Chapter 3

"Thanks for doing this, Addison", Callie said gratefully as she and Arizona entered the room. She gave her friend a warm hug. It's been a while since they've seen each other and she was happy the circumstances of their reunion were good ones.

"Hey, I'm not the one paying for the plane ticket, in plural, so the pleasure is all mine," Addison said as the three women came to the center of the room and Arizona climbed on the examining chair.

Callie instinctively took her hand for comfort as she sat by her. They were in this together, after all.

"Only the best for my baby," she said as Addison took Arizona's hospital gown up.

Callie averted her gaze back to Arizona's face, to give the woman some privacy. She might've seen it all before, but not recently. It was very important to her to be respectful of the boundaries in their arrangement.

"Yeah, Addison, it's pretty great you came just to get me pregnant and monitor me, but we had a pretty great OB/GYN," Arizona said looking at Callie with annoyance, "not to mention, I could do this myself."

"I know you're the rising star of the neonatal world, Robbins," Addison started, "but as talented as you are, I very much doubt that even you can look into your own vagina."

Callie chuckled next to Arizona while the other woman groaned.

"Hey, don't worry about it, you'll get there," Addison said and winked.

"I very much doubt that," Arizona said.

"Hey, who knows, you're quite flexible," Callie said teasingly.

"And missing a leg," Arizona added, "all very good points to consider when one tries to look into one's own vagina."

"Okay ladies, enough of this," Addison said, "let's get this show on the road. We have eight embryos. That's very, very good."

"Eight out of twelve! My eggs are rock stars, boom!" Arizona said proudly and Callie giggled.

"So, how many are we trying today?" Addison asked.

"One!" the women replied simultaneously and immediately.

"I see you have discussed this beforehand, good," Addison said, pleased.

"Hmm, actually," Callie started, embarrassed, "we haven't."

"Yeah, there's just no way we can handle more than one baby at the time. Clearly, we agree on this," Arizona said and smiled at Callie softly. They have discussed so many things, this one just slipped between the cracks. It wasn't a big deal, and they both realized that.

"You do know chances are better if we transfer more than one, right?" Addison asked.

Arizona glared at her.

"Rising star of the neonatal world, remember?" she asked and pointed at herself.

"Yes, but still not an OB/GYN, thank you very much!" Addison replied cheerfully. "So, we are sure about the one?"

"Yeah. Worst case scenario, we'll try again. I mean, if Arizona is up for it. She's gonna be the overly injected oven after all," Callie said and looked at the other woman for approval.

"I am up for it," Arizona said in determination, "but I don't have to be. This will work. My eggs are awesome."

"Well, no matter. You can always use the remaining ones in the future," Addison said cheerfully, missing the look the other women exchanged without a word. "You guys ready?"She asked, holding the catheter in her hand.

Arizona took a big breath, and looked at Callie who was smiling at her widely. Callie seemed so happy, and though Arizona was just a bit nervous, she was excited too.

"Ready," she said quietly, still looking at Callie.

"Hey, just keep looking at me the whole time," Callie said as she could see the anxiety in the other woman's eyes.

"Yeah I was planning on it," Arizona said, smiling softly. "This is so romantic," she added.

"Oh, it's the best!" Callie said mockingly.

"Tell me about your day?" Arizona asked softly.

"Pregnancy version of how was my day, or how was my day version of how was my day?" Callie asked teasingly.

"Tell me something, Calliope, anything!" Arizona said and winced as Addison inserted the catheter.

"Well, I actually wanted to ask you something," Callie admitted.

"Uh oh. What is it? Because you're making me nervous and that's the opposite of what you're supposed to be doing right now."

"No, Arizona, it's not a bad thing. I just wanted to ask if we could maybe stop by the lab once we're done? I wanted to maybe make a few tweaks to the leg. You know, to make sure it'll be at its best for the added weight."

About a year and a half before, when they were finally friends again, Arizona asked if she could try one of Callie's legs. Callie was shocked by the request, but also overjoyed. She knew it'll improve Arizona's life quality and she was glad the other woman felt comfortable enough to come and ask. It was also a perfect fit for the blonde.

