Chapter 25

"Don't freak out."

"Arizona, I'm not freaking out! I am, however, experiencing a little feeling of a déjà vu."

"Callie, how can you not freak out?" Arizona demanded.

"I don't understand. Do you want me to freak out?"

They were walking in a parking lot towards their destination, doing their usual dance of walk and talk.

"No, of course not, I just want you to know that I'm here for you," Arizona reassured.

"Arizona, relax. If things don't go well today, which I very much doubt, we'll try again."

It was their hearing day at court, and though logically Arizona knew this was almost a technicality, she couldn't help but being a bit on the panicky side. She nodded at Callie's words but said nothing.

"Hey," Callie said and laced their fingers, "we rocked that home visit. We already have a daughter together. He'll be nuts, not to mention ridiculous and unreasonably spending taxpayer money, to not let us do this."

"Well but it's a newly appointed judge! Kira said she's never even had a case with him before! What if he's against same sex couples? What if he says no because we're not married?!" Arizona rambled in fear.

"Why do you assume the worst?"

"Because you assume the best and someone needs to be the pessimistic voice of reason!"

"Okay, but your so called voice of reason is scared of gay discrimination. There's no way of knowing either way how he feels about the subject, but most likely, we're in the clear. And we raised Sofia just fine without being married," Callie argued.

"We raised her more than fine. She's perfect! The social worker saw that, right?" Arizona asked hopefully.

"You kidding? I think she wanted to steal her from us. Look, we had a year full of great news. Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. Shoes are always gonna be droppin'. It probably won't happen when you wait for it to happen. It'll happen annoyingly unpredictably."

"Fine, you win. You're the super pessimistic voice of reason," Arizona stated.

"I'm not. I just think it's pointless to worry about what's out of our control," Callie said and squeezed Arizona's hand. Arizona stopped and stared at her for a moment, absorbing her words.

"God, you are right," Arizona finally said, "why am I being so insane about this? Why am I always being so insane about this?"

"Because you care," Callie stated simply, "you care like crazy, and I love that," she concluded and leaned in to kiss Arizona's temple, letting herself linger for a moment. The other woman hummed at the feeling.

"I do," Arizona agreed, "but bad things will happen no matter what. You're right. So let's just… be happy when we can be happy."

"Exactly," Callie said as they resumed their walking.

"And if something bad happens we'll deal with it when it does," Arizona added.

"Yes, together."

"We are more emotionally equipped today. I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank god for therapy," Arizona said and chuckled.

"Yes, on both counts," Callie agreed.

"So if not today, we'll just try again. That's the amazing, completely original thought I just had," Arizona teased and Callie rolled her eyes.

"I know I'm her mother," Callie promised, "and I know you'll never take her away from me."

"Of course not, you're stuck with all of us for good," Arizona stated just as they arrived to the courthouse. "Now let's get you that paper."

A young man entered the room and waived them off as they were standing to honor him.

"Okay ladies, let's make this quick," he said. "It's date night with my husband and he's making fajitas."

"Oh, we so got this," Callie whispered in her ear.

And they did.

They were trying to be respectful, so they just held hands as they left the courthouse. They kept their PDA to minimum all the way to the car as well, but the moment they got to the car, Arizona spun Callie around, pushed her against the car's door and kissed her fiercely. She was so happy she couldn't contain it inside of her any longer.

"You are the mother of my child," she said, tears in her eyes, the moment they broke off the kiss. They were both breathless and flush but their eyes were boring into those of the other.

Arizona remembered the day Sofia became hers. She became a legal guardian when Mark was still alive, but after he died, after the first year following her injury, they made sure Arizona went through a second parent adoption.

Sofia was the joy of their lives, but there was always a sad element involved. First, Sofia wasn't just theirs, and then, when Mark died, she hated herself for ever wishing that Sofia would only be theirs.

This was different.

This was her and Callie, hand in hand from the get to. They started this journey together but apart, and they finished this specific leg of it together in every meaning of the word.

This part ended, but everything was just beginning.

"It's all beginning," she said quietly to her confused girlfriend, and leaned in to kiss her again. She put her hands in Callie's hair and crashed her forcefully into her own body.

She wouldn't let her go, she wanted to feel her everywhere, and she knew it was a cheesy thought but it wasn't about feeling Callie all over her body, it was about feeling her everywhere in her heart. Kissing Callie the way she was, was the closest thing she got, and when they finally broke the kiss to get some air, they leaned their foreheads against each other's.

"Happy, are we?" Callie teased, still breathless.

"I love you so so much," was Arizona's reply.

"I love you, too. It's blowing my mind sometimes. You and I," Callie said, grinned, and closed her eyes.

They were just standing like that for a few moments. Eyes shut, foreheads touching, like in a haze.

"Well, now I have no reason to get hysterical for a while," Arizona finally joked, breaking the silence. It made Callie jump and look at her in horror.

"What?" Arizona asked in confusion.

"Oh my god, I have a second child!" Callie was suddenly hit by the notion full force.

"Yeah, you've had her for 2.5 months now," Arizona stated matter-of-factly.

"What was I thinking?! With work, and research, and Sofia…" Callie rambled and Arizona simply stared at her, inappropriately amused. "I don't have the time for all of this! Maybe I should just take some time off from research."

