and dudes to hit on her in bars," Arizona stated.

"Come on, Alex, stop being such a Grumpus. Your approach is so unromantic. It's not about all the logistics and stuff, it's about commitment. It's about the promise. The promise of something beautiful," April argued.

"Then just make a promise and don't make such a big deal out of it," he said just as their food arrived.

"Oh my god," Arizona said, looking straight at him, smirking.

"What?" he asked in confusion and started digging into his noodles.

"You're totally dying to marry Jo!" Arizona said and April turned to look at him too, matching smiles of realization on both women's faces.

"What?! No!" he said in a mouth half full.

"Yes, you are! That's why you spent the last ten minutes explaining to me why marriage is so unimportant. Because you wanna be married, but you aren't!" Arizona announced victoriously. She knew she was gloating, but she was also happy to direct the conversation away from her.

Jo and Alex have been together for years and just like Callie and Arizona, they lived together, and raised a kid together. And just like Arizona, she realized, Alex wanted more.

"You guys have no idea what you're talking about," he said after he swallowed.

"In the words of some silly man, you want to and you know it!" Arizona declared.

"Fine!" he said loudly and then realized that he practically yelled. "Fine!" he whispered. "Are you happy? Can we eat now?"

"I don't get it, Alex," April said, "if you wanna get married why don't you just… you know, get married?"

"It's complicated," he said sullenly.

"Then simplify for us, the lesser creatures," Arizona said sarcastically and he glared at her.

"Don't think I don't know what you're doing, Robbins, we are not done talking about you," he stated.

"Yeah, I know, but for now, you seem in distress, and you're my friend. I want to listen to your problems when you are in distress," she explained and April snorted.

"You guys are the worst," he said and got nothing but expecting looks in return.

"Fine. Last time I asked her she said no. Wait, no, it was even worse than that. I thought she said yes, and then she had to explain to me that she, as a matter of fact, said no."

"Hmm, Alex," Arizona said softly, "that was a life time ago."

"Yeah, I bet she'd say yes now," April added, "she's probably whining to Edwards on a weekly basis wondering why you haven't asked her yet."

"What if she doesn't, though?" He asked weakly. He really didn't like to get all touchy feely, but the women were actually telling him something he wanted to hear.

"Alex, what was the reason she said no the first time?" Arizona asked softly, knowing where the conversation was headed.

"She wasn't ready for the whole marriage, serious life crap," he said bitterly.

"Right, except now she's a mother of a two year old," April noted, "things change. Clearly, she's ready for all the… serious life crap, as you so eloquently put it."

"So you guys think I should ask her, ah?"

"I think you have nothing to lose," Arizona said, "other than maybe just a bit of dignity. It's not like you're gonna break up if she says no."

"Nice, Robbins, are you gonna listen to your own advice?" he challenged.

"Not just yet, no," Arizona admitted and took a fork full of noodles into her mouth.

"She's not the point, Alex. But she's right. The worst that would happen is that things would stay exactly the way they are right now. And things aren't so bad, are they?" April asked.

"No, not too bad," he replied and made eye contact with Arizona. They understood each other perfectly at that moment. Life was grand, but it could be grander.

"Plus, if she says no April and I will grab her and hold her upside down from a tall ass dam," Arizona offered.

"Okay, but be careful, she's feisty," he deadpanned and the other women chuckled.

They enjoyed the rest of their meal talking about work, and the kids, and simply being outside of their homes and spending some time with people who weren't their significant others.

But enough was enough, and by the time the evening came to an end, Arizona couldn't wait to get back home to Callie.

"Okay, crazy kids, I'll see you soon. I'm going home to my wi… girlfriend! I'm going home to my girlfriend!" Arizona tried.

"Too late. We heard that," April said.

Alex had the smuggest expression on his face.

"Now, we are done here," he said.

"Hey!" Callie said as Arizona walked into their bedroom, a joyful expression on her face.

"Are you drunk?" Callie asked in shock.

"Drunk on life, maybe, I'm breastfeeding! Of course I'm not drunk, Calliope," Arizona said and kicked her shoes off. "The girls?"

"Both asleep. Tamster went down maybe 20 minutes ago".

"Good," Arizona said and crawled on the bed towards Callie, throwing the book Callie was holding away.

"What are you…?"

"I had a wonderful evening, and I love you for letting me have it," Arizona said, "and I just had coffee before we left the restaurant. So now, you and I are gonna try last night's plan again, and this time, I'm gonna be wide awake."

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