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Color of Your Soul

By grey0716

Drama / Adventure

Start of the Journey

"That's what the letter says?"

In an ordinary house in the town of Nuvema, in an ordinary room of said house, there were three kids. One was a girl with a big green hat, blonde hair, green eyes, wore an orange shirt and shoes and a white dress and had a cheerful expression, Bianca. One was a boy with glasses, blue eyes, black hair with a clump of it sticking out, wore a light blue jacket, a tie and black jeans, Cheren. And the third one in the middle had brown hair and eyes, wore a light blue jacket, a white and red hat, dark grey pants and red shoes, Hilbert. There was also a small scar that partially showed under the hat on his forehead.

Today was the day where the three children were to receive a Pokémon and Pokédex from the famous Professor Juniper and finally start their journey. He was holding a letter that came with a large present box that was delivered to him.

"That's what it says, Bianca, Cheren," the boy with the red hat said. "Professor Juniper said we can have one of the Pokémon that are in the case."

"Really?" the girl asked excited. "Yay! With them, we can start our journey, right Cheren?"

"Of course, Bianca," the boy called Cheren responded calmly.

"Yay! Come on, Hilbert!" Bianca squealed. "Open it up! I wanna see our new partners!"

"Calm down," Cheren said. "Hilbert, will you do the honors?"

The boy, Hilbert, nodded in response. He too was excited. Inside the present box was their soon-to-be partners that they will be able to start their journeys with. Hilbert then proceeded to open the present box. Inside were three Pokéballs. Inside the Pokéballs from right to left was a green snake with large red eyes and green limbs, an orange pig with yellow patterns and large snout, and a blue otter like creature with a shell on its torso.

"Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott, right?" Hilbert asked Cheren.

"Right," Cheren answered. "So? Which one do you want, Hilbert?"

"Huh? You're okay with me choosing first?"

"It's your gift," Cheren answered. "The least we can do is let you have the first pick."

"Thanks," Hilbert said smiling. His two childhood friends smiled back as Hilbert looked at the three Pokémon carefully.

"Hmmm..." Hilbert said.

From inside the somewhat transparent covers, the snake had a rather laid back look on its face. The pig had a rather worried expression on its face. But the otter had a rather determined look on its face. As soon as Hilbert caught on to it, he made his decision.

"All right then," Hilbert said as he grabbed the ball with the otter in it. "I choose you. Let's go, Oshawott!"

Hilbert threw the Pokéball in the air, and it released Oshawott into the world. Oshawott looked around the room with much curiosity, then looked at its new trainer with a rather confident look and grin. Hilbert returned the look with his own grin.

"Oshawott, huh," Cheren said.

"Then I choose Tepig!" Bianca suddenly said as she grabbed Tepig's Pokéball.

"Then I guess I choose Snivy," Cheren said while sighing. "Well, I guess its fine. I wanted Snivy anyway."

Cheren grabbed Snivy's Pokéball, where he and Bianca threw them into the air. The balls released the snake and pig alongside Oshawott. Snivy and Tepig both looked around the room. While Tepig seemed a bit nervous, Snivy only had a bored expression on its face.

" cute!" Bianca said as she picked up Tepig and started poking its cheek. "My name's Bianca. I'm your trainer! Let's get along!"

Tepig smiled shyly at its new trainer.

"Then I guess I'm your new trainer," Cheren said as he knelt towards Snivy and offered his hand. "I'm Cheren. Let's work together from here on out."

Snivy only stared at Cheren, but extended a vine from its collar and shook Cheren's hand with it.

"Now then," Hilbert said. "Since we all got our partner Pokémon, we should go to Professor Juniper and get our pokedex."

"Right," Cheren said.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Bianca said. "How about we battle with them?"

"Huh?" the two boys asked.

Bianca got in front of Hilbert with Tepig, getting ready to fight.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea to fight inside Hilbert's room," Cheren protested.

"It's fine!" Bianca exclaimed. "They're still weak, so it shouldn't do that much damage!"

"Is that the problem here?" Cheren asked, then sighed. "Hilbert? Your call."

