Chapter 24

Callie was standing at the hospital's parking lot.

Arizona and she had to go in for a board meeting, meaning leaving their daughters with April. Up until now they mostly skyped during meetings, or sent each other as representation, but they were trying to get used to actually leaving the house together again. It was hard to leave a two months old baby with a babysitter for the first time, but April, always the farm girl, and also a mom, seemed to get the enfant smitten within two minutes time.

Callie entertained the thought of taking advantage of their babysitter situation and take Arizona for a coffee date, "maybe even a movie," she said to no one in particular, but alas, Arizona vanished straight after the meeting and Callie had no idea where she went.

She was pacing, knowing that Arizona couldn't be MIA forever. The meeting has ended fifteen minutes before, sooner or later, her girlfriend would have to emerge through the doors.

Not a moment later, Arizona finally did.

"Hey! There you are!" Callie said, "I was waiting for you. Ready to get out of here?"

"Oh, hey!" Arizona said, confused to see Callie there, "sorry, I had no idea you were waiting, I thought you went to pick up the girls. I guess I forgot to tell you. I, hmmm… actually planned on going to the gym."

"Arizona… we need to take advantage of the fact April has the girls."

"Exactly! I'm never gonna get a chance to go again!"

"I wouldn't say never," Callie said quietly.

"Callie come on, how else am I gonna get rid of this baby fat?"

Callie stared at her for a moment, wheels turning. The coffee was forgotten, so was the movie. She leaned in and whispered in Arizona's ear.

"I know a cure for baby fat that doesn't involve the gym," she said, making the other woman gulp.

"Get the car."

It was around 2 PM by the time they got home. They spent the whole ride teasing, and giggling.

Sadly, it wasn't until Callie pushed Arizona against the shut door, attacking her neck, and hearing a cough, definitely not Arizona's, that they remembered something very important

"No…" Arizona said quietly enough for Callie alone to hear.

"There is no way we forgot. Is there?" Callie asked in shock.

"Calliope, I think it's time you get off me, and turn around," Arizona said miserably. She was just about to have sex, and now she wasn't going to. And she wasn't going to, because of this.

"Sorry for the interruption, you weren't answering your phones so we just let ourselves in."

Callie sighed and turned around.

How could they have forgotten? From all things, how could they have forgotten that it was grandparents weekend.

"Hi, daddy," she finally said.

"Mom, Colonel," Arizona nodded. Hugs were in order but the current situation was just too awkward. At both women's insistence, none of the parents came to visit during the pregnancy, nor straight after the birth. As a matter of fact, the women didn't even notify their parents until Arizona was 28 weeks pregnant. They didn't want to deal with all the questions they knew would follow.

The outcome was – the grandparents haven't seen the women since they've gotten back together, nor have they seen their new grandchild.

If it was up to Callie and Arizona they would've keep things that way a while longer, but all three grandparents kept pushing, and asking to come. Eventually, they had to give in.

"But if we have to deal with this, we're getting it all out of the way at the same time!" Callie stated a few weeks prior, hence – grandparents weekend.

They dreaded the day for a while, then they got busy, then they got busy getting busy, and then they forgot.

Yes, they'd finalized everything a couple of weeks before, and yes, Arizona's mom kept texting almost daily saying how excited she was, but somehow, the women kept treating the day like some impending doom that wouldn't actually ever arrive, and then it did, and it totally slipped their minds.

Now they had three pairs of eyes staring at them, expectantly.

"Well, I think I speak for all of us when I say we waited long enough," Carlos said and the Colonel nodded in agreement, "where is my nieta?"

"Hmmm… here's the thing," Arizona said, then pushed Callie forward to speak on their behalf.

"Really?!" Callie protested. "Is that your mature approach?"

"Peds surgeon," Arizona said and pointed at herself, "currently spending all my time with a newborn," she excused.

Callie snorted and turned to her parents. 'Like a band aid,' she thought.

"We had a board meeting we had to go to. Both Sofia and Tamara are perfectly fine with our friend April. Who's a mom, and a trauma surgeon," Callie said, not sure which title mattered more in this scenario.

"Ah ha," Carlos said and stared at them.

"What?" Callie asked.

"So you're telling me, you left your child and newborn at a friend's house to come here and have sex?" he finally asked, making both women groan.

"This is so embarrassing. I haven't been caught by my parents since I was seventeen," Arizona whispered in Callie's ear.

"We can hear you, you know," said the Colonel.

