LoL Survivor

Have You Seen my Bear, Tibbers?

(Just so you know, all of the contestants think that Tibbers is a cute little bear. Not a ferocious and flaming bear that will tear them apart.)

"Welcome back, Summoners. You know who we are, or at least I hope you do." Ryze smiled at the camera.

Fiora waved, "We 'ave a special challenge for you."

"Have you seen my bear, Tibbers?" Annie tugged on Fiora's arm.

Fiora laughed, "We'll find him. Do not worry, my petite chou." (Chou is the French word for "Cabbage". That's right. Fiora just called Annie "My little cabbage")

Annie looked confused.

"Please welcome our contestants!"

Everyone walked in.

"These are the people that will be finding Tibbers, Annie." Ryze said.

Ahri gasped, "Oh my god! She's so cute!" She ran up to her and squatted, "We'll find him. I promise."

Ahri's Confessional

"She is the cutest little girl I've ever seen."

Annie nodded, "Please do. Tibbers is my best friend. We do everything together!"

Ahri asked, "Really? Like what?"

Annie paused, "Well, we love brutally murdering people by setting them on fire. Our favourite part is hearing them beg for mercy!"

Ahri's smiled quickly turned into a frown.

Ahri's Confessional

"Scratch that. She's not cute. Not cute at all. That child is a demon!"

Ryze laughed, "Isn't she just precious? Anyways, your goal for today is to capture Annie's bear, Tibbers. He's been on a rampage for a while now. In fact, he somehow found his way onto the set of LoL: After Show yesterday. We've been tracking him for a while now and we followed him into the Dark Forest. Who ever retrieves him and returns him back to Annie wins. Also, you should try extra hard today because TWO people are being eliminated tonight!"

Everyone gasped.

Fiora added, "Also, you should know dat zeh Dark Forest contains some dangerous monsters."

Ryze clapped his hands together, "Ready? Go!"

In the Dark Forest…

"Here Teddy Teddy Teddy!"


"It'll work, Sona. If we're loud enough, he'll find us."


"Here Teddy Teddy!"

"Jinx, that's not going to work."

Jinx turned around and saw Kat and Talon behind her and Sona.

Jinx raised aimed both her guns at Kat and Talon, "What do you guys want?"


Talon held his hands up, "Yo! Calm, we come in peace!"

Kat nodded, "We just happened to run into you, that's all."

"I don't trust 'em. Do you?"

Sona stared at both of them and nodded, ":)"

Jinx put her guns away, "Alright, whatever you say Sona."

Talon smiled, "Thanks. So any ideas on where Tibbers is."

Jinx shook her head, "No. I don't really know where to find a teddy bear. Especially in this enormous forest, but we won't give up. Sona and I will find it."

":D"Kat chuckled, "Yeah true. I was thinking that he could be…" Kat stopped walking, "Smell that?" She looked around her; there was a trail of dead plants.

Talon crossed his arms, "They're all burnt…"

Kat asked, "What could it be…"

Talon raised his shoulders, "I don't know, and I don't want to find out. Come on, Kat. Let's keep going."

Jinx shook her head, "No way! I'm going to see what that is!" Jinx followed the trail of burnt plants.

Sona followed Jinx.

Talon and Kat looked at each other and continued walking.


Ahri braided her hair as her and Wukong walked, "Tada! How do I look?"

Wukong looked at her and said really unenergetically, "Good."

Ahri sighed, "Seriously? You're such a party pooper."

Wukong rolled his eyes, "Well I'm sorry that I don't care about your hair."

Ahri was offended, "Well I'm sorry you can't realize when a girl likes you."

Wukong looked at her, "What?"

Ahri blushed, "Ugh. Nothing. Good luck finding Tibbers." With that she walked away.

Ahri's Confessional

"Why does he have to be so clueless? Ugh, I'm done with him."

"Ahri!" Wukong yelled, "What do you mean?"

Ahri yelled back, "Forget I said anything."

Wukong's Confessional

"Why do girls have to be so confusing?"