Hilbert looked a little uneasy, glancing at Oshawott. Oshawott glanced back at Hilbert, giving him an expression that practically begged for a battle.

"Oshawott..." Hilbert said. "...Alright then. Let's battle!"

"Are you serious?" Cheren asked, bewildered.

"Alright!" Bianca cheered.

"Oshawott's my new partner," Hilbert said. "And he's raring for a fight. I can't really let him down, now can I?"

Oshawott pounded its limbs together, glaring at Tepig. And grinning rather dangerously. Tepig only stepped back, intimidated.

"C'mon, Tepig," Bianca encouraged it. "You can do it!"

Tepig looked up to its master, then regained its confidence.

"I guess I'll be the judge of this match," Cheren said as he and Snivy stepped out of the way. "Alright then. Rules are simple. "Whoever faints first loses."

"Got it!" the two trainers responded.

"Okay then, begin!"

"Oshawott, use Tackle!"

Oshawott suddenly charged at Tepig with great speed.

"Dodge it, Tepig!" Bianca commanded.

Tepig got out of the way at the last moment, where Oshawott smashed into the wall.

"Oshawott!" Hilbert exclaimed.

Oshawott got out of the wall and shook itself off.

"Tepig, you use Tackle!"

Tepig then rushed at Oshawott as he got back up.

"Guard it!" Hilbert commanded.

Oshawott detached its shell on its torso and used it to block Tepig's attack.

"Huh!?" Bianca yelled.

"Push him back!" Hilbert called out.

Oshawott pushed against the shell, pushing Tepig away from him.

"Now, Tackle!"

Oshawott saw the opening and smashed into Tepig. Tepig winced back as he crashed into the bed.

"Wow, you're good!" Hilbert complimented the otter.

Oshawott smirked with confidence as he pounded his chest.

"Tepig!" Bianca cried.

But Tepig quickly got back up and returned to its master's side.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Tepig only made a happy snort to tell his master that it was fine.

"Oh good..." Bianca sighed in relief. "Are you still up for the battle?"

Tepig nodded.

"Okay then!" Bianca exclaimed.

After their commands, Oshawott and Tepig continued their battle, smashing into things in Hilbert's room while trying to defeat one another.

"Alright! Tackle at full force!"

Tepig mustered up all of its strength and charged at Oshawott.

"Guard it!" Hilbert commanded.

Oshawott used his shell as a shield once more, but this time Tepig managed to push Oshawott away, headed for a window.

"Oh crap!" Hilbert yelled.

He quickly grabbed the two small pokemon from crashing through the window, but ended up falling from the force that he had to stop.

"Hilbert!" Bianca cried.

"Okay, let's stop here!" Cheren quickly decided, ending the battle.

The two quickly rushed to their friend's aid, as he got back up with the two small Pokemon in his arms.

"Ow..." Hilbert said. "That was close. Are you two okay?"

Oshawott and Tepig looked up to Hilbert amazed, and nodded.

"Oh my god, Tepig!" Bianca cried.

Hilbert handed Tepig to Bianca, who quickly squeezed it in her arms.

"That was so close! I'm so sorry, Tepig!" Bianca wailed.

Tepig gagged from being crushed by her arms.

"You okay, Bianca?" Cheren asked.

After Bianca stopped crying, she got back up.

"I'm fine," she said. "I probably should've been more careful...but that was fun!"

"Yeah, it is," Hilbert said. "You were awesome, Oshawott!"

Oshawott enjoyed the compliment and put his shell back on his torso.

"Are you gonna fight too, Cheren?" Hilbert asked.

"Of course!" Cheren exclaimed. "I can't just let Bianca have all of the fun. But let's change the stage."

"Huh? Why?" Bianca asked.

Cheren pointed to the other direction, where a huge hole was punctured through the wall.

"What the hell!?" Hilbert yelled.

As Hilbert looked around, the entire room was completely trashed. There were stains on the wall, broken furniture, and a messed up bed. Surprisingly, while the TV was broken, the Wii was perfectly fine.

"Remember when Oshawott crashed into the wall?" Cheren asked.