"Arizona Robbins did you really desert you two months old baby?!" Barbara Robbins asked in shock.

"Mom I didn't desert her, per se, it was more like…"

"Arizona!" Barbara said in shock.

"Calliope Torres what were you thinking? You completely forgot we were coming, didn't you?" Carlos asked, glaring from Callie to Arizona, who gulped.

"First, you forbid us from being there during the birth," Barbara started.

"Actual forbidding!" Daniel agreed, "I am a Colonel in the US Marine corps, young lady! How many people do you think have forbade me during my life time?!"

"And then to make matters worse you refuse to let us come visit for the first two months!" Carlos argued.

"But you put all these photos on Facebook to taunt us!" Barbara complained.

"And then you totally forgot that we were coming! What happened to looking at your agenda three times a day, Arizona?" Daniel inquired.

"We didn't forget you were coming," Callie tried, "we just had a board meeting and lost track of time."

"Your fridge is half empty, mija. You said you were going to cook for all of us," Carlos reminded.

"We just miscalculated time, that's all," Arizona came to her girlfriend's rescue. "We thought we'll come here, drop some stuff, go buy some groceries, pick the girls up and voilà!"

"Good save," Callie said quietly.

Three pairs of eyes were staring at them for the umpteenth time.

"Not good enough," Arizona added.

"I'm not sure I've been scolded like this since I was seventeen," Callie whispered to the other woman.

"I know, we both got the full name treatment," Arizona agreed. "Divide and conquer?" she suggested.

"Yes please," Callie confirmed and each woman went to deal with her own parents.

Callie dragged her father towards the nursery, and still managed to hear Barbara saying something that sound suspiciously like "birth."

"Calliope, I do not like these games," her father said when she pushed him gently into the nursery. He looked around him, examining the room.

"What do you think?" Callie asked in concern. His back was turned to her and she couldn't see his reaction.

He walked towards the crib and finally turned around.

"I think you did a fine job with this room," he said.

"Thank you, I had to put it together myself," she replied, pride evident in her voice.

"That's just because you didn't let us come sooner," he blamed.

"Aaaand there it is," Callie exclaimed.

"I'm serious, mija. Daniel and I would've helped with the furniture, and I'm sure Barbara would have loved to paint with you."

"I was really happy to do this on my own, daddy."

"It took you way too long to let us come and you know it. I almost decided to surprise you."

"I'm glad you didn't," she said, "no that came out wrong. There was just a lot going on."

"We could've helped with that," he stated.

"No you couldn't have," Callie said and groaned. "Fine. You want the real reason why I waited this long? It's because I didn't trust you enough to behave nicely around Arizona. It's not her fault you didn't know about this until a late stage of the process. She had her own reasons not to tell her parents."

"I know it isn't her fault. It's your fault."

"What?! No, no faults! Just… logic."

"Yes fault. You are insulting me. You know I have nothing against Arizona. You two have been friends for years, and she's been a perfect mother."

"So you're saying… you are supportive of us being back together?" Callie asked in surprise. He simply stared at her in concentration. "What?" she asked.

"Mija, this is your second child out of wedlock."

"What wedlock, daddy? Even our first wedding wasn't exactly an official thing."

"Because you couldn't have an official thing back then, but that has changed. I've been reading…"

"You have?"

He glared at her.

"You have. Okay."

"You can now legally marry in the state of Washington," he stated.

"Yeah but it has no religious hold what so ever."

"But it can have religious hold, though."

"Not in the eyes of… some people," Callie noted sadly.

"This is not about your mother, Calliope. You can get a minister. You can get a priest. It'll mean something in my eyes, and it'll mean something in your eyes, too."

"Why are we even talking about this?" Callie asked in frustration.

"You two share a house, and raise two children together. You should get married."

"Daddy, we've only been together for six months."

"Calliope, I think we both know you're never going anywhere else."

Callie sighed. "So your only issue with this whole situation is that we aren't married?" Callie asked, frustrated, yet pleasantly surprised.

"Yes, that, and the fact that I am yet to see my grandkids."

Callie pulled him by the sleeve into a tight hug.

"I'm not sure what's happening, but it's good to see you, mija," he smiled and rubbed his daughter's back.

She released him, took his hand and led him back to the living room.

"We are not done talking," he reminded.

"We are done for now. I love Arizona, I love the girls, I'm not gonna think about anything else right now," Callie said.

"I don't like this," Carlos stated but before Callie could argue, they reached the living room.

