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Truth or Dare! Part 2

Twisted Fate: Dare

Twisted Fate picked out of the dare box, "Make out with the girl on your right."

The girl on his right was Katarina.

She sighed, "I'm kissing everyone today, aren't I... Oh well, pucker up."

Twisted Fate's Confessional

"NO! I can't do that. I like Evelynn not Katarina!"

"Haha, sorry. I'd rather pass."

Katarina was offended, "What? You don't find me attractive?"

TF panicked and said something he regrets, "No, it's just that… I'm gay."

Twisted Fate's Confessional

"FUCK! I can't believe I just said that!"

"You are?" Kat asked doubtfully, "You know, cause I thought you were hitting on Eve the entire time… Which, frankly, I don't get because, well, look at me!"

TF nodded, "Yup, I'm gay."

"Huh. Ok then."

Twisted Fate's Confessional


Evelynn asked too, "I can't believe you're gay. Ugh, right as a found a sweet and attractive guy, he turns out to be gay."

TF was confused, "What do you mean?"

She sighed, "Well, thanks for telling me. I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out on a date tonight. Now, since I know you're going to say no, I'm not going to be embarrassed when I did." She smiled after that.

TF chuckled, "Haha. Really? That's great. Umm… Be right back…" He ran into the confessional.

Twisted Fate's Confessional

TF started crying, "WHY DO I RUIN EVERYTHING!?"

Ryze told TF, "Well, I guess you lose. Now pick a name."

TF mopped to the box and read the name out loud, "Ashe."

Ashe: Dare

"Ooh, it's me again." She read out loud, "I dare you to get Ryze to laugh. Umm… what? I don't get it."

Fiora explained, "Because Ryze is a 'eartless sool, you must try and make 'im laugh!"

Ryze rolled his eyes, "I'm not heartless, Fiora."

"Oh yes? Den why don't you laugh at my jokes?"

Ryze explained, "Because your jokes aren't funny, they're annoying!"

Fiora gasped, "You take dat back!"

Ryze shook his head, "NO! Anyways, Ashe, make me laugh."

Ashe sighed, "All right. Here's my best joke. Knock knock."

"Who's there?"


"Dwayne who?"

"Dwayne the bathtub! I'm dwowning!"

Fiora laughed like a maniac, "HAHAHAH! DAT'S A GOOD ONE!"

Ryze stared at Ashe with a blank look on his face, "Who drowns in a bathtub? Just stand up! That was fucking terrible. You lose."

Ashe was disappointed, "Aww… Oh well. Katarina, it's your turn."

Katarina: Truth

She read, "Which person here do you hate the most? Why? Easy, Nidalee. She's a desperate bitch who considers herself above the rest."

Obviously, Nidalee was offended, "Umm, excuse me? I'm a desperate bitch? You're an even bigger bitch than I am."

Kat paused then nodded, "Yup, being a bitch is what I do, but, unlike you, I don't hit on a guy who's already in a relationship."

Nidalee got pissed and charged at Kat, but after a few seconds, Nidalee was lying on the ground groaning.

Kat read the next name, "Wu, it's your turn."

Wukong: Truth

"All right, If you got to sleep with anyone here, who would it be? Haha… Awkward… Umm… I think I'll just skip this one."

"You sure?" Ryze asked.

He nodded.

"Haha, it's alright, Ryze. I know the answer to that one." Ahri winked.

Wukong replied, "Don't worry, Ahri, it's not you."

Ahri giggled, "Sure."

Wukong read the next name, "Evelynn."

Evelynn: Dare

"Kick the guy closest to you in the balls… 5 times. Are you kidding me? This is the worst dare EVER! No guy will let me do that to them! This is an insta-lose!"

Fiora added, "Ask dem first."

Evelynn rolled her eyes, "All right. Any of you willing to-"


Evelynn sighed, "I lose. Anyways, Sona, you're up."

Sona: Dare

Sona picked a paper and was about to read it but then remembered that she couldn't so she handed it to Jinx to read it for her, "Eat grass… Huh that's weird, but all right." Jinx grabbed a handful of grass and was about to eat it when Fiora stopped her.

"Sona, needs to eat deh grass. Not you."

Jinx paused and laughed then gave Sona the grass.

Sona ate it without hesitation, "D:"

Ryze announced, "Sona has beaten both a truth and a dare. She is safe from elimination."

Sona picked a paper and handed it to Jinx, "Ahri, your turn."

Ahri: Truth

"Describe the sexiest clothes you've ever worn and why? All right, once, I walked around with literally just bandages covering my private parts. Why? To distract an enemy. It worked and I killed him. I mean what?" She laughed afterwards.

Wukong's Confessional

"She's absolutely nuts..."

Ryze congratulated Ahri, "Good job. You're safe as well. Katarina, you're the only one left."

Katarina: Dare

She laughed, "This'll be easy." She read it out loud, "Kiss Garen. Haha. Kiss Garen. All right, whatever… WAIT WHAT!? KISS GAREN!"

Fiora clapped her hands together, "OUI OUI OUI! SHE PICKED IT! I made it for 'er!"

"Hi, Kat. DEMACIAAA! So we DEMACIAAA meet again." Kat turned around and saw Garen standing behind her.


Ryze and Fiora laughed, "Perfect! Anyways, the challenge is over."

Later that night…

Ryze announced, "Sona and Ahri are the only people that completed both a truth and a dare so they are safe. The person that's going home today is… SHEN! Good bye, Shen!"

Shen sighed, "I knew I wasn't going to win."

Akali jumped, "What! Why him? He didn't do anything wr-" Right then, Shen kissed her, though they were still wearing their masks so it looked kind of awkward.

Akali recovered, "What, I thought you didn't want to kiss me…"

Shen shook his head, "No, I did. I did for a while. I just didn't want our first kiss to happen because a stupid dare. I wanted it to be special."

Akali hugged him.

Everyone but Nidalee said, "Awwwww…"

Then there was Nidalee who said, "Ugh, nasty."

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