Spider-Man Rebirth: Genesis

The Truth

Peter stared at Nicholas Fury with a face that was doused with shock. His eyes were wide open and his mouth hang loosely on his jaw. The eye-patched S.H.I.E.L.D. Director looked back at Peter, his face still as stoic as ever. Peter took time to gulp and then looked up into his eye. "M-my godfather?" Peter asked, his words coming out almost in a slurred tone.

"That's right, kid. I'm your godfather. Now, before we get into anything, I need to tell..."

"Insane," Peter interjected as he shook his head. Fury sighed.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. Peter looked up, tears in his eyes. Fury's indifferent expression still held up even with Peter's fallen face in front of him.

"You say your my godfather right?" Peter asked. Fury nodded his head.

"Yes, we've clarified that," Fury responded. Peter chuckled, but his laugh was anything but happy. It was a frustrated laugh. He looked up at Fury and pointed at him before chuckling again. Peter sighed heavily and looked up at Fury.

"Let me ask you a question," Peter said. Fury raised his hand.

"I'll answer all your questions if you just let me t..."

"No!" Peter yelled out in anger. "No, because this needs to be answered now and I'm not sure that you even thought of this question yourself." Fury sat back in his seat and nodded his head. Before he could even give Peter a response, Peter began to talk again. "What kind of 'godfather' decides not to show up to his godson's birthday parties for sixteen years? What kind of 'godfather' doesn't come to see his godson? What kind of godfather waits until his godson has a freaking fight with a fifteen-foot tall reptile before he decides to introduce himself?" Peter shouted. Fury's face became slightly flustered. Peter's shoulders moved up and down as he panted in anger.

Fury nodded his head and rested it against his hand. "Are you finished?" he asked. Peter stared at him. He couldn't believe the sarcasm in his voice. He had just poured out his pent up emotional grief to his supposed godfather and this prick...this bald-headed asshole asked him was he done?

"You know what? I am," Peter said as reached for the door handle. A shock traveled up his arm and hit his shoulder with sharp and irritating pain. Peter looked over at Fury who had a smug smirk on his face.

"I would've told you that the door handle had a electrostatic generator used to ensure that whoever I have in this vehicle cannot leave unless I'm ready for them to go and that the shock is power enough to paralyze whichever side of the body you happen to use to touch it, but you wanted to spill out all of your emotions like a PMS'ing woman," Fury said as he patted Peter's seat. "Will you let me talk now?"

Peter weighed his options. He was confident that he was strong enough to break out of the car without being shocked but the prospect of having his entire body shut down by electricity wasn't too attractive. On the other hand, this man could have something valuable to say.

Reluctantly, Peter sat back down in his seat and nodded. "I'm listening." Nick Fury smiled and then his face turned very serious.

"Good. As you already know, I know who you are. I know that you're 'Spider-Man'," Fury said. "Does anyone else know that you're Spider-Man?"

Peter nodded slowly. "Yeah...my best friend Mary caught me climbing the side of my house." Fury smiled. "Good, let's make sure to keep it that way. Another question for you..do you know how you became the way you are?"

"It started when my uncle's truck got hit by..."

Fury raised his hand. "No, no, no. You're way off, kiddo. How you became Spider-Man stretches much farther into the past than what happened a month ago. All of this started when you were still in your mother's womb." Fury said. Peter frowned.

"W-what do you mean? That I'm a mutant?" Peter asked. Fury chuckled softly.

"Calm down, kid. This isn't a mutant revelation," Fury responded. However, Peter only stared back at him. He didn't exactly answer his question. From his tone, Peter could tell that he was withholding something. But, he didn't want to call him on it.

"Than what am I?" Peter asked.

"You...you are your father's greatest creation as well as his mistake. You see, you were never meant to be who and what you are. You were supposed to grow up as a normal boy, oblivious to the life that your father led. A normal kid, living life happily with his happily married parents in a quaint little house in Queens. But, all of that changed in one supposedly freak 'accident'," Fury said. "You see, your mother was two months away from giving birth to you so for a relaxing little celebration, your father happened to take your mother to sit under the same tree that they first met under.