"Oh right..." Hilbert said. " am I gonna explain this one to Mom...?"

"We'll go apologize with you," Cheren said.

"Yeah," Bianca said. "This was also my fault too..."

The three went downstairs to face Hilbert's mother about his trashed room, with a Tepig and Oshawott, while Snivy only sighed in disappointment.

As the group headed downstairs, a woman with brown hair was watching TV.

"" Hilbert asked scared.

"? What's wrong, Hilbert?" she asked.

"Uh...we kinda...made a hole in my room..." Hilbert reported regrettably.

"What!?" she yelled.

"We're so sorry!" Hilbert apologized.

"This was our fault," Cheren said. "Since we got our first Pokemon, we were earger to battle, but..."

"Um..." Bianca asked scared. "About the repairs...?"

"It's fine!" Hilbert's mom exclaimed. "I figured something like that will happen."

"Really!?" Hilbert exclaimed.

"Oh yeah," she responded. "The important thing is that you three had fun. And you learned how to cooperate with your Pokémon, so it's all okay!"

The three sighed in relief. Oshawott and Tepig sighed in relief, while Snivy only looked disappointed at the two.

"So, are you three going to head out to Professor Juniper's place?" Hilbert's mom asked.

"Yes," Cheren reported. "But before that, I want to battle Hilbert, so do you mind if we have a battle outside?"

"Oh sure, no problem!" Hilbert's mom replied.

"All right then," Hilbert said. "Let's go!"

The three happily went on outside, leaving Hilbert's mom to see them off.

"Ah, youth," she said. "I wish your father could see you now, Hilbert..."

Oshawott got in front of Hilbert, while Snivy made its way in front of Cheren.

"Alright then, let's go!" Hilbert exclaimed.

Oshawott pounded his shell to the ground, expressing his will to fight.

"But first," Cheren said.

He went over to Oshawott with some medicine and sprayed it on him.

"Huh?" Hilbert asked.

"Oshawott just fought," Cheren said calmly. "He needs to heal from the battle."

"Oh, right..." Hilbert said. "Sorry..."

"It's fine," Cheren said. "I can understand your eagerness to fight, but calm down. Oshawott's your partner, right? You should stop and check his status every time after a fight."

"Right, thanks," Hilbert said. "Sorry, Oshawott. I can't do anything for ya'."

Oshawott shook his limb as if he didn't want to make his master feel bad, and smiled confidently.

"Alright then," Cheren announced as he was done with Oshawott's wounds. "That ought to do it."

Oshawott looked around and swung his shell vigorously. He was better.

"Aright," Hilbert said. "Now let's go!"

Cheren nodded in approval. "Snivy, use Leer!"

Snivy leered at Oshawott, making it a little nervous.

"Now, Tackle!"

Snivy charged at Oshawott, who took the blowdirectly.

"Oshawott!" Hilbert cried.

"Leer," Cheren explained. "It lowers the opponent's defenses. Since Snivy isn't the hardest hitter out of the three, this should make its attacks more effective."

Oshawott got back up, only to be greeted by Snivy's snickering. Enraged, Oshawott charged at Snivy.

"Oshawott, wait!" Hilbert commanded, but Oshawott was lost in his rage.

"Snivy, dodge," Cheren commanded calmly. "Then use Tackle from behind."

Snivy effortlessly dodged Oshawott, then rammed into him from behind, sending the water Pokémon into the wall.

"Oshawott!" Hilbert cried.

The otter got back up in great pain. Snivy snickered at him once more, making him even more enraged.

"! He's angry that Snivy's mocking him," Hilbert realized.

Oshawott was raring to attack Snivy once more.

'If he attacks out of rage again, then Snivy'll beat him,' Hilbert thought. 'I need to calm him down, somehow!'

"Oshawott, calm down! Don't let him get to you!" Hilbert tried to calm down the otter, but Oshawott wouldn't listen.

"I guess that's it then," Cheren said. "Snivy, you know what to do."

Oshawott started to

"Calm the hell down!" Hilbert yelled, making Oshawott stop in astonishment at his trainer.

