LoL Survivor

And We're Back! Part 3

Sona smiled, "Alright, commercial break is over and it's time for round two! We have Lulu and Veigar, Leona and Diana, Darius and Draven, and Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw who have all successfully beaten round one!"

Jinx nodded, "That's right! And here are who you will be fighting to make it to the final round."

Lulu and Veigar vs. Darius and Draven

Leona and Diana vs. Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw

"Lulu, Veigar, Darius, and Draven, you guys are up first."

Lulu and Veigar before the match…

"Excellent work, Minion. I underestimated your abilities."

Lulu blushed, "Th-thanks… I think you did well too."

Veigar grinned, "I know I did well! I am strong, smart, brave, and-"

"STOP HITTING ON MAH WOMAN, YOU MAN-WHORE!" Pix flew out of Lulu's hat and started attacking Veigar.

Veigar, the so-called "strong, smart, and brave" person that he is, squealed like a little girl. His already high-pitched voice went up two octaves or so…




Draven and Darius before the match…

"Bro, you need to step up your game." Draven said.

Darius stared at Draven, "Excuse me? If it weren't for me, we wouldn't even have made it this far."

Draven laughed, "But if it weren't for you backing me up, I wouldn't have died."

Darius yelled, "YOU ARE SO FUCKING-"

"Beautiful? Yes, I'm aware."


Lulu and Veigar vs. Darius and Draven

Veigar looked like a mess.

Lulu laughed awkwardly, "I'm so sorry about Pix… hehe… he…"


Lulu didn't know how to respond, "Umm… What?"

"He's strong, loyal, brave, and he's just amazing in general."

Pix jumped out of Lulu's hat, "I like this guy."

Lulu, feeling betrayed that Veigar is more interested in her fairy friend, turned to Pix angrily, "You didn't like him 5 minutes ago."

Jinx screamed, "GO!"

Draven ran up to Veigar and threw his axes repeatedly.

"Veigar! Pix! Help!"

Pix nodded and flew to Veigar shielding him. Pix was then hit by one of Draven's axes and he fell.

Veigar screamed, "NOOOOOOO! Thank you, you magnificent minion."

Pix blushed, "Don't… call… me… tha…"


And with that… Draven blew up…

Darius rolled his eyes, "Every time… I guess I've got to win this for us…" Darius ran towards Lulu and began to attack her repeatedly.

Lulu screamed, "Veigar!"

Veigar casted his spell Event Horizon and Darius froze.

"What… What is this?"

Veigar then summoned an orb of dark matter that fell from the sky and exploded.

After the dust blew away, Darius was standing there in rage. He ran towards Veigar. Lulu casted to magical pink beams of magic at Darius but it wasn't enough to stop him. He kept running until he was a meter away. Then, Darius jumped up and swung his axe. It was about to strike Veigar but…

"Oh no you don't!" Lulu swung her staff and Darius turned into a little squirrel.

Veigar took this opportunity and he sent down another orb of dark matter. When it his Darius, a giant explosion happened once more. This time, when the dust settled, Darius was on the ground and he didn't get back up.

"Veigar and Lulu make it to the finals! Next round: Leona and Diana vs. Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw."

Lulu ran to Veigar, "Nice job!"

Veigar ignored her and ran past her, "Minion! Are you ok?"

Lulu was shocked, "But…"

Pix replied slowly, "I said… Not to call me… minion. You cunt."

"Are you ok then, Pix?"

Pix grinned, "Yup."

Lulu's Confessional


Leona and Diana before the match…

Leona chased after Diana, "Deedee! Please hear me out! I didn't want to-"

"If you didn't want to, Leona, then why did you?" Diana snapped.

"Because the Council-"

"Made you? No, the Council didn't make you do anything! You didn't have to exile me from the Solarian Tribe, Leona but you did it anyways."

Leona exclaimed, "You don't know the full story! Just hear me-"

Diana turned to face Leona, "I don't need to know the full story because I already know what I need to know to draw a conclusion. My best friend abandoned me when I needed her most."

Diana turned around and began to walk but Leona grabbed her arm, "That's not what happened, Deedee! Just-"

"Just what? Listen? Forgive you? I don't think I can do that, Leona. Just, leave me alone," Diana tugged her arm free from Leona's grasp and walked away.

Leona sighed, "Why won't you listen…"

Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw before the battle…

"FRIEND!" Kog'Maw exclaimed.

Cho'Gath smiled an ugly smile, "Friend!"





Leona and Diana vs. Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw "GO!"

