LoL Survivor

That Ain't Valor! Part 1

A girl was doing vocal exercises in front of the camera. Her back was facing the lens. "DDDBBBbbbbb DBBBBBbbbb MA MA!"

A bird flew on her shoulder but she waved it off, "Valor, not now! I don't want to make a fool of myself on live television! I need to prepare! ... Cough cough… Meemeemeeemee!"


"What, Valor?! Don't you see I'M- No… Please… We're not live, are we?"


"Fuck! Oh this is so awkward…" The girl turned to face the camera. "Umm… Hi! I'm Quinn, your substitute host, and Valor here is the substitute co-host. Since Sona and Jinx are out on vacation, I've been asked to fill in for them for the time being… So… Umm… Welcome to… umm… LoL Survivor…?"


"Shut up, Valor! You know I'm not confident in front of a camera! You don't need to be so mean!"


Quinn gasped, "Valor! You take that back!"










"CALM DOWN YOU TWO! WE HAVE A SHOW TO FILM! HANDLE THIS LATER!" A voice could be heard off the camera.

Quinn sighed, "You're right…" She turned to Valor and glared, "We'll finish this later."


Quinn just glared at him more, "Mmhmm. Suuuuureee…"

She turned to the camera, "Anyways… we have a… ummm… special challenge for you in store today. It's a…" She opened her palm and read off of it, "fashion contest. One person of each team will be randomly chosen to participate in the contest. Which ever team member gets the highest amount of points wins it for their team…" She looked back up. "Pretty simple, actually. Ok, well, let's see which team member will be representing each team, shall we? Ok, so the participants are… Vi, Edwardo, Orianna, Karma, Leona, and Annie. Ok then… Contestants, you have 20 minutes to prepare yourselves. Good luck!"

(Hello. As always, I'm sorry that it took so long for me to write this. It's been a long two months or so with one thing after the other, and now that I have a job as well it makes it even harder. Anyways, I had a little time to write this bit up today and I just want you guys to be aware that I'm not going to give up on this story until it's done. On the bright side, I've got a long weekend coming up soon so this chapter should be done by then. Also, it's almost Summer so when the school year is finished, I can write nonstop. Once again, I'm extremely sorry for how odd the writing schedule has been this year. Hopefully, everything will work out in the end.)

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