Spider-Man Rebirth: Genesis

Coming to Terms

Norman Osborn sighed softly. Mac Gargan and Curt Connors had been wheeled into his personal medical facility and when Osborn had heard the news of their condition, he thought it was greatly exaggerated. A paramedic in an all faded green uniform trotted towards Osborn.

"Mr. Osborn," the man said. Norman nodded as he walked.

"Talk. Explain to me how bad the injuries are, starting with Gargan," he said. The paramedic sighed.

"Well, Gargan actually is doing pretty good. The blow to his head caused a fractured jaw, a few missing teeth, a concussion, and neck muscle strains, but other than that, he'll be fine," the paramedic explained. Osborn shook his head.

"Good, good. I suppose that can be attributed to the years of building up muscle mass. Now, what about Connors?" Osborn asked. The man paused and then took a deep breath.

"Curt Connors...is in very bad condition...you'll have to see him to grasp what I'm saying, sir," the man replied. Norman frowned.

"What do you mean?" he asked. The man pulled back the curtain and Norman's eyes widened. "My God..." In front of him, Connors laid still, covered in blood. His entire left arm was gone, even the shoulder area, however despite the amputation, his eyes were still wide with agony. "What in the name of..." Norman asked.

"It's much more complex then it appears. Apparently, the shattering of his radius, ulna, and humerus sent shrapnel into his heart and lungs, which is the reason why he's still bleeding continuously," the paramedic explained. Norman's frown deepened. That Peter Parker is no joke...if he did this to a man without knowing the full extent of his powers...just imagine what could happen if he learned to use them properly...

"Thank you, doctor," Norman said as he left the room. Before he began to leave, the paramedic grabbed his shoulder. Norman turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Osborn, but Connors retrieved something that he demanded that you receive. It's marked, 'P.P. DNA'," the paramedic explained. Norman's eyes widened as he saw a few drops of blood and hair inside the vial. Norman's face turned into an extended smile and he looked over at Connors' body. It appears that I now owe you, Mr. Connors...by whatever means necessary.

Peter sat inside the police station, eyes widened in shock at the events of the past hour. After attempting to transport Uncle Ben's body away from the scene, he was arrested by several police officers who had arrived on the scene after being notified of the horrendous "hit and run" and following assault. Fortunately, Peter was not charged as a second witness had identified that two men had hit Uncle Ben's car and had proceeded to attack. The men had not been found, which Peter found odd as he had delivered the knockout blows himself. In the back of his mind, he suspected that someone had come and picked them up...

"Peter!" a female voice shouted. Peter looked up and felt arms wrap around his neck, squeezing until he was gasping for breath.

"Aunt Mae...Aunt Mae...I can't breathe..." Peter gasped. When his aunt pulled back, her face was completely covered in tears. Her shoulders bounced like acrobats on trampolines as she sobbed. Peter could not join her in mourning; he had cried the entire time carrying Uncle Ben's limp body. Peter looked up and saw a grizzled older man walk into the room. He took off his hat and took in a deep breath before continuing forward.

"Mrs. Parker...Mr. Parker...my name is George Stacy, Captain of the New York Police Department," Capt. Stacy said, introducing himself. Aunt Mae looked up and sniffled.

"Please...Captain Stacy...please find the men that murdered my husband." Aunt Mae cried. A second officer in the background scratched his head.

"Ma'am...technically, according to New York Hit and Run laws, death resulting in car accident isn't..." he started.

"OFFICER, FIND OUT WHO MURDERED MY HUSBAND OR I WILL SEND YOU TO THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY!" Aunt Mae lashed out. The second officer obviously felt the undeniable sting of Aunt Mae's disgust and Peter knew that he regretted even opening his mouth. Aunt Mae leaned back into Peter's arms and Capt. Stacy sat down in front of them after waving the second officer away to go clean his wounds and calling a sketch artist into the room. He then fixed his eyes on Peter.

"Son, can you tell me anything about the two men that attacked you?" Capt. Stacy said as he sat down. Peter nodded quickly and began to thank on what had happened.

"Okay, one of the men was a bit tall, around 5'10 or 5'11. He was Caucasian, had short brown hair and a thin goatee. The next man was also Caucasian but huge with black hair and a rather hooked nose. He was somewhat of a musclehead..." Peter said.

"Muscle...head?" Capt. Stacy asked.

"Yes, completely muscled. It looked like he lifted barbells with his tonsils," Peter said. Capt. Stacy raised his eyebrow and Peter stared back at him.

"I'm very serious. The man was quite large," Peter said. Capt. Stacy nodded and then looked over at the sketch artist who had assembled a drawing. Capt. Stacy took the drawing from the sketch artist and showed it to Peter. The drawing was a bit too 'cartoony' for Peter's taste but did, however give a pretty good example of what the men looked like. He decided it was passable enough to start an investigation and nodded his head. "Looks about right," Peter said. Capt. Stacy nodded and gave the drawing back to the artist.

"Take 'em out front," he said, with the artist quickly complying before his sentence was fresh off his tongue. Capt. Stacy looked over towards the Parkers and dipped is head slightly. "Well, Mrs. Parker...we thank you for your assistance and you have my word that we will find the men responsible and bring them to justice. If you need anything, give us a call," Capt. Stacy said. Aunt Mae dipped her head as tears flowed slightly and Peter held her close to his shoulder as they made it towards the car. Somehow, in the back of his mind...he knew that Capt. Stacy's promise would not be kept.