On the other side of the forest…

Evelynn walked alone. She thought to herself, "How does a Teddy Bear go missing…"

"Hey, Eve."


Brolaf chuckled, "I could feel the vibrations."

Eve's Confessional

"That's just creepy…"

Eve didn't really know how to respond, "Uhh… cool."

"Ya wanna look for Tibbers together? You know, since Akali's not here, I don't have an ally."

Evelynn's Confessional

"Akali's not here because you gave her some drugs. And ugh… I know I need someone's help if I'm not going to be eliminated. Everyone is out to get me now…"

"Alright, we'll be partners, but just for now."

Brolaf cheered, "Alright!"

Back to Talon and Kat…

Talon and Kat walked in silence, but it wasn't the awkward silence. It was comfortable.

Kat started humming a song.

Talon mocked, "Are you actually humming? Since when do you ever hum? You hate singing."

Kat laughed, "Yeah, I thought so to. Ever since Garen was eliminated. I've been feeling happier."

Talon grinned, "Good for you."

Kat turned to face Talon and smiled, "I would believe so."

Talon's Confessional

"I've never seen Kat so cheerful. I've known her for nearly my entire life and never has this happened. It's so weird. Not bad weird, but a good weird…"

Back to Ahri and Wukong…

Wukong tried to follow her into the forrest, "Ahri, please, talk to me."

"Oh my god. It's fine."

"No, you're angry. Tell me why."

"I'm not angry. I'm just-"


Ahri was annoyed, "No!"

Wukong sighed, "Then what is it."

Ahri stopped walking and turned around, "… I'm just AHHH!" At that moment, a fox like creature made out of rocks pounced on Ahri. Ahri fell to the ground and screamed, "WU! GET THIS THING OFF ME!"

Wukong ran and hit it off her with his staff.

Ahri stood up and brushed herself off. She then witnessed something at the bottom of that rock fox.


"What?" Wukong was confused.






"What do you mean?" Wukong asked.

She pointed to its underside.

Wukong gagged.

"Bitch, I know." With those lines, Ahri threw her orb at it, and it scampered away. "I can't believe a fox tried to sleep with me… EEEEWWWW!"

"Well, you're a fox, he's a fox. It makes sense."

She slapped him and angrily walked away, "Ass hole."

Back to Eve and Brolaf…

"Sooo…" Eve tried to make a conversation.

"What, bruh?"

"How's it going?"

"Meh, good. Would be better if Akali didn't get dragotine banned."

"Haha yeah…"

Evelynn's Confessional

"This guy is nuts."

Back to Sona and Jinx…

Sona and Jinx followed the trail of burnt plants.

"This is so exciting! Who knows what monster this can lead too!"


"What do you mean this isn't a good idea!? This is so brilliant?"



Jinx squealed and hid behind Sona, "What was that…?"

Moments later, a flaming bear jumped out of the bushes.



Sona and Jinx sprinted. Sona was spamming her Song of Clarity ability in an attempt to escape.

Jinx kept screaming and Sona kept spamming all the way until they ran out of the forest.

Jinx took a breath, "I think we lost him…"


"Yeah yeah. I'm sorry."

One second later, the bear leaped out of the forest.

Jinx and Sona ran again.


Ryze, Fiora, and Annie all turned to where the sound came from. They spotted Sona and Jinx rushing towards them. Moments later, they saw a bear behind them.

Annie smiled, "TIBBERS!" Annie turned Tibbers back into his cute teddy bear form.


Annie giggled and shook her head, "Noooo…"

Ryze congratulated Sona and Jinx, "Congrats. You win."

Later that night…

Ahri walked up to Wukong before the elimination, "Hey… About earlier today, I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?"

Wukong smiled.

Ryze announced the two that would be eliminated, "Evelynn and Olaf. You two are gone."


"Yeah yeah whatever."

Evelynn sighed, "I guess I had this coming too."

(I hope you enjoyed today's chapter. I won't be posting a chapter next week because I have finals. Sorry.)

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