LoL Survivor

Insert Pun Here Part 1

"Hello, Summoners! Welcome back to LoL Survivor! I'm your host Ryze."

"No, I'm deh 'ost. 'E deh co-'ost."

Ryze didn't bother arguing, "Anyways, please welcome our contestants. Today, we will be doing a race!"

Fiora explained the rules, "'Ere are deh rulez. First, you will all race in deh Summoner's Rift. As always, deh fastest person wins but to make it more difficoolt, we 'ave placed a series of traps across deh course. Some will slow, some will stun, some will fear, some will even kill you. I mean what?

"This is an everyman for themselves challenge so no partners. Also, Fiora forgot to mention that you will be allowed to use your abilities to move around."

Fiora snarled, "I forget? You forget!"

Ryze corrected, "I forgot. Not forget."

Fiora nodded, "Exactly."

Ryze face palmed, "That's not why I meant!"

Fiora ignored him, "Line up!"

Everyone lined up against the start line.

Kat's Confessional

"I got this! Haha! I'm quick!"

Talon grinned, "Good luck, Kat."

Kat smiled back confidently, "Please, like I need it."

Talon chuckled, "You will."

Garen watched from afar, "What has this DEMACIAAA trickster done to you, DEMACIAAA my love?"

Jinx bounced up and down, "I'm getting excited! Haha! Pow Pow and I will win this! No, not you, Fishbones! You're overweight, you'll just slow us down!"

Ahri stretched, "Keep up, Wu."

Wu laughed, "I can say the same thing to you."

Brolaf talked to Akali, "Everybody should watch out, bruh. But don't worry, dude, I owe you one so I gotchu."

Akali looked confused, "Thank… you?"

Brolaf nodded, "No prob, bruh. I gotchu."

Akali's Confessional

"Sometimes, I don't understand a single thing that comes out of his mouth…"

Eve smiled.

Eve's Confessional

"What they don't know is that I have an awesome speed boost AND it makes me immune to all form of crowd control. Oh and hi TF! Thanks for the movie it was SO much fun. This time, it's my treat at either Cher Morgana or maybe Panth's Bakery."

"Ready! Set… GO!" Ryze yelled.

Everyone sprinted. Although, Jinx wasn't paying attention until everyone was gone.

"YEAH! WOOH! HAHA!... Wait… Where'd everyone go? Sona?... CRAP!" Jinx quickly followed.


Sona was in the lead because she was spamming her speed boost. Whenever someone caught up, she would auto attack them and, thanks to her passive, they would be slowed.


All of a sudden though, Kat shunpoes over Sona and used her ability, Sinister Steel to get a speed boost, "Yes! See ya!"

Evelynn quickly followed with Kat with her ability, Dark Frenzy, "Sorry, Sona!"



Talon tried to catch up to Kat because of their friendly rivalry. Unfortunately, Sona kept slowing him down and it was really annoying him, "Sona! Stop! Please!"


Talon rolled his eyes, "Ugh…" Then, lucky for him, she triggered the first trap. Sona was snared to the ground by some tree roots.


Talon grinned, "Finally! Sorry Sona!"


Sona's Confessional


JINXJinx ran as fast as she could but, unfortunately for her, the others were just too far ahead, "Pow Pow! What are we going to do?... That's GENIUS! Why didn't I think of that? All I needed to do was get excited!" Jinx started laughing manically and after a few moments, she went berserk. She dashed forward and quickly caught up.

Jinx smiled, "Now that's more like it!"


Akali was right next to Brolaf. Every once in a while, she would look at him, trying to figure out what he meant before.

Akali's Confessional

"I'm really curious to find out what he means about Everybody should watch out, bruh. Was he kidding? Was he serious? Was it the weed?"

"Heyo, Akali!"

Akali turned to him, "Hmm?"

"Stay behind me, dude."

Akali was so confused, "Umm… I want to win, not lose. Sorry."

Akali went ahead of him. Right then, Akali triggered a booby trap and a giant axe flew out of the sky.

Akali screamed.

(Sorry that this chapter is smaller than usual but I was busy this weekend studying for exams. The other half will be posted next weekend. I apologize once again. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.)

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