LoL Survivor

MANLY MEN: After Show

Kog'Maw and Lee Sin sat down on the red couch, "Hello, Summoners! Welcome to the After Show! I'm Lee Sin."

"And I hungry!" Kog'Maw screamed.

Lee Sin smiled, "Yes, you always are."

Kog'Maw frowned, "Yes, I know… Feeding time?"

Lee Sin shook his head, "Not yet. Anyways, because LoL Survivor lacks testosterone, we've been tasked to find the manliest of men to add to the competition. How this will work, we have randomly picked 6 men from the League of Legends. Those 6 will have to be judged on how manly they seem. The 3 we find most manly will make it onto the competition."

Kog'Maw bounced up and down, "6 compete, only 3 stay! Ezreal, Garen, Olaf, Jayce, Yasuo, and Talon are the 6."

Lee Sin grinned, "Alright, let's commence. We'll be judging them first on how they look. As you all know, I can't see so Kog'Maw will be judging."

Kog'Maw started with Ezreal, "No meat, seems dry, very crunchy. I say 5/10."

Ezreal was offended, "Excuse me? I'm tender!"

Kog'Maw looked at him with disgust, "Nasty Ez… NEXT! Garen. A lot of meat, tender and yummy. He would make an awesome soup. 10/10."

Garen cheered, "Yeah! DEMACIAAA! I'm gonna DEMACIAAA make an awesome DEMACIAAA soup! Wait, DEMACIAAA what?"

Kog'Maw shuffled over to Olaf, "Meaty but not as much as could, seems tender, succulent. Would make a good pie. 9/10."

Olaf high-fived Garen, "Woot, go Brolaf!"

Kog'Maw turned to Jayce, "Meh, average meat, slightly crunchy, and slightly squishy. 6/10."

Jayce frowned, "This is so stupid, I thought we were supposed to be judged on looks, not taste."

Kog'Maw stared right at him, "Has attitude, 4/10."

Jayce argued but Kog ignored him, "Yasuo, not very meaty, seems to taste ok, has a lot of hair though… 4/10."

Yasuo was hurt, "My hair is gorgeous, you're just jealous."

Kog'Maw argued, "I don't think so. Hair tastes yucky. Finally, Talon, not munch meat, crunchy, and not much hair… 6/10."

Talon nodded, "Not bad. Happy to know I don't taste that bad…?"

Lee Sin smiled, "Well, I guess we have our 3 contestants. Garen, Olaf-"

"Call me Brolaf."

Lee Sin continued, "…Brolaf… And Talon. Congratulations, you're all in the competition now. Good luck!"

They all cheered.

Kog'Maw jumped up and down, "Can I eat them?"

"No." Lee Sin said. "We'll get you your food."

Kog'Maw danced around, "YEAAAAHHHH! FEEDING TIME!"

Lee Sin turned to the wall, "Anyways, I hope you enjoyed today's episode."

Kog'Maw pointed out, "To the left, Lee."

Lee sighed, "Not again…" He turned to the camera. "Anyways, haha, come back next week to see these 3 manly men participate in the competition. Until then, have a nice week!"

(I hoped you enjoyed today's episode. Can you all revote? I kind of lost track of who was being eliminated. Haha, awkward…)













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