Spider-Man Rebirth: Genesis

The Predator and The Hunter Part 2

Downtown Manhattan...

"Dammit! Keep firing!" an NYPD officer cried. Connors was swinging his claws left and right, his mouth wide open as he roared at the police. The bullets were piercing his tough hide, however, the lizard was healing from them near-instantaneously. Animalistic instinct overpowered his senses and he rushed towards a group of officers.

"Hey, you big scaly bastard!" a man shouted as he threw a glass bottle at Connors. The glass crashed against the reptilian's skin and Connors turned around swiftly as he narrowed his eyes and stared down the culprit. He crossed the distance between them with surprising speed for his size and darted towards the man. As he sent his claws down, he hit nothing but air, followed by concrete. The man had been yanked from him. Connors looked and hissed as he saw a person in red and blue pulling the man towards him.

Peter's web hit the man's back and he yanked him backwards to save his life. Why the idiot tried to "assist" the police instead of let them do their job was beyond him. The man began to fret and turned towards Peter and pointed his finger into his face.

"I ain't ask to be saved!" the man yelled. What an ungrateful asshole! Peter had gone through the trouble of saving this man and he complains he didn't ASK to be saved?

"Well, next time, I'll be sure to let the monster eat you. Would you like another try?" Peter retorted as he pointed towards the creature. Before the man could answer, Peter flipped over his head and inside the semi-circle created by the cop cars. The police immediately noticed him and began to shout in his direction.

"Hey! What're you doing!" an officer shouted. Peter pointed at the creature with his thumb.

"I'm animal control," he responded. Upon examining the creature, it was instantly clear that this was not a Komodo Dragon. The beast stood upright and was barrel-chested, pectorals clearly flexing underneath his reptilian hide. His body was closer to a steroid junkie than an actual animal. Whether it was a real animal or some mutated science experiment, it was an animal nonetheless and Peter was sure that his superhuman strength could easily crush a Komodo Dragon skull. The lizard growled and began to move towards Peter. He grew even larger as the distance between them closed and Peter's heart rate began to quicken.

"Wow...you are one...big lizard..." he said softly. The creature roared and Peter could smell the rotten flesh on his breath. He gagged under his mask and then cleared his throat. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to take you back to the zoo, so if you would please come..."

The lizard lunged at Peter, cutting his sentence off and he ducked backward to avoid him. It probably would be easier to simply knock the animal out and then take him back to the zoo where he belonged. It would save him some effort and get him home early. He was missing one of his favorite documentaries as it was. Maybe he could release the pull of his punches just a bit. Peter jumped forward and smiled as he threw a punch at the lizard's head.

The punch didn't even cause the creature to blink and it powered through the punch and grabbed Peter by his neck and tossed him across the street into a small market. Peter flew through the glass, taking the entire fruit stand with him. He hit the back of the market with a thud and shook his head as he got up. The creature completely ignored his pulled punch. No way was this an ordinary animal. Peter sighed and began to thank God that he had more durability because of his powers.

Peter could hear the screeches of the lizard outside of the store and he hopped through the broken glass and stared down the creature. "I hope you're not excited because you thought I was done. It'll take more than that to put me down, Scales." Peter yelled defiantly. The lizard turned towards him and roared and rushed towards him. Peter began to panic slightly. The only thing keeping him from pissing himself was his snappy one-liners. They were helping create the illusion that he was in control of the situation when he was clearly not.

If his pulled punches weren't doing anything to the lizard, then maybe he was going to be forced to use all his strength. Peter took in a deep breath as he assessed the monstrosity that stood before him and then raced towards him full speed. The lizard swung its claws at Peter's head and Peter dodged under rather easily. He weaved to his left, dragging his fist behind him. His knuckles connected full-force to the lizard's temple and the beast's upper body swayed to Peter's left.

Before Peter could celebrate his minuscule victory, the monster swirled around, sending massively muscled tail into Peter's rib cage. Peter was sent flying down the street, finally ending his fall by landing on top of a parked car, causing the roof to connect to the driver's seat. Peter groaned softly and held his ribs as he rose up from the smashed car. That last shot had certainly sent a shock through his nervous system and there was no question that he was awake now. The creature had again powered through his punch, this time at full-force. This thing was far from any normal animal. Maybe it's tough hide was reinforcing its skull. Or maybe it was just stronger than him.

The creature snarled viciously as saliva slowly began to make its way from the corner of his mouth.

