Fallen angel from the underworld


"It was true love but one day the unknown became known and nothing would ever go back to normal or so they thought." A/N I want to give some credit to my friend Logan. I was bored so we decided to write a mini story. The story gave me a great idea for an actual story and so here it is. Hope you enjoy.

Romance / Fantasy
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The unknown is now known

Once upon a time in a place far, far, far away from here. In another Universe, in another galaxy, in another world. There lived a girl who fell in love with a boy. Not just any boy but a fallen angel that everyone saw as a monster. A unholy monster of the underworld. The dark underworld of despair. The girl went by the name of Y/N. Y/N was the Fairest maiden of her land. Heart so pure, skin so fair. Her eyes would sparkle In the sunlight with wonder. Wonder of why everything must be. The wonder of why her father did not feel love. Wonder of what it felt like to be loved. All she wanted in the sad world she lived in was to find love of her own. Y/N was the daughter of a king. A king of Fortune. A king that did not understand what it felt like to feel love. A king that had married not for love but to please his own father. He forbid Y/N his only daughter from ever going near the underworld but that did not stop the fallen angel from seeing Y/N. The fallen angel and Y/N would meet every night at the a forest not far from where Y/N lived. The forest was dark but was lit by the stars that would shine so brightly. When they met it felt like nothing else mattered. It was like as long as they were together everything would be okay. It was true love but one day the unknown became known and nothing would ever go back to normal or so they thought.

Y/N was on her way to the forest to meet the fallen angel. She walked down the dark hallway to the gate at the back of the palace. Being ever so careful not to make a sound so the guards of the palace would not notice that she had left her room. She slowly opened that gate. When the gate opened. She quickly began to run to the forest not knowing that she was being followed. She ran and ran through the fields of flowers and Lightning bugs. Until she had finally arrived at the forest that was lit by the stars just like it always had been. The fallen angel saw Y/N and quickly ran towards her to give her a comforting hug that said that he had missed her. The fallen angel heard a sound. The sound of someone stepping on a twig and it breaking.

"Someone is here" the fallen angel said and held Y/N tighter.

"Someone is here indeed you monster." someone said harshly from the trees.

"The king was right the princess has been seeing an unholy person from the underworld." Another voice said.

"Show yourself" Y/N said.

"Are you sure you want us to do that princess?" The last voice said.

"I said show yourself." Y/N said again more serious.

The guards came out of hiding and toke Y/N by the arms.

"You are coming with us princess," the guards said.

"And you. You monster. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are not even welcomed in this world. Yet you find yourself worthy enough of being with the princess. Be gone and never come back." The first guard said spitting on him.

The fallen angel left but he knew that he would one day return and see his princess again. When Y/N and the guards finally arrived at the palace. They toke her to her father, the King.

Y/N was filled with fear but knew she had done nothing wrong.

"Be gone now." Her father said to the guards. "And leave her with me."

There was a silence for a long time. Then her father spoke.

"Y/N what have you been thinking?!" He said irritated.

"I did nothing wrong father... you did not forbid me from going outside the palace. You forbid me from from going to the underworld." Y/N said calmly knowing she was only speaking the truth.

"Y/N do you even know why I forbid you from going to the underworld?" The king asked.

"No father, I do not know why." She said.

"I forbid you because I do not want you being around those unholy things." He said disgusted.

"Father, they are not all unholy." She said beginning to feel the anger build up inside of her. "None of them are."

"You are just confused my dear." Her mother said.

"He is not like that." Y/N said.

"Who is he?!" Her father asked.

"Him, the fallen angel." She said.

"Y/N! Those fallen angels are the most unholy of them all!" Her father practically yelled.

"No they are not father!" Y/N said beginning to cry.

"See look what he did to you. You are attached to him, that unholy thing." He said. "From now on you are forbidden from going anywhere without my permission and the guards will always go with you." Her father said. "Now go to your room. I do not want to see you."

Y/N left her father and her mother and ran up the stairs to her room which was on the third floor of the palace. She shut the door behind her and lean against it crying even more than she was before.

"I did nothing wrong." She said to herself through her tears. "How can my own father not see that he means so much to me. My own father is denying me the only thing I want most in this sad world I call home, love. I will never be able to see him again."

"How can you be so sure dear?" Said a voice that seemed to be coming from inside her closet.

"Wh..what?" Y/N said wiping her tears from her face.

"I said how can you lose hope so soon?" The voice said.

"Sh...show yourself." Y/N Said.

"If you insist, princess." Said the voice.

A grey short, stubby and dwarf yet elf like creature walked slowly out of the closet.

"How did you get in here?" Y/N asked.

"I am a Kithkin I have my ways," the Kithkin said. "Now Princess please stop your crying." She said while wiping her tears away.

"How can I, when my father denies me everything I love." Y/N said.

"You really do not know why he denies you it, do you?" The Kithkin said shaking her head. "He denies you everything you love because he was once just like you. He fell in love with the princess of the underworld. She was the Fairest of her land and he couldn't help but to fall for her. It was love but one day the king of the underworld and the king of this world turned on each other. For the better, the Kings said. Your father was denied everything he loved and in his heart he no longer felt love but anger and despair. He swore that dreadful day that all things from the underworld were not pure but unholy. He became king and married your mother a few years later to please his father. Love no longer meant anything to him. This why he denies you what you love. It's because he was denied everything that he loved."

"Oh...I always thought he was this way for a different reason." Y/N said.

"Well now the unknown is known, princess." The Kithkin said.

"but either way he doesn't have to be this way." Y/N said.

"I know, dear, I know." The Kithkin said.

Y/N sighed. "Why are you here?" Y/N asked the Kithkin.

"I was sent by my master from the underworld to make sure you were okay." She said.

"Who is your master? Is your master the fallen angel?" Y/N quickly asked with hope rushing through her veins.

"My master is who you speak of." The Kithkin said. "He wanted me to tell you that one day you will see him again."

Y/N smiled like she had never smiled before. The fact that the fallen angel wanted to make sure she was okay and wanted to her to know she would see him again gave her enough hope that one day she really would and it would be just like it was.

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