Chapter 4

Callie heard the door open and then close and turned around to see Arizona walk in from another long day at the office.

"Hey you!" she greeted, "I'm glad you're back relatively early. I was just starting to make dinner. Any special requests?" she asked as she turned back to continue the preparations.

"No thanks. Hey, Callie?" the other woman said, urgency in her voice.

"How was your day?" Callie asked softly, completely oblivious to Arizona's state.

"I need to pee," Arizona said which made Callie stop what she was doing and turn around.

"Oh…kay? Don't let me interrupt you."

"No, Callie, I need to pee, and you need to come with me."

"What, you need me to encourage you?" Callie asked jokingly.

"Hmm… I did a thing," Arizona said.

"What did you do?"

"Ta da!" Arizona said as she took out a pregnancy test and showed it to Callie.

"Oh, come on Arizona. I flew Addie in especially so we can see her tomorrow!" Callie protested. She wanted to do things the right way.

"Calliope, it's been 2 weeks. Do I look like someone who can wait any longer?!" Arizona asked, irritation evident in her voice.

Callie sighed. "No, you do not. But you could've just gotten blood tested at the hospital."

"No, I wanted to do this with you, so… come pee with me."

"You mean come stand by the door while you pee and then wait with you for the results, yes?"

"Yes, same, whatever, just come," Arizona said and hurried down the hallway and into the bathroom.

"Well, if her mood is any indication to hormonal activity…" Callie said to herself and followed the other woman.

By the time she got to the bathroom, Arizona was already sitting outside, staring hard at the stick in her hands.

"Hmm… you do know you need to actually pee on it for it to show anything, right?" Callie asked teasingly.

"I already did," Arizona deadpanned.

"What?!" Callie asked in shock, "I was maybe thirty seconds behind you. How the hell did you…"

Arizona's face snapped up, and her eyes bored into Callie's.

"I drank a ridiculous amount of water in the past four hours, I didn't go to the bathroom once, and I'm super efficient. So that's that," she said and went back to stare at the stick.

"Staring at it won't make it work faster, Arizona."

"Shut up. Three hundred more seconds to go."

"You've been counting?" Callie asked in a disapproving tone which made Arizona look up at her again.

"Well, I've been trying. But you keep interrupting me, and now I lost my count. Thanks a lot, Calliope!"

"You're totally pregnant," Callie said.

"What? Shut up. How can you tell?"

"Because you're acting like a crazy mess," Callie explained.

"I am not! Am I?" Arizona asked in worry.

"Just a little bit, but that's okay. Because it helped me distract you," Callie said and smiled softly, which got her a soft smile in return.

"I'm sorry," Arizona said, "I just really want this," she admitted.

"You do? I couldn't tell," Callie said sarcastically, but it just won her another smile from the other woman.

They knew it wasn't much longer now, and both turned to look at the stick until eventually, the result appeared and Arizona gasped.

For a second, neither one said anything.

"It's… it's a plus sign, Calliope!" Arizona said excitedly and jumped off the chair to hug the other woman. "It's a plus sign! I can't believe it! I mean… I knew it!"

Callie didn't hug her back, just stood stiffly in her arms until the other woman took a step back to look at Callie in confusion. Her smile faded.

"You look shocked, why do you look shocked?! Look lively and happy, right now!" Arizona demanded, which made Callie snap out of her reverie.

"Relax, Arizona! You just sorta sprung this on me! I wasn't prepared to deal with this emotionally until tomorrow!"

"What?! You were all like 'oh, you're totally pregnant,' 'crazy mess' and stuff!"

"I was joking! You are always a bit of a crazy mess!" Callie countered and Arizona glared at her.

"But in an adorable way!" Callie said immediately and Arizona's features softened.

"But… you are happy, right?" Arizona asked, her voice vulnerable.

A huge smile spread on Callie's face.

"Are you kidding me?" she replied and started laughing in joy, grabbing the other woman in a tight hug as they both laughed together.

"I'm taking you out to dinner! We need to celebrate!" Callie said excitedly as she let go of the hug.

"But you already started making dinner…" Arizona noted.

"Who cares?! All I did was chop some onions. I'm taking you somewhere fancy!"

"Should we take Sof too?" Arizona asked, a huge smile on her face.

"Maybe we should wait a bit with telling her? Just so we don't jinx it?" Callie asked, wanting Arizona's opinion rather than stating a fact.

"Great, awesome," the blonde said, "it'll just give us an excuse to go out for another dinner!"

"Yay!" Callie said, finding the other woman's excitement contagious. "I can call Mer and ask if we can drop Sofia for like, a couple of hours."

"Great. That way we'll only feel slightly guilty for already abandoning our firstborn," Arizona said and they both laughed.

"Where should we go?" Arizona asked in excitement. With everything that was rapidly changing in her lives, she hardly had the time to go out anymore. The possibilities seemed endless.

"How about we go back to the same place where we had 'the talk'. This is where this whole thing started, after all."

"That's a perfect idea, Calliope. I love it!"

"Then it's a 'mommies-to-be' date?" Callie asked and took Arizona's hands in hers.

"It's a 'mommies-to-be' date!" Arizona confirmed in excitement before taking Callie into her arms for another hug.

"Oh, the joy I am gonna experience watching you having to give up on coffee!" Callie said and added a fake evil laughter for good measure.

They were sitting at the same restaurant where they decided to have another baby together. Only this time, there was no tension, or anxiety, or lack of time other than eventually picking Sofia up. They were relaxed, and happy, and Arizona actually had a chance to look at the menu, at which point she realized she can't have wine. That realization made her pout, and that pout triggered Callie's evil outburst.

"Don't be mean, Calliope. I am carrying your child! And I already had to give this all up once!" Arizona protested.