"I don't think you should start drooling over you success just yet, Scales," Peter yelled. He jumped into the air and descended towards the creature like a rocket, his feet leading the charge. The creature opened its mouth to try and grab him and Peter kicked its upper jaw downwards, causing it to hit the lower and temporarily disorient the beast. Peter smiled under his mask and webbed a stop sign and pulled towards him. Before it was in his hand, the lizard recovered and leapt towards him, roaring. Peter whipped his web towards the lizard and the stop sign followed. The impact dented the stop sign and the lizard crashed against the ground.

Well, that definitely did the trick. Peter thought triumphantly. However, he was wrong. The lizard rose from the ground and this time, there was nothing but anger on its face. "I guess someone doesn't like the taste of their own medicine, huh? I guess you'll think twice before trying to atta..."

The lizard launched itself towards Peter, leading with its jaws. Peter held out his hands and kept the creature's mouth open. The smell of blood and digested human flesh blasted in Peter's face as he held the monster's mouth open. Saliva continued to drip down the beast's jaws and Peter narrowed his eyes. If this thing is anything related to a Komodo Dragon, then I have to avoid getting bitten at all costs. Peter leapt backwards and the creature snapped its mouth shut and then roared in anger. Peter stared the beast down and readied himself. I can take a few cuts and slashes, but bites are a no-no. Peter reasoned.

The lizard circled Peter and growled softly. Peter gulped slightly as his heart began to speed up. He had no plan. All he could think to do was avoid getting bitten at all costs but as far as stopping the creature, he had absolutely nothing. But the lizard looked as if it was making plans. They continued to circle each other again and again.

Roaring its displeasure and fury with primeval rage, the lizard rushed Peter. Peter's head vibrated loudly and Peter jumped up to avoid the lizard's tail swing. The lizard snarled and sent its claws crashing down on top of Peter, smacking him into the ground. Peter groaned as he attempted to push the tips of the seven inch talons from his abdomen. The lizard pressed down harder, causing blood to spurt from Peter's stomach. The lizard was stronger than Peter had anticipated and he felt himself losing ground quickly. Damn! I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding! Peter screamed in his head.

Peter again attempted to push the lizard's claws up from out of his body, straining his muscles as the additional pressure of the lizard's body pressed down against him. It was then that Peter felt another pain grip him, traveling up his leg. Peter glanced down and saw the lizard with its jaws locked on his leg. Peter yelled and kicked the lizard off with his other leg, sending the beast skidding across the concrete. Peter stood up and winced in pain as he saw blood and the lizard's saliva on his leg. Peter's head vibrated violently and when he looked up, the lizard and grabbed him in its claws and left the ground.

Peter sailed through the air, the wind whistling in his exposed and bleeding ear. The lizard had a firm grasp on him and Peter was starting to feel too weak to even fight. The venomous saliva inside his leg had caused to lose a massive amount of blood and Peter was starting to feel incredibly woozy. Then the strangest thing occurred.

The lizard dropped him.

Peter saw the lizard grow smaller and smaller and the distance between them grow larger as he descended. The first thing that hit him was a ventilation pipe that broke after Peter's head crashed against it. The second impact was the lid of dumpster that Peter bounced off of like a trampoline. The final impact was the cold, hard and unforgiving concrete that cradled Peter into its embrace as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Four hours later, 12:42 a.m.

Harry Osborn tapped the steering wheel of his black Chevrolet Camaro happily as Daft Punk's "Derezzed" blasted through his speakers. After a long night of partying at a strip club that he was thanking God he was old enough to go to, he was finally on his way home. The college had been absolutely wonderful. No overbearing father. No idiotic grading system. Just him, doing his work how he wanted to. Besides the brutal due dates, he could still do his work at his leisure. His father was after all providing funds for the college.

However, Harry was a hard worker, something his father failed to acknowledge about him. His father may have thought that he had always asked people to do his work and use his money and popularity as a means to do so, but that was how superficial his father was. He could only see him for what was on the outside. Never anything that was inside of him. That was his father's problem. But as a businessman and a scientist, it's not too often that you need to observe a person for their emotional worth so long as you have their money...or their corpse in front of you.

Harry yawned softly.

He was a sophomore in college and was enjoying every minute of it, however sometimes it got lonely with no one to talk to. He had everyone's number from back at Midtown but after getting a new phone every two weeks, the only numbers that he could remember by heart was his friend, Peter Parker's home number. As he thought back on Peter, he smiled.

Peter was Harry's private mentor and had helped him through most of high school, despite being two grades lower. The kid was a genius, a prodigy even. Harry was surprised his father hadn't paid him any attention. He could have easily gotten a job working for him in his lab since Peter had a thing for science. But regardless, Harry never regarded Peter as a tool. He was much more of a friend than anything else. He had done his fair share of paying Peter back when Flash decided that Peter was threatening his manhood. Hell, he had even fought Flash once because of his constant pestering. But, that's how things go when you have true friends.

