LoL Survivor

Truth or Dare! Part 1

"Welcome back, Summoners! I'm your host, Ryze."

"And I am deh oder 'ost, Fiora!"

They said together, "And this is LoL Survivor!"

Ryze continued to speak, "Here are our remaining contestants."

All of the champions walked in.

TF's Confessional

"I just realized that there are only 3 guys left… We're slowly being eliminated. One by one."

He turned to explain to them what the challenge is. "Today's challenge is going to be really fun… for us, that is, not for you. We're doing a Truth or Dare challenge!"

Fiora explained the rules, "If you don't alrreadeh know deh rulz, 'ere deh are. Each one of you will get 1 dare and 1 trut. Some are easier den oders. You 'ave one shance so if you can't do what you've been told to do, you shall lose. Also, you might be forced to do a dare or trut, if you don't do eet, den you shall lose as well. Alright? Good!"

Ahri's Confessional

"Easy! I have no regrets."

Katarina's Confessional

"Whatever. How difficult can this be?"

Ryze commanded, "Everyone take your seats."

Ryze moved to the side to reveal a circle made out of chairs with 3 boxes in the middle. On the right, the box had the word "Champions" on it, the one in the middle had the word "Truth" on it, and the other had the word Dare on it.

Ryze continued, "Every time you go up, you shall pick either a dare or a truth. The order doesn't really matter because you'll end up doing one of each anyways. After you either succeed or fail your truth or dare, you will have to pick a name from the Champions box. Each one of your names has been thrown in there twice. To see who goes first, I will pick."

Fiora asked, "Can I peeck?"

Ryze shook his head, "No, we agreed that I got to pick."

Fiora whined, "But I NEVER get to peeck."

Ryze rolled his eyes, "Well then you shouldn't have agreed, now shut up and let me pick already."

Fiora continued to whine, "Please, Ryze. Ryze. Ryze, please. I wanna peeck. Let me peeck. Please? Please, Ryze? Ryze. Ryze. Ryze. Are you listing? Ryze?"

Ryze lost it, "YES! FINE! PICK WHATEVER!"

Fiora cheered, "YAY!"

"And the word is "listening" not listing."

Fiora confused but just ignored it and happily read the person's name, "Akali."

Shen: Dare

Shen went up and picked dare, "Better get the harder one over with first…" He read it outloud, "I dare you to pick Truth next time. What? That's what they want us to do? All right then, whatever. I'll pick a Truth next time. Damn that was easy."

Ryze turned to Fiora, "Are you kidding me? You were in charge of dares! What kind of a dare was that?"

Fiora sighed, "'Old on. Calm your teets! Dey gets real joosey."

Shen picked the next name, "Jinx."

Jinx: Dare

Jinx smiled, "Dares are so much FUN! Run around and scream, "I've been shot." "

Ryze turned to Fiora, "You're totally lying."

Fiora shook her head, "No, 'onest!"


Ryze added, "Ok then, I guess you lost the challenge."

Jinx rolled her eyes, "Whatever." She mumbled to herself as she picked a name from the Champions box, "Stupid dare. Jinx get shot? No. I don't think so." She read the name, "Ashe."

Ashe: Truth

Ashe picked from the box and read out loud, "What is one thing that really bothers you about your partner. If you don't have one, simply talk about the person closest to you. Well, my husband is Tryndamere so… Well, he's really noisy. Also, he can be kind of an ass because of how cocky he is. Not to mention he doesn't know when to give up. He also has A LOT of anger issues. Like, he dies, but he doesn't die because he's so angry. I know, it makes no sense but it's the truth."

Ryze smiled, "All right, that's enough. We said one."

Ashe couldn't stop, "Ugh, and his breath. Does he know what a breath mint is? His hair too! He needs to learn how to use a comb. Don't get me started on his posture!"

"Ashe!" Fiora yelled, "Only one! Not five trill-ee-on!"

Ashe blushed, "Oops, sorry."

Ashe's Confessional


Ashe picked the next champion, "Ahri."

Ahri: Dare

"All right. My turn." She read it out loud, "Kiss the closest member of the same gender." Ahri sighed, "Ok, whatever. Nidalee, I guess that's you."

Nidalee was disgusted, "Excuse me? I'm not into furries! Especially not furry girls!"

Ahri pointed out, "You are a furry."

Ryze added, "Nidalee, you do know you will lose the challenge if you don't do this."

Nidalee rolled her eyes, "Whatever, I'm not a lesbian."

Ahri sighed, "Neither am I, it's just a kiss but whatever. Kat, that means the next one is you."

Kat raised her shoulders, "Meh, what the heck." She stood up, gave Ahri a quick peck, then sat back down.

Ahri picked the next name, "Akali."

Akali: Dare

Akali was nervous, "Ok… Here it goes. Make out for one minute with the person sitting on your left." Akali turned to her left and saw Shen, "Well this is awkward…"

Akali's Confessional

"Yes! I mean, this might completely ruin our… friendship by… making it forever awkward…"

Shen frowned, "Yeah, it really is…"

Akali said awkwardly, "So, I guess we should kiss then, right? We should kiss each other and fall in love and get married and have 5 babies, named – I mean, I'd rather that we kiss each other instead of losing a challenge… I really want to kiss you though…" Akali quickly added after noticing what she said, "To not lose, obviously."

Shen shook his head, "I'd rather that we don't kiss…"

Akali was hurt, "Oh… Haha… Yeah… Me neither…"

Ryze sighed, "Then, both of you lost."

Akali sighed, "I guess so…"

Akali's Confessional

"He's rather lose and risk being eliminated than kiss me? Are you serious? Am I that ugly? I never considered myself hot but never did I think I was that unappealing… I guess I'm just a hopeless girl who's been friend zoned…"

Akali gloomily picked the next person, "Sona."

Sona: Truth

Sona picked a truth and read out loud. She mouthed the words but no sound came out, "… :D"

Ryze asked, "What?"

Sona repeated, "… :D"

Fiora stood up, "It's ok, Sona. I read it forrr you."

Sona frowned, ":("

"Which person do you enjoy speaking to the most and why?"

Sona thought about it and pointed to Jinx, ":D"

Jinx smiled, "Aww! Sona! You're my fave too! After PowPow and Fishbones that is."

Sona giggled.

Ryze hesitated, "Well, we don't know why… I guess Sona is going to have to lose the challenge too."

Jinx got angry again, "Excuse me? Just because you can't understand her means of communication, it doesn't mean she didn't explain why! Clearly, she said, ":D". God, don't be so poopy, Ryze."

Sona giggled more and picked the next contestant and showed it to her fellow contestants.

Ryze rolled his eyes, "Fine, Sona is still in the game…"

Sona hugged Jinx, ":)"

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