LoL Survivor

Balls of Duty: Paintball Warfare

"Hello, Summoners! Welcome back to LoL Survivor. I'm Ryze."

"And I am deh bootiful Fiora."

Ryze mocked, "Most would disagree."

Fiora gasped, "Take dat back!"

"Yeah no. Anyways, we have a special surprise for you."

All the contestants walked in.

Ryze continued, "Since we felt that this show lacked a lot of testosterone, we've decided to add some men into the competition. Please welcome Olaf-"


Ryze sighed, "… Brolaf, Talon-"

Katarina smiled, "Talon!? Awesome! Nice seeing someone you like for a change."

"And Garen!"


Talon, Brolaf, and Garen all walked in.

Garen explained, "I'm here because DEMACIAAA Kog'Maw DEMACIAAA said I would make a good DEMACIAAA pie."

Brolaf shook his head, "No, I would make the good pie. Kog'Maw said you'd make a good soup."

Garen nodded, "Right… DEMACIAAA!"

Katarina's Confessional

"Great, so Garen's back and he's going to start hitting on me even though I've told him that I will never love him. Ugh, why don't men understand that No means NO! Not YES! On the bright side, I've got Talon now."

Fiora revealed today's challenge, "Today, you shall be dooeeng a paintbooll challonge. You weell use a goon and shoot each oder. When you get 'it, you shall be eeleemeenated from deh arena. Last one standing wins!"

Ryze added, "Also, you may go in groups, but a maximum of 3. Also, the winner gets to give invincibility to one more person. In other words, the winner and the winner's friend make it into the next round no matter what."

Obviously, Sona went with Jinx because Jinx is the only person that understands her means of communication.

Wukong was forced to go with Ahri. She literally didn't take no for an answer.

"You're going with me, bud."

"What if I don't want to go with you."

Ahri laughed, "But you do. Don't lie to me." (If only I had Ahri's confidence lol.)

Wukong sighed, "Fine."

TF, Eve, and Brolaf went together

Kat ran to Talon, and vice versa.Kat smiled, "So how have you been? Haven't heard from you in a while."

Talon tried to act cool, "You know. I've been… Umm… places…" But he failed miserably.

Kat grinned, "Really? I had no clue."

"Shut up…" Talon blushed."Don't try acting cool." Kat smiled once more. "I've known you for a long time so you can't fool me."

"Kat! DEMACIAAA! Who is this insect? DEMACIAAA!?" Garen ran to Kat out of jealousy.

Kat frowned, "Ugh, Garen. Go away."

Garen pushed Kat to the side and threatened Talon, "If you dare try to DEMACIAAA steal my beloved's DEMACIAAA heart, than I shall DEMACIAAA crush you into millions of tiny DEMACIAAA pieces, ok!?"

Talon didn't hesitate, "Please, as if I'm afraid of you."

Garen got angry, "You will be DEMACIAAA. Kat, DEMACIAAA I'm going to group up with DEMACIAAA you just to make sure this DEMACIAAA guy doesn't try pull anything."

Kat rolled her eyes, "Please, Garen. Leave me alone. I'm not in the mood to yell."

"No, if I do, he'll try to destroy our love."

Everyone went into his or her groups, except for Akali and Ashe.

Both of them awkwardly stood there.

Akali said, "Soooo…"

Ashe replied, "Soooo…"

"Wanna pair up again?" Akali suggested.

Ashe shook her head, "Yeah, sorry. Ahri offered to let me go with her and Wu."

Akali frowned, though no one could see under her mask, "Oh, ok. I fight better alone anyways. Good luck."

Ashe smiled, "Thanks, you too."

Akali's Confessional

"Just as I thought I made a cool best friend. Guess I'm alone again."

Ryze announced, "Alright, everyone take a paintball gun from the shelf and then step onto one of the teleporters. Groups step onto the same portal, alright?"

Everyone grabbed a gun and did as told.