Diana, learning from her previous mistakes, waited for the perfect moment to strike instead of charging into battle.

Kog'Maw quickly began to puke green goo.

Diana taking this as an opportunity, dashed to Kog'Maw and after a few quick strikes, he was on the ground.

"Friend!" Kog'Maw screamed.

"FRI-wblrtjnbptintopbginwpaoibuwhpibw," Cho'Gath began to make really weird noises, and when the noises stopped, Cho wore a monocle and a top hat.

Kog'Maw gasped, "You're not friend…"

Edwardo's Confessional

"That's right, and I'm taking over of this body from now on! Poor little Cho, I can hear his weak attempts to fight back."

Diana struck one more time and Kog'Maw fainted, "Pathetic." When Diana turned to fight Edwardo, Leona was already in the midst of taking him down.

"Ohohoh! Fighting is so uncivilized! Control yourself! How about we talk this out?"

"Not a chance!" and with her shield, Leona wacked him on the side of his head and he fell to the ground and was knocked out cold.

"Congratulations Leona and Diana!" Sona exclaimed, "Now for the finals. Lulu and Veigar vs. Leona and Diana."

Lulu and Veigar before the battle…

"Minion! I mean, Pix. Are you ready to rip the hearts out of our victims and then eat them?"


Lulu rolled her eyes and thought in her mind, "Ugh, just kiss already."

Leona and Diana before the battle…

Leona and Diana sat in silence until Leona tried to break the silence, "Nice fighting there, Deedee. You really shined."


"Look Deedee-"

Diana replied coldly, "How many times have I told you? It's Diana, not Deedee."

Leona sighed, "Never mind. Good luck out there. Let's give it our all."

Diana stood up and grabbed her blade, "I always do."

Leona and Diana vs. Lulu and Veigar


Leona summoned a beam of light and stunned Veigar and Lulu, "Go!"

Diana dashed to Lulu and attacked her with quick strikes.

"Wild growth!" Lulu suddenly tripled in size and Diana was flung away.


"Don't worry, Minion! PRIMORIDIAL BURST!"

Leona's eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen, "Deedee! WATCH OUT!" Leona dove in between of Diana and Veigar. When Veigar's overly powered, mage butt-fucker spell (as a player who prefers AP characters, I think it's clear that I have an intense hatred for his ultimate) flew towards Diana, Leona intercepted it and collapsed on the ground.

When Diana saw Leona, it suddenly triggered an immense hatred. Diana was angry. She was VERY angry.


Leona smiled and said before she fainted, "She called me Leo…"

Diana went ape. First, she went to Veigar. Veigar tried to run but Diana was catching up rapidly. Lulu casted Whismey, which sped Veigar up but it wasn't enough; Diana was too fast. A few moments later, Veigar fainted. Then, Diana turned and saw Lulu.

"Oh duck-a-doodle-doo…" Lulu said. Two seconds later, the match was over. Diana stood over Lulu and Veigar's unconscious bodies.

Sona smiled, "Congratulations Diana and Leona! What a comeback! We'll see you all in the elimination ceremony tonight! Oh, and get them all some medical attention…"

Later that night…

Jinx explained how the ceremony works, "Here's how this will work. So you've all voted for who you wanted to see get eliminated right? Well, the person with the highest amount of votes AND his/her partner will be eliminated. This will continue until there are only eight contestants left. When we hit that stage, then the teams will break and everyone will return to the original elimination system. Understood?"

Everyone nodded.

Sona smiled, "Good. So, today the person being eliminated is…"


Everyone gasped as they saw Miss Fortune stand up.

Gangplank screamed, "What are ye talkin' about?"

"I am SO DONE with this… this… this PERVERT! He is useless and I can't stand him! I forfeit this competition!"

Draven fell onto his knees and begged, "No! No! Please! PLEEASE! I beg of you! Don't leave the competition! You're absolutely gorgeous! I NEED YOU! I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

Miss Fortune punched Draven, "Fuck you too! You lowlife scum! I feel bad for your brother. He has to deal with your shit 24/7."

Sona sighed, "Well, if this is what you truly want… Gangplank and Miss Fortune, you two are eliminated. Say good bye to your friends."

Gangplank and Draven both screamed, "NOOOO!"

And Miss Fortune cheered, "YES! BYE SUCKERS! GOOD LUCK! I'M FREE!"

(Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I can't believe it took me over a month to write one challenge though. -.- Sorry about that, by the way. Anyways, vote for the team you want to see leave next and hopefully, they're will be a chapter next week. Have a good evening or day depending on where you live!)

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