"Sensei!" Sasuke saw the three members of his Genin team rushing towards him. He and Sosei had started to walk back to the village after Sasuke had properly set fire to Yashin's body. Making the trip was difficult since his left side hadn't yet recovered from the explosion however, Sosei had supported him. Honami's red hair dropped to her shoulders as she stopped in front of the two Uchiha. Her pale eyes looked over Sasuke with worry.

"Are you alright, Sasuke-sensei?" she asked. Shōgo gulped.

"What happened?" he asked. Sasuke shrugged with his right shoulder.

"I fought the orchestrator of this invasion," Sasuke answered. Takuma stood silent, staring at Sasuke and then at Sosei with narrowed eyes. Shōgo continued to talk.

"Must've been really strong to hurt you, huh?" he said. Sasuke nodded.

"Yeah," he looked down at Takuma and scanned his son. Sasuke's heir was covered in blood and dirt, though he didn't seem to have any injuries of his own. Sasuke then looked up and around Konoha. Everything seemed to be okay, besides a few buildings that looked like their sides had been blown apart. What had happened while he was fighting Yashin?

Takuma shook his head at Sosei and then eyed his father. "I told him to stay," Takuma said to Sasuke. Sosei twisted his face.

"And I told you that father would need our help after we heard that explosion near our house. Which he did," Sosei retorted. Takuma shook his head and started to ball up his fist until Honami traced her fingers down his forearm. Takuma looked over at her and then looked away. They were still squabbling. Sasuke didn't know why he had expected that to change.

"What happened down on this end?" Sasuke asked.

"Well, some of the Inuzuka clan and their dogs could sense that something was up and as soon as the mist went up, we all assumed battle stations. Takuma came and grabbed us. After that, we went to find Naruto," Shōgo said. Honami nodded.

"Shinobi started attacking from the mist. Only a few of them did any damage. My Byakugan could see through the its and I told Shōgo and Takuma where they were and we were able to hold them off for a little bit using some of the strategies Shōgo made up," Honami looked at Takuma and the young Uchiha looked behind him at the destroyed building.

"Some stronger shinobi came and really started to give us trouble but Lord Hokage appeared. I think it may have been a clone but the very sight of him caused the invaders to attempt to kill themselves by explosion. One of them did and managed to get that building but Naruto hit the others with very fast attacks." Honami nodded excitedly.

"The Rasengan," she said. Sasuke had suspected that. Naruto had virtually four techniques that he relied on: Shadow Clones, Rasengan, Summoning Techniques and Bijuu transformations. Sasuke knew from experience how powerful all of those techniques could be if used effectively.

Sasuke looked over his students with a careful eye. They all looked to be relatively fine with maybe a few scratches between them. They appeared to have fared rather well in this situation before they got into a situation where they were outclassed. He had trained them well the past week but this entire situation with Yashin and Sosei had claimed his attention and kept him away from his jonin instructor responsibilities. He would not let that happen again.

"I'm glad you three are alright," Sasuke said.

"We are too, sensei!" Shōgo smiled, balling up his fist. "Don't what I'd do if you would've gotten killed." The bright boy lowered his head. Takuma looked over to Shōgo and then up to Sasuke.

"Seconded," he said. Sasuke nodded and felt his mouth curve in a slight smile. He was beginning to see how Kakashi had felt about Team 7…

"Where's your mother?" Sasuke asked, images of his wife flashing in his mind. Takuma pointed further into the village.

"I think she went with Lord Hokage to check on the wounded. A lot of shinobi and civilians got caught in the explosions. I saw some of the Healing Corps being sent out," Takuma said. Sasuke nodded and looked at his team.

"Alright. I want the three of you to go out and help out in any way that you can," Sasuke said. "I'm going to go meet up with Sakura and Naruto." Team Sasuke all dipped their heads and went off to follow Sasuke's orders. Sosei looked up at his father and watched him.

"Do you need me to help you walk?" Sosei asked. Sasuke glanced down and then began to walk forward. His leg was dragging slightly behind and his arm hung limply at his side, but he could make it to where he needed to go.

"No," Sasuke replied. "Go help." Sosei looked at his father and then leapt away. Sasuke sighed and hoped that Sosei would actually listen for once and do what he said. He couldn't exactly concern himself with that. He needed to be healed.

Sasuke walked forward and looked around at all the destruction that had been caused by Yashin's army. Shinobi were all around, helping to clear away debris and pull civilians out from under fallen pieces of rock and wood. A few fires were put out with Suiton techniques and Sasuke saw a few Konohamaru clones running trying to assist in any way they could.