"If you keep letting Snivy get the better of you," Hilbert told Oshawott. "Then you'll never win! You need to calm down and think this through!"

Oshawott stared at Hilbert, then returned to his side.

"Now you get it," Cheren said in relief.

"Now, what to do..." Hilbert said. "Even if I attack, he'll probably see it coming..."

Hilbert thought about it for a moment, then came up with something.

"I got it!" Hilbert said silently. "Oshawott."

Oshawott looked up, as Hilbert whispered his plan to him.

"What's he doing?" Bianca asked.

"No idea," Cheren said.

Oshawott grinned, liking the idea, then faced Snivy.

"Let's do this!" Hilbert boomed. "Tackle!"

Oshawott charged at Snivy straight on.

"What? Why would he do that?" Cheren asked himself. "He knows what's going to happen...Snivy, dodge!"

Snivy dodged Oshawott as he tried to ram at him.

"Now Tackle from behind!"

Snivy used the opportunity to ram Oshawott from behind, but Hilbert snickered.

"Now, Oshawott!" Hilbert yelled.

"What!?" Cheren yelled.

As Snivy charged at Oshawott, Oshawott grabbed his shell and flung it at Snivy. Snivy bumped into the shell and stopped its attack surprised. Oshawott then charged at Snivy at full force, while grabbing the shell that bounced off Snivy's head. Snivy was sent back into the fence.

"Snivy!" Cheren cried.

Snivy got back up, gagged in pain, where Oshawott snickered back at Snivy, much to Snivy's irritation.

"I guess we should end it here," Cheren said. "We can't make Professor Juniper wait."

"Right," Hibert said. "C'mon, Oshawott."

Oshawott returned to his master's side, grinning with pride.

"Snivy!" Cheren called out.

Snivy, much to its dismay, returned to Cheren's side.

"You two were great!" Bianca said. "I knew you'd be able to battle better than me."

"You did fine, Bianca," Cheren assured her.


"C'mon, let's go," Hilbert said, interrupting the two.

"Right..." Cheren said, embarrassed a little.

"Wait! I forgot something!" Bianca suddenly said, then headed towards her house.

"I guess we head towards Professor Juniper's lab," Hilbert said.

"Sure," Cheren agreed.

The two headed towards Professor Juniper's lab, while Oshawott and Snivy were glaring at each other.

Meanwhile, at Bianca's house...

"No means NO!" a voice yelled.

In her house, her father was arguing with his daughter when Bianca told her about her journey.

"But... I have a Pokémon and everything!" Bianca yelled. "I'm a good trainer now! Right, Tepig?"

Tepig nodded to defend her.

"I can totally go out on an adventure!" Bianca protested.

"No, no, a thousand times no!" her father shot back. "I can't let you out on something dangerous as an adventure!"

"But...!" Bianca protested.

"I said NO!" her father yelled. "Now go to your room! I'll return the Pokémon to Professor Juniper."

As her father was about to take Tepig away from her, Bianca suddenly slapped her father away from it.

"No! I'm perfectly fine!" Bianca yelled, crying. "Dad, you idiot!"

Bianca suddenly stormed out of the house.

"Wha- Bianca!" her father yelled.

Her father tried to go after her, but Bianca was already out of sight.

"Bianca..." he said.

As Bianca was running ahead, she stopped. She looked back to her house, which was now out of her sight. Tears leaked from her eyes and onto Tepig. He looked up and snorted, wondering what was wrong with Bianca. She noticed Tepig, then smiled, wiping her tears away.

"I'm okay, Tepig," she assured him. "...I'm fine..."

"Bianca!" a voice called out.

She looked up to see Cheren and Hilbert.

"Cheren...Hilbert..." Bianca said.

"You okay?" Cheren asked.

"Why are you two here?" Bianca asked. "What about Professor Juniper's lab?"

"Cheren wanted to go with you," Hilbert said. "Since we got our partners together, we should get our Pokedexes together as well."

"Right," Cheren said.

"Thanks..." Bianca said.