"I was just gonna pick the girls up, Calliope," Arizona said the moment she spotted the other woman. "Join me, please," she urged and Callie mouthed a 'thank you.'

"Entertain yourselves, we'll be back shortly. With groceries!" Callie announced and the women bolted out of the house.

Hours later, lying in bed, they couldn't deny they all had a lovely evening. The women had a quiet car ride, each lost in thoughts of the conversations they had just before the ride.

They bought food, picked up the girls, and while the grandparents were all over their daughters, Callie was cooking them all dinner and Arizona helped, which mostly consisted of her favorite activity of watching Callie.

If either of their parents had any unfinished business conversation wise, they were smart enough to not bring it up again that night. After dinner, all five of them rotated between cleaning, getting Sofia ready for bed (which at her age mostly meant pre-sleep school activities discussion), and putting the living room in order. At some point Arizona quietly disappeared into the nursery to breastfeed.

After bed time, all the adults sat down for wine, and even Arizona had a glass. It was time to start pumping, she knew, and though logically she understood she had nothing to fear, the thought made her cringe. Callie, who watched her, knew exactly what she was thinking, and grinned.

Their parents finally left to one of Carlos' hotels, giving them some time alone. They were lying in bed, each staring at the ceiling for a while, lost in thoughts once more.

"It was a nice day," Callie said, finally breaking the silence in the bedroom.

"It was," Arizona agreed.

"I love them but I'm glad they are leaving tomorrow night. I could really use a relaxing Sunday. I'm exhausted."

"You don't need to tell me," Arizona concurred and they fell into comfortable silence again.

"Do you ever think about your brother?" Callie asked softly, turning her head to look at Arizona who was doing the same thing.

"Not as much as I used to," Arizona admitted. "But on days like today? When I'm happy and surrounded by family? He's always present. By not being present," Arizona explained sadly.

"Yeah, that's how I feel about my mom. Not that I'm comparing!" Callie quickly corrected.

"Calliope, it's fine. She's also present by not being present, I understand."

Callie nodded but said nothing.

"You never tried to work things out with her? After we… you know." Arizona wanted Callie to understand that she was interested, but not pushy.

"She tried," Callie said sadly.

"She did?"

"Yeah," Callie confirmed and started to laugh. "The moment she found out we broke up she was on a plane. My father gave me a heads up. He had no clue she was coming until he got home and found a note."

"Then why wasn't she here today?"

"Arizona, come on. She came here thinking some demon that possessed me for years was finally gone. I told her that just because you and I weren't together anymore, didn't change who I was, didn't change the fact I was still a bisexual. I told her there was still a chance I'd end up with a woman. Heck, I told her I was still in love with you."

"You did?"

"Of course I did, Arizona. I wasn't gonna turn my back on everything we had and were just to make her temporarily happy. Then what? I'd end up with a woman and would have to see her vanish out of my life all over again? No thanks. I preferred to not let her back in to begin with and surprise surprise, I ended up with a woman. The same woman."

"Ah, yes, I am the demon that posses you, aren't I? I'm sure she's very happy about this development," Arizona said.

"I have no idea how she feels. I don't want to know. Maybe one day she'll come around and if that'd be the case I'd do my best to work with her, but it took me so long to get to a point of being happy with who I am, feeling good about myself, I'm not letting any negative influences into my life, near my children," Callie said coldly. She missed her mom, some days, like today, more than others, but she couldn't be around a mother who wanted her to apologize for who she was.

"I'm really sorry, Calliope."

"Don't. You have no idea what you've given me. If it was up to her, I wouldn't have had all of this, and I wouldn't exchange this for anything," Callie said sincerely and put her hand on Arizona's waist.

"I love you so much," Arizona said.

"I love you, too. Hey, I didn't even get to ask you how your talk with your parents went."

"It was okay," Arizona said, "probably not as stressful as yours. I swear, you put down your dad and the Colonel for a staring contest and I'm not sure who's gonna win," she stated and Callie chuckled. "How was the talk with good old Carlos?"

"Yeah, okay. Nothing interesting to report. He sort of approves of the whole thing."

"Sort of?"

"Yeah, he reacted surprisingly well," Callie confirmed.

"I think my mom just wants a third grandkid so she can have a do over and be here for every single step of the way," Arizona joked.

"Maybe in a few years," Callie said and smiled.

"Maybe," Arizona agreed. "Hey, remember that time when we deserted our girls for sex and our parents totally caught us making out?" she asked.

"Boy, do I ever?"

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