Harry rounded the corner and toggled his fog lights and then sighed as his phone vibrated. He looked down momentarily to grab it when suddenly, he heard a bang against his car.

"Fuuuuuuuuck..." he groaned as he opened the door and went in front of the car to inspect the damage. When he looked down, his eyes widened. "P-Peter...is that you?" the black boy's eyes twitched slightly and his mouth moved slowly.


3 minutes earlier...

Peter's eyes flickered opened and all he could see was the moon's reflection against the concrete. How long had he been out? Judging from how the moon was positioned in the sky, it had to be after midnight. Aunt Mae was probably worried sick if she wasn't on the couch asleep waiting for his arrival. Peter tried to use his arms to get up, but yelled out in pain and fell down to the ground. His right shoulder was dislocated and he could feel a few crackling bones in his left wrist. It was probably broken or fractured. Either way, it hurt like hell.

Peter tried to stand up again and balanced himself against the wall. Once he had gotten to his feet, he slammed his right shoulder against the wall like he had seen in countless movies. The pain was nearly unbearable and Peter was almost reduced to tears, but it got the job done. Peter looked down at his costume, or the remnants of it, and sighed. The only that was wasn't completely ripped to shreds were his tights. Only his left leg was ripped from the bite and the other part was fine except for some of his blood. He was shirtless and without any form of covering besides his lower extremities and it was highly possible that he had been laying outside for nearly four hours. However, he didn't feel like he had any sort of fever or cough like any normal person. Peter shrugged and prepared to move.

Above him, a line of shirts hung, drying in the air. There would be no way of explaining being left in a dark alley without a shirt without the prospect of dealing with homophobic jokes so Peter webbed one of the shirts and brought it down to him. He threw the shirt on a began to limp out of the alley way into the darkness of the street. The next thing he saw were a pair of lights speeding towards him and then he felt the car smash against his ribs. Peter stared up into the sky and heard the car door open. The next thing he saw surprised him.

"P-Peter...is that you?" the man said. Peter moaned softly.

"H-Harry..." he muttered softly before passing out again.

Empire State University Medical Center

Peter moaned softly as he looked up at the bright lights above him. The room was extremely bright and white and judging by its appearance, he was in a hospital. Peter's face eased into a wide and bright smile as Harry entered the room.

"Hey, Pete," Harry said as he sat down next to Peter's bed.

"Hey, Harry."

"Sorry for hitting you with my car, man," Harry said with a slight laugh. Peter chuckled a bit and then held his ribs.

"Of all the things Flash has done to me, I'm sure hitting me with his car was one of the things he had saved up for me. Thanks for getting me prepared," Peter replied. Harry shook his head.

"He's still there?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. The idiot can't get past Mr. Dupra's World History course. That's the only class I have with him," Peter explained.

"Well, damn. He's been in high school five years," Harry said while holding his face. "Two more and they're going to have to kick him out."

"He already looks like he's old enough to drink," Peter said as he adjusted his seat. "He was trying to hit on MJ two days ago."

Harry's eyes widened.

"Seriously? Dude, what did you do?"

"I hit him."

"No, seriously, what did you do?"

"I HIT him."

"Wait, you hit Flash Thompson...and you're still alive?" Harry asked.

"Of course I am. He didn't land a single hit on me. I dodged everything he threw at me," Peter answered. Harry looked at him and smiled.

"Well, that's good then. You don't need my help anymore," Harry said. Peter nodded and looked down at his wrists.

"Trust me, I've grown some since you left," Peter said with a smile. A flash of dark gray hair entered the room and raced towards Peter and grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

"Oh my God, Peter! I was so worried about you!" she cried. Peter winced slightly and then smiled as she got off of him. She then looked over to Harry and gasped. "Harry Osborn! My, how you've grown!" she said as she grabbed him and hugged him. Peter watched the scene but then his eyes hit the doorway. The dazzling smile of MJ met his shocked face and he gulped.

"H-hey, MJ," he said softly. MJ smiled back and moved one of her red bangs from her face.

"Hey Peter," she said. Aunt Mae looked at the two and nudged Harry discreetly and Harry nodded.

"My goodness, I'm hungry," Aunt Mae said as she started to leave the room. "I'll be back up shortly, Peter. I'm staying up here with you for the night." she said. Harry then followed.

"Mind if I tag along?" he asked. Aunt Mae nodded.