All of this destruction because of him and his past.

It could've been worse. Had Sasuke just given up, Yashin would've gone on to attempt to lay waste to the entire village, but Naruto would never have let that happen. Hell, if Yashin had killed Sasuke, Naruto may not have even let the terrorist live. Still, the entire situation still stung. Or maybe it was just his physical pain that was making him feel so horrible. One of the Konohamaru clones leapt down in front of Sasuke and quickly looked him over.

"You look bad. Do you need some help?" he asked. Sasuke stared up at him stubbornly until he realized that he had no idea where Naruto and Sakura were.

"Where is Sakura? And Naruto?" Sasuke asked, his voice sounding surprisingly weak to his ears. Konohamaru's clone heard it too and the young Sarutobi pointed further towards the center of the village. Sasuke squinted. It would be a long way to go.

"Let me take you to them," Konohamaru's clone said. He offered Sasuke his hand and the Uchiha stared at it and then at the clone.

"I'll be fine on my own," Sasuke responded. Konohamaru's clone scoffed.

"Don't be so stubborn, Sasuke. You're bleeding out all over the street. I'm taking you to Sakura." The clone grabbed Sasuke and the Uchiha didn't fight, though he wanted to. This guy…it was almost exactly like arguing with Naruto.

Konohamaru's clone utilized the Body Flicker and carried himself and Sasuke through the village until they reached their destination in the center. True to the young Sarutobi's word, Naruto and Sakura were in the midst of the village. Naruto was busy talking with several ANBU Black Ops. Sasuke identified Komuji by his silver hair. When the Hokage saw Sasuke, his eyes widened. His head whipped to Sakura and the kunoichi looked up. Her green eyes met Sasuke's.

The Uchiha felt weak.

Sasuke fell forward into Naruto's arms and the Uchiha's best friend looked down at him and then to Sakura. Sasuke felt numb and limp. What was happening to him? Had he really exerted himself that much? Has he lost that much blood? Had Yashin poisoned his chakra somehow?

Naruto laid Sasuke on the ground and Sakura lifted his head and put it on her lap. Her hands lit up with green chakra and came down to his chest. When Sasuke looked down, he finally saw what the damage was. Underneath his ribs, his insides had been exposed. His shirt had done well enough at covering it so that his students hadn't seen the full extent of his injuries but now Sasuke could see what had happened.

Thankfully, Sakura was one of the greatest medics to ever grace the Earth and her healing hands closed Sasuke's wound quickly.

"Don't move," Sakura cooed. Sasuke looked up at his wife.

"I won't." Naruto folded his arms as he watched them with a smile. However, his face leveled out to be more serious as he began to speak.

"What happened up there?" he asked. "I heard the explosion but I couldn't make my way to you. Yashin's group heard it too and they were ready to set off their own. I took care of most of them before they could though." Sasuke nodded.

"Flying Raijin, eh?" the Uchiha presumed. Naruto grinned and twirled one of the special kunai his father, the Fourth Hokage had left him.

"Yeah, but back to you," Naruto said. "What the hell happened up there?" Sasuke blinked and sighed.

"All of this was my fault." Sakura's eyes looked softly into Sasuke's. The Uchiha continued speaking. "I started it at the Five Kage Summit. I killed Yashin's father when I slaughtered the samurai before I fought the Kages. Kabuto reincarnated Madara Uchiha and he killed Yashin's mother." Naruto nodded.

"And nearly the entire Fourth Division. I remember. He used his Rinnegan and Susano'o to summon two meteors." Sasuke had heard the stories. Part of him wished that his own eyes had bore witness to that power. "So he chose to take revenge against you, is that it?" Naruto asked.

"Not entirely," Sasuke said. "He didn't just want revenge against me and my family. He wanted to kill everyone that I had ever considered myself close to. He killed Suigetsu and Karin, though I have no idea where Jugo is. He also killed the Mizukage and leveled the Mist Village just because she stood against him." Sakura rubbed her hands down Sasuke's cheeks. The motion was soothing and relieved the Uchiha, though he was sure that Sakura meant to look for anymore wounds on his person.

Naruto rubbed his chin. "So, how on earth was he able to get all these Kiri shinobi to follow him into battle? Yashin killed Mei and destroyed their home." Sasuke nodded.

