LoL Survivor

Who's the Superior Slut?

"Hello, Summoners! I'm your host, Ryze! Unfortunately, Fiora has the flu so we have a substitute. Think of it as a substitute teacher."

"Hi! I'm Lux. I was here before just in case you don't remember." She giggled.

"Please welcome our contestants!"

They all walked in.

Lux looked around, "So, uhh, where's that hot blond guy?"

"Ez?" Ryze asked.

"Yeah, him."

"Oh, he got eliminated."

Lux sighed, "God damn it…"

Ryze explained the challenge, "Anyways, today, we're going to the Fields of Justice. There, you will hav 5. Who ever breaks the Nexus first wins. Understood?"

Everyone nodded.

Lux added, "Also, if you want, you may pick a partner and you and your friend are guaranteed to be on the same team."

Obviously, the following went together, Sona and Jinx, Wu and Ahri, and Eve and TF, although TF was depressed.

Twisted Fate's Confessional

"I just had to say I'm gay. Eve has been asking me about who I thought was the hottest guy and stupid shit like that ever since. On the bright side, she called me hot the other day!"

Flash back…

"You know, TF. You're probably the hottest guy I know. Sure Ezreal is good looking too but he is really small and skinny."

"Wait! You think I'm hotter than Jayce!?"

"… Nope. Nevermind. Second hottest guy I know. It's ok though! You're still my favourite. Such a shame you're gay…"

"Nope… Still ruined it… WAAAHHH!"

Leaving Akali, Ashe, Kat, and Nid alone.

Akali sighed.

Akali's Confessional

"I miss Shen. If he were here, we would've been an unbeatable duo."

"Hey, Ashe," Akali asked, "Wanna group up? You seemed cool to me (Get it!? Because Ashe has an ice bow and shit! Haha. I'm too good… I really need better jokes…) and I'd be willing to team up with you."

Ashe smiled, "Sure! No problem."

Kat and Nidalee stared at each other, "Nope. Never. I don't think so!"

Lux and Ryze organized the teams, "Here are the teams. We've organized them by your strengths."

Blue Team:






Purple Team:






"All right? Organise who goes where with your team and then we'll get going. You have 2 minutes."

Blue Team:

Sona spoke first, ":D"

Jinx translated, "Sona wants to go bot with me. Are you all right with that?"

Everyone nodded.

Sona and Jinx cheered.

Nidalee and TF both yelled, "Mid!" (Yes, we've all been through this at one point or another…)

TF smiled, "Sorry, Nid. I said it first."

Nidalee shook her head, "No way! I said it way before you."

Eve went with TF, "Actually, TF said it first."

Nid snapped, "Shut up! You're just backing him up because you're desperate!"

Eve put her hand on her hip, "Excuse me!? Says the girl who hit on a guy in a relationship! Plus, TF's gay!"

TF's Confessional


Jinx raised her hand, "Actually, TF said it first."

Sona nodded, ":)"

Jinx pointed to Sona, "She agrees too."

Nidalee, being stubborn as ever shook her head, "No, I'm mid!"

TF rolled his eyes, "Fine, I'll go top then."

Eve nodded, "I'm best in the jungle so I'll stay there."

Team Purple…

Ashe spoke, "So where does everyone want to go? I want to go bot lane."

Wukong said, "I'd like to go either top or jungle."

Akali raised her hand, "I'd rather go top or mid."

Ahri sighed, "Akali, mind if I go mid? I suck at everything else."

Akali nodded, "No problem. I can go top then and Wu will go jungle."

Katarina shook her head, "What about me? I only know how to top or mid."

Akali frowned, "That's a problem…"

Ahri hesitated, "I can try going bot with Ashe but I won't be very good."

Ashe smiled, "No problem. Just play passively, all right? Jinx is really good, not to mention that Sona's there too."

Time's Up!

The contestants arrived at the Fields of Justice and all of them went to their lanes.

Katarina was up against Nidalee at mid lane.

Akali was against Twisted Fate at top lane.

Ahri and Ashe were against Sona and Jinx bot lane.

Finally, Wukong and Evelynn were in the jungle.

Let's start off with the leashes.

Blue Team Leash

Nidalee and TF both helped Eve get blue buff. Afterwards, they returned to their lane and they all did their own thing.

Purple Team Leash

Ahri and Ashe helped Wukong get red buff and they went to their lane.

"Thanks, guys!"

"No problem, Wukong." Ashe replied.

Right as they were about to leave, Wukong said something, "Hey, Ahri. Be careful, alright?"

Ahri smiled, "Don't worry about me. Do your own thing."

Bot Lane: Blue

Jinx farmed while Sona poked the other team with her abilities.

"Nice, Sona. Keep at it!"

Sona simply smiled.

Bot Lane: Purple

Ashe and Ahri both took turns farming and poking.

Sona hurt Ashe, "Oh god. I'm only at half health. Damn, Sona does damage."

Ahri nodded, "Just farm from behind."

Top Lane: Blue

TF was kicking Akali's ass since Akali has one of the worst late games in history.

"Not so hot now, Akali."

"Just wait, TF. You're going to lose."

TF laughed, "Haha, bring it."

She chuckled, "Time's up, TF."