Ryze counted down out loud, "3-2-1 GOOD LUCK!"

Moments later, everyone found themselves in a giant maze.

Ashe, Ahri, Wukong

"Alright, I suggest that we focus on the bigger threats, such as Kat, Garen, and Talon." Ahri suggested.

Wukong agreed, "Yeah, I agree. Also, we can't forget TF, Eve, and Olaf, but mostly Eve. We won't see her coming, literally."

Ashe nodded, "Alright, then. Let's get going."

TF, Eve, Brolaf

Eve walked ahead as TF and Brolaf talked.


Tf replied, "Hey,"

Brolaf asked, "You seem down, what's wrong, bruh?"

TF answered, "Evelynn thinks that I'm gay but I actually love her. I don't know what to do."

Brolaf chuckled, "Haha, how'd that happen, bruh?"

"I refused to kiss Katarina, and I didn't want to offend her so I came up with the excuse that I was gay."

"Don't worry, bruh, I gotchu. I'll handle this. Heyoooo, Evelynn!"

"Hmm?" Evelynn turned around.

Brolaf grabbed TF and kissed him.

TF tried pushing Brolaf away but Brolaf was too strong.

Evelynn smiled, "Aww, TF! I'm so happy for you." She turned around and continued walking.

TF pushed Brolaf away from him, "What the hell was that!?"

"I was helping you out, bruh. Now Evelynn knows that you're not gay."

TF face palmed, "How is that helping me out!? If anything, Evelynn thinks you're my boyfriend now."

Brolaf walked away from TF, "Woah, bruh, I like you, but I don't swing that way."

TF pulled his own hair, "But YOU kissed ME!"

Brolaf giggled, "Yeah, and?"

TF exhaled in attempt to calm himself down, "Brolaf, what are you smoking?"

Brolaf chuckled, "Haha, everything…"

TF sighed, "Ugh… Why me?"

Sona and Jinx

Sona played music while Jinx sang random words to go with Sona's song.

"If you like poop, than poop. Fishbones poops. So does Pow Pow!" Jinx giggled, "Sona, we need to write a musical one day."

Sona smiled in agreement, ":)"

"But you know, being this loud is probably a bad thi-"

Right then, Sona and Jinx were both struck with paintballs. They turned to see where they came from, and Ashe stood there, "Haha, sorry?"

Jinx and Sona were teleported out of the arena."

Jinx's Confessional

"Poop, I really thought that we were going to win. Shut up, Pow Pow! We were distracted, it happens!"

Talon, Kat, Garen

Talon and Kat tried to chat (Haha, it rhymes) but Garen kept getting between them.



Garen hugged Kat, "Aww, I DEMACIAAA love you too."

Kat lost it completely, "Alright, that's it!" She grabbed her paintball gun and shot Garen in the foot.

Garen gasped, "Kat! Why!? It's all right. I know it was just an accid-" Garen was teleported out."

Talon smiled, "Why didn't we do that to begin with?"

Kat, now in a bad mood, frowned, "'Cause I was trying to be kind for a change."

Talon joked, "You? Kind? Ha, you're hilarious."

Kat grew a little smile and punched Talon's shoulder, "Shut up."

Talon frowned.

Kat asked, "What's wrong?"

"DUCK!" Talon shoved Kat out of the way and got hit by a paintball. "God damn it, Kat. This is like Piltover all over again." Talon was teleported out of the arena.

Brolaf cheered, "Bruh! Check it out! I got one!"

Kat grinded her teeth together, "Screw you!" She grabbed her gun and shot him.

TF screamed, "No, Brolaf!" TF tried to shoot Kat but she shunpo'ed behind him and shot him too.

"I know you're here, Eve." Kat screamed.

"Sorry, Kat." Eve shot Kat in the back.

Ashe, Ahri, Wukong

"Nice one, Ashe!" Ahri and Wu exclaimed.

Ashe smiled, "Thanks!"

Wukong and Ahri turned around and started talking.