"Exactly," the Uchiha said. "It was either out of fear or he had contacts within the village that guaranteed that they'd follow him. Mei's push to end the days of the 'Bloody Mist' may have upset the older generations. Not everyone is pleased with the peace that we've sought to establish."

"So they probably thought that Yashin would take over as Mizukage," Sakura said. The chakra on her hands faded and she gently moved Sasuke's bangs from his face.

"Perhaps," Sasuke said. "But political power was never his ambition. All he wanted was revenge against me. So, fighting him was…" Naruto nodded.

"It was like fighting your old self, wasn't it?" the blonde Hokage asked. Sasuke's friend had read him once again.

"Yeah. The entire time, I had flashbacks to when my mind was consumed with revenge and hatred. How much I wanted to kill Itachi, then the Konoha Elders, then you, Naruto." The Uchiha closed his eyes. "It was difficult to think about killing him, if only briefly." Sasuke opened his eyes. "But I have things that I want to protect."

"So, you killed him…" Naruto said. His tone was middling and Sasuke couldn't tell how he felt one way or the other about it.

"I did," Sasuke replied. The Hokage nodded.

"Alright," he said. Naruto sighed. "I'm going to have to speak with Shikamaru. The other Kage need to know what happened here." Sasuke shifted his eyes. The three remaining Kage weren't friends to him. All of them had reasons to suspect that Naruto was only covering for his best friend again.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Sasuke asked.

"No one will begrudge you for killing an enemy in defense of your family and village. At least, I won't let them," Naruto said with his normal determined scowl. Sasuke shook his head and chuckled.

"I guess if they do try, you'll beat some sense into them, huh?" Sakura laughed and Naruto smirked and rubbed his head.

"Wow, the great Sasuke Uchiha is making jokes now?" Sasuke shrugged.

"It must be the pain," the Uchiha said with a smirk.

Sasuke and Sakura parted with Naruto as the Hokage went about the business of organizing the rebuilding effort in Konoha. The husband and wife searched the village for their children. Takuma worked with Honami in assisting Udon in clearing rubble away from the Academy building. To Sasuke's surprise, Kichiro and Sosei were together, looking for more people to help. Hikari cried when she saw that Sasuke still had a bit of a limp, though when she got into her father's arms, she calmed down. The family headed back to the outskirts of the village to their home. Sasuke, Takuma and Sosei went to the empty lake, where Yashin's body laid. The black flames of Amaterasu wrapped itself around the man's corpse. It was the most appropriate send off that Sasuke could give him.

Weeks passed by and the damage done to Konoha had been fixed and cleared away. Naruto set up a meeting with the three remaining Kage, though the exact details of the meeting had escaped Sasuke's ears. Naruto had, however, insisted that Sasuke instead focus on his family and his recovery. Sasuke agreed to this. Though Sakura had mostly healed his wounds, Sasuke hadn't let her heal everything. Some wounds he wanted to stay as a reminder. Thus, his training sessions with his team and his own children had been limited though he had allowed for them to have supervised sparring matches, something he carried over from his own sons.

On one afternoon, Sasuke decided to take his entire family to the Spot. The Uchiha family passed through the forested path that led to the open clearing. The boys immediately went out into the center, fanning out into a circle as they looked at each other. Sasuke folded his arms and glanced over to Sakura. Their daughter smiled up at Sasuke and the Uchiha tickled her under her chin as he turned back towards the field in front of them to observe his sons. Kichiro's smile was wide and he shook with excitement, while Takuma was calm with a quiet determination blazing in his eyes. For once, Sosei looked relaxed. Sasuke's eldest son's lip curled up in a smirk. Or was it a smile?

"Alright," Sasuke said. "This is a three-way sparring match. If your back hits the ground, you're disqualified. Do you understand?" All three of Sasuke's sons dipped their heads and Sasuke threw a kunai into the air. As the blade descended to the ground, Sasuke spoke. "Go."

True to his nature, Sosei immediately went on the offensive and aimed for Kichiro. Takuma stepped in between the two and aimed a kick at his older brother. Sosei grabbed Takuma's leg and tossed him to the side. Takuma maintained his balance and pressed towards Sosei again. Kichiro attacked Sosei as well with a punch. Sasuke's eldest was caught in between them.

Sosei waited until the very last second before he ducked beneath their combined attacks. The young Uchiha reached up and grabbed Kichiro by his arm and Takuma by his shirt and tossed his two brothers away from him. The two Uchiha boys managed to gather themselves in mid-air and land on their feet.

"Whew, that was close!" Kichiro said before turning to Takuma and grinning as he threw a half-hearted strike. Takuma batted it away and smiled.