Top Lane: Purple

Akali struggled to stay in lane. TF kept poking her down denying her from all farm and experience whatsoever.

"Ugh," She thought to herself, "Just a little longer…"

A few moments later, Akali finally reached lv. 6.

"Haha, bring it." TF said.

She grinned, "Time's up, TF."

Akali then went full out. She dashed to him through a smoke bomb and hid in her shroud. TF, only getting a quick glimpse of her every once in a while, was unable to do anything and kept taking damage.

When TF was having problem standing, he flashed out and ran towards his tower, holding his stomach.

Unfortunately for him, Akali was too fast and defeated him, gaining First Blood and a kill.

Akali cheered, "Yes!"

Mid Lane: Blue

Since Nidalee had to help Eve get blue, Kat got ahead in experience, "Ugh, you skank. You're garbage."

"Ha! Says the slut who can't land a single spear!" Kat yelled as she avoided another spear.

Wukong's Confessional

"It's like war of the sluts. Haha."

Nidalee threw a spear, once more at Kat. All of a sudden, Kat vanished.

Mid Lane: Purple

"Ugh, you skank. You're garbage." Nid threw a spear at Kat.

"Ha! Says the slut who can't land a single spear!" Kat yelled as she avoided another spear.

Kat could see the frustration on Nidalee's face.

Nidalee kept throwing spears, losing more focus every time she threw one.

Kat thought to herself, "Now's my chance." She shunpo'ed over Nidalee's spear and surprised attacked her.

Kat threw a never-ending swarm of knives at Nid.

Nidalee, caught off guard, was unable to avoid Kat's knives. Nidalee was defeated.


Katarina's Confessional

"Did I just say that outloud…"

The cameraman nods.

"Nid is going to hold this against me, isn't she?"

The cameraman nods again.

Kat sighs."

Kat starts dancing over Nid's body, but then…

Jungle: Blue

"That's what she gets," Evelynn said to herself. "Stupid Nid stood no chance. Oh well, time to clean up after her mess."

Evelynn rushed towards Kat in stealth mode, ulted her to slow her down, and went all ape on her.

Katarina screamed, "WHAT! EVE!? I THOUGHT WE WERE BESTIES!?"

Evelynn tilted her head, "Uhh… Not really…" With those words, Eve punched her in the face and Kat was defeated.

Eve shook her hand, "Damn, she has a hard head. No wonder she's so dumb."

Bot Lane: Purple

Ahri and Ashe were being crushed. Ahri was out of mana, so she's conserving it. Ashe was out of health potions. They needed a gank or else they're going to lose.

Bot Lane: Blue

Sona, knowing they can kill the both of them, ult them when they got to close. Ashe and Ahri were stuck dancing, "OMG! WHY CAN'T I STOP DANCING! WAAAH!"

Jinx giggled, "Damn, Ashe, you really know how to bust a move. Oh well, BYE BYE!" Jinx fired her Super Mega Death Rocket and killed Ashe. Luckily for Ahri, she survived.

Jinx was going to finish her off but…

Jungle: Purple

"Ahri!" Wukong ran in and ulted both Jinx and Sona. After that, Jinx only had one fourth of her health left.

Ahri took this as an opportunity and dashed in there and through her orb out and eliminated Jinx. Sona was still trying to run away but Ahri charmed her and Sona was forced to walk towards her. Ahri ignited her, and Sona was defeated too.

"You're welcome." Wukong said.

Ahri smiled, "Aww! You do care!"

Wukong blushed, "I don't. Now recall before Eve shows up."

"You're adorable."

Ahri walked back to tower and recalled.

Top Lane: Purple

Akali is officially fed. Ever since she got first blood on TF, she's been getting more and more kills off of him. Now, even Eve and TF can't take her on.

Akali smiled, "It's alright, I've been able to break a chain with my own two hands as soon as I was able to wrap my hands around my mom's finger. I was literally born a fighter."

TF's face was covered with bruises grinned, "You're an honourable adversary."

"Thank you, I try."

Mid Lane: Blue

Nidalee couldn't get close to farm because Katarina was also fed, so she sat under turret hoping Kat won't dive her.

Unfortunatly, Kat did dive her and it's safe to say that Nid died…

Nidalee used an orb to chat to her team, "Guys, we need to surrender. There's no point. Kat is fed, Ahri's fed, and Akali's fed. We need to give up."

Everyone, knowing it was true, surrendered… Except for Jinx, who insisted she could take all of them on all by herself.


Lux smiled, "Congrats, Purple Team. We will see Blue Team later tonight to see who will be eliminated from LoL Survivor.

Later that night…

Ryze announced all who were safe, "Eve, TF, Sona, and Jinx. Nidalee, you've been eliminated. You are NOT the superior slut."


Ryze plugged his ears with his fingers, "Ugh. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this episode of LoL Survivor. See you all next time."

(Haha, sorry, I apologize that it took so long. I hope it was worth it. I'll try to make the upcoming chapters extra long and funny. I feel like I'm failing you guys. :/ I need to bring my A-game. Anyways, as always, vote. I'm pretty sure that the next episode is an After Show episode. Here are the people you can vote for:










Also, expect some more testosterone to join the competition. There are only 2 guys now and like 7 girls. So, vote for any male champion and they might make it in for the next chapter.

Once again, I apologize.)

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