LoL Survivor

TIBBERS: After Show

Lee Sin, Kog'Maw, and a little girl were sitting on the couch, "Welcome Summoners! I'm Lee Sin, this is Kog'Maw, and this little girl is-"

"Annie!" She swung her arms in the air.

"Hi!" Kog'Maw yelled.

"Hi Mister!" she giggled.

Lee Sin continued, "This episode is slightly different because I am babysitting my dear friend, Annie."

"Haha, friends!... Wait, where's Tibbers?"

Lee Sin frowned, "You lost Tibbers again?"

Annie nodded.

Lee Sin sighed, "We'll find him eventually. Please welcome Akali, who's now created a petition in an attempt to ban all use of the Valoran drug called Dragotine."

The audience clapped as Akali walked on stage and took a seat next to Annie.

"Thank you for having me."

Lee smiled, "No problem, now tell us a bit about this drug."

Akali nodded, "Alright, well this drug is called Dragotine because it's extracted from the endangered Frozen dragon's ice scales. Now, I want to get this drug banned cause not only is it killing the already endangered dragon, but its effects are absolutely horrendous. I experienced them first hand and I can say that that shit should not even exist."

Kog'Maw laughed, "You make toilet boom."

Akali glared, "Shut up. Anyways, please sign this petition."

Annie poked Akali's arm, "You're pretty."

Akali smiled, "Aww thanks!"

Annie asked, "Also, have you seen my bear Tibbers?"

Akali shook her head, "No sorry."

Annie sighed, "Tibbers…"

Suddenly, screams could be heard from off stage, "AAAHHH! FLAMING BEAR!"

Annie chuckled manically, "TIBBERS!"

Lee Sin panicked, "FU- I mean oh no!"

Lee Sin's Confessional

"I can't swear in front of little children."

"What are we going to do? Tibbers is tearing our stage!"

Annie jumped on Tibbers' arm, "TIBBERS! I FOUND YOU!"

Kog'Maw suggested, "We can make Tibbers challenge."

Lee Sin smiled, "That's genius! We should make this the next challenge on LoL Survivor! Anyways, see you guys next time!"

(Yooooo. Sorry for the short chapter but the author of this story *cough cough* me, had another basketball tournament this week. As a result, I had barely anytime to write this. Sorry again. Luckily for me, it was a LoL After Show and they're usually short. Plus, barely anyone actually cares for these. Also, that was my final tournament so this won't happen as often. Sorry again, and also, I ask of you to vote for 2 people this time. Thank you.)

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