"Oh! Vendetta is a beautiful thing!" Callie said and leaned back in triumph. "Sweet sweet revenge is mine!"

"You say that now, but just wait until I get cranky due to caffeine withdraws. I know where you live," Arizona warned.

"I will be there for you at your worst, whiney, caffeine-less times," Callie promised and smiled.

"Okay, but I'm gonna have one cup a day," Arizona demanded, "vagina vote!"

"Funny how I recall we decided there's no such thing as a vagina vote last time," Callie countered.

"What happens behind closed doors at an empty on call room… stays behind closed doors at an empty on call room," Arizona said vaguely, "what you don't know, can't hurt you."

"Don't make me put an ankle monitor on you or a bell around your neck," Callie warned and they both laughed.

"Hey, Callie? Can I ask you something serious?" Arizona asked quietly.

"Sure, Arizona, you can ask me anything. What is it?" Callie asked in concern.

"Hmm… are you okay with this? I mean… with me carrying? Is it hard for you to see because… you know… because you can't…" Arizona wasn't sure how to finish asking her question.

Callie took Arizona's hand in hers over the table and started to stroke it lightly with her thumb.

"Arizona, I'm really happy for you. For getting to experience something I didn't think I'll get to see you experience. I know how much you wanted this. I've had one pregnancy and though I was sad for a while that I couldn't do it again, I was also grateful I got to experience it in the first place. And I also realized it didn't mean I could never be a mother again. And see? Here I am, about to be a mother again!"

"Yes, you are," Arizona replied with a smile, but it didn't reach her eyes, and Callie noticed.

"Hey," she said softly, "I'm really happy and I can't wait to see you going through this pregnancy. I'm absolutely overjoyed. Do you believe me?"

"Yes," Arizona said immediately and Callie smiled at her as their food arrived.

"This smells amazing," Arizona said.

"Enjoy it now. You can throw it up tomorrow."

"We don't need you, Addison! We already know we're having a baby!" Arizona announced happily as she waltzed into the examination room. Callie, walking behind her, chose to walk into the room like a normal person would.

"Well it's nice to see you too, Arizona! Always so welcoming!" Addison said sarcastically.

"Ignore her," Callie said softly, "she can't turn this smile off since yesterday."

"She shouldn't have to," Addison said with a smile. "So I take it you couldn't wait?"

"Nope!" Arizona said, pointing between her legs as if to urge Addison to get closer. "Come on, lady! Come tell me what I already know!"

Addison chuckled at the overly eager woman, shaking her head from side to side, but approached the chair nonetheless.

Callie took her place by Arizona's side, and her hand, as Addison put gloves on and held a syringe.

"You do know Callie could've taken your blood right?" Addison asked.

"How would she be holding my hand if she was drawing blood?" Arizona asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Well, any other doctor in this hospital for that matter. I just want to put it out there that you flew me in simply to take Arizona's blood."

"Noted, and understood," Callie said. "We'll go to someone at the hospital for the next ones, but just for today, I don't know, rub her belly and make sure everything's okay… or something."

"What am I, Buddha?" Arizona asked in annoyance as Addison took her blood.

"Yes, apparently," she said, "a cute, blonde, blue eyed Buddha. All done!" she took the syringe out, and rubbed Arizona's belly, to the other woman's dismay.

"How are you feeling?" Callie asked Arizona softly.

"I'm good, Calliope. Just ready to put the science's seal of approval on this baby."

"Okay," Addison said as she took the gloves off. "You're good to go. So book that next flying ticket for let's say… five weeks for a first ultrasound?"

"Yay!" Arizona said excitedly and got off the chair.

"She won't be saying that once the morning sickness starts," Addison said to Callie who in return laughed lightly.

"Okay," Arizona said, "I have a surgery in twenty, and I wanna change and drop the test tubes by the lab. I'll make sure they do it ASAP. You good here?" she asked Callie.

"Yeah, you go. I'll hang with Addie for a bit. I don't have surgery for another two hours."

"Awesome! I'll see you later, Calliope!" Arizona said, dropped a kiss on Callie's cheek, and flew out of the room without noticing the surprise and slight blush on Callie's face.

"Yeah, Calliope, see you later," Addison said once Arizona was out of earshot.

"What?" Callie said in a warning tone.

"No one calls you that."

"She does. She always has."

"Yeah, back when you were married," Addison pointed.

"Well, she's my best friend," Callie reasoned.

"That you're playing house with."

"You think we're crazy for doing this, don't you?" Callie asked, no anger in her voice, just genuine interest.

"No, no, I swear. I think it's actually very smart for two people who get along well and want another child to do what you two are doing," Addison admitted.

"Well, then what's the problem?" Callie asked in confusion.

"No problem. I just think that you two are doing more than just 'get along well' and I personally think it's great."

"Nothing's going on," Callie said quickly.

"Okay," Addison replied vaguely.

"I know that tone."

"Let's grab lunch."


"What?! I'm flying out later tonight! Treat your friend who takes care of your baby… both of them, to something better than the crappy cafeteria food!"

"You are unbelievable!"

"If by that you mean extraordinary I totally agree," Addison said and left the room, fully expecting her friend to follow her footsteps.

Three hours later, when Arizona finished her surgery, she stopped by the lab to pick the results.

"Yay!" she said when she saw yet another positive outcome, and started to do a little victory dance right there in the middle of the hallway, before taking her phone out and texting Callie.

It's another positive, hot mama! See you at home! XO

Callie, who came out of the OR an hour later, after the depressing rare event of losing a patient in an ortho procedure, saw the text and couldn't help but smile.

A life ends, but a new life begins. An awful news had to be delivered, but good ones just came in. So is the circle of life.

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