Around that time, your mother was bitten by a brown recluse spider, a dangerously venomous but usually peaceful little bastard. But this time, there seemed to be something off. This spider aggressively pursued your mother, however, we believe that this creature was intended for your father. Instead, it bit the first person that it came in contact with which was your mother. The spider's venom affected your mother immediately and her blood stopped clotting properly. But here's the catcher; brown recluse spider venom takes at least four hours for any effects to show meaning this spider had been genetically altered to cause a faster reaction. We think that someone had planned to assassinate your father." Peter's eyes widened in shock.

"What? Wait, do you know who?" Peter asked. Nick Fury looked at Peter and then shook his head.

"No, we don't. We've been looking around for some links in evidence, perhaps trying to see if there is any patent on their genetic alterations, but no luck as of yet," Fury replied. Peter sat back in his seat and frowned. His mind went back to when the two men had attacked his uncle's car, killing him and almost killing him. He had thought then that it had something to do with what his uncle was about to tell him about his father. Now he knew that that was the case. He had to bring it up.

"That guy, the blonde man that was that lizard creature...he was there. He rammed my uncle's car and tried to kill me," Peter said. Fury's face remained unfazed as if he had already known the information but his answer stated otherwise.

"Oh really?" he asked. Peter nodded and then slowly his face broke down.

"You know more than you're telling me," he said. Fury smiled confidently and laughed.

"Of course I do. I'm telling you what you need to know, not what you want to know. If I did that, I could jeopardize national security and then you and I would be incarcerated for the rest of our natural lives," Fury replied. Peter raised an eyebrow.

"Is it really that important?" he asked.

"It depends on what information that you're requesting," he said. He folded his arms and sighed. "I'll give you one question and then, well, then I guess this conversation will be over. So, shoot." Peter almost smiled, but then recognized the seriousness of this decision. He could ask anything that he wanted to know. He could ask if Fury was lying about having no leads to the assassination attempt on his father's life. He could ask why anyone would want to kill his father. He could ask why those men would want to kill him. But those were questions that he was sure he could answer on his own eventually with enough snooping around. There was only one question that ate away at his mind, one that haunted his every waking thought...

"What were my parents like?" Peter asked, the childish innocence in his voice causing Fury to stare at him confused. The stoic, cocky, and emotionless "secret agent man" facade that normally found residence on Fury's face began to break down and revealed something far more sincere and real. Fury fumbled at his fingers as if unprepared for this highly personal and sentimental question. He looked as if he had been mentally preparing himself to answer any highly confidential question Peter might ask with a lie but this question was something he had to, and could only, answer with the absolute truth.

With a sigh, Fury began to speak. "Your mother...she was a very strong woman. Spiritual almost to the point of blindness but had sight enough to see the reality of this world. She was caring, kind, and hospitable. She never once probed into your father's 'activities' and even when he did tell her, she never for any further information than he gave her. In short, she was the perfect wife for Richard." Fury said. Peter's face lightened. He smiled and sniffled lightly.

"And...my father?"

At these words, Fury laughed. His toughened face didn't reveal the emotion that radiated off of him. He took some time to look up into the air and then back at Peter. "Your father...your father was something else. A brilliant mind, a level of intelligence that was par none. No one could compete with him intellectually and it's because of his creation that you are who and what you are. He was a lot like you. A nerdy little kid from Bed-Stuy that grew to become one of the most influential men in the world," Fury said as he laughed. Peter couldn't help but be caught up in the moment, however something that Fury had said. He had previously told him that the spider venom had given him his powers. Now he had said that his father's "creation" had done it. Which one was the truth? Or were they both true? Either way, Peter's question had been answered and it gave him more joy in hearing those revelations than any good news his life had thrown at him.

