LoL Survivor

The Room Part 2

Slowly, people's patience left.

Wukong complained, "I'm so hungry. Ugh! I want to eat someone!"

Everyone turned to him with a scared look on his or her face.

Wukong quickly corrected himself, "I mean something…. Some… thing."

Evelynn sighed, "Me too. I'm starving, I need food."

Ahri chuckled, "You guys are weak."

Talon moaned, "How are you so fine with this? Everyone is starving but you."

Ahri laughed, "It's a secret."

Wukong sniffed, "Do you guys smell that? I smell cookies."

After a few moments, everyone except Ahri nodded, "Where is it coming from?"

Ahri said awkwardly, "It's probably Fiora. Trying to tempt us…"

Jinx shook her head, "No, Pow Pow insists that it's coming from this room."

Wukong agreed, "I agree. It smells like it's coming from… Ahri…"

Ahri chuckled, "Haha, no. It's not me."

Talon screamed, "Then why is there COOKIE CRUMS AROUND YOUR LIPS!"

Everyone gasped.

Ahri stuttered, "I-I can explain."

Wukong glared at her, "Give me those cookies."

Ahri pulled a cookie out from in between her boobs, "This is my last one though."

Evelynn paused, "Wait, you store things in between your boobs?"

Ahri placed her arm on her hip, "Bitch, does it look like I have pockets?"

Everyone turned to Ahri like a hungry pack of wolves.

Ahri backed away to the door, "If you guys get any closer, I'm throwing this cookie outside."

Wukong lost it, "GIVE ME THAT COOKIE!" He jumped at Ahri in an attempt to grab the cookie from her. Unfortunately for him, Ahri stepped to the side and he flew out the door.

Wukong lost the challenge, "Damn you, Ahri!"

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Anyways, back to the story…

Evelynn looked around, "Only 5 of us are left."

Sona smiled, ":D"

Jinx nodded, "Yup, we're almost done."

Evelynn asked, "Who was out first again?"

Ahri replied, "I believe it was Kat. What a shame… I really do enjoy her company. Her short temper is really amusing. That girl takes absolutely no bullshit from anyone."

Kat's Confessional

"I love you, Ahri! That girl is kind to everyone."

Evelynn couldn't believe what Ahri had said, "Wait, you like Kat? She's such a bitch. How do you stand her?"

Kat's Confessional

"I'm a bitch? She's the bitch. I hate her."Talon was offended, "Excuse me? Kat is a strong and beautiful woman. As long as you stay on Kat's good side, she'll treat you kindly."

Kat's Confessional

"Aw! He's standing up for me!"

Evelynn continued to argue, "Yes, but it's impossible to stay on her good side."

Kat's Confessional

"She's walking on thin ice."

"I'm on good grounds with her."

Evelynn explained, "Yes, that's because you guys are both desperate."

Talon lost it, "Alright, Eve. I was hoping we could be friends but you've crossed the line."

Kat's Confessional

"She's dead."

Talon tackled Eve and they began to fight.

Sona, Jinx, and Ahri watching from a distance.

Talon and Eve eventually made their way to the door. Talon tried to push her out but Eve clang onto his arm and the two of them together fell out of the room. They both lost.

"Fuck you, Eve."

"Screw you, Talon."

"Talon!" Kat ran and gave Talon a hug. He blushed.

"Thank you so much for-" Then, Kat blushed, "I mean, you idiot! Now we both lose. We're probably going to be eliminated now. Ugh, why can't you just control your temper?"

Talon chuckled, "I can say the same to you."

Kat was about to argue but she didn't. She turned to Eve and said, "You never were on my bad side, but… starting now, you should probably watch your back."

Talon's Confessional

"Ugh, she's so hot…"

The cameraman laughed, "You totally have a crush on her."

Talon blushed, "Me? Have a crush on her? Ha…haha…ha…ha… YOU have a crush on Kat…"

Ahri sat down, crossed her legs, and sighed, "And then there were three."

No one talked for a good ten minutes. The noise that could be heard was Sona playing her instrument.

Ahri's Confessional

"Sona's been playing ever since Jinx nearly jumped out of the room and the start of this stupid challenge. How is Sona still playing? She must be exhausted."

Sona's music quality slowly got worse and worse until the point where Sona collapsed, "D:"

And of course, one minute later, without Sona's calming melodies to keep Jinx slightly sane, Jinx lost it… Again.

"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…" with those words, Jinx darted out the door with no regrets.

Ahri looked at Sona, "Huh… well I guess it's just you and me."

Sona's expression changed and her tired face quickly transformed into an annoyed mood, "-_-" Sona was done with this shit challenge. She grabbed Ahri and shoved her out the door.

Ahri screamed, "Ahh! Sona! What the hell?"

Fiora clapped, "Félicitation! You win, Sona! Who else is safe with you?"

Sona pointed to Jinx.

Fiora nodded, "Good good. See you all at zeh elimination cerrrrremony!"

Later that night…

"'Ere are deh contestants dat will be staying: Sona, Jinx, Kat, Ahri, Wukong, Olaf, and Talon. Leaving Akali and Eve in deh bottom two. Say aurevoir to Akali because she's been eliminated."

Everyone looked puzzled, "What?"

Akali raised her shoulders, "Why me?"

Fiora explained, "Well, Eve was supposed to be eliminated tonight but she didn't get 'igh and then blow up our toilets."

Akali looked confused, "What? I didn't blow up some toilets?"

Fiora rolled her eyes and pulled out a remote from her pocket. She clicked some buttons and a TV immerged from the wall. A video of Akali was playing. She shoving a whole bunch of random shit into the toilets until the point where the water pressure got too strong and the toilet simply went… BOOM.

Akali's and many other people's jaws dropped, "What the fuck? Brolaf, what the hell does that drug do to people?"

Brolaf chuckled, clearly still high, "I don't know, but that's probably the reason it's illegal in some places."

Akali brushed her hair back, "Why the hell isn't that drug illegal EVERYWHERE?"

Brolaf fell over, still laughing, "I don't know. Don't ask me. Haha…"

Fiora continued to speak, "You've destroyed private property, so, unfortunately for you, you lose. Bye Akali."

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