"Oh, great!" Arizona said bitterly, "we are already thinking about the added weight, aren't we?"

"Arizona, I just want to play it safe, okay?" Callie asked in concern.

"I kid, I kid," Arizona said but Addison interrupted.

"Yeah, how does going home for some bed rest work with going to the lab and mess with your leg?" she asked skeptically, her eyebrow almost hitting the roof. She walked to the table to check the catheter under the microscope.

"I'm sure you're tired, and… fertilized or whatever… hopefully, so I understand if you're not up for it. But just… soon, okay?" Callie rambled.

"I'm up for it, Calliope. And I still love that you're being over protective."

"Still?" Callie asked challengingly.

"Well, yeah, it's bound to get old in let's say… two months time. Tops," Arizona explained nonchalantly.

"We'll see."

"I guess we will."

"In the meantime," Callie started, "let's get you to the lab. I'll just let you lie down on the bed in the lab while I check the sensors. Okay?"

"Okay," Arizona said softly.

"No deal!" Addison called from her table, spinning in her chair to look at the pair.

"Oh no, it didn't transfer?" Arizona asked in concern.

"What? No!" Addison said, "it's all good and in ten days we'll see if your superstar eggs are ready for tour…"

"I lost you in that analogy," Callie commented.

"But, in the meantime," Addison said annoyed at the interruption, "no going to labs or tweaking of sensors! Instead, there will be going to homes and lying on couches! Doctor's orders!"

Callie and Arizona said nothing, but looked at Addison.

"Well," Arizona challenged, "we're not even sure the bed rest is necessary, studies show…"

"Arizona!" Addison yelled.

"Sir yes sir!" Arizona replied immediately, the marine instinct carved deep into her subconscious.

"You leave here, and go home to rest. Even if it's just simple relaxing. Am I being clear?" Addison asked.

"Yes!" the women said simultaneously, knowing well that they will head to Callie's lab the moment they were dismissed.

"Good. Now get out of my face, you crazy kids," Addison said.

"What, that's it?" Arizona asked in surprise.

"Yeah, rising star. Don't you know that?" Addison teased.

"Well, you don't have to tell me twice, coz this lady gotta pee!" Arizona said and hopped off the chair, grabbing Callie's hand and pulling her out of the room quickly. "Bye!" she yelled without looking back.

"And no sex!" Addison called after them, peeking outside the room, looking down the hall at the fast disappearing women.

"That's not gonna be a problem!" Callie yelled behind her shoulder, and vanished with Arizona around a corner.

"Could've fooled me," Addison said quietly and walked back into the room.

"We are being ridiculous, worrying about leg functionality with added pregnancy weight, due to a pregnancy that is totally hypothetical right now," Arizona said, now back in her regular clothes, lying down on her back in the bed in Callie's lab.

"Well, I like to be prepared," Callie said as she was examining a sensor under a microscope.

"Also I can't help but feel like we're sneaking around during school hours," Arizona said.

"And the principal's office is one floor up," Callie replied and looked up at Arizona who smiled at her.

"So what exactly are you doing?" Arizona asked in interest, leaning on her elbow to look at Callie and by that abandoning her previous position.

"Hey, on your back lady!" Callie said, making Arizona sigh and go back to lying down.

"But I'm bored! This is ridiculous! No one even knows for sure if bed rest helps!" Arizona whined.

"Hey," Callie said softly and Arizona turned her head to look at her.


"That's my baby in there and I don't want anything happening to my baby," Callie said and winked.

Arizona smiled. "Yeah, that's nice and all, but I'm still gonna need you to keep me entertained. Oh, mighty Harper Avery winner one, please explain to me what your magnificent brain is producing!" she said over dramatically.

"Shut up!" Callie said and burst into laughter, "I'm never gonna get anything done this way, and we'll be stuck here forever, or worse, long enough for Addison to find us."

"Okay, I'll be quiet! Just… tell me what you're doing? I miss watching you work. It's fascinating to me," Arizona admitted and Callie's face softened.

