LoL Survivor

She's My Bitch: After Show

"Welcome, Summoners, to LoL Survivor the After Show. I'm Lee and this is Kog'Maw- Hey, you look different today, Kog'Maw."

Kog'Maw smiled, "You notice? Wow! It first time you-"

Lee Sin started laughing, "Just kidding. I'm blind. I can't see anything."

Kog frowned, "O…"

Lee Sin continued to talk, "Anyways, today we'll be talking about who we want to win the competition and who we think will win. Anyways, you can go first Kog."

"Ok. Want Jinx win and think Ahri win."

"Why is that?"

"Jinx fun Ahri love."

Lee Sin nodded, "Oh ok. Makes sense. Personally, I want Sona to win since she's the underdog, but I think Kat will win because she's ruthless. Now, let's call up some viewers and ask for their opinions."

A phone started to ring and someone picked up, "Hello?"

"Hi, this is Lee Sin from LoL Survivor! What's your name?"

"Hi, my name is Victoria."

"Who do you think will win, Victoria?"

She giggled a bit, "Well… NO ONE, BITCH. I'M GOING TO WIN THIS SHIT!"

"You're not in the competition though…"

She giggled some more, "Sorry. Haha… I'm pregnant and the hormones and shit… Anyways, I want Kat to win. She's really tough and she doesn't take shit from anyone. Although, I doubt that she'll win. The winners will probably be Jinx or Sona because they've been working together from the start. So right now they can easily vote anyone they want off."

"Ok," Kog said, "Opinion good."

"Thanks Victoria. Sorry, but it's time for our next call."

"No problem."

Lee Sin hung up, "Alright. Next call."

"Yo wassup dawg! Who is this?"

Kog replied, "LoL Survivor hosts."


"We're the hosts from LoL Survivor the After Show. We want to know who you want to win and who you think will win."

"Haha yo! Ahri is my bitch. She's so fucking hot and she can have my 9-itch dick anytime she wants yo. She's gonna win the entire thing dawg."

Kog gagged, "Bad opinion."

Lee Sin turned to the camera, "Anyways. Thanks for watching you guys. We've made it to the final four and this competition is nearly over. Have a good night!"

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