"? Were you crying?" Cheren asked.

"Wha!? No, I'm fine," Bianca said.

"But, your eyes..." Cheren said.

Bianca's eyes were red from her crying.

"I'm fine," Bianca said. "Now come on, let's go see the professor."

Bianca went ahead. Hilbert and Cheren exchanged some confused and concerned glances, then followed her.

They reached Professor Juniper's lab, where in front of it, a woman with large, hazel colored hair and a lab coat was waiting for them.

"There you kids are," she said. "I've been waiting for you young people!"

"We're so sorry that we're late," Cheren said. "Professor Juniper."

"It's okay," Professor Juniper said. "You weren't late, so it doesn't matter. Now come on."

The group followed the professor into her lab. Inside, there were several impressive devices ad books about Pokémon.

"By the way," Juniper asked. "Have you three already battled?"

"Yes," Cheren said.

"I knew it!" she exclaimed. "I can see it in your Pokémon!"

The three looked at their partners. Oshawott was on Hilbert's head, Snivy was next to Cheren, while Tepig was in Bianca's arms.

"You only just received them," she said. "Yet they look like they already trust you guys."

They all smiled in response.

"Now then," Professor Juniper said. "Do you all know the reason why I gave you three those Pokémon?"

"It's for the Pokédex, right?" Cheren asked.

"Pokédex?" Bianca asked.

"As expected from you, Cheren," Professor Juniper said. "That's right. The Pokédex is a device that automatically records the Pokémon that you encounter on your journey."

She took one out of her pocket. It was a sleek black and red device.

"I want you three to explore the region of Unova and meet all of the Pokémon there," she explained. "This is my request! Will you do it?"

"Of course," Cheren said.

"Okay–I mean, yes, Professor!" Bianca cheered.

"Yes," Hilbert said.

"That's the spirit!" Professor Juniper exclaimed.

She took out two more Pokédexes, and handed the three devices to the three.

"Thank you, all of you!" Professor Juniper said. "With you three, we can complete the Unova Pokédex!"

The three got out their Pokéballs, where the three starters returned into them in a blinding light.

"Now, I need to teach you three how to capture Pokémon," Professor Juniper said. "Meet me at Rout 1. There, I'll show you the know-hows on Pokémon capture, and you three can finally start your journey!"

With that, Professor Juniper headed out of her lab.

"This means we can finally start our adventure, right?" Bianca asked.

"Of course," Cheren said.

"Yay!" Bianca exclaimed. "C'mon, let's go!"

"Wait up, Bianca!"

Bianca rushed ahead, where Cheren followed from behind. Hilbert looked at his Pokédex, then looked at Oshawott in his Pokéball.

"Let's go, Oshawott," Hilbert said.

Oshawott smiled in return. Prepared for the start of his life-changing journey, Hilbert headed out after Cheren and Bianca.

Meanwhile, in Accumula Town.

"So you would like to set up a rally here?" a woman asked.

"Yes," a man with green hair said.

The two were discussing on setting up a rally in public property. The man with green hair with a large ponytail had a black hat, white shirt, beige pants, a pendant and what appeared to be a Menger sponge dangling from his pants.

"Okay, then I'd like you to sign here and here," the woman answered, handing the man a clipboard with some papers on it.

The man took the clipboard along with a pen that the woman offered, and signed the necessary forms, then handed the clipboard back to her.

"Thank you," the woman said. "Have a nice day."

The woman left, where the man looked at the park. There were several people and Pokémon, having a good time. The man smiled, but then frowned.

"My lord!" a voice called out.

The man turned to see a girl coming up to him. She had blue eyes, long brown hair, but wore a medieval-like outfit that revealed her shoulders and back along with a white dress. She had white sleeves that hung on her arms as she had a hood with an x hanging from her collar.

"Did everything go well?" she asked.

"Yes, it went well," the man said.

The girl sighed in relief.

"I'm so glad..." she said. "So what shall I do now?"

"Well, the rally's supposed to be tomorrow," the man said. "So what do you say that we take a look around town?"

"As you wish, Lord N," the girl said with a bow.

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