Ashe's Confessional

"I'm sorry, guys. I can't risk you guys teaming up on me."

Ashe shot a paintball and it hit Ahri's head. Paint exploded all over her hair.

Ahri put her hand on the back of her head, "What the…" She realized there was paint on her hand, "OMG! ASHE! WTF! YOU GOT PAINT ALL OVER MY HAIR! YOU BITCH! YOU'VE RUINED ME! MY HAIR WHYYYY!?" Ahri was teleported out.

Wukong's eyes were wide-open, "Bitch, what the hell? We invited you into our group and you double cross us?"

Ashe frowned, "Sorry, if I didn't do it, you guys would've teamed up on me." She shot Wukong in the chest. "Please understand."


Realizing that Ashe was alone, Evelynn went to shoot her.

Unfortunately for Eve, Ashe knew that she was being followed.

All of a sudden, Ashe turned around and held the trigger of her paintball gun. Paintball started flying everywhere and Evelynn was hit.

Evelynn sighed, "Ugh, you got me." Evelynn was teleported out.

Ashe cheered, "HAHA YES! I WIN!"

"Not quite. All of you forgot about me."

Ashe turned around and saw Akali standing there with her gun pointed at Ashe.

"Akali! You're still in this?"

Akali frowned, "Am I that irrelevant to all of you." Akali sighed, "Oh well. Sorry, Ashe, I win." She pulled the trigger and paint splattered all over Ashe."

Akali cheered, "I can't believe I won! Haha! YES!"


Akali was teleported out of the arena and was quickly greeted with a whole bunch of high fives from Ahri, Wukong, Sona, and Jinx, "WOOT! YOU AVENGED US!"

Ryze congratulated her, "Akali's the winner! So, Akali, who are you going to save from elimination tonight?"

Ashe smiled, "Me obviously! Friends forever!"

Akali frowned, "Actually, I'm saving Brolaf."

Brolaf hugged Akali, "Hah, awesome, bruh!"

Ashe was surprised, "What?"

Ryze nodded, "Ok, see all of you tonight then."

Akali's Confessional

"Why Brolaf? Because he makes me laugh."

TF's Confessional

"Since Akali decided to save Brolaf, I can't get him eliminated today."

Ryze announced who was leaving, "Ashe."

Ashe sighed, "Yeah, I guess I had this coming didn't I?"

Ryze continued, "But that's not all, today, we're eliminating TWO contestants. And the second one is… TF! You've been eliminated too!"

TF and Eve were shocked, "What?"

Kat's Confessional

"UGH! Why hasn't Garen been eliminated."

TF frowned, "Ugh, sucks for me."

Eve hugged TF, "Oh, I'm going to miss you. I bet Brolaf will too!"

TF hesitated, "Hey, umm, Evelynn. Guess what? I'm not gay."

Everyone gasped, "WHAT!?"

TF explained, "I only said I was because I didn't want to offend Kat. In reality, I've wanted to go out with you the day I laid eyes on you. So, Eve," TF went on one knee and pulled out an onion ring, "would you do me the honour of-"

Evelynn gasped, "You're not proposing are you!? This is sweet but I don't want to get married yet! I'm too young!"

TF looked confused, "What? What, no! I was just tired of standing up!"

"What about the onion ring?" Evelynn asked.

"I figured you'd be hungry after that challenge."

Evelynn laughed awkwardly, "Oh… Haha, thanks… Go on."

TF continued, "As I was saying, would you do me the honour of going to the movies this Friday?"

Evelynn started crying, "I DO!" Evelynn took the onion ring and put it around her finger.

TF picked Evelynn and spun her around, "So are you going to eat the onion ring or…?"

Evelynn shook her head, "Nah, you can have it."

TF smiled, "Thanks, I'm starving." He took the onion ring from Evelynn's finger and ate it. "Ok, good luck, Eve! You better win this! Oh, and see you this Friday!"

Eve nodded, "Of course!"

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