"Okay," Callie said, grabbed the sensor in her hand, walked to Arizona and sat on a chair by the bed.

"Thank you," Arizona said and smiled.

Callie was examining her.

"You sure you don't want me to get you scrubs?" Callie asked softly, "much more comfy!" She sounded like she was trying to sell a product on the shopping channel. It made Arizona giggle.

"I'm fine, Calliope, really," she said and unbuttoned her pants, just in case. "Thanks for asking, though. Just tell me about the sensor."

"Okay. So here's the dilemma. The sensor I'm holding was designed for overweight women."

"So? What's the problem?"

"Well, the sensor also goes with a leg that is different in size. The technology has to match. I'm not one hundred percent sure what it'll be like if I put this specific sensor with your leg," Callie explained. "It might be brain stuff, Derek-y stuff."

"Then why not just replace the leg with a bigger one?" Arizona asked in confusion.

"Because while you may gain weight, you're not gonna get to the size of a person with let's say… an obesity problem. You know?"

"Oh, I see what you mean," Arizona said and crunched her eyebrows in concentration.

"This is actually really fascinating, Arizona. I never had an amputee patient who was pregnant. It'll open a whole new world of possibilities. It can really help some people. Maybe even help women who were debating whether or not to get pregnant make a decision. It's very exciting!" Callie said with enthusiasm.

"Well, I'm happy to be your first," Arizona said teasingly, "and also give my body to science and blah blah blah."

"Why science appreciates your sacrifice, m'lady!" Callie said and got back up to walk to the table.

"So one option would be to create a whole new sensor and leg that will fit your pregnancy. Maybe something a bit more adjustable than usual so we can change a bit when needed," Callie explained, "both the leg and the sensor."

"Do you think you'll have enough time to build a whole new leg?"

"Well," Callie started, "if it the transfer took,"

"It took," Arizona interrupted her.

"Okay, so, yeah. We probably have about three months before you start to show, at which point the weight will become an issue. It should be enough time, I think. I need to talk to Derek as well. I'm just mad at myself for not thinking about it sooner. I mean, it's been two months since we started discussing all of this."

"Callie, come on, don't be that way. Yeah, it might've been two months, but it's been two months of talks, and preparations, and injections, and meetings, and moving you in, please don't be too hard on yourself."

"Yeah, but then there's another thing," Callie said.

"What is it?" Arizona asked in concern.

"This is a bit experimental, and the last thing I wanna do is to experiment on the mother of my unborn child," Callie explained.

"Well, you'll make the leg, and if worse comes to worst, I'll go back to this one, and it'll just have to be a bit tight in that socket for a while."

"It'll be uncomfortable, Arizona."

"Then I'll go back to a simple prosthesis, or use a chair when I need to."

"You will not use a chair, Arizona. You hate the chair," Callie said.

"Right, I do. But I don't think we'll get to that. You'll build that leg, and it'll be amazing, because you are amazing, and we'll learn from my experience with it, and we'll do it together, like we're doing everything else. Okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Callie said and visibly relaxed. She put the sensor down, took a notebook, and started writing.

"Do you really think it worked?" she asked softly, breaking the silence.

"Yes," Arizona replied in confidence.

"How can you be so sure?" Callie asked, and looked up from the notebook to meet Arizona's gaze.

"It would work because we really, really want it to," Arizona explained like it was the simplest thing in the world.

"Yeah, well, when did that ever work before?" Callie asked, bitterly.

"Never. That's exactly the point. The world is in debt to us, and we're gonna cash it today."

They smiled at one another and Callie went back to writing.

"What are you doing?" Arizona asked.

"Listing the things I need to order. After all, I'm starting to build a new leg tomorrow, haven't you heard?"

Arizona smiled at her widely. "Awesome," she said simply.

"Awesome indeed. But now I'm done, and I can email this from anywhere, so, ready to go home so I can spoil you?" Callie asked softly.

"So ready to go home," Arizona said, and hopped off excitedly, for the second time that day.

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