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Just vote for what you want! These are the stories that you, the readers, can choose to be uploaded in order for there to be more of a variety on my account for those of you whom like my stories. © Chey Eveleigh | February 2018

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Hello, you!

Welcome to whatever the hell this book really is - a little collection of all the sporadic and weird ass story ideas I have gotten over the past two years and decided to put into a little book of their own so I don’t have a hundred damned drafts on my page.

So, if you couldn’t tell by the title, this is a set of story options that you, the reader, can choose/vote on for me to write when I have completed a story that I am currently working on. However, I may not have the time to do so often as I am currently doing a university course.

Check out what I have in this book, and leave a comment on the last chapter - the “Voting Page” of the story.

- Chey xo -

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