LoL Survivor

And We're Back! Part 1

Jinx and Sona stood in an empty room with two doors, one on each side of the room.

"Welcome, Summoners, to Season 2 of LoL Survivor!" Jinx exclaimed. "I'm Jinx and this is Sona."

Sona smiled, "Hello." Her voice was smooth and soothing, "We have a brand new cast and we hope you enjoy them."

Jinx added, "That's right! But that's not all that's new! Last season, there were two teams, now there are 8 teams! Every contestant will be partnered up with another contestant, that we chose to make this season as interesting as possible, and together, they must participate in the challenges."

Sona nodded, "Here are the teams! Caitlyn and Vi!"

Caitlyn and Vi walked in through different doors.

Vi grinned, "Hey, hot stuff, it's a pleasure to meet you again."

Caitlyn blushed, "You again. Ugh."

Vi crossed her arms and chuckled, "I'll grow on you eventually."

At this point, Caitlyn's face was as bright as a tomato, "I highly doubt it."

"Miss Fortune and Gangplank."

Gangplank entered the room, "Yarrr!"

Miss Fortune walked in and both Gangplank and Vi went insane, "DAMN!"


Miss Fortune rolled her eyes, "You guys are disgusting."

Caitlyn nodded in agreement, "I couldn't agree more."

"Lulu and Veigar!"

Lulu and Pix walked in together, "Oh I'm so excited, Pix! I wonder who this Veigar is!"

And as soon as Veigar opened the door, everything around Lulu didn't seem to matter. It was true love. Or at least, that's what she claims it to be.

"You're Lulu!?"

Lulu screamed, "MARRY ME! I MEAN- Yes, and this is Pix. You must be Veigar."

Veigar studied Pix, "How interesting… You have a minion."

Lulu shook her head, "No, we're friends."

Veigar sighed, "What a shame! For a second, I actually thought you were cool."

Lulu rose her finger to argue but she didn't know how to react to having her he'art broken, chewed up, spit out, thrown on the ground, stepped on, called names, and being laughed at all at once.

"Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw."

Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw both wobbled in and stared at each other. They were inspecting one another.

"FRIEND!" Kog'Maw smiled a very big smile.

"FRIEND!" Cho'Gath did the same. Even though they just met, it was clear that they were going to get along.

"Amumu and Annie."

Amumu wobbled on sobbing. Water was gushing everywhere. The room began to flood.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Miss Fortune yelled.

"THE KRAKEN! KILL THE BEAST!" Gangplank screamed.

"DON'T WORRY, HOT STUFF! I'LL SAVE YOU!" Vi ran to Cait with her arms extended but Cait just slapped Vi.

"Get away from me. It's just water. Hmmph."

Vi rubbed her cheek, "You just punched me… You're perfect!"

Caitlyn grunted.

Amumu kept crying, "What if she doesn't like me? I'm friendless! WAAAH!"

Annie opened the door and water flowed out of the flooding room.

Annie squealed, "EEEK!"

Jinx asked, "Should one of us check if Annie's alright?"

Annie groaned, "I'm ok." Annie walked into the room. "So who's my new friend?"

Amumu stopped crying, "Friend?"

Annie nodded, "Yup."

Amumu smiled, "I'm your new friend!" He ran and hugged Annie.

Annie choked," I… Can't… Breathe…"

Amumu stopped, "Oops sorry."

Annie giggled, "You're silly."

Sona twisted her hair and water came pouring out, "Ugh, anyways, Darius and Draven."

When Darius opened the door and saw who his partner was, he screamed, "YOU! NO! NO! NOOOOOO!"

Draven waved, "Hey bro! How's it going? Wait. My babe senses are tingling," he turned and saw Miss Fortune. "Damn! How's it going, girl?"

Miss Fortune rolled her eyes.

Darius ran to Sona and Jinx and fell to his knees, "Please! Please not that idiot! Look at him!" He pointed to Draven who just fell on the ground after getting punched by Miss Fortune.

Jinx giggled, "Nope! You guys are going to make this season so exciting."


Sona cut him off and said, "Next up is Karma and Lucian."

Karma and Lucian both opened the doors.

Lucian smiled, "Hello. I'm-"

Karma interrupted him and frowned, "You're black."

Lucian crossed his arms offended, "Excuse me? Last time I checked, you're black too, bitch."

Karma shook her head; she didn't seem bothered by his comment, "Oh sorry. I didn't really make it clear. I was talking about your aura. Not your skin colour."

Lucian seemed confused, "Oh… And what does that mean?"

"It means that you're troubled," Karma walked passed him and patted him on his shoulder. "Don't worry. I'll fix that for you eventually."

And Lucian was angry again, "Excuse me?! How dare you act like you know everything that I've been-"

Karma hugged him and he shut up, "Shh… it's ok. I know."

Lucian's face turned red out of anger, "YOU CRAZY, BITCH! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

Jinx ran in front of Lucian, "Nope. There will be none of that here."

Lucian mumbled things under his breath angrily.

"Last but not least, Diana and Leona!"

When the doors opened, Leona cheered and hugged Diana, "DEEDEE! OH MY GOD! THIS IS SO GREAT!"

Diana shoved Leona off of her, "Get off of me." She said emotionless.

Leona smiled a smile that was warm enough to make everyone else smile, "I'm so happy that we're together."

Karma leaned towards Lucian and said, "You see. That's the kind of aura you'll have after I'm done with you. A nice bright yellow."

"YOU-" Lucian was shut up by Karma putting her finger on his mouth.

"Shhh. You're very loud, you know that?"

"YOU BITCH! I WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!" Lucian tackled Karma to the ground.


(Yay! A legitimate chapter! It's been a while. Four weeks now? I'm really sorry. I felt really bad so I wrote the first half of the chapter. I'll write the second as soon as I can. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a good week.)

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