"You can't let your brain not to be innovative. You're just not wired that way, and neither am I," Arizona soothed and put a lock of Callie's hair behind her ear.

"What the hell am I going to do?!" Callie asked and Arizona leaned in, her mouth next to Callie' ear.

"You've been perfect so far," she said, "I would keep going the exact same way," she concluded and bit the flesh below Callie's ear, forgetting, not caring, that they were still outside, fooling around in a parking lot like a couple of teenagers.

Callie moaned at the sensation. "What are you doing?"

"I'm… ah, helping," Arizona said and bit lower, then lower, until she got to Callie's neck. "You're gonna raise that baby girl with me," she bit again, "and wrap your first research soon, as planned," she bit once more, "and continue with the pregnancy prosthesis," she bit again, "and work on a new research with me. And somewhere, between all of the above, we'll find time for this, too," she concluded and passed her tongue all the way from Callie's neck to her ear. When she reached Callie's ear she turned Callie's face towards hers and kissed her.

She finally pulled away and looked at Callie who was completely flushed but still managed to say "that's only if I don't get caught for indecent exposure before I get to do all of that."

Arizona burst into laughter, feeling light, and happy. Callie's tone was so serious, and so unfitting for what they've just been doing, that laughing was the only possible response. Callie smiled and joined her.

"I just went completely crazy," Callie realized, "haven't I?

"Don't worry," Arizona assured, "tomorrow I'll be crazy. Wait, no, I was just crazy up until 90 minutes ago."

"We are totally hopeless."

"I beg to differ, oh, pessimistic one," Arizona teased.

"Oh, I refuse ending this day being the pessimistic one," Callie argued, "I just adopted a baby. I'm on top of the world!"

"Great, well, if we get out of here in the next five minutes it'll give you time to be on top of something else."

They were sitting on the couch in the living room, cuddled, watching TV. Sofia was already asleep, and they were about to turn in too, knowing their next awakening was pending. Their sleeping fate was in the hands of a 10 weeks old.

"I'm dozing off," Callie said, "I think I'm gonna head to bed."

"Okay, same here," Arizona agreed.

Callie got up, and gave Arizona a hand.

"Hey, can I take you to dinner tomorrow? To celebrate?" Arizona asked.

"Of course, I'd love that," Callie said and leaned in to peck Arizona's lips.

Just as they picked the baby monitor to carry with them to the bedroom, Tamara's cry came through.

Arizona instinctively started walking towards the nursery, but Callie grabbed her wrist gently, stopping her.

"Let me," she asked and Arizona smiled in understanding. It was Callie's day after all. It was about all of them, but it was Callie's day first.

"You sure? You're exhausted."

"I'm sure," Callie confirmed.

Arizona finally started pumping about a week before, letting herself getting used to the sensation before it would become a few times a day occurrence.

"I'll see you in bed," Callie winked and left the room to get Tamara's milk.

Arizona went to their bedroom and changed, but she couldn't help herself from drifting towards the nursery.

She leaned on the doorway, quietly, looking at Callie who had Tamara in her arms and was oblivious to her presence.

"You're my girl, you know that?" Callie whispered to the infant.

The sight made Arizona's heart beat faster. She knew how Callie must be feeling.

When she got legal guardianship over Sofia, Callie took her out on a picnic. They took Sofia with them. They let her crawl on the picnic blanket and thanked their lucky star for the beautiful day.

Callie gave her a gorgeous necklace in the shape of a fish[C1] . Arizona loved it immediately but Callie, as always, had to explain.

"Okay here's the thing. I know fish are ridiculously ugly, but I thought this one was classy, and pretty, and… pink! And, I mean, fish symbolizes miracles and Sofia is our miracle. You gave her life, Arizona," Callie noted and Arizona begun to tear. "And it also symbolizes sea magic," Callie continued, "which I thought, you know, The Little Mermaid! Disney! Fun!"

"I love it, Calliope," Arizona said, "it's gorgeous," and it was. Subtle, and classy indeed, and made of silver.

"Good," Callie said in relief, "because I wouldn't have gotten you anything I wouldn't be remotely okay with tattooing on myself, you know," Callie explained.

"Wait, you would be okay with getting a tattoo?!" Arizona asked in shock. Callie's initial thought was that Arizona was judging her, but Arizona wasn't. Arizona secretly thought that a mildly tattooed Callie Torres would be hot as hell.

Now, as Arizona was standing at the doorway, staring at her girlfriend feeding their daughter and humming a song, she couldn't help but smile at the memory. Smile, and think about the phoenix necklace she had waiting in the bedroom. Phoenix, for second chances, new beginnings, and to go with her own animal necklace.

She didn't get to wear hers very often, but every time there was a "Sofia date", a birthday, a first day of something and so on, she did, even when Callie and her were apart.

She left quietly, letting Callie have some alone time with their second miracle, and waited for her in bed.

A few minutes later, Callie walked into the room and got into bed.

When she turned to look at her girlfriend, she saw the necklace Arizona was wearing and smiled widely. Then she saw Arizona had a fancy leathered box in her hand and her smile grew tenfold.

It was a very good day.

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