Trip to Hogwarts



Fantasy / Adventure
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The Hogwarts Express

It was my first year at hogwarts. “Is your bag packed”? Mum yelled from the lounge. “Yes I just can’t find cookie ( cookie is my pet i’m taking to hogwarts cookie is also a KITTEN) “I’ve got her hurry up or you are going to miss the train!” Mum yelled as soon as i came running out of my room. Me my sister and mum hoped in the car and started FLYING. Once we were at the train station mum said go through nine and three quarters ok and 3 2 1 BOOM I was on the other of the wall then BANG my mum and sister were on the other side of the wall as well “bye mum bye rose” ( rose is my sister) then my sister yelled “ IF YOU SEE HARRY POTTER TELL ME OR ELSE!!!!” “OK” I yelled back. I got on the train YASSSSS I thought I get a whole space to myself. Then someone walked in “Hi i’m Katie, Katie Kitkat i was wondering if i could sit here?” S-sure I’m Jasmine, Jasmine Phillips”. We started talking then someone walked in “oh hey Jasmine i’ve been wondering this train for ages so this is the only space left ” “WHO’S THIS AND HOW DOES HE KNOW YOU” Katie said socked “Ummm this is my cousin taine” i said. “Ohhh I’m Katie Ki- you know what nevermind” katie said not wanting to say her last name. “I’m Taine Phillips”. Soon the trolly witch came “would you guys like anything?” said the trolly witch. “I don’t have any money” Taine said slightly disappointed and sadly. “Its ok well we will buy you something”. “ Wha- er fine” katie said “ pass me your money tank you um we will have 6 chocolate frogs 3 packets of every flavor beans-” I said then Katie interrupted. “We’ll have three quarters of the trolly thank you” katie said before i could finish my sentence. “She means with everything” I added. “ I…. LOVE…..CHOCOLATE…...FROGS” taine said. “I got Albus Dumbledore” I said “ I got Nicolas Flamel” taine said with a mouthful of chocolate frogs “and I got Voldemort”. The train started slowing down BANG it stopped “ WERE HERE” ARRR i’m stuffed” taine said very slowly. “Alrigh’ kids follow me” a very giant man said “HEY HAGRID” I heard a first year yell over the crowd “Hey harry” Hagrid said.

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