"Hey, I thought we were on the same team," he said softly. Sosei chuckled.

"You heard Dad," the Uchiha said. "It's a three way battle." Takuma lowered his head and nodded at Sosei.

"Fine," he said as he burst forward and attacked, with Kichiro on his heels. As the three brothers collided in the center of the Spot, Sakura leaned her head on Sasuke's shoulder. The Uchiha's onyx eyes briefly went down to his wife and then back to the field. Hikari chased a butterfly in the shade and her laughter brought a smile to Sasuke's face.

"They're doing very well together," Sakura said. Sasuke watched three boys as they playfully fought amongst themselves. Kichiro's laughing was incessant and within a few blows, he was on his back and out. Nevertheless, the youngest son simply rolled in the grass until he was on his stomach and rested his head in his hands as he watched Takuma and Sosei continued their fight. Sasuke could feel the tension suddenly escalate as the two traded blows. However, neither of them spouted off insults or jeers. There was a certain peace, even with the violence.

"Better than they were," Sasuke added. Hikari ran over to Kichiro and jumped on his back, giggling as her older brother flinched and turned on her with an annoyed frown before grinning as he tickled her.

Takuma and Sosei stopped their fight and glanced at their younger siblings. Kichiro and Hikari exchanged glances and then laughed as they ran towards Sosei and Takuma. Sasuke's four children collapsed into the grass and rolled around in a laughing ball. Even Sosei had a genuine smile on his face. Sasuke had one as well.

The Spot had never looked more beautiful.

Sasuke and his family returned home just as the Sun had begun to descend below the horizon. Sakura let Hikari down out of her arms and clapped her hands.

"All right, everyone go get cleaned up. Dinner will be ready shortly," she said. All four children raced to the bathroom and Sasuke was left alone with his wife, if only briefly. Sakura looked so beautiful now. The Uchiha head felt weak. He hadn't touched her in over a month. He craved her. As Sakura began to work over the stove, Sasuke seized his opportunity and approached. The Uchiha wrapped his arms around Sakura's waist and she shook at his touch. Sasuke could feel her weakening. His lips went to her neck.

"Sakura…" he growled. She melted.

"Sasuke…" she replied. Suddenly, she wriggled free and shook her head. "Not now." Sasuke frowned.

"Not now? But it's been—" Sakura's index and middle finger tapped the Uchiha's forehead.

"Later, Sasuke," she said with a wink and her tongue extended. Sasuke chuckled and shook his head as his bangs drifted from side to side.

"Fine," he said. Nearly on cue, the children raced from the bathroom and looked intently at the table. Disappointment flashed across Kichiro's face.

"Mama, I thought you said dinner would be ready shortly," the boy frowned. Sakura waved at him.

"Calm down, little monster. I've got it under control. Daddy's going to help me," she said. Sasuke raised and eyebrow and blinked. He was going to do what?

Apparently, Sasuke was meant to cook. The Uchiha wasn't one for culinary acrobatics. He usually left that to Sakura. The only thing he was good at was cutting things with precision, which luckily for him worked out on this dish. Together, Sasuke and Sakura prepared a massive chicken teriyaki dish glazed with honey with one particular plate covered in ramen, specifically for Kichiro. Sakura set the table while Sasuke cleared his throat.

"Food's ready!" Sasuke said. The Uchiha heard his children rustling around in their room before they were shushed by Takuma and Sosei. Only a few seconds later, the children entered the dining room in a calm and orderly line. Kichiro glanced back at Takuma and his big brother nodded at him. Hikari sat closest to Sakura, Kichiro next to her, and Sosei sat next to Takuma, across from each other.

The plates were passed and filled with food. Sasuke watched as his children began to dig into their food and joke amongst themselves. Sosei and Kichiro talked and the older of the brothers turned to Takuma. Sasuke's heir smiled and joined into the conversation. Seeing his family finally flowing together made Sasuke feel something he hadn't felt in a month. He was happy.

"I leave the dishes to you," Sasuke told Sosei after everyone had finished eating. His eldest son nodded and then looked up at Sasuke.

"Dad," the boy said. The gentle look on his face was almost startling to Sasuke. "I just wanted to say, thanks. For not leaving me alone." Sasuke couldn't do anything except put his hand on Sosei's head.

"You're my son. I'd never leave you," he said. With that, Sasuke left the kitchen and headed to his bedroom. In the master bath, Sakura ran her fingers through her hair. When she heard the door open, she turned and Sasuke saw her face light up. The Uchiha looked her up and down, taking in her shape, her hair, her hairs, every part that he missed being intimate with.