"Yes, seeing as though I haven't the slightest clue where the cafeteria is," she laughed. Aunt Mae walked out of the room and Harry followed, closing the door behind him. MJ then sat on the side of Peter's bed and looked down at him. Peter's brown eyes met her green ones and he shivered softly. Her vanilla colored skin and bright pink, heavily glossed up lips breaking apart as she began to speak.

"Peter, Harry said that he found you in an alley in Manhattan. How'd you get over there?" she asked.

"I walked," Peter replied quickly. MJ looked at him sideways.

"You walked?"

"Yes, I walked," Peter replied.

This was true. Peter had walked and ran along the rooftop and on the top of the suspension bridge to get to Manhattan. He was positive that there was an easier way of getting around when he could fire webs from his hands but that was something for another time.

"Peter, you can barely walk one lap around the gym."

"I used to only be able to walk one lap. Now...I feel like I could run thousands of laps," Peter said. He then bit his lip and squinted his eyes. He probably shouldn't have come out with that. He could feel the tension thickening.

"So, you expect me to believe that you walked from Forest Hills, Queens to downtown Manhattan for absolutely no reason at all, got attacked by some thugs who ripped your clothes off and left you lying in an alley?" she asked. Peter gulped.

"Y-yeah. That's what happened," he said. MJ laughed.

"Ok, I think I've been watching too much Law & Order. It's okay, Peter. I believe you," she said. Peter breathed a sigh of relief in his head.

Thank God. he thought. MJ smiled.

"I was really worried about you," she said. "When Harry told us how he found you and then how he hit you with his car..."

"Wait, he told Aunt Mae that?"

"No, of course not. Your aunt might castrate him," MJ replied. Peter nodded.


"Well, anyway...I thought you were going to die. I was afraid for you. I was really afraid because...I thought I would never see you again," MJ said. Peter's heart pounded.

She was afraid she would never see him again? Really? She cared about him that much? Peter knew that she was his best friend but he never thought that she cared that much about him. It almost made him blush.

"Well, I'm alive," Peter replied. "So no need to worry about me dying."

Yet anyways. Peter thought as he remembered his performance against the lizard earlier.

"I'm glad you are because I never got the courage to give you your birthday surprise," she said. The courage? What did she mean?

"What do y..." Peter started. Before he could finish the sentence, MJ's lips had covered his. Peter's eyes widened nearly enough for his eyes to burst from their sockets. His blood pressure rose to astronomically high levels. His heart shifted to a different gear. His brain raced. His senses opened up. He was kissing Mary Jane Watson! As the feeling began to sink in, he realized that he had been waiting for this moment ever since he had met her. He held the kiss as long as he could before he felt MJ's lips pull away from his. He looked up at her and she smiled.

"Happy Belated Birthday, Peter...did you like your surprise?" she asked.

Peter nodded and gulped.

"Hell yeah."

Osborn Industries...

Norman Osborn knocked back another shot of Vodka and slammed the glass down on his desk and gripped his head as he thought. There was almost no doubt that after watching the way that Connors had slaughtered his security staff that he was beyond any normal man's ability to capture. Osborn was worried but not as much as before. Especially not after his phone call a few hours ago. It just so happened that his tour guide in Indonesia was in town for vacation and after Osborn offered him the check with seven zeros attached, he was easy to convince.

The light of the outside broke into Osborn's office and his secretary's voice spoke.

"He's here, sir," she said. Norman beckoned.

"Bring him in," he said. The door closed and Norman heard the sound of shoes coming towards him.

"Mr. Osborn, what was so important that you had to interrupt my vacation in America? I don't come to this country often. I like to stay close to home," a man with a thick Russian accent spoke.

"I'm sorry. I realize that this was...an inconvenience. But I was sure that a man of your skill could handle the problem I have right now," Norman replied. The Russian chuckled.

"Of course. You didn't detail much on the phone," the man said.

"Yes, well, I don't want anyone to know of my 'business'. It's how I've stayed in this position for a long time. The problem that I have is a genetic mutation loose in the city."

"Oh yes, The Lizard. The American press has already created a name for the creature. They're saying it may be related to you," the Russian said.

"Ah, yes, the Daily Bugle. They've been on my ass for years," Norman said, waving his hand. "But, the truth is...that it is heavily related to me. The creature is a man named Curt Connors who lost his arm while on a mission for me. I tried to implement some Komodo Dragon DNA into his body to increase his body's healing ability, but things went horribly wrong. I need him back here so I can try and reverse the effects," Norman said. The Russian laughed.

"Oh, I thought it was something of massive difficulty," the Russian said. "Do not fret, Mr. Osborn...I will catch your 'Lizard'. Nothing escapes Sergei Kravinoff."

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