LoL Survivor

Insert Pun Here Part 2

Before Akali knew it, she was on the ground and Brolaf was standing on top of her. Akali blushed, but, of course, no one could see because she was wearing a mask.

Brolaf chuckled, "Haha, duuuuude. You nearly died there."

"I have a boyfriend!"

Brolaf tilted his head, "And…?"

Akali blushed even more, "I'm just very happy that I have a boyfriend…"

Brolaf smiled, "Well who ever he is, dude, he must be very lucky to have a girl like you."

Akali's face turned bright red, and unfortunately for her, the mask doesn't cover her entire face.

Brolaf asked kindly, "Are you ok, bruh? You're face is like a tomato."

Akali answered nearly instantly, "YES! I mean, yeah, I'm just… hot…"

Brolaf grinned, "All right then, bruh. Just stay behind me. I don't want you getting hurt. Let's get going. We're falling behind." He says as Sona passes them.

" :D "Akali nodded.

Akali's Confessional

"I have a boyfriend."

Brolaf grabbed her arm and pulled her up. He ran ahead, and Akali followed.


"Come on, Wu! You're so slow!"

Wu yelled, "I'm literally right next to you!"

She giggled playfully, "No, you're not." She used Spirit Rush and dashed in front of him.

Wu started to get annoyed by her playful attitude, "Can you just stop for a second?!" He then tripped and screamed.

Ahri, hearing him scream, turned around and Wukong fell right on top of her.

Wukong apologized, "Oh my god. Are you ok?"

Ahri blushed and looked down at his hands. Wukong's hand was right on her boob.

Wukong blushed as well, "Oh my god. I'm so SO sorry. I didn't mean to grab your-"

"You pervert!" Ahri slapped him and Wukong flew off her.

Wukong held his cheek, "Ow! I had that coming, didn't I? I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

She inhaled and exhaled a few times and preceded to smile, "Don't worry. It's fine. Guys and, occasionally, girls grab my boobs all the time. Why do I have to be so irresistible?"

Wukong just stood there not knowing how to answer.

"Come on, let's go!"


Garen tried to follow his beloved Kat but Sona just got in his way.

Garen eventually lost patience and punched Sona.

Sona fell over, " D': "



Jinx gave up, "Sorry, Pow Pow. I can't get excited when I'm so far behind." She sighed, "I promise we'll win next time. Shut up, Fishbones! You're stupid!"


Kat was in the lead with Eve behind her. Followed by Talon who was approaching rapidly. Brolaf and Akali weren't far behind.

Kat smiled, "Perfect, Sona, Ahri, Wukong and Jinx are no where to be found. They must have really fallen behind. Now all I have to worry about is Talon, Eve, and-"


Kat's eyes widened, "No. Not Garen…"

Looked behind her and saw Garen shoving everyone aside.

"I LOVE DEMACIAAA YOU, KAT!" he screamed as he shoved Talon on the ground.

Kat freaked out, "OMFG! NO!" She ran even faster than she did before. She could see the finish line, "I'm almost there!"


Kat heard a noise and looked under her. That sound was a trap. All of a sudden, a hole opened in the ground and Kat fell.

"MY LOVE! ARE YOU DEMACIAAA OK? I'M COMING TO SAVE YOU!" Garen dived into the hole and fell on Kat.

Kat grunted, "Fuck my life."

She looked up and saw Eve and Talon run around the hole.

"I'll win this for you, Kat." Talon yelled as he sprinted.


She ran as fast as she could, "Yes, I'm in the lead."

Talon was getting close to her.

Evelynn frowned, "How am I going to get rid of him?" Evelynn used up all her energy to get run faster. After all, the finish line was about 100 meters away from her.

Unfortunately, Evelynn wasn't paying attention and she set off a trap. A giant spider web hurdled towards Eve and hit her. Eve was trapped in a cacoon.

Talon laughed as he passed her, "Sorry Eve!" Right as he passed her, he set off a trap and a wall appeared from the ground. Talon was unable to slow down, and ran right into it.


"I got you, bruh!" Brolaf told Akali. Brolaf activated his ultimate, which renders him invincible against all form of crowd control. He then continued to set off every single trap that was in his way and there was a lot considering Ryze and Fiora put most of the traps towards the end of the course.

After a few seconds, Brolaf crossed the finish line.

When Akali arrived, she cheered, "You're amazing!"

"We're gonna win this thing, alright, dude? Truce." He then hugged her.

She blushed, "I have a boyfriend."

"I know. You've already told me."

"I-I-I have a boyfriend."

It took a while, especially for Kat and Garen because they were too busy trying to climb a hole, but eventually everyone arrived.

Ryze clapped, "Good job, Olaf."


Ryze sighed, "Whatever. You win. I'm guessing Akali is going to be safe with you now?"

He nodded.

"All right. See the rest of you tonight at elimination."

Katarina's Confessional

"Garen better get eliminated."

Later that night…

Fiora looked at Garen, "It is no surprise dat you are eeleemeenated. Aurevoir , Garen."


Kat cheered, "Yes yes yes! FINALLY! I'M FREE! FUCK YOU GAREN!"

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