Sasuke moved forward and pulled Sakura toward him into a kiss. She didn't pull back. She didn't fight. She embraced the kiss. Sakura brought her arms up and wrapped them around Sasuke's neck and pulled me in deeper. Their tongues had a brief skirmish until Sasuke felt his tongue being vacuumed into Sakura's mouth. The sensation was new and arousing, if only for how foreign the action was to the Uchiha. Sasuke slowly dragged his tongue out her vacuum-like vice grip, slid it over hers in a massaging motion and then exited.

The lovers looked at each other and Sakura's green eyes bore into Sasuke's. Then the Uchiha slowly leaned in and their lips connected again. The kissing became more feverish and hungry. Sasuke desperately wanted Sakura again. The feeling felt nearly as strong as their wedding night.

No longer were Sasuke's lips focused exclusively on Sakura's. They now roamed away and trailed down Sakura's chin toward the side of her neck. The skin was wet, soft and smooth and she smells faintly of vanilla. Sasuke licked her neck and he felt her tense up a bit and then relax. Sasuke growled on it and Sakura shivered. It was one of her spots. Sasuke continued to lick and earned the same moaning response with every trailing of his tongue. Sakura's fingers and hands softly slid down Sasuke's neck like a feather. The Uchiha took in a short but deep breath. Sakura knew his spots well.

Unsatisfied with the bathroom, Sasuke lifted his wife into his arms. Sakura's legs wrapped around the Uchiha's waist and her lips and tongue went to work on his with the same fervor he had shown. Sasuke finally collapsed on the bed and Sasuke pressed his hips down between Sakura's legs.

On the bottom, Sakura left the Uchiha's neck wet with her saliva and he looked down at her and kissed her soft lips again. Sasuke's excitement was growing and he knew that Sakura could tell. Under his pants, an erection formed and presses against Sakura's crotch. She near completely ignored it and enjoyed what Sasuke's tongue was doing on her chest. She pushed his head further in between her B-cups and Sasuke swung his tongue from side to side and in circles in between her breasts and Sakura giggled and ran her hands through his hair.

Her hands went down from his hair to his back and she lifted his shirt over his head. The Uchiha went vertical and helped her finish what she startedt. Sakura leaned up and kissed from Sasuke's chest down to his belly button and then she laid back down. Sasuke smiled at his pink haired kunoichi and kissed her cheek and rubbed his hands down her body. Sakura's lips, neck, and exposed breasts became lathered in the saliva from Sasuke's wet kisses and she took in several quick, pleasurable inhales.

The Uchiha's black eyes glance up at her as he left her breasts and kissed down to her stomach. He delivered quick kisses around her belly button. As he let a stray kiss hit below, he saw her stomach sink in as she shivered with pleasure. Sasuke smirked. Without even a second guess, he knew exactly what she wanted.

His hands slid down her sides, tickling her ribs, to her waist where her shorts rested. He pull them down and began to kiss the growing moist spot that had formed. Sakura shivered again and Sasuke's tongue danced over her wet spot. Her subsequent moans only pushed the man forward. The sounds he had missed for so long. He wanted to hear her louder and more intense. He wanted his wife so badly.

The Uchiha and his wife kissed again, this time without the tongue combat. The passion remained but the invitation that Sakura gave was a simple one. Sakura's legs rested on Sasuke's hips and she took in a deep breath as the Uchiha entered her.

When they had finally finished, laying drenched in sweat over messy covers, Sasuke sighed softly and glanced down at his wife. Sakura blushed and then kissed him softly, trailing her lips against hers as she stared into his eyes. Sasuke stared back.

This was his love. His family. The one thing that'd he sacrifice everything he had to keep. The words left his mouth with ease.

"I love you," Sasuke said. Sakura laid her arms around Sasuke's stomach and squeezed, just as she had the first time the two had finished their love making years ago.

"I love you too," Sakura replied, faintly as she rested her head on Sasuke's chest. As the love of his life slowly drifted to sleep, Sasuke's eyes went to the ceiling of his room. The last month had been a massive change of pace. He had flexed his killing hand, gained a son and encountered the horrors of his past. It had been exciting in a morbid way. But now, as he laid next to his wife with his children soundly and safely asleep in his home and the peaceful resonance of crickets and frogs singing their nighttime songs, Sasuke had only one thought.

I love my "boring" life.

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