Norman leaned over his microscope, carefully analyzing every shred of data before him. The DNA obtained from Peter had proven highly effective but at the same time, it was not. For some reason, Peter's genetic code was incredibly hard to break down and it was even harder to separate the serum from his regular DNA. There was also some added DNA strands that appeared to not belong there. Norman had not thought on those unecessary strands since he could nearly smell the serum and the powers it could unlock. Osborn finally found some success and decided to give his new DNA scan program on his computer a try. The scan took merely seconds and the DNA was separated into three parts: Peter's normal DNA, the Serum-influenced strands, and the unknown strands. Norman again broke down the Serum influenced strands and extracted the Serum code from the DNA. Elated, Osborn ordered his computer to create a prospective liquid formula to copy the Serum in Peter's DNA. Again, seconds later, the computer had assembled the liquid formula. Osborn then told the computer to download the data and create the formula. He watched as the machine meticulously sorted through it's database of materials and sent them through test tubes after test tubes...until a golden-brown liquid had been poured into the beaker.

A smile flashed across Osborn's face as he realized that his work was over and that he didn't have to waste anymore time searching for the fabled Captain when what he wanted was in the palm of his hand. Norman began to laugh as he uploaded a spec of the human body and added the formula into the human genetic code. With a certified 85% success rating that put Osborn on a high, the formula had increased the human performance far beyond it's original potential. Norman celebrated at the find, pulling a bottle of wine and gulping it down. He also lit a cigar and sat back in his chair. What would be his next move? Who would be the first test subject? Norman then automatically thought back to Connors. The man had taken his own bone fragments being sent to his heart and lungs and had lost his entire arm to make sure the mission was complete. The least Osborn could do was ensure that he would also go down in history as HYDRA's first super soldier...but the serum did not show any advanced regenerative capabilities that would be necessary for restoring Connors' arm. There had to be some way to add those abilities into the mix...

Norman went back to his computer and analyzed the three DNA strand breakdowns. He selected the unknown strand and the computer ran a diagnostic on it. What came back shocked him...genetically altered Brown Recluse spider venom. Norman's eyes widened. This was brilliant. The venom from the spider adding to the fact that the spider had been altered had increased the Serum's effectiveness by 200%. Incredible...Parker's immense physical capabilities had been a result of the spider venom.

Norman sat back in his chair and thought. If spider venom could affect the Serum...then maybe another venom could as well. Norman began to think. What animal with regenerative healing capabilities AND venom could be used to save Connors' arm and his life? Norman then smiled again as he looked on his desk at a picture of his recent hunting trip to Indonesia.

Komodo Dragon, Varanus komodoensis

The ride back to the house had been silent and Aunt Mae had kept her eyes forward, focusing on the road. Meanwhile, Peter had been sitting next to her wondering on what had happened. When they pulled up to the house and entered, Aunt Mae went straight to her room without saying a word. Peter's heart ached to see his dear aunt in the condition she was in. He couldn't even imagine how she felt at this moment in time. Peter looked around the house to make sure everything was set in stone and headed up to his room as well. Peter sat down at his desk as his mind began to swiftly run through everything. Peter then began to assess the entire accident.

He and his uncle were broadsided by a large truck coming towards them at full speed down a one-way street. Peter's side was the side hit and Peter and his uncle had been rocked to the left, causing Uncle Ben's head to collide with the driver's side window. There was a gas leak from the impacted that was ignited due to the scraping metal and after that Peter noticed that he could almost not remember anything about what had followed except in fragmented parts. He mostly remembered the last two attacks against the two men.

Now was the time for reflection. Why would a black truck fly down a street where there was no turn to be made and a stop sign clearly plastered to his right? And why that particular street? Peter noticed several other one way/turning streets but he also noticed that they were crowded and filled with houses and people. So obviously, the two men were making sure that there were no witnesses. The street was also selected to ensure that Peter's side was hit. This fact alone was troubling. Why would two highly trained men target a sixteen year old boy. What could they possibly want? Peter's self value was low and everyone else's opinion of him was even lower than what he thought. His name held no significance...but his last name did. Parker. Had the men attacked him because his last name was Parker? And if so, why?

Peter's eyes then widened.

The thing Uncle Ben was going to tell him about his father...maybe it had something to do with that. The men...or whoever had sent them, had a vendetta against Peter's father. Peter stared down at his desk and held his head as he thought about it. Uncle Ben's final words then began to sift through his head.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Peter then remembered the power he had showed while fighting the men. His strength, agility, reflexes, balance, and speed had been exponentially boosted. Peter had attributed it to adrenaline, however it was clear that it was not the cause for his growth. Why his body was changing...why he was gaining this power, had something to do with his father and Peter was determined to discover what.

"Mr. Connors, you shouldn't move around so much," the paramedic said. Connors ignored her and sat himself up, immediately feeling pain his chest.

"God damn it!" Connors shouted as he held his chest.

"Chest pains, Mr. Connors?" a voice said. Connors looked up to see Norman Osborn standing outside his hospital room.

"Yeah," Connors replied while wincing. Norman smiled.

"How would you like to have your arm back, a clear chest...a second shot at P.P.?" Osborn asked. Connors smiled.

"I'd love it," Connors replied. Norman then reached inside his bag and pulled out a syringe, containing the golden-brown liquid.

"Good. Because I just discovered a way that I can help you with that."

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