Tears began to roll down his face and he began to cry as he released all of the emotions he had kept inside of him for all these years without his parents. He felt such a release in knowing how his parents were as people and now he could move past that chapter in his life of simply knowing nothing. As Fury gave him the go ahead, Peter put on his mask and climbed out of the sunroof. Leaping out of the vehicle, he rocketed off of the bridge and began to swing towards his house. With all of his childhood questions answered, he could now focus on the most recent of his mind-rotting mysteries...

Who tried to kill his father?

Nick Fury pressed a small, circular button that closed the sunroof and opened another section of his car. The vehicle extended and in the seat next to him emerged a man clad in a navy blue, red and white uniform. Fury looked over towards him and smiled.

"I assume it was an easy capture." The man nodded, albeit rather modestly.

"More or less. I was a wee bit disappointed that you needed me to go after him." he replied. Fury laughed.

"Just making sure you weren't rusty past the point of repair. I mean, you have been under for about sixty-five years." Fury replied. The man looked away and then looked back at Fury.

"Why didn't you tell him the truth?" he asked. Fury shrugged.

"I told him what he needed to know."

"He needs to know that this whole thing with his father is about more than just him."

"So, you want it to be about you?" Fury asked as he raised a small glass to his mouth and drank. The blonde man shook his head.

"Of course not. It isn't me that people want. They want what powers me and the only pure living specimen of what powers me is him," he said. Fury nodded. He had a point.

"I know. You're right," Fury said. The man sighed as he mellowed out and took a sip of bottled water.

"I mean, besides Dr. Banner, Richard Parker's the only one that has been able to reproduce it," he said. Fury's face grew somewhat grave.

"And unlike Dr. Banner, Rick's serum doesn't turn him into a raging, green ball of testosterone and adrenaline. Just let me worry about the kid. He is my godson after all," Fury said with a proud smile. The blonde man looked back at him and chuckled.

"I guess it is about time you started acting like it." Fury shot him a dark glance and smiled.

"Don't make me drop you back into that glacier."

Later That Night, Forest Hills, Queens, Parker Residence

Peter sat in his room, hands clasped together. An empty large box of meat lovers' pizza teeter-totted on the edge of his bed. The day had been long and arduous. Even though he hadn't been cut or slashed during his fight with the Lizard, his body had taken multiple bruises and he was sore from the head down. The news had stated that because of the damage that Spider-Man had dealt to the school, it would be closed down for three months for repairs and they would cost approximately twenty-five thousand dollars. Rather low considering how Peter had tossed the creature out of the Peter didn't worry. He had gained psychological and mental relief from his torment. He had the answers that he needed. Most of them anyway. The only thing that really concerned him was the things that never were answered.

Were his powers the creation of a genetically altered spider bite, his father's "experiments" or both? Were the two men that attacked him hired out by whoever tried to assassinate his father? Were they trying to kill him or capture him? How was he able to devour an entire large pizza and still be hungry? These were questions that plagued his young mind. Clad in merely a pair of boxers and a tank top, Peter began to make his trek down the steps to throw away his pizza box. Aunt Mae was soundly asleep and after having a fit about him not calling her after he had left school, she ordered pizza and then retired to her room. As overbearing as she sometimes was, Peter could easily understand. He was all she had left. She was all he had left. And if push came to shove, he would most definitely defend her until his last breath.

Peter began to walk down the steps and after finding that it was grossly insufficient, leapt from the top and landed on the ground with perfect balance and barely a sound. He dumped the trash into the can and noticed that the bag was full. Out of the goodness of his heart and the fact that he didn't want to stress out his aunt, he decided to take it out. He leapt up the steps and grabbed a pair of pajamas and leapt back down and headed to the kitchen. He grabbed up the bag and trekked outside to the dumpster. The night air was cool as the October winds blew on his skin. The wetsuit was a perfect choice for his costume, especially when the New York winters began to hit. After tossing the bag into the dumpster and almost overshooting it, Peter turned around to head to his house and stopped in his tracks.

Standing under the light of the streetlamp was Mary Jane. She was stunning, even with her hair tied up in a ponytail and without lip gloss. She was beautiful. As Peter moved towards her, he could see the provocative curves under her crop top. She was beyond attractive and his hormones began to skyrocket as his eyes traveled down to her shorts that rested several inches above her knee. She had come out with a goal in mind and if it was getting his attention, Peter reckoned that she had achieved it. When he was finally within talking distance, a pure and genuine smile crept across her face.

"Hello, Mr. Superhero," she said softly, her angelic voice causing Peter's ears to melt.

"Hey, MJ," he said weakly. She laughed and moved closer to him casually.

"Y'know, thanks to Spider-Man, Midtown High School is closed down for repairs," she said. Peter nodded.

"Yeah. I think that has easily made me the most popular person in New York," Peter replied. MJ giggled.

"Well, with the kids anyway. I think you've angered a few parents now that they have a bunch of wild teenagers without anything to do in their house now."

"Yeah," Peter said thoughtfully. "Speaking of that, what do you plan on doing for those three months?" Mary looked up into the sky and then finally shrugged.

"I don't know. Get a job, I guess. I doubt my aunt will want me sitting around," she said with a sigh. Peter nodded. A job would be helpful during this time. He would need his aunt's permission of course, but he was sure that he would get the answer he desired.

"I think that sounds like a plan. Hey, I think that the Daily Bugle's got a job opening for a photographer. Might be able to do that," Peter said. MJ laughed.

"You...a photographer? You've got about as much skill with a camera as I do with fighting thugs in the street in my pajamas," she said.

"They're not pajamas. It's a wetsuit that I weaved web designs and a spider onto," Peter replied.

"Well, still...I don't think that you could do it," MJ said playfully as she stuck out her tongue. Peter smiled.

"Don't be a dream crusher," he said. Mary Jane eyed him and then softly spoke.

"I won't...I'll just make your dreams come true," she said as she stepped up on her toes and softly kissed Peter. The same warm, rushing sensation that he had felt during their first kiss came back and Peter found himself wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in closer.

MJ's hands ran down his lean but muscular arms and then came up to wrap around his neck. They kissed for a while under the street light, their tongues wrestling for domination inside their mouths. Finally, there was a mutual detachment and the two stared into each other's eyes. Peter smiled coyly.

"I guess this means that the answer is yes," Peter said.

"To what?"

"The question I was going to ask earlier. Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Mary Jane smiled and kissed Peter again.

"Of course it is," she said with a wide smile. Peter looked back at her and shook his head.

"Wow," he said softly.

"What?" she asked.

"You...you're my girlfriend. My first girlfriend. Mary Jane Watson," Peter said. MJ smiled and moved close to Peter's ear.

"Face it, tiger. You just hit the jackpot."

Osborn Industries, Private Laboratory

It had worked. IT had worked. Years of searching, experimentation...borderline murder. He had done it. He had done it. No longer did HYDRA have to search for 'The Captain'. No longer did he have to worry about his position being revoked. He had done it. But, would he let HYDRA in on his discovery. HIS creation. No, no, he wouldn't. He wouldn't tell HYDRA. Norman Osborn walked into his private lab and pressed in several codes to unlock his compartment. Inside, several cases of greenish-yellow liquid sat in a row. Osborn took one case of the liquid and injected it into his veins. As he felt a sudden surge of power, he continued to inject himself. Slowly, he began to cackle loudly.

He had completed his goal. He had retrieved the Super Soldier serum from Peter Parker's blood and now he had his formula. Now he was a better version of himself. What would be his next goal? Well, that went without question. As Norman continued to cackle loudly and his maniacal antics began to grow, one name flashed in his head. Parker. He knew what he would do. He dismantle and destroy the Parker legacy and get finally end the influence that Richard Parker had had on the world. And he would do this by destroying his greatest creation and his seed.

He